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Introducing TRACTION community bike builds

Hi there!

I’m delighted to share a new social venture called TRACTION I’ve kicked off in association with a fantastic team. Please click the button below to sign up for TRACTION e-Newsletters and follow our progress on social media. We’re just getting started and I want to keep you in the loop.

For young people, TRACTION offers the chance to re-purpose bicycles and motorbikes in an action-based learning environment of creativity, empowerment and ownership, while being supported by encouraging relationships, community and employment opportunities. 

TRACTION enables participants to develop skills and confidence, knowledge and experience across a wide range of disciplines.

For Schools, TRACTION provides the opportunity to better help students who may be struggling to find their way through traditional schooling.

For Stakeholders (including Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, Corporate and other Partners, Ambassadors, Participants and Mentors), TRACTION provides a platform for people to make a difference.

This is a fresh, new undertaking for myself and the team and we'd be delighted for you to GET INVOLVED. To find out more, click the button above.


Sandy Murdoch


Support, Discovery and Self-Belief

TRACTION is a community-based, not-for-profit program helping young people discover, connect and experience their own positive and successful futures.

The first TRACTION community bike BUILD kicks off in July 2015.

We'll get social soon, so please start following "TRACTION BUILDS" on: