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Sisters fall

Visting researcher falling singular in the hallways of Sisters Academy – The Boarding School, Malmö, Sweden, Inkonst and Sister falling singular - Ritual of oneness in Rijeka, Croatia, Psi #21. Photos: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.
Fall is upon us and we have gone into it so full. Gratitude and depth upon the execution of the first part of the large-scale manifestation of Sisters Academy Malmö – The Boarding School. Deeper than we would have thought. Wider than we would have thought. And the movement continues. It spreads as the donated seeds are planted and blossoming in various contexts. That is the whole point. That is integration of the sensuous and the poetic into everyday life. Independently.

The Sister

Extract from Sensuous society Manifesto

We will do this
Movement: When you have a cause and create a vibration centered in a universe and manifested in events that inspire others, the world will move in an assured and desired direction.

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Sisters Academy #3, Sweden – Part 1:

Sisters Academy – The Boarding School

Photos: Sisters Academy – The Boarding School. Photos: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.

Part 2:

Sisters Academy – The Takeover

The second part of Sisters Academy #3 (Sisters Academy Malmö) will unfold in 2016 as The Takeover. A format where Sisters Hope take over the leadership of an entire secondary school. For more info on this keep yourself updated at our various sites and particularly on the site for the Swedish manifestation: 

If you were a student at The Boarding School, we would love if you shared your reflections at our blog.

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Sisters Academy #2, Greenland

Sisters Hope in Greenland. Manifesting Sisters Academy #2 as part of Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing PSi #21/2015 Fluid States North. Exploring new modes of sensuous learning and telematic presence in the gigantic North Atlantic region - Unfolding closeness even though we are at a distance. Photos: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy. More images and more video.

Sisters Academy #1, Denmark

Sisters Academy #1 manifested as a Takeover at HF & VUC FYN FLOW in Odense, DK. Enjoy more images

photo: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy
A documentary on Sisters Academy #1 is currently in the making. More on this will follow and keep your eyes on the look out.
Sisters Hope at SPOR festival, Aarhus. Sisters in Glass

In a container made of glass completely filled with plants you were invited for an intimate encounter with The Sister in her bedroom-in-between. She will ask you to donate your dream in a poetic landscape that lies somewhere between the homely and the un-homely, glass and planting, day and night, dream and reality. The dreams are all donated to the Sisters’ Archive.

photo: Diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.
Sisters Hope was invited to manifest in the Makers space at PQ15.

Within the curatorial framing of recycling an exciting piece into a food performance we turned Sisters Academy into a lush sensuous meal with researchers-in-residence and a child’s blush.

photo: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.
Sisters Sea at Sommarscen Malmö.

We met by the sea.
We did.

photo: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.
Performance music dialouges.

The Sister and Melanie Jame Wolf from Savage Amusement (AUS/DE) manifesting performance dialogues with chosen musicians from the music program at Roskilde festival 2015. During the dialogue the inner Dreamcather will transform to an otherworldly, immersive, intimate universe, where the sensuous and poetic plays the main part. How does this affect the dialogue? The encounter. The encounter between performance art, music and architecture and the encounter between people – the smallest part of performance art.

photo: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy.

Juliana Spahr
this connection of everyone with lungs 

There are these things:
cells, the movement of cells and the division of cells
and then the general beating of circulation
and hands, and body, and feet
and skin that surrounds hands, body, feet.
This is a shape,
a shape of blood beating and cells dividing.

But outside of this shape is space.
There is space between the hands.
There is space between the hands and space around the hands.
There is space around the hands and space in the room.
There is space in the room that surrounds the shapes of everyone’s
hands and body and feet and cells and the beating contained

There is space, an uneven space, made by this pattern of bodies.
This space goes in and out of everyone’s bodies.
Everyone with lungs breathes the space in and out as everyone
with lungs breathes the space between the hands in and out
as everyone with lungs breathes the space between the hands and
the space around the hands in and out


We encourage you to read the rest of the poem - page 3-9.

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