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School/organization memberships:                 48
Teams that have initiated registration:        27
     Problem 1:  6
     Problem 2:  4
     Problem 3:  3
     Problem 4:  3
     Problem 5:  9
     Primary:  3
Days until registration deadline:                        40

To register your team, go to the FLOMA Member's Area home page. For complete registration details, including fees and requirements, visit the Register page on our website.

Magic Center Region offers training sessions to help coaches and teams prepare. Please visit the Magic Center Region website and click on the Dates tab for cost information and to register. Registration and pre-payment (if applicable) are mandatory.

Tuesday, Nov. 10 — General Coaches Training Workshop, 6-8 p.m., Princeton Elementary School
Saturday, Nov. 14 — Structure Testing, 10:30 a.m.-noon, Lee Middle School
Saturday, Nov. 14 — Spontaneous Workshop, 1-4 p.m., Lee Middle School
NOTE: Teams registered for the November workshop are asked to bring 12 milk or juice cartons (the waxed paperboard kind) for a spontaneous problem.
Saturday, Dec. 19 — Spontaneous Workshop, 1-4 p.m., Lee Middle School
Saturday, Jan. 9 — Spontaneous Workshop, 1-4 p.m., Lee Middle School

Tuesday, Dec. 15 — Deadline to register and pay for the Magic Center Regional Tournament
Saturday, Feb. 6, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. — MANDATORY Coaches Meeting, Edgewater High School
Saturday, Feb. 6, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. — MANDATORY Judges Training, Edgewater High School
Saturday, Feb. 27, all day — Magic Center Regional Tournament, all day, Edgewater High School
Friday, Apr. 8 — Coaches Meeting at UCF (for teams competing at State)
Saturday, Apr. 9 — Florida Odyssey of the Mind Tournament, all day, UCF
Wednesday-Saturday, May 25-28 — Odyssey of the Mind World Finals, Iowa State University

Limited Space Available
in November Workshops

     Only four more team spots are available for the November 14 Spontaneous Workshop, which will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. at Lee Middle School, 1201 Maury Road, Orlando. Once those spots are filled, we will create a waiting list. Teams that have registered but not yet sent in payment may be bumped to accommodate teams on the waiting list. 
     Cost is $5 per participating team member. You will be notified when your pre-payment has been received and your team's spot is confirmed. For complete details on how to register and pay, see the Dates page.
     Remember: November workshop participants are asked to bring 12 half-gallon milk, juice or iced coffee cartons (the waxed paperboard kind) for a spontaneous problem. If you don't bring them, you will have to watch other teams solve this problem. If you save more, please bring them to help another team.
     Problem 4 teams can register for a free 
Structure Testing session from 10:30 a.m. to noon on the same date and at the same place. To sign up, go to the Dates page and fill out the registration form.
     Lunch will be available between the Structure Testing session and Spontaneous Workshop. To pre-order, email 
Anna Long and let her know (1) how many $4 meals, each including a slice of pizza, snack and drink; (2) how many $2 pizza slices; and (3) choice of pepperoni or cheese.


Final Coaches Training Workshop

     The last General Coaches Training Workshop for the year will be held Tuesday, November 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Princeton Elementary School, 311 W Princeton St., Orlando. The workshop is free, but you do need to pre-register, which you can do on the Dates page.

Spontaneous Kits Available

     Training your teams in Spontaneous just got easier.
     This year's Spontaneous Kit contains 10 verbal problems (including one of the "high/low card" problems introduced in the clarifications last year), 7 verbal/hands-on problems and 7 hands-on problems. Each kit include everything your teams will need to solve the problems except for markers, scissors, tape (clear and masking) and chairs.
     There's also a bonus: an actual problem from the 2015 World Finals (although you'll have to gather your own supplies just for this problem).
     Cost is $25.
     Teams that have pre-ordered may pay for (cash or check) and pick up their kit at the November 14 Structure Testing session or Spontaneous Workshop. To pre-order, complete the Spontaneous Kit Order Request form on the Dates page. A limited number of additional kits will be available at the workshop on a first-come, first-pay basis.
     If you will not be attending the workshop, email Regional Director Anna Long to make arrangements to pick up your kit or to pay to have it shipped. 

Theatrical Makeup Kit Pooled Order

     Magic Center is continuing to pool orders for theatrical makeup kits. The order will be for the Wolfe Hydrocolor 12-color Essentials palettes, which are vibrant, long-lasting and easy for young makeup artists to apply and clean up. The cost will depend on the number of kits ordered, but the goal is to get the cost per kit into the $20 range. To order, complete the Makeup Kit Order Request form on the Dates page.


Coaching Resources

     The subscriber list has grown to include many new coaches over the past few weeks. As a heads-up to them and others who may not be aware, the website's Coach Zone is loaded with information and tips about topics ranging from Outside Assistance and Style to Problem Clarifications and Tournament Preparation. Hover over the Coach Zone button on the home page to see all of the available topics. Don't see what you need? We welcome suggestions!

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