5th February 2016
JR Medical is excited to be supplying you our fantastic Pentax Medical ENT and Speech Language Therapy solutions.

My wife Michelle and I have a vision to one day to grow a great successful company which creates jobs, supports the community health sector, supports our charitable causes, and most importantly make a positive impact to all those in whom we meet in our day to day business operations.
Well, to say that 2015 turned out as I planned is the understatement of the century!   In fact - It turned out BETTER than we could ever had imagined.
Thank you to our great support team of nurses, surgeons & friends who have believed in us, and have instilled into us confidence.  
I believe whole heartedly that 2016 will be a year of growth!  As Pentax Medicals' historic reputation as the market leader in ENT camera solutions reaches new heights so too will JR Medical grow with new and fantastic solutions to offer its customers.

JR Medical has launched its website 
We hope you enjoy the content, videos etc.
Please by all means make any suggestions / comments for us to make this site even better!


Did you know that my wife's nick name for me is "Joshua Tree"?!
The flourishing tree in our logo symbolises health, growth and strength.
Id like to believe she thinks of me in that way.... yeah right.
To grow and survive hundreds of years a Giant Redwood must endure all forms of storms, drought, flooding & fire. 
But even more incredibly the giant redwood seedling is encased in a hard resin that can only be released in the time of fire!  It is simply amazing to appreciate that this tiny seedling must go through the harshest of conditions to eventually manifest into the greatest and tallest of all life on earth! (Thanks P.Steve)
Maybe you can relate this to that special patient/s of yours who stand out as tall and great as the Giant Redwood!

JR Medical Limited 
Joshua Naeff
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