Emergence of Spring

     Well technically speaking, Punxsutawney Phil declared that Winter was not over (even though we are starting to see budding leaves on the east coast already). This is the time when we start thinking about what we want to plant when the season comes, and begin the cultivation of these seeds. As we think on this spiritually, what is it that we've been marinating on while we've been hibernating? Winter is not quite over yet, so we can still dream of the year to come - but yet we lay on the brink of a cusp, where we begin the motions of collecting seeds. 
     As we begin thinking about the seeds we want to plant, there is something different about 2017 then in previous years. Change is imminent and obvious in this year, and with change tends to come a reluctance to let go. Change brings out the need for security. It also brings out the obstacle of Stubbornness as a reaction. In order for change to happen, we need to make room for something new. For change to occur, things have to become destabilized for a time so that new structures can be built. Did we weed the garden before planning the new one for this coming spring? If we haven't, it's possible the same crops from last year could potentially grow in the same spot. If we don't get to the root of our problem, then we can only change something on the surface level, but deep down it's still the same - and we won't notice the difference until it's fully grown. Change is happening whether we like it or not, so now the question is - how do we embrace change while at the same time supporting it and moving along?
     One of the ways we can do that is by fully letting go of the things that have mentally, emotionally, and spiritually held you back in 2016. If you've already done that - have you found a loving and supportive community of people who are also on this journey with you? When we find people who support us, the task becomes so much easier. Ask yourself if you are ready for Winter to be over. Ask yourself if you are ready to plant your seeds for spring time. It's not time to plant, but have you thought about what you want to grow? Where your focus goes, your attention flows. If you refuse to let go of the old, then you will be manifesting a different version of the same reality. 
     Take time daily to find something to be thankful for, say blessings to some random stranger that made your day, and grow your faith and confidence by being comfortable with your decisions.

First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax on
February 3rd and March 3rd
from 6-9pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is Feb 5th from 1-3 pm at Sticks and Stones! 
Next one after that: March 5th from 1-3 pm
Ancestral Healing Circle - Balance of Destruction
February 25th
in Mount Airy, MD
from 6-8pm
Seeing Deeper Drum Circle at the National Cathedral in DC
Feb 15th 
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! and Heart Centered Sound Circles
     Now that we are at Sticks and Stones, located in Fairfax - we now have drum circles!! These are plain old "shake 'em up" drum circles where we feel free to dance, shake, sing, and drum! This is where we let our inner child come out to play :) Speaking of - children are welcome to attend as long as parents keep tabs on their child. There are a lot of things that are breakable within the store. The Heart Centered Sound Circles are a little bit more ceremonial with a specific purpose, and song sheets. The intention of those is to bring us down into our heart center using repetitive and intentional songs/chants. 
     There are currently 6 hand drums, 8 frame drums, 2 flutes, a tongue drum, and a few shakers/rattles for sale. They are from the lovely store Imagicka! (from Binghamton, New York).  If there is any interest, then feel free to contact me and we can make an exchange. These instruments will also be available for sale at the HCSC on Sunday (and again on March 5th. We are excited to host the first drum circle TODAYIf you can't make it this evening, then the next one is scheduled for March 3rd
     Please leave your baggage and political drama at the door so that you can be fully present and have a good time. Eagle Therapies in conjunction with Sticks and Stones are not responsible for any altered states of consciousness, good vibes, or good juju that may occur. 
Seeing Deeper at the National Cathedral and Drumming Meditation
     It's almost here! one of the biggest drumming events in the greater Washington DC area to take place at the National Cathedral! Doors open at 7p!
     Drumming is an embodiment of prayer, inviting us to listen deeply to the heartbeat of God. Joyful and uplifting, we discover our own rhythms and connect to the rhythms of others. 
     Join us for drum circle unlike any other, in a space unlike any other. We'll learn the basics of how to play the drum and how to create wonderful music together as we pray together with the drums. We'll be led by Katy Gaughan ~ Drumming for Wellness and there will be a brief performance by the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective. No experience necessary! Borrow a percussion instrument for the evening or bring your own. All are welcome to listen, dance, walk the labyrinth, and make a joyful noise!
     Please note: chairs will be available for the first 500 participants. After that, standing room only. So get there early to get a seat!
     Can't get enough of the drum circles and looking to expand your drumming into one of spiritual health? Check out this free event on February 18th, led by Katy to gives you a taste of the Wellness Rhythm Circle experience that incorporates drumming, breath work, chanting, movement and guided meditation. 
Shamanic Journey Group
     We are back on track with the Shamanic Journey group and the outlines! We now have themes as well as "suggested journey topics" for each Journey Group meeting. They begin at 6pm on Thursday evenings in Fairfax, VA. The community surrounding Sticks and Stones seems to be one thirsty for discussion and experiences! It would be helpful to learn about Shamanic Journey before getting there so that not as many basic questions are asked - but we still WELCOME beginner journeyers! 
     The topic for the next couple of months will be the four elements. Earth is broken up into two months and four journey groups. Here is the schedule as follows:
     -Feb 9th - Introduction to the elements and complimentary dualism
     -Feb 23rd - Groundedness, presence, and boundaries
     -Mar 9th - Belonging, connection within, and interconnectedness
     -Mar 23rd - Shadow and earthquakes, 

If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline
Other events in the area!
     Please keep in mind that as the holidays come up, there will be plenty of events that are people doing clothing swaps, or are gently used items they no longer need. Consider these Green Options when purchasing gifts for the holidays.
     There are plenty of events happening in Virginia, but they are well advertised on Meetup, so hence why I don't really "advertise" for them. 
February 5th - Connect DC Imbolc in Washington, DC
February 7th - Art of Crystals and Meditation in Falls Church, VA
February 10-12th - Earth Spirit: Feast of Lights in Sturbridge, MA
February 10th - Interfusion Festival: Unleash your Dreams in Alexandria, VA
February 10th - Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
February 15th - Seeing Deeper Drum Circle in Washington DC
February 16th - Third Thursday Meetup: The Ogham in Columbia, MD
February 18th - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Washington, DC
February 18th - Cacao Ceremony in Falls Church, VA
February 18th - Didgeridoo and Hypnosis in Falls Church, VA
March 4th - Afia Walking Tree - Drum Medicine in Washington, DC
Fly high, everyone! Enjoy the last bits of hibernation before we fully start waking up!
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