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New ABS Faculty
The department is pleased to welcome Dr. Robin Kuhn as Assistant Professor of Practice and Practicum Supervisor. Dr. Kuhn  received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and is a licensed and board certified Behavior Analyst. She brings with her teaching and research experience in applied behavior analysis and the experimental analysis of behavior. Dr. Kuhn also has extensive experience as a behavioral interventionist and consultant for young children diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
The department is pleased to welcome Dr. Jessica Juanico as Assistant Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of Online Programs.  She is a KU ABS alumnus and received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology.  She is a licensed and board certified Behavior Analyst. She was previously the Director of Clinical Services at Trumpet Behavioral Health and currently serves as a consultant.  Dr. Juanico's research includes choice reinforcement, behavioral analysis, public speaking practices, and increasing access to literature in human service agencies. 
The department is pleased to welcome Dr. Kelley Harrison as Professor of Practice.  Dr. Harrison  is a KU ABS alumnus and received her Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Following her Ph.D., Dr. Harrison completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Colorado with Trumpet Behavioral Health, a private company serving individuals with autism where she served as the senior clinician and coordinator for clinical services.. She is a licensed and board certified Behavior Analyst.  Dr. Harrison's research includes food selectivity, supervision management, and early childhood education. 
New Grad Students for Fall 2019

Welcome to our new grad students this fall! 
Jevan Bremby, Katherine Johnson, Catherine (Katie) McHugh, Fernanda Oda, Salvatore (Scott) Sparrow, Valerie Thompson, and Stephanie Valentini.   
Abby Blackman and Tyler Erath were both selected as 2019-2020 Distinguished Scholars by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.  In order to become a distinguished scholar one needs to be nominated by a faculty member. Once nominated, the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies reaches out to the nominee and gives them the opportunity to submit a personal statement and CV for further evaluation for the position.
As a scholar, graduate students and the Center Advisors and Trustees work together to identify, explore, and execute projects. Most of the work is completed with the aim of creating and delivering trustworthy information on high quality behavioral services and science around the world and to promote global collaboration among behavioral organizations. Involvement in these projects allow scholars the opportunity to advance in the field as a leader through the support of the Center.
Last year Tyler assisted in creating a continuing education course through BDS, which is now accessible to BCBA’s. This year we will be assisting the Center in putting on the supervision conference at Edwards Campus in November.


Fernanda Oda was awarded the Society for the Experimental Analyses of Behavior (SEAB) Graduate Student Diversity Scholarship.  This newly created scholarship provides financial support for a Ph.D. student in behavior analysis who comes from an underrepresented group (e.g., underrepresented racial or ethnic group, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+).
Dr. Derek Reed  is the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) 2019 Association for Behavior Analysis International Award Winner.  He is one of the 2019 Early Career Impact Award winners which is presented to early career scientists of FABBS member societies during the first 10 years post-PhD and recognizes scientists who have made major contributions to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.
Dr. Thomas Zane has recently been assigned the co-chair (along with Dr. Eric Larsson of The Lovaas Institute of Early Intervention) of the Autism Help Center of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.  The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is the Internet repository of all things related to behaviorism and behavior analysis. The Autism Help Center posts information that informs the public about Autism Spectrum Disorders and what behavior analysis does for assessment and treatment.

Dr. Brian Boyd received a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences. This is one of two four-year research grants that Juniper Gardens recently received to study issues related to early childhood development. Both research projects, worth $1.4 million each, have the goal of improving educational outcomes for young students. KU Receives 2.8 million

Dr. Matthew Mosconi received the KU Research GO Award.  This award supports pilot data collection on FMR1 premutation carriers with FXTAS, premutation carriers without FXTAS, and healthy controls during tests of sensorimotor control and physiology. The goal of this study is to establish key methods for clarifying dimensional sensorimotor and physiological markers of degeneration in FXTAS.

Dr. Matthew Mosconi received the University of Kansas General Research Fund Grant.  This one-year pilot project aims to characterize neurophysiological processes associated with reduced behavioral response inhibition and clinical insistence on sameness behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). New EEG and behavioral tests of response inhibition will be studied.

Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson received the KS Department of Corrections Grant which will provide $252,471 over the next two years to support community assessment and planning efforts with the juvenile corrections system and local partners in Wyandotte County as part of a pilot community engagement project.
Alumni News
Dr. Kimberley Zonneveld received tenure and promotion this year at Brock University in Canada.

Dr. Adam Briggs began a faculty position at Eastern Michigan University in fall 2018.

Dr. Joseph Dracobly began a faculty position at University of North Texas in fall 2018. 

Dr. Brian Greer, is the recipient of the 2019 B.F. Skinner Foundation New Researcher Award in the area of applied research.
The ABS Front Office got a new look over the Summer!
Dr. Brian Boyd, director of Juniper Gardens Children’s Project and Associate Professor in the department of Applied Behavioral Science, together with Brian Reichow (University of Florida) have been named new editors of the Journal of Early Intervention. They will begin their five-year terms in July 2019. The Journal of Early Intervention is the flagship journal of the Division for Early Childhood and Council for Exceptional Children.

Below are select publications of our faculty and graduate students that may interest readers:

DiGennaro Reed, F. D., Erath, T. G., Brand, D., & Novak, M. (2018). Video modeling during coaching and performance feedback. In A. Fischer, T. Collins, E. Dart, & K. Radley (Eds.), Technology applications in school consultation, supervision, and school psychology training. New York, NY: Routledge.
Brand, D., Henley, A. J., DiGennaro Reed, F. D., Gray, E., & Crabbs, B. (2019). A review of published studies involving parametric manipulations of treatment integrity. Journal of Behavioral Education. doi:10.1007/s10864-018-09311-8

DiGennaro Reed, F., Blackman, A.L., Erath, T.G., Brand, D., & Novak, M.D. (2018). Guidelines for using behavioral skills training to provide teacher support. Teaching Exceptional Children, 50(6), 373-380.

Hall, J.P., LaPierre, T.A., Kurth, N.K. (in press). Medicaid managed care: Issues for enrollees with serious mental illness. American Journal of Managed Care.
Hall, J.P., Kurth, N.K., Gimm, G., Smith, S. (2019). Perspectives of adults with disabilities on access to health care after the ACA: Qualitative findings. Disability and Health Journal, 12, 350-358.
Ipsen, C., Kurth, N., McCormick, S., Hall, J., & Chambless, C. (2019). Exploring the PROMISE of transition services for youth with disabilities receiving SSI. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 50, 95-108. DOI: 10.3233/JVR-180991

 Fite, P. J., Brown, S., Hossain, W., Manzardo, A., Butler, M. G., Bortolato, M. (2019). Tobacco and cannabis use in college students are predicted by sex-dimorphic interactions between MAOA genotype and child abuse. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 25, 101-111.

Fite, P., Cooley, J., Poquiz, J., & Williford, A. (2019). Pilot Evaluation of a Targeted Intervention for Peer Victimized Youth. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 75, 46-65.

Williford, A. Fite, P. J., DePaolis, K., Cooley, J., Hawley, P., & Isen, D. (2019). A Comprehensive Training Initiative for Educators to Develop and Implement Effective Anti-Bullying Policies in K-12 Schools. Journal of Applied School Psychology, 35, 146-175.

Wang Z, Wang Y, Sweeney JA, Gong Q, Lui S, Mosconi MW. (2019). Resting-state brain network dysfunctions associated with visuomotor impairment in autism spectrum disorder. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience.  doi: 10.3389/fnint.2019.00017

Wang Z, Khemani P, Schmitt LM, Lui S, Mosconi MW. (2019). Static and dynamic postural control deficits in aging Fragile X mental retardation 1 (FMR1) gene premutation carriers. Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Ethridge L, Berry-Kravis E, Thaliath A, Isenstein, E, Durkin A, Nelson C, Baczewsi L, Powell C, White S, Mosconi MW, . . . Sweeney, J. (2018). 21. Auditory EEG Phenotypes in Single Gene Disorders: Insight into Heterogeneity in Idiopathic Autism. Biological Psychiatry. 83(9, Supplement), S8-S9. doi:

Gelino, B. W., & Reed, D. D. (2019). Temporal discounting of tornado shelter-seeking intentions amidst standard and impact-based weather alerts: A crowdsourced experiment. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

Amlung, M., Marsden, E., Holshausen, K., Morris, V., Patel, H., Vedelago, L., Niash, Reed, D. D., & McCabe, R. E. (2019). Delay discounting as a transdiagnostic process in psychiatric disorders: A meta-analysis. JAMA Psychiatry.

 Zonneveld, K.L.M., Neidert, P.L., Dozier, C.L., Gureghian, D.L., & Bayles, M.W. (2018). Assessing factors that influence young children’s food preferences and choices. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.
Prosem Calendar
09/27/19     Tyler Erath               
Enhancing the Training Integrity of Novice Trainers in a Human Service Setting
10/25/19     Steve Warren         
Learning by Losing and Other Lessons Accumulated Along the Way
11/08/19     Hayley Hypse          
Discriminative Control of Vocal Stereotypy
11/08/19     Brett Gelino              
A Behavior Analytic Approach to Climate Change Mitigation
11/22/19     Stephanie Glaze      

Assessing the Potential Aversiveness of Vicarious Positive Reinforcement Procedures in Young Preschool Children
12/06/19     Azure Pellegrino      
From Preschool Through Adulthood: Promoting Acquisition Across the Lifespan

Additional Professional Seminars will be announced in the October Newsletter.
Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson was featured on KUCR 89.3 for starting a project known as ThrYve in Wyandotte county to address violence in the community.  See how this program is making a difference in teens lives.
Our students are pretty fantastic! Some ABS Graduate students were involved in a partnership between KU Intramurals and Douglas County Special Olympics. How awesome to play in Allen Fieldhouse?!?! Rock Chalk! Go KU!
The ABS Graduate Student Organization continued their tradition of organizing the departmental kickball team, named “The Free Operants,” through Lawrence Parks and Recreation this summer. This is their seventh year competing in the highly competitive league and they’re looking forward to a long playoff run this year.
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