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Tishrei 5780

Sunday, October 6, 7 Tishrei
Selichot & Shacharit: 8:00 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:50 pm
Monday, October 7, 8 Tishrei
Selichot: 6:10 am
Shacharit: 6:30 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:50 pm
Tuesday, October 8, 9 Tishrei
Erev Yom Kippur

Selichot: 6:15 am
Shacharit: 6:30 am
Mincha: 3:00 pm
Light Candles: 5:46 pm
Kol Nidre: 5:50 pm
Wednesday, October 9,
10 Tishrei
Yom Kippur

Shacharit: 8:30 am
Yizkor: 10:45 am
Mincha: 4:00 pm
Fast Ends: 6:40 pm
Break the Fast sponsored
by the Saks, Zaslow, Feld, 
and Lapin families
Thursday, October 10, 11 Tishrei
Shacharit: 6:30 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:45 pm
Friday, October 11, 12 Tishrei
Shacharit: 6:30 am
Mincha: 5:40 pm
Light Candles: 5:42 pm

Saturday, October 12, 13 Tishrei
Shacharit: 9:00 am
Mincha: 5:25 pm
Shabbat Ends: 6:35 pm
Sunday, October 13, 14 Tishrei
Erev Sukkot

Shacharit: 8:00 am
Mincha: 5:40 pm
Light Candles: 5:39 pm
Monday, October 14, 15 Tishrei
First Day of Sukkot

Shacharit: 9:00 am
Mincha: 5:35 pm
Light Candles: After 6:33 pm
Tuesday, October 15, 16 Tishrei
Second Day of Sukkot

Shacharit: 9:00 am
Mincha: 5:35 pm
Yom Tov Ends: 5:55 pm
Wednesday, October 16, 17 Tishrei
First Day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Shacharit: 6:15 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:35 pm
Thursday, October 17, 18 Tishrei
Second Day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Shacharit: 6:15 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:35 pm
Friday, October 18, 19 Tishrei
Third Day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Shacharit: 6:15 am
Mincha: 5:35 pm
Light Candles: 5:33 pm
Saturday, October 19, 20 Tishrei
Fourth Day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Shacharit: 9:00 am
Mincha: 5:15 pm
Shabbat Ends: 6:27 pm
Sunday, October 20, 21 Tishrei
Hoshanah Rabbah

Shacharit: 8:00 am
Mincha: 5:30 pm
Light Candles: 5:31 pm
Monday, October 21, 22 Tishrei
Shemini Atzeret

Shacharit: 9:00 am
Yizkor: 10:30 am
Mincha: 5:25 pm
Light Candles: After 6:25 pm
Ma’ariv & Hakafot: 6:30 pm
Tuesday, October 22, 23 Tishrei
Simchat Torah

Shacharit: 9:00 am
Hakafot: 10:00 am
Musaf, followed by Mincha:
1:00 pm
Ma’ariv & Simchat Torah Ends: 6:30 pm
Wednesday-Thursday, October 23-24, 24-25 Tishrei
Shacharit: 6:30 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 5:30 pm
Dear Friends and Members of
Young Israel of Phoenix:

Time is passing quickly as our High Holy Days approach. We would like you to consider alternative ways of joining our shul or renewing your membership.
For those of you who do not particularly enjoy working at a computer, Young Israel has forms that can be filled out manually and either snail-mailed or scanned & emailed to our offices.
If you’d like to use our 2-page form to join or renew your membership, please call Young Israel (602-265-8888), and be sure to leave a message that includes your email address or your street address.
For High Holiday tickets, please follow the same instructions as for membership. Your message will be forwarded to our Treasurer, Nechama Poor. Tickets are free for members and $100 for non-members. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.
For those of you who want to place a memorial ad in our annual Yizkor Book, please call Young Israel (602-265-8888) and leave a message that includes your phone number. Maxine Blecher will return your call to take the information you want to include in your Yizkor ad. All ads must be in by Sunday, Oct. 6 at Noon.
Please accept our very best wishes for a happy, healthy, sweet, and successful 5780.
Join Young Israel of Phoenix
Pay online
Short Membership Renewal Form
Purchase tickets for Yom Kippur - Click Here

Tradition holds that Jewish holidays call for us to remember those loved ones who have passed away. It is this remembrance, through Tefilos (prayers) and pledging Tzedakah, that we are able to bring merit to their Neshamos (souls).  These Tefilos and Tzedakah allow the memory of our loved ones to grow, for it is their memory that has inspired us to perform these Mitzvos.

There are four Yizkor dates each year, starting with Yom Kippur. Preparations have begun for the printing of our 5780 Yizkor Book, which will help us perform this mitzvah.  The proper way of performing this mitzvah is by making a monetary pledge after each Yizkor date has passed. 

Please fill out the enclosed Yizkor Book form and return it to the Shul office no later than Sunday, October 6 at Noon.
Apart from the Yizkor Book, we ask members to provide the Shul with information about the names and Yahrzeit dates of your departed relatives so that we can send out reminder letters to you in advance of each such Yahrzeit date.  We are taking this opportunity to verify and update our database of Yahrzeit dates.  Even if you will not be participating in the Yizkor Book this year, please fill in the names and dates (i.e., the Jewish month and day, or the secular calendar date and time of death) for which you would like to be reminded, and return the enclosed form to the Shul office.

The Yizkor Committee
Order a Memorial for our Yizkor Book
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