I hear spring is coming!  My favorite time to cleanse my body and home.  Read on for tips about cleansing...
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I like to cleanse my body AND my home each spring.  It feel so good after a long winter to get rid of dead skin, extra pounds of weight AND all the clutter accumulated in my home.

My body is my temple.  It even says this in the Bible.  Basically, you should treat your body with 
respect. You have it for this one lifetime.  Think about doing a nice cleanse to purge your liver of toxins and scrub your colon clean.  

As for your home, this would be an excellent time to switch to safer plant-based cleaning supplies.  They smell good AND do a great job.  You have to put a little more muscle power into your cleaning but your arm muscles will look good so consider it double duty!

Join me in a plant revolution! As always, I hope you gain a tip or two to rework YOUR life and live it with vitality, love, joy and most of all, HEALTH.

Dr. Heidi

Let's talk about a body cleanse.  I like 2 cleanses.  One is by Metagenics and one is by Young Living.  You know you should consider doing a body cleanse if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.  Now cleanses are not easy.  Some people feel like they are getting the flu especially if they have built up toxins.  They are NOT for children, pregnant or nursing moms or those with severe medical issues.  We get exposure to toxins from :
1. environment
2. food and drink
3. personal care products
My favorite suggestion to cleanse/purge your body in the spring is to follow the Metagencis 10 day cleanse.  It is a relatively easy and highly effective liver and colon cleanse where you are supporting all the systems of your body thru the detox process.  No starvation, plenty of food, less bloat and many supplements to facilitate the process. Want to see if you are a good candidate for this cleanse?  Email me and I will send you a questionnaire! I love to recommend this cleanse at my office.  You can purchase it directly on Metagenics website using my practitioner code.  I have a special link here to get you 10% off!  Click on the Metagenics picture below to be directed right to the discount. You can choose berry, vanilla or chai flavor.  Scroll to Recommended Products at the bottom of the page and click on 10 day cleanse to choose your flavor.
Click here to be directed to Metagenics to purchase:
The cleansing Trio Kit from Young Living contains all you need to begin improving your health.  It will cleanse your system and eliminate waste by specifically supporting normal liver function.  It is augmented with herbs that are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber and essential oils.  This trio will give you new energy and an improved sense of well-being.  It has enzymes to help you digest your food, fiber to bulk and soften stool and herbs to stimulate colonic contraction. Remember that your liver detoxes then uses your colon to eliminate them. The more you poop the more you release the toxins!!  If you want to order this one I can help you learn how to order it at wholesale pricing. This protocol involves digestive enzyme pills before meals, an herbal pill to scrub your colon and a fiber bulking agent you mix with water and drink.  So gentle yet effective.
Click to Buy Now
Hands down the BEST plant based cleaner I have EVER used.  I have purchased every non toxic cleaner that the big box stores have to offer. This cleaner smells the best AND cleans fantastic.  I 100% love and recommend this cleaner with the power of Thieves essential oil.  It is a bottle of concentrated cleaner so you mix this with water and clean away.  Mine lasts about 6 months.  Not bad for around $25.
My website has a blog with all kinds of wellness tips just like these!
Since I exclusively use and market Young Living brand of oils and wellness products I feel it is my duty to help others on their journey to wellness and vitality.  Quality matters and can make all the difference in outcome. Interested in using oils and have no idea where to start? Let me show you.  
Every month there are promotions with the Young Living company.  If you need to place a big order, make sure if you are close to the threshold of a reward, don't miss out on it!  Each month the thresholds for spending are at 190, 250 then 300 PV. PV is the point value of each item they sell which will be listed next to the dollar value of the item on the website. For people on the monthly shipment program, you will get a bonus lime vitality edible oil with your 100PV order.  Perfect for flavoring food or drink like water, guac, mojitos or tacos!
And finally there are many ways to connect with me.  In person you will find me at many locations this month.  Come chat about wellness, get suggestions and a kickstart to your own journey to find health and vitality.  If you join my team of Young Living users then you get exclusive and private access to my Facebook group and personalized suggestions. As always you can set up your own phone chat with me.  I offer 30 minute phone consultations for $100.
Head to the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA on Friday March 10th for Athleta's friends and family event! I will be there with my friend and fellow wellness chiropractor Dr. K to offer free 5 minute wellness consultations, suggestions for oils we like and even a chiropractic tip or two as well as 25% off the entire Athleta store!
Later that night I will be in Groton, MA with my friend and amazingly talented acupuncturist Sarahjean.  We will have an intro to essential oils class.  What a way to spring into wellness with so many gurus in their profession!
We will dig deeper into how essential oils can be used to improve your life on Saturday March 11th! Head to my chiropractic office for an in depth session on YOU and things that affect your life.  
And wrapping up the month I will be at a Spring Into Wellness Event in Salem,MA. It is March 25th and I will be there from 2-5. There will be a number of wellness professionals representing their services so you will have many opportunities to find someone to click with.  Check out the Facebook Event open to the public!
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