Dear <<First Name>>

Welcome to the TRACTION Term 2 2022 report.

It has been fantastic to see the TRACTION team return to full capacity in delivering enduring and impactful program outcomes for our young people following the disruption of COVID-19 and the floods earlier in the year.

We continue to be encouraged by our community of supporters who value TRACTION's unique hands-on learning and mentoring approach, recognise there are limited support options available for young people and generously donate to enable our work.

For those new to TRACTION, we invite you to get involved and help raise awareness and support, so more young people can realise powerful results for themselves, their families and their community.

I hope you enjoy a selection of our Term 2 highlights below and clickthrough to see the stories in full or download the report. Heartfelt thanks for your support on the journey with us.

Yours sincerely,

Sandy Murdoch
TRACTION Founder and CEO


Term 2 highlights

Term 2 with TRACTION was jam packed with 10 full term programs and 11 one-day workshops, in partnership with 21 schools and community organisations, as well as hosting a wonderful group of corporate volunteers through our partnership with Ausenco.

Heartfelt thanks to all the young people for showing up, being respectful and open to learning, giving everything a red hot go even when it felt new or overwhelming and being their true authentic selves every single time.

We were delighted to welcome 28 girls into our TRACTION term programs and one day workshops, representing nearly one quarter of all young people we supported during the term.

Impact snapshot

59% of parents/guardians confirmed that TRACTION helped their child learn ways to cope with feeling angry or upset

85% of young people reported feeling more positive about going to or being at school

94% of young people agreed that TRACTION has helped them to think more about how their choices and behaviour can affect others

Thank you for keeping our wheels turning

Partnerships with purpose provide TRACTION certainty about the number of young people we can support. Our sincere thanks to everyone for your continued support and contribution to our efforts.

Coming up

TRACTION for Young People

Our mission is to spark potential in young people and we believe that everyone deserves the chance to build their own future. We deliver evidence-informed, hands-on learning and mentoring programs, to help young people engage in education and build the resilience and skills they need to thrive.