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SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Announces the Release of NYT Bestselling Author Steve Hodel’s
Newest True Crime Book:

Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Decryption of the 1970 Zodiac Cipher in which the San Francisco Serial Killer Reveals his True Identity

[ ISBN: 978-1-942600-45-9 | ISBN 10:150254413X | Rare Bird Books | On Sale: 09/15/2015 
Trimsize: 5.5 in (w) x 8.5 in (h) x 0.8 (d) | Pages: 352 | List Price: 16.00 USD/19.99 CDN
Trade Paperback | TRUE CRIME | Murders/Serial Killers ] 

Most Evil II (Vireo/Rare Bird Books 2015) is the sequel to retired LAPD Detective and NYT bestselling author Steve Hodel’s, Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel (Dutton 2009)

Zodiac Signature Cipher Decrypted—Names Killer 

Most Evil II presents Steve Hodel’s follow-up investigation and new evidence and additional linkage obtained by him over the past six years. (2009-2015) Included in that evidence, is the solving of Zodiac’s forty-five year cryptic cipher, which gives us the answer to the question asked in Book I, “Were Black Dahlia Avenger and Zodiac the same serial killer?” Zodiac thoroughly convinced that he was a “master criminal” and that his high genius insulated him from detection—confident that his cleverness insured his cipher was “crack-proof”— threw all caution to the wind and signed his real name to the card. 

With Most Evil II‘s solution to Zodiac’s original 1970 Halloween card (“You Ache to Know My Name”) cipher, the identity and naming of San Francisco’s most infamous serial killer is not presented as just another “theory.” Rather, the words come from the killer’s own mouth, written in his own hand—it is Zodiac’s signed confession!

Praise for Steve Hodel 
“From this distance, there is no doubt that George Hodel committed/performed theatrical murders in several cities over several decades. That a mad doctor's son grew up to be a detective and solved a master criminal’s surrealist crimes—and it was his father—is mind-blowing. But, there it is. My deepest and sincerest respect for [Steve's] fearless and brilliant investigation into a profound darkness that [he has] brought into a penetrating light.”
T BONE BURNETT, Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning musician-songwriter; Music Director, True Detective


Steve Hodel was born and brought up in Los Angeles. Now a private investigator, he spent almost twenty-four years with the LAPD, most of them as a homicide detective-supervisor. During his tenure, he worked on more than three hundred murder cases and had one of the highest “solve rates” on the force. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder, published in 2003, became a New York Times bestseller and was a Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Nominee. Zodiac,  Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel (Dutton 2009) was a Los Angeles Times bestseller. 

Steve’s Black Dahlia investigation and related books have been featured as full-hour segments on: NBC's Dateline, CBS’ 48 Hours, A&E’s Cold Case Files with Bill Kurtis, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Discovery Channel’s “Most Evil,” and “The Truth about the Black Dahlia” on NBC Universal.

“Steve Hodel’s hunt for the Black Dahlia murderer and the Zodiac killer is the grand, cinemascope version of every unsolved serial murder case. Now, in his new nonfiction thriller, he delves into codes and ciphers, the world of the kinky avant-garde and new and shocking secrets about the investigation of the Zodiac killer. Most Evil II is as compelling as his other books and adds to the body of work that is, without a doubt, both the strangest and the most compelling investigation of our day.”
The Sentinel and To Live and Die in L.A.


October 16, 2015, 7 PM
The Last Bookstore 
425 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013
Reading & Signing
November 5, 2015, 7 PM
South Pasadena Library 
1100 Oxley St, South Pasadena, CA 91030|
Author Talk & PowerPoint Presentation

November 18, 2015, 7 PM
Book Soup 
    8818 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Reading & Signing

“A whodunit masterpiece that solves one of the most infamous series of murders of the last century. Shockingly but sans a shadow of doubt, former Hollywood homicide detective Steve Hodel fingers a man he well knew: his own father. For fans of true crime and police procedurals, Most Evil II is a must read.”
BRUCE HENDERSON, coauthor of the
New York Times #1 bestseller And the Sea Will Tell

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