July 2019 Newsletter

Summer is here!!

Okay so it's been a shakey start, but isn't it always?

After the storms we had in June many of us flocked to the nearest travel agents to book in for much needed  time in the sun, but what happens if you need to see a dentist while away? Keep reading to hear how Roseacre and Practice Plan have you covered for your holiday, meaning you really can relax while your away. 

(Does anyone else check England's weather while away? Just to make sure you are getting more sun than everyone at home...)
Basil's a hit with the ladies!
Basil came to look after our Receptionists, Kim and Renee, while his owner went for an X-Ray. 

P.S - You'd never know Kim is wearing her Invisalign!
World Champion!
We are so very proud to have a World Classic Powerlifting Champion as part of the team! Her hard work and determination outside of the practice really paid off for our dentist, Rebecca, when she attended the championships in Sweden. She absolutely smashed it taking Gold in all 3 lifts, then gold overall!
Mrs Howe has her smile back!
After spending some time in the hospital, Mrs Howe's worries were added to when her denture went missing. It's unfortunately all too common.

Mrs Howe came to us for help and we had a new denture made in no time. She beamed as she left, showing off her lovely new smile.

We smiled just as wide when she and her daughter brought us in some homemade custard creams, which we can confirm were absolutely delicious!
Did you see the D-Day Anniversary Fly-Past?
Occasionally we are blessed to see something we may never see again in our life. It's a moment that never fails to bring people together and with the D-Day Anniversary flyover we were given an opportunity to remember those who gave their present, so we could have our future.

The RAF Aircrafts flew over Maidstone at around 4:20pm. Dental Professionals and patients alike flocked to the garden and windows to take the moment in.
Do you see us regularly?
Your Routine Dental Checks are essential for maintaining your oral health. If you have a problem, it may already be too late so don't wait for that niggle to make an appointment.

Your regular visits will catch any issues before they become a costly problem. During your visit our dentists check all of the following important areas;

~ We will ask how healthy you feel your mouth is and if you have any concerns we need to look at. We will also ask if you are happy with the appearance of your teeth.

~ Is there anything in your medical condition, or in your medicines you take that which is likely to affect your dental health?

~ We will check your teeth and make sure they are healthy and strong. We also check all existing fillings and restorations. With regular x-rays we can check the inside, under and in between your teeth as well as the bone that supports them.

~ We check your gums are healthy as we know this is absolutely critical if you are to keep your teeth for life!

~ We check for presence of plaque and calculus (Tartar = mineral deposits), which does all the damage to to mouths, yet can be controlled to preserve health.

~ We check the outside and inside of your mouth (cheeks, lips, tongue, roof and floor of mouth) is healthy and we screen for oral cancer.

~ We check the occlusion (your bite, or the the way your teeth meet when they bite together) as well as your TMJ which is the joint connecting your lower jaw and skull.

~ We check for erosive wear (damage to the different layers of tooth).

~ Finally we will tell you how healthy you are in each area and advise you on how to keep dentally healthy or become more healthy and less likely to need future treatment, lose teeth or suffer bad breath.
Brighten your smile with Enlighten!
Mr Flack had a friendly and helpful experience with us and was very happy with his Enlighten Whitening! 
We love it when a plan comes together!

Many of our patients already take advantage of the Practice Plan, but we thought we would remind you of the benefits you get! If you are not a plan member, why not!? Don't worry, our friendly reception team can get you signed up in minutes!

Many of us will look at a monthly plan and think, I'm not getting enough to justify a monthly payment. That just is not the case with Practice Plan.

Your monthly payment spreads the cost of your routine visits to the dentist and hygienist, meaning there is no need to get your bank card out. That's convenient in itself as your far more likely to notice a hit on your bank balance when you pay as you come and you are not paying anything extra by paying monthly.

However, for that extra NOTHING a month you get the following benefits;

~ 20% discount on many treatments such as fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures etc (Cosmetic treatment such as whitening and implants not included)

~ On Call Dentist mobile number to call at weekends/bank holidays. If you need to be seen they will come and open the practice just for you!

~ Worldwide Dental Assistance Scheme - If you go on holiday and need to see a dentist, keep hold of your receipts and we can help you recover some of the cost back through Practice Plan. Even if it's just a weekend away within the UK. We just need to send off your invoices and receipts with a form we complete at reception and voila!

To join the plan, just pop in and see one of our lovely reception team!
We have a reputation for caring, high quality Dentistry and we're very proud of our highly skilled team.  Alongside general dentistry, we provide
  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Clear Fixed Braces
  • Botox and Filler treatments
  • Tooth whitening
  • Splint Therapy
  • Surgical removal of impacted teeth
  • Dental Therapists
  • Dental Hygienists
Please drop us a line for any further information
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