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CVHS 9th Grade Newsletter

This is the email from the 9th grade team at Carnegie Vanguard High School. This academic newsletter will come out once a week on each Friday. This may not be a complete list of assignments, so please check with your child about their assignments and classes. Not every 9th grader takes the same classes, so all the assignments below may not apply to your child. Please check with the individual teacher of the subject for any further information. A link to email faculty members can be found on the school website:  Faculty & Staff Directory

This email is archived each week on the 9th grade space on the website. Please access it there if you ever don't receive it by email. 2022 – 2023 9th Grade Email Archive
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General Information:
  • September 21 & 22 – School photos taken during English class.
  • Friday, September 30 – End of Cycle 1
  • October 4 & 5 – No School
  • Wednesday, October 12 – PSAT (It will be given during the school day at no cost to students)
  • Friday, November 11 – End of Cycle 2
  • November 21 – 25: Thanksgiving Holiday
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AP Human Geography (Haney & Schmidt):
  • AP Human – Haney
  • Students have finished their 1st project of the year!  They used ArcGIS to create story map tours and nominated a place for landmark status.  Thank you to all of you who gave interviews.  The students were really excited by what they learned. You can see their projects HERE
  • Next week is a testing week.  Please encourage your students to study their vocab flashcards and review their textbooks and notes.  
  • Sept 19th: Project 1 MCT Exam Review       
  • Sept. 20th: Project 1 MCT Exam 
  • Sept. 21st/22nd : Project 1 FRQ Exam        
  • Sept. 23rd: Exam Corrections
  • AP Human – Schmidt
  • Students finished up Unit 1 this past week.  Unit 1 is mostly learning skills for how to read a map and respond to other course elements.  Moving forward there are a lot more tangible things the students will be learning.  Unit 2 begins on 09/19 and will consist of the Unit 2 content of Population and Migration.   We’ll initially be looking at how population is distributed throughout the world, factors that influence density, as well as measures of population growth.  
  • 09/19 (Monday): Test corrections are due by class time.  (These are really important, they help bring up your students MCT grade which is worth a lot).
  • 09/20 (Tuesday): First half of lunch period, students who have lower than a 70 after doing test corrections may do a retake to bring their grade to 70.
  • 09/20 (Tuesday): Reading Quiz over the assigned reading (Fouberg 29-36)
  • 09/23 (Friday): Reading Quiz over AMSCO 53-63 & Fouberg 36-43 (Stop at Demographic Transition).  Vocab Quiz and Vocab Cards from Fouberg 29-43 and AMSCO 53-63. 
  • Grades are going to be low for a bit until test corrections and retakes go in for the MCT test (will be done mid-week).  Free Response Tests take longer to score and students won’t have that information back for a  week or two, however students will have a chance to look over their test after taking it to get a general understanding of how they did.
Pre-AP English 1 (Bohenick, Harris & Lee):
  • Bohenick:
    • Due Monday, 9/19 Choice DJ + 4 sentence chunk. This was started in class on Friday, and you can choose to complete it at home or use some class time on Monday. (Using class time will cut into your project time)
    • We will work on Identity Formation Projects this week in class. Due Sept 26th to Padlet.
  • Harris:
    • You will be assigned your unit project on Monday and will have class time to work on it.
    • We will continue to read texts for our “Identity” unit & practice writing chunks.
    • Be sure you have signed up for No Red Ink—you will begin assignments for it this week. Join codes are on Canvas Announcements.
  • Lee:
    • Mon: We will be working on a dialectical journal and paragraph for "The Jazz Singer"
    • Due Fri 9/23: Final J.S. Paragraph Writings (we will work on revisions during the week)
Pre-AP Biology (Arredondo, Ford & Thao):.
  • Unit 1 covers the following sections of the online textbook:
    • Chapter 3,
    • Chapter 4,
    • Chapter sections 5.1-5.2,
    • Chapter sections 6.1 and 6.3, and
    • Chapter section 16.3.
  • This week students have been researching and creating their biome dioramas in class.
  • Next week:
    • Monday: Final class work day for biome project. Groups should bring all materials to complete their diorama to class this day.
    • Tuesday: Biome Diorama, final work log, and peer review DUE 9:00AM, Tuesday, 9/20/22. Begin Presentations.
    • Wednesday/Thursday: Reading Quiz CH 4 and 6.1; Finish presentations
    • Friday: Activity – Natural Selection, Carrying Capacity, and Keystone Species (CH 16.3, p. 103, p. 135)
  • Each unit includes multiple open-note reading quizzes. Notes must be handwritten (no printouts/typed notes). Students should complete their notes early! Handwritten notes are better information retention.
  • The Unit Exam for Units 1 will be Wednesday/Thursday, 9/28 (Odd) and 9/29 (Even). Exams are primarily based off of the Biology textbook and labs completed in class.
  • All students have received their full cycle calendar and should be checking each day for updates or changes.
Geometry (Kulkarni):
  • Monday: Deductive Reasoning 
  • Tuesday: Unit 1 Test
  • Wednesday: Using Postulates and Diagrams
  • Thursday: Using Postulates and Diagrams
  • Friday: College board skim sections 2.4, 2.5
  • Assignments : 
  • Warm Up and Homework for minor grades will be assigned on Canvas
Algebra I (Brode):
  • Monday 9/19:  Students will learn what different transformations of functions look like and how to use them.
  • Tuesday 9/20:  Students will learn about direct variation and proportional relationships. 
  • Wed/Thurs: 9/21 – 9/22:  Students will be using the online math website Edia to master all the topics in Unit 2.  Questions can be reworked until they are answered correctly. 
  • Friday 9/23:  Students will be working on their test review for a test the following week.  (The test is on Tuesday 9/27)  
Algebra II (Brode, Inchaurregui, Kulkarni, & Ramones):
  • Monday 9/19: Graphing Systems of Inequalities
  • Tuesday 9/20: - Linear Programming
  • Wed/Thurs 9/21 – 9/22:    Linear Programming Applications
  • Friday 9/23:  System of Equations with 3 Variables
Spanish 1 (Peña):
  • Mon-Tue 19/20: Review Unit 1, lesson 1: vocabulary and grammar.
    • talk about activities 
    • tell where you are from 
    • say what you like and don’t like to do using 
    • subject pronouns and ser 
    • de to describe where you are from 
    • gustar with an infinitive
  • Wed-Thus 21-22: Quiz on Unit 1, lesson 1: vocabulary, grammar and culture.
  • Fri 23: Introduction to Unit 1, lesson 2: Mis amigos y yo.
Spanish  2 (Peña & Tristan):
  • Mon-Tue 19/20: Review Unit 1, lesson 1: vocabulary and grammar.
    • discuss travel preparations 
    • talk about things you do at an airport 
    • ask how to get around town using 
    • personal a • direct object pronouns 
    • indirect object pronouns
  • Wed-Thus 21-22: Quiz on Unit 1, lesson 1: vocabulary, grammar and culture.
  • Fri 23: Introduction to Unit 1, lesson 2: Cuéntame de tus vacaciones.
French 1 & 2 (Savala):
  • French 1- we will finish our unit this week learning the date time, months of the year and days of the week. We will start our project describing ourselves and things we like and things we do not like, to be presented the following week.
  • French II – we will review our unit that we just finished and start the next one. We will also begin our project on a French speaking country, region or city to be presented the following week.
Debate (Ostrovsky):
  • Notes on LD debate – more in depth
  • Practice with Claim, Warrant, Evidence
  • Practice argumentation LEET structure
  • Speaking Drill exercises
Art (Rodriguez):
  • Art I students in all periods will have a Hand Rendering Assignment due on Friday, September 23rd. 
  • Art II students will have a Drawing Test due by Friday, September 23rd.
Theatre (Savage):
  • THEATRE I: students will continue to explore blocking and performance techniques. 
  • TECH THEATRE I: students will work on building techniques and identifying certain tools used in the space. 
Dance (Scott):
  • We will talk about kinesiology and dance and also begin pep rally planning.
PE & Health (Lamane & Scott):
  • PE:  Basketball Unit
  • Quiz on Volleyball on Friday 9/23
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