My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians goes Pan-African with the addition of Daliso Chaponda, Malawi’s top comedian.

My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians goes Pan-African with the addition of Daliso Chaponda, Malawi’s top comedian.

Malawi’s top comedian Daliso Chaponda considers himself an “exile baby”.  He was born in Zambia during the dictatorship of Dr. Hastings Banda owing to his father being a political refugee.  Chaponda didn’t visit Malawi until he was 11 and due to his father’s role in the United Nations, he spent various parts of his youth living in Kenya, Thailand, Australia and Switzerland, to name but a few.

It was whilst studying in Canada that Chaponda found his feet in comedy, honing his craft in comedy clubs across the country and culminating in an appearance in the 2005 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Chaponda now considers Manchester, England his place of abode but, almost constantly tours internationally appearing at festivals and comedy clubs in Australasia, the UK, Asia and Africa.

My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians exec-producer, Nick Wilson had heard from various sources that “no Pan-African comedy cast would be complete without Daliso Chaponda”.  He elaborated; “There is such an amazing backstory to Daliso’s life and comedy career; his father is a former Minister of Education and he was threatened with arrest in Malawi for telling a joke about a conversation he had with him.  2 of the central themes in My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians are education and African politicians.  Daliso’s life experiences will add incredible value to the authenticity of the show!”

Daliso Chaponda 2014 Excerpt
Video Excerpt from BBC’s English Regions Show that nearly got Daliso arrested in Malawi
Chaponda; a prolific writer who was a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest in 2006, was shortlisted for the Carl Brandon Society Award and recently co-wrote a play which aired on BBC Radio 4, said of his addition to the My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians team; “This is such a great project that I'll take time out of plotting the overthrow of the Malawi government and starting a new religion to write for it”.

Chaponda might have started off as an “exile baby” but, he is now considered one of Africa’s biggest comedy exports.  He joins a gut-bustingly funny cast which includes; Richelieu Beaunoir (SA), Nina Hastie (SA), Griffy 2Trillion (US), Mpho Popps (SA), Trevor Gumbi (SA),
Carl Joshua Ncube (Zim) and Salvado (Uganda).

Catch Daliso Chaponda at the following gigs:
  • 18th - 24th July, Comedy for Change, Switzerland

  • 4th - 5th November, Prague Comedy Festival, Czech Republic

  • 18th - 24th September, Presidents of Laughrica tour of Malawi
For regular updates on when to catch Daliso Chaponda at a venue in your city visit
My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians Teaser
My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians tells the story of Professor Afronaut, Africa’s top technocrat, as he pilots the maiden voyage of Africa’s first space tourism programme, together with Africa’s top leaders and celebrities. Whilst in flight, a cunning chimpanzee is released from his cage in stowage and in the ensuing bedlam the ape bites the spacecraft’s nuclear stabilizer. There is an almighty atomic explosion and all these leaders and celebrities are cross-mutated with adolescent animals. These animal-human hybrids return to Earth and are subsequently exiled to the land of Azania. It is here that Professor Afronaut founds the Nelson Mandela School for Gifted Mutants, with melodrama and comedy playing out amongst the characters with very different backgrounds and divergent personalities.  Offensive, satirical and animated, the show is best described as South Park spliced with Animal Farm.
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