January 2017 Newsletter
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Hidden Hills Homeowners Association  -  January 2017
2016 Board of Directors
President:  Homer Burns

VP:   Michael Ausborn

Secretary: Roberta Taylor

Treasurer: Bill Shearer

ARC Chairman:  
Dylan Talbot

Welcome Committee,
Chair:   Mort Floch

 Phillip Manning 

Pool & Exercise Chairman
Christian East

Covenant Chairman
Ronnie Johnson     

Association Manager: 
Pat Starnes
Phone: 769-524-7358      
Office Hours:
M-F 9:00 – 1:00

In Case of Emergency:
Dial - 911

 Rankin County Numbers

Sheriff Dispatch 

Supervisors Office

Animal Control

Events and Activities

Jan 10 - Board Meeting
Jan 12  - Men's Poker
Jan 17 - ANNUAL MEETING @ 7:00 p.m.
Jan 19 - Ladies Game Night 
Jan 26 -  Mens No-Limit Poker

For times or more info, visit the calendar on the Hidden Hills website.
January 2017 Yard of the Month
634 Hidden Hills Crossing

Congratulations to Bill & Dell Ewing, whose perfectly manicured yard abounds with pots of colorful flowers.  Unique landscaping with eucalyptus trees that add interest and texture.

Congratulations to the residents whose yards won Best Dressed for Christmas!

There was a three way TIE for first place:

145 Eastside Drive - Dave & Joan Whitfield 

703 North Haven Place - Brett & Dawn Marshall 

706 North Haven Place - JJ & Olivia Plummer

The nominees for 2017 will be announced next week.
There is still time to volunteer!

Many have asked about the Annual Meeting. The Bylaws require an Annual Meeting each January to elect nine board members to serve the upcoming year. In addition, there will be VERY brief committee reports and a review of the 2017 budget and 2016 expenditures.

After the first incident a month ago, we met with Raymond Duke and another Rankin County officer to discuss Hidden Hills security. Raymond graciously agreed to attend our Annual meeting to brief us on issues within the neighborhood. Sheriff Brian Bailey will also be present. The Neighborhood Watch Officer will speak to us, and we have ordered signs in anticipation of establishing our Neighborhood Watch (NW). We intend to have a separate planning meeting within a week of the Annual Meeting to continue NW training for those who wish to be involved.

Our District 2 Supervisor Daniel Cross will be in attendance, as will Scott Berry, Fire Chief. Judge Shirley will also speak briefly regarding the Castle Law.

We have ordered new security cameras to be installed around the clubhouse, and are leaving more lights on at night. We are in the process of obtaining quotes for cameras at the three entrances, and are investigating the cost of supplemental street lighting. We are working toward an SMS Alert System (text messaging) to broadcast urgent information that needs to be conveyed quickly to our residents.

We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting at the Community Reservoir Center on Tuesday the 17th at 7:00 p.m.

CRIME is no doubt a concern with Hidden Hills residents right now and emotions are riding high. The best thing you can immediately do to help protect you and your family is to take the necessary precautions to NOT make yourself a target. There are no 100% foolproof ways to avoid being a target, but there are 10 things you can do yourself to reduce your risk. 
#1--Always keep your vehicle locked, even if you are only going inside for a minute.

#2--Never leave the keys in the car while it is unattended. 

#3--Never leave any belongings of value in the vehicle whenever possible. If nothing else, do not make belongings visible.

#4--Park inside your garage if possible and keep the door closed. I know that some garages are used completely for storage and no vehicles can be parked inside, but consider a storage building or even possibly downsizing the items you are storing so that you can park inside. 

 #5--If unloading groceries or packages that require multiple trips, either lock the vehicle between trips inside or close the garage door and then unload the vehicle. 

#6--Do not leave your vehicle keys inside your home in plain sight when you are gone. If someone breaks into your home, at least you will not make it easy to steal your vehicle. 

 #7--If you do not have a home security system, then get one. 

 #8--Do not leave your blinds or curtains open when not at home. 

 #9--Let someone take care of the mail & newspapers when you are away so you do not look like you are gone.

#10--Get a PO Box and have your mail sent there so that anyone going through your mailbox can only steal coupons or grocery ads. Plus you never have to worry about the mail situation when you are out of town.

Do your part by not making yourself a target and by being aware of your surroundings.Just adding what other people have said... Use your outdoor lights. Change to LED bulbs if concerned about the electric bill. Keep garage door closed at all times. Keep all doors and windows locked. When possible, watch your neighbors homes. Report any suspicious behavior to the Sheriff's department.

.....Copied with Permission from Kerry L. Ford
The 2017 Annual Assessment has been mailed to each household and is due and payable during the month of January. Remember it is considered late if not paid by January 31, and a late fee will be assessed. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN INVOICE, PLEASE CONTACT 769-524-7358 AND LET PAT KNOW.

The Annual Meeting is January 17th (always the 3rd Tuesday in January) and will be held at the Reservoir Community Center at 7:00 p.m. Several guests from Rankin County Office will attend to discuss neighborhood safety. 

Nine residents will be elected to serve on a one-year basis to manage and administer the Association's affairs. 
Financial packets will be available at the meeting.

Please make every effort to attend.
Want to reserve the clubhouse for a private event? 
Need to complete an application for an outdoor project?
Adding trees, porches, a fence, or a pool?

Visit our website at

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