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Sisters summer

photo: I diana lindhardt 
Fertilization no. 2 Listen - I had a dream last night by Sisters Hope. Preps for Sisters Academy - The Boarding School at Den Frie, 2017

Happy summer, fellow movers. Seeds are sprouting everywhere post execution of Sisters Academy Sweden, and we have now initiated the preparations for three large-scale manifestations which will unfold the coming year; Sisters Academy #4, Iceland, Sisters Academy #5, Fremtidslinjen and Sisters Academy #6, The Boarding School at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning. Fertilization has begun. We are eager to draw on what we have learned so far and use our experiences to go even deeper in our explorations of sensuous learning. Cannot wait to meet you again - or for the first time - as we set out to expand and intervene further. 

The Link

Sisters Academy #3 - Takeover film is out


In March 2016 we took over the leadership of  Nova Academy for two weeks to explore sensuous learning with the teachers and students of the school.

Now the short movie on Sisters Academy – The Takeover, Sweden is out. Watch it here.

Performance Music Dialogues

At Roskilde Festival 2016 Sisters Hope will unfold the new format Performance Music Dialogues. Performance Music Dialogues are a line of performance interviews where Gry Worre Hallberg, as The Sister, interviews selected musicians with performance artist Melanie Jame Wolf (AU/DE). We will create a poetic framework that challenges the distance between musicians and the audience - which turns them into co-particpants of a shared ritual. An otherworldly space will be created that enables an intimate and sensuous-poetic dialogue which might not be possible outside this frame. This year dialogues will be conducted with respectively Blick Bassy (CM), C'Mon Tigre (IT) and Los Piranas (CO). 
photo: I diana lindhardt
Performance Music Dialogues by Sisters Hope at Roskilde Festival 2015

Performance Climates Melbourne

We have been selected to present and perform at this year's PSi Performance Climates in Melbourne, Australia. We will follow up on our manifestation Sisters Academy #2 as part of Fluid States North, PSi, in Greenland last summer. See photo below and more photos and information here
photo: I diana lindhardt
Sisters Academy #2, Greenland as part of PSi, Fluid States North
From our participation in last year’s PSi, Fluid States, The North Atlantic Cluster, Greenland.

SWOP Festival


In May Sisters Hope presented at SWOP festival arranged by Open Dance. A very inspirational day with great presenters and discussions amongst the national and international participants.

photo: I diana lindhardt
Dancers from Isen Smelter by Sisters Academy #2, Greenland as part of PSi, Fluid States North

BIBU Biennal, Sweden

In May Sisters Hope also presented at BIBU biennal in Sweden. Very proud to have been invited into this important Nordic forum for arts and education and performances for young audiences and beyond.

photo: I diana lindhardt
Sisters Academy part 2  - The Takeover by Sisters Hope
Sisters Academy #4, Iceland

The Icelandic manifestation of Sisters Academy is planned in collaboration with Iceland Academy of Arts and Myndlistaskóllin. The preparations include a full course at The Iceland Academy of Arts, Arts Education conceived in the spring of 2016. Students from this course is invited to perform during the actual manifestation in the fall of 2016 at the upper secondary school Myndlistaskólinn. A call for Visting researchers/artists/teachers for the manifestation is now open. See the call here.

Sisters Academy #5, Fremtidslinjen

It is now official that Sisters Academy will manifest for and with particularly sensitive students at the school Fremtidslinjen in Køge, Denmark, next year. For more info go here.

Sisters Academy #6, The Boarding School at Den Frie
YA! Together with Den Frie we won Udstillingsprisen Vision 2016. Thus, we will manifest our durational and highly immersive Boarding School-format at Den Frie in the fall of 2017. Eyes open!


On the critical gaze and devotion

“Mary Zournazi: The movement in language is important and it opens another door or window to perception. But I suppose, as intellectuals, there is the problem of the codification of language within critical discourse and theoretical writing – where that language can stop movement and it can express everything in particular terms or methods that cut off the potential of understanding freedom or experience…”

Brian Massumi: ‘Critical’ practices aimed at increasing potentials for freedom and for movement are inadequate, because in order to critique something in any kind of definitive way you have to pin it down. In a way it is almost a sadistic enterprise that separates something out, attributes set characteristics to it, the applies a final judgment to it – objectifies it, in a moralizing kind of way. I understand that using a ‘critical method’ is not the same as ‘being critical’. But still I think there is always that moralizing undertone to critique. Because of that, I think, it loses contact with other more moving dimensions of experience. It doesn’t allow for other kind of practices that might not have so much to do with mastery and judgment as with affective connection and adductive participation.

Mary Zournazi: The non-judgmental is interesting… because you are always somehow implicated in trying to make judgments… To not make judgments in critical though is a very hard thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to move in that direction …

Brian Massumi: Well, it requires a willingness to take risks, to make mistakes and even to come across as silly. Critique is not amenable to that. And it suffers as a consequence. A critical perspective that tries to come to a definitive judgment on something is always in some way a failure, because it is happening at a remove from the process it is judging. Something could have happened in the intervening time, or something barely perceptible might have been happening away from the center of critical focus. These developments may become important later. The process of pinning down and separating out is also a weakness in judgment, because it doesn’t allow for these seeds of change, connections in the making that might not be activated or obvious at the moment. Being attuned to these possibilities requires being willing to take risks. In a sense, judgmental reason is an extremely weak form of thought, precisely because it is so sure of itself. This is not to say that it shouldn’t be used. But I think it should be complemented by other practices of thought, it shouldn’t be relied on exclusively. It’s limiting if it’s the only or even the primary stance of the intellectual.”

– Massumi, Brian: Politics of Affect, Malden: Polity Press, 2015 (p. 14 – 15) originally from Zournazi, Mary: Navigating Movements. A Conversation with Brian Massumi, in: Hope, Routledge, 2002

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