Pentax has a reputation for delivering durable and robust flexible scopes with an unbeatable image quality. Many ENT surgeons still own their Pentax scopes which are more than several years old.  Perhaps you are looking to renew your flexible scope, expand your fleet to include a channelled or paediatric scope, or need to look at a more portable option as you move from clinic to clinic.  You may even require a suitable portable solution for post surgery ward rounds. 


The FNL-10RBS is a great portable solution.  You can either attach the Pentax LED battery light source or a Pentax fibre optic light cable.  The battery light source comes standard with the purchase of the scope!  The light cable can be likely connect with the light source you currently own as we have many adapters to choose from.
Large busy clinics like the Pentax battery light source as it can be transported around clinics and wards and do not need to worry about light source units that can take up space and cost extra money in maintenance and bulb replacements.  

Pentax is the flexible scope specialist.  There are many options including the premier distal chip video solutions.
For your fibre optic scope you can choose from Pentax portable, paediatric, adult and channelled solutions.
Distal chip video solutions also cover all options included TNE, invest in a video solution that you can expand upon as you grow


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