Do you want to maximize JOY and minimize stress?  Are you ready to set realistic intentions for the New Year?  Here are some tips to do just that...


Tis’ the season for festivities and projections for the New Year ahead. In this newsletter we share brief tips on how to maximize on the JOY from the season while minimizing the inevitable stress that also comes along with it. Ideas for some realistic New Year intentions are also shared.

A New Year for fresh possibilities and intentions is near. Whether you are a fan of New Year resolutions or not, the following habits can bring more simplicity to your 2016.  


The Holiday Season 

The holiday season is often ushered in with many demands for your time and attention.  There can be a whirlwind of events to attend and expectations run high. School performances, office parties, cooking, decorating, gift exchanges, travel itineraries, dividing time with family and friends, can all pull you in different directions. Stress can peak as these different gatherings, and perhaps confrontations, take place.


In order to minimize stress and maximize JOY, we have to be realistic.  Everyone does not have the same experience that is projected in the media.  Everyone's circumstances are different and by planning according to your individual needs, the holidays can truly be joyful and the new year more fulfilling.
People who are single, traveling alone, working in the military or without plans during the holidays may experience a heightened sense of loneliness when it seems like everyone is having a busy and happy holiday.

If you have family and friends nearby, holiday times can lead to disappointment if your current reality consists of relationships that are full with conflict instead of festivity. Either extreme can be overwhelming.


1.  Set boundaries. Minimize stress by learning to say ‘no’ or (telling yourself ‘not now’) when dealing with difficult people. Set boundaries with yourself in terms of over consumption of food and alcoholic beverages during the holidays and in the new year.  

2.  Prioritize and Declutter.  For the new year, ask yourself:  Are all those Apps really necessary? Is your inbox quickly flooded by email marketing subscriptions? Periodic ‘cleanups’ of your electronic devices can lessen mindless distractions, thereby making you more present and efficient with time. For the holidays:  Do you need to attend every event?  Be selective about what you focus on and where you give your energy.  Think about the most organic and meaningful way to celebrate the seasonal holidays.  Keep it simple.

3.  Plan accordingly. Dedicate some time at the end of your weekend or at the beginning of the week to plan your week in advance. Be clear on what you’d like to accomplish.  If you are not surrounded by family and friends for the holidays, look into activities that you can enjoy on your own.  Be proactive in creating your own rituals. Remember that frequent contact with nature enhances happiness as well as volunteering your time and service to help others.



4.  Be Creative.  Visualize yourself already ‘there’, as vividly as possible, whatever ‘there’ may mean to you. Allowing yourself to have a vision will encourage you to get through tough times. 

Gatherings and holidays are wonderful ways to celebrate our beliefs, ritualize the ending of one season and the beginning of another.  Whether we are in groups or alone, may we all enjoy the opportunities that are around us to make these holidays meaningful and happy!

Wellness Counseling Services wishes all our readers a healthy and happy new year!
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