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Dear Parents / Guardians,

RTC has been buzzing with activity this September, as our 11+ takers make their final preparations before the 11+ exams next week. 

We wish our year 6s all the very best of luck and ask parents to please let us know how the exams go - we are always keen to have as much feedback as possible. 

We have also welcomed back some of our younger and senior years this month, as well as many newcomers. We hope you have enjoyed your classes so far!

We have some new, wonderful tutors who have joined us during lockdown, who you may now have the chance to meet in person: Martin Welbourne (who also works in the front office at reception), John Harmer and Trevor Cleaves - a warm welcome to them all. 

Please study the dates below carefully, as we have many extra events on offer, such as our annual talk (running Virtually via Zoom) and our winter assessment and revision courses.

All the very best,
RTC Rochester Team

RTC NEWS - October 2020


Winter Assessments & Revision

Winter Assessments:
This is a formal mock assessment for Year 5 students. It is a great tool to help indicate your child’s skill level in all 11+ subjects, individual time management skills, ability to remain focused for the test duration and to manage any anxiety which may be felt when under exam pressure. The papers we use are written in-house and are not commercially available anywhere else.

Medway Assessment
Our Medway set includes creative writing, maths and verbal reasoning.

Full Assessment (Medway + Kent add-on):
The full set includes everything in the Medway set, plus Comprehension & SPaG and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Assessment Dates
Sun 20th December - 2:00pm-4:45pm (Medway)
Tues 22nd December - 10:00am-12:45pm (Medway)
Tues 22nd December - 10:00am-1:45pm (Full)

Medway set - £75
Full set - £90

Discounts will be available for twins and free post-assessment consultations will be available to all registered pupils to discuss the results.

Winter Maths Revision:
We will also be offering a maths revision course on the 21st of December from 10:00am-12:00pm at a fee of £25. This course will cover:
  • Quick Calculation Methods
  • Factions & Decimals Foundation
  • Measurement Units


RTC Virtual 11 Plus Talk

Join us live on Sunday 25th October at 3:30pm, to listen to Founder, Daisy Learmond talk about how RTC came to be the 11 plus specialists in Medway, how to get the most out of your RTC course, as well as detailed information about the Medway and Kent exams.

There will be time for questions at the end and guest speaker, Jo Price from "Reframing Minds" will join us to offer her advice on how parents can help themselves and their children to minimise stress during this important year. 

Contact us on 01634 814420 or to register for the virtual talk link. 

NEW - Introducing RTC Loyalty Scheme for Year 4 and 5

We are pleased to announce we will be offering a loyalty scheme beginning this 2020-21 academic year. We are offering  a £5 credit for every full term of core classes attended by your child. These can be used towards additional revision courses or assessments throughout the year. 
Dates and policies

New Policy: 
Online Lessons

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Booking is still open for all on-site and online courses. Click here to download the timetable for on-site and here for our online timetable. 


Tuition Prices

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Covid-19 Policy

Our Covid-19 safety measures can be found here

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