Churchill; Kenyan, Central and East African comedy juggernaut joins My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians in their Pan-African pursuits.

Not yet content with their Pan-African comedy talent recruitment, My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians have added Churchill, the Kenyan, Central and East African comedy behemoth to their cast. In the words of My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians exec-producer, Nick Wilson; “Of the top 10 comedians in Africa, we believe we have all 10 of them on our cast. Churchill (Kenya) joins new recruits Carl Joshua Ncube (Zim), Salvado (Uganda), Daliso Chaponda (Malawi) and Basketmouth (Nigeria).  Including the original cast members of Richelieu B Beaunoir (SA), Nina Hastie (SA), Mpho Popps (SA), Trevor Gumbi (SA) and Griffy 2Trillion (US); this is unquestionably, the strongest cast of African comedians ever assembled for a TV series.”

Churchill, an icon of Kenyan comedy, ranked 14th amongst a list of Kenya’s 100 Most Influential People in 2014. To put that into perspective, the list is topped by incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta and Churchill is the only comedian/entertainer in the top 15. The Churchill Show, hosted by Churchill and renowned for his unique and characteristic brand of standup comedy, is currently in its 5th season and is the number one rated TV show in East and Central Africa, reaching over 8,000,000 eyeballs weekly.

Churchill - If Kenya had a female President
"If Kenya had a female president"
Video Excerpt from The Churchill Show

Churchill however, is considered a comedy entertainment brand whose products include; The Churchill Show, Churchill Raw (a stand up comedy TV show), Top Comic (a talent search program), Churchill Comedy Club (the establishment of comedy hubs across Kenya, with the aim to grow comedians) and Kids Festival (a children's event held at least 6 times annually which has a turnout of between 15,000 and 50,000 children and adults).

Churchill met My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians exec-producer, Nick Wilson in the green room at the Comedy Central International Comedy FestivalChurchill was performing in The Best Of Africa Lineup, whilst the pilot of My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians was premiering live at the festival as part of a mixed media event featuring the standup comedy of the prominent comedians in the voice cast- Richelieu Beaunoir (SA), Nina Hastie (SA), Mpho Popps (SA), Griffy 2Trillion (US) and host Trevor Gumbi (SA). Churchill said of his decision to join the My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians cast: “I'm glad to be part of this new project. It's high time we shared the African story. All eyes on Africa. Respect to Africa.”

The premiere of My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians at the Comedy Central International Comedy Festival and the subsequent broadcast on Comedy Central Africa represents the first ever half hour of adult animated comedy to have been produced for and broadcast to an African audience.

Catch Churchill at the following events:

  • June, Churchill Comedy Club launch, Kiambu & Nakuru

  • July, Laugh Festival Africa, Nairobi

  • August, Unconditional Laugh, Machakos

  • August, Kids Festival, Nakuru & Nairobi

  • August, Churchill Comedy Club, Kisumu & Eldoret

  • September, Churchill on The Road, Nanyuki

  • October, Laugh Festival, Nairobi

My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians Teaser
My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians tells the story of Professor Afronaut, Africa’s top technocrat, as he pilots the maiden voyage of Africa’s first space tourism programme, together with Africa’s top leaders and celebrities. Whilst in flight, a cunning chimpanzee is released from his cage in stowage and in the ensuing bedlam the ape bites the spacecraft’s nuclear stabilizer. There is an almighty atomic explosion and all these leaders and celebrities are cross-mutated with adolescent animals. These animal-human hybrids return to Earth and are subsequently exiled to the land of Azania. It is here that Professor Afronaut founds the Nelson Mandela School for Gifted Mutants, with melodrama and comedy playing out amongst the characters with very different backgrounds and divergent personalities.  Offensive, satirical and animated, the show is best described as South Park spliced with Animal Farm.
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