My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians presents Azanian All Stars Pan-African stand-up comedy series in collaboration with Carl Joshua Ncube.
My Child presents Azanian All Stars featuring Carl Joshua Ncube, Griffy 2Trillion, Trevor Gumbi, Nina Hastie, Richelieu Beaunoir, Mpho Popps, Salvado, Basketmouth, Churchill, Daliso Chaponda

In the wake of assembling the strongest ever cast of African comedians for a TV series- adult animated comedy My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians- the show producers have agreed a deal to collaborate with Carl Joshua Ncube to produce a series of Pan-African stand-up comedy shows.

Carl Joshua Ncube is currently planning a Guinness World Record attempt for the most comedy shows in 7 days.  The current record stands at 30.  Carl Joshua Ncube plans to best this by 5.  

My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians exec-producer, Nick Wilson said of the collaboration with Carl Joshua Ncube; “Carl has a unique skill set- he is a comedian, an animator, a graphic designer, a digital strategist and he has experience in producing stand-up comedy shows throughout Africa.  On top of that he’s attempting a world record and the My Child team is 100% behind him.  Considering we’ve assembled a cast of arguably the top 10 comedians in Africa, it makes sense for us to produce a series of Pan-African stand-up comedy shows.  The highly successful mixed media premiere of My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians at the Comedy Central International Comedy Festival provides us with a fantastic blueprint.  We are working closely with our partners and potential partners to trial the series firstly in South Africa and then export it to other African countries, possibly globally.”

Carl's Diary: Attempting a Guinness World Record

Carl Joshua Ncube (ZIM) is one of a bevy of world class African comedy talents signed to My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians which includes; Richelieu B Beaunoir (SA), Nina Hastie (SA), Mpho Popps (SA), Trevor Gumbi (SA), Griffy 2Trillion (US), Salvado (UG), Daliso Chaponda (MW), Basketmouth (NG) and Churchill (KE).  Carl Joshua Ncube said of this collaboration; “Firstly, I am really honoured and blessed to be part of of the cast of My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians- I am going to be working with the top comedians on the continent.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a Zimbabwean comedian could come this far and now, it seems we can go even further...

Secondly, it is an awesome opportunity and responsibility to produce a series of Pan-African comedy shows. I firmly believe in Africa contributing to global culture by telling our stories.  Africa is the home of oration, it has been our tradition for millennia.  Somewhere down the line our voice has been drowned.  I have struggled for years to get a positive story about Zimbabwe out in the world.  I have realised though that this is not unique to Zimbabwe and Africa as a continent is drowned in a morass of international media with negative perceptions of us.  The Azanian All Stars Pan-African comedy series is a great opportunity for Africa’s top comedy orators to come together and rebrand the continent, to put an AFRICAN DENT in the UNIVERSE!”.

Catch Carl Joshua Ncube at the following gigs and keep up-to-date on future events at
  • 17th August, Guinness Book of Records, Cape Town, South Africa

  • 18th August, Guinness Book of Records, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 19th - 22nd August, Guinness Book of Records, Harare, Zimbabwe

  • 18th August, Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala, Uganda

  • 14th - 18th September, Cape Town Comedy Club, Cape Town, South Africa

  • 22nd - 24th September, Goliath and Goliath Comedy Club, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 25th September, The Box, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 7th - 9th October, Parkers Comedy & Jive, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 4th November, TBA Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 11th November, SO-Gymnase Comedy Club, Paris, France

  • 14th - 19th November, Crack House Comedy Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 23rd November, Blu Jazz Cafe, Singapore, Singapore

  • 24th November, Barber Shop by Timbre, Singapore, Singapore

  • 25th - 26th November, Hallandase Club, Singapore, Singapore

  • 2nd - 3rd December, Crack House Comedy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 6th December, 50th Street Bar, Yangon, Myanmar

  • 15th - 17th December, Carl Joshua Ncube Asia Comedy Tour, Bangkok, Thailand

My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians Teaser
My Child: Teenage Mutant Azanians tells the story of Professor Afronaut, Africa’s top technocrat, as he pilots the maiden voyage of Africa’s first space tourism programme, together with Africa’s top leaders and celebrities. Whilst in flight, a cunning chimpanzee is released from his cage in stowage and in the ensuing bedlam the ape bites the spacecraft’s nuclear stabilizer. There is an almighty atomic explosion and all these leaders and celebrities are cross-mutated with adolescent animals. These animal-human hybrids return to Earth and are subsequently exiled to the land of Azania. It is here that Professor Afronaut founds the Nelson Mandela School for Gifted Mutants, with melodrama and comedy playing out amongst the characters with very different backgrounds and divergent personalities.  Offensive, satirical and animated, the show is best described as South Park spliced with Animal Farm.
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