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Next week we will be travelling to Copenhagen for the 9th Joint Natural Products Conference (24-27 July). Jointly organised by pharmacognosy, phytochemical and natural product societies from around the world, it is the largest conference of its kind bringing together a great range of researchers interested in natural products.

We hope to see some of you there - we have a talk about how we can help improve the use of plant names in academic publishing on the Tuesday at 11.45, part of session 3b - Ethnopharmacology.

We will also be presenting our poster on our work with the new Identification of Medicinal Products ISO - we are poster number 1090 out of an impressive total of 1,115 posters being presented - come and say hello between 13.00-14.45 on Wednesday. 

For those that are not attending we have included a copy of our poster and outline of our talk below.

You can also follow the conference on social media under the hashtag #JNPC2016.

Best wishes,
Bob and Liz


“Plant names in publishing: problems, consequences and solutions.”

Tuesday 26 July, 11.45, Session 3b - Ethnopharmacology, in the Carstensen Aud.

Scientific plant names present a challenge to researchers. There are c.10,000 changes each year, multiple sources with contradictory information, inconsistent guidelines between journals, and biomedical databases that do not handle plant names effectively. Reviewers and editors routinely receive manuscript submissions with inaccurately spelt scientific plant names, incorrect or absent authors, and outdated taxonomy. Consequences for researchers should not be underestimated: loss of potential citations and therefore credit; failure to access all published research leading to replication, wasting time and resources; and even loss of credibility due to use of meaningless or ambiguous names or mistakenly referring to several plants rather than one from using outdated plant taxonomy. MPNS offers a range of services to help overcome these challenges.

Download the graphic outline (PDF) 


"ISO Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) and its implication for herbals"

Poster N1090 - Presenting Wed 13:00-14:45

A series of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, known as ISO IDMP, set out the elements required for the identification of medicinal products, including one for substances. An Implementation Guide for the substance standard has been written by international experts. The second edition, which includes annexes for Herbals and Homeopathic substances, will be published in 2016. ISO IDMP addresses a worldwide demand for internationally harmonised specifications for medicinal products, in order to simplify the exchange of data between regulators, improve pharmacovigilance and signal detection for adverse reactions, and facilitate product recalls.

Plants, and other organisms, are defined by their scientific name with author. This will address the serious health consequences that have arisen from use of other classes of name to identify herbal medicines. MPNS is the maintenance authority for two controlled vocabularies for ISO IDMP, one for plant parts and the other for plant names, which are vital for consistency.

Download the PDF of the Poster

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