Emergence of Spring

     Buds are being seen on trees, flowers are already blooming, and people are beginning to emerge from their winter dens. As people begin waking up and having social interactions with the rest of the world, we notice that there are ugly heads poking their way out with the birds and the bees. This can drive people to be reactive and emotional during this time, and we need to remember not to take it personally. We must remember that when we are in a reactive state, we do not think as clearly as we normally do. The most important lesson to survive the turbulence we see ahead of us this month, is to breathe and come back to center. There will be many people speaking through their wounds, being constantly reminded of what has hurt them in the past, and lashing out at things that appear similar to those situations. The people that are doing their personal work and diving into their own personal development will be better off this month as they learn to swim and ride the surf - instead of being pounded energetically by this abundance of energy. 
     The first half of the month is going to be very water-like, according to the Power Path Forecast. This should be where we do some emotional clearing before Spring fully arrives towards the end of the month. If we do not do the personal work and instead choose to ignore the watery depths of our emotions - we will soon be feeling stagnant and stuck. If we do not know how to dive into our emotional world and face the fears, challenges, and projections that come up, try by physically clearing your space and cleaning out that junk drawer you never have a chance to clean. There's a reason why "Spring Cleaning" is a topic that gets repeated around this time of year. After we pass through the water of the first half of the month and either sink or swim, we will enter into the fire and drive of the latter half. This is where we have done the emotional cleansing and choose to drive forward with what powers us. 
     I cover some of this in the blog post I posted about a week ago, because a lot of people have been asked to step up to the plate. Many may seem overwhelmed as we have been asked to process a lot more then what we normally would be able to handle. Remember that we can't control the situation or what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to that situation. And that's what matters. If we have chaos within us, most likely we will be finding chaos in our environment, thus perpetuating more of it. Once we sit with our fears, projections, and begin to find peace within ourselves, we will be able to find peace within our environment that much easier. It may not be the "peace" we truly seek, but at least we can find hints of it here and there. 
     Do something today that encourages your happiness and brings a smile to your face. You deserve it. And give yourself permission to be happy. 

Travel to Standing Rock, North Dakota
I will be traveling and accepting donations of supplies or gas money out to ND.
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax on
March 3 and April 7
from 6-9pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is March 5th from 1-3 pm from 1-3 pm at Sticks and Stones! 
Next one after that: April 2nd
Ancestral Healing Circle - Emergence of Spring
March 25th
in Mount Airy, MD
from 6-8pm
     For most that know me or follow me, they know that the Standing Rock movement is near and dear to my heart. I will be traveling out there with a beautiful friend of mine, delivering donations of blankets, water bottles, and whatever else people would like to give us. We will not be burdening the community out there, but instead going to lend a hand where we can, participating in prayer ceremonies, and helping rebuild a more sustainable camp. If you feel called to, we are accepting donations that will directly go to Standing Rock, North Dakota. We will also be accepting gas money because we will be driving these supplies out there. 
For those that would like to participate closer to home, there will be a Native Nations March and Camp on DC between March 7-10th. They will be having an indigenous tipi gathering in front of the White House, and then followed by a prayer and march on the 10th. There will be no camping overnight, this is just a metaphor. There will be a ceremonial fire, however. 
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! and Heart Centered Sound Circles
     Now that we are at Sticks and Stones, located in Fairfax - we now have drum circles!! These are plain old "shake 'em up" drum circles where we feel free to dance, shake, sing, and drum! This is where we let our inner child come out to play :) Speaking of - children are welcome to attend as long as parents keep tabs on their child. There are a lot of things that are breakable within the store. The Heart Centered Sound Circles are a little bit more ceremonial with a specific purpose, and song sheets. The intention of those is to bring us down into our heart center using repetitive and intentional songs/chants. 
     There are currently 5 hand drums, 7 frame drums, 1 flute, a tongue drum, and a few shakers/rattles for sale. They are from the lovely store Imagicka! (from Binghamton, New York).  If there is any interest, then feel free to contact me and we can make an exchange. These instruments will also be available for sale at the HCSC on Sunday (and again on April 2nd). We are excited to host the first drum circle Tomorrow! If you can't make it this evening, then the next one is scheduled for March 3rd
     Please leave your baggage and political drama at the door so that you can be fully present and have a good time. Eagle Therapies in conjunction with Sticks and Stones are not responsible for any altered states of consciousness, good vibes, or good juju that may occur. 
Shamanic Journey Group
     We are back on track with the Shamanic Journey group and the outlines! We now have themes as well as "suggested journey topics" for each Journey Group meeting. They begin at 6pm on Thursday evenings in Fairfax, VA. The community surrounding Sticks and Stones seems to be one thirsty for discussion and experiences! It would be helpful to learn about Shamanic Journey before getting there so that not as many basic questions are asked - but we still WELCOME beginner journeyers! 
     The topic for the next couple of months will be the four elements. Earth is broken up into two months and four journey groups. Here is the schedule as follows:
     -Feb 9th - Introduction to the elements and complimentary dualism
     -Feb 23rd - Groundedness, presence, and boundaries
     -Mar 9th - Belonging, connection within, and interconnectedness
     -Mar 23rd - Shadow and earthquakes

If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline
Featured Artwork
     As some might have been following online, I had a near death experience about a week and a half ago. It inspired me to write this piece called, "Walk With Buffalo" which describes my near death experience and the wisdom I gained from it. Because of it, I've been taking it easy and have decided to not see any clients for the next few weeks (especially as I head out to Standing Rock, ND). In my healing process, I have been called to create some art pieces. They just so happened to be on some drums, haha. 
     This piece is available for sale. Since my near death experience, I have been communicating strongly with some ancestors, and I have been painting what I see. This is an ancestor piece, so anyone who is having trouble connecting to their ancestors (regardless of which lineage) can have a more direct connection with this 16" goat skinned frame drum made out of oak. Beater included. 
     $225 - beater included. This is also a singing drum, so if you hold it just right it will vibrate as you sing across the skin.
Other events in the area!
     So many fun things going on! Please check out some of the other wonderful events. Especially during this chaotic time, it is especially important to focus on self care and things that nourish us instead of deplete us. 
March 3rd - RAD - Random Acts of Drumming in Fredericksburg, VA
March 4th - Afia Walking Tree - Drum Medicine in Washington, DC
March 4th - Power of Healing Sound in Vienna, VA
March 4th - Sound Bath with Singing Bowls in Falls Church, VA
March 7th - 10th - Native Nations Rise: Rise with Standing Rock in Washington, DC
March 9th - 12th - Sacred Space Convention in Hunt Valley, MD
March 10 - Water Blessing Ceremony and Standing Rock March in Washington, DC
March 11th - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Washington, DC
March 11th - DRUMS of Change - Sacred Drum Making Workshop in Arlington, VA
March 12th - Full Moon Indoor Labyrinth in Frederick, MD
March 14th - Beginning Pagan Practices (Courses) in Frederick, MD
March 16th - Ostara Ritual in Baltimore, MD
March 17th - Sound Bath Meditation (singing bowls) in Fairfax, VA
March 17th - Gong Medicine Journey in Vienna, VA
March 18th - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Washington, DC
March 18th - Circle of Light: Drumming for Peace in Reston, VA
March 19th - Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
March 25th - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Washington, Dc
March 25th - Red Dragon Feast in Washington, DC
March 25th - Introduction to Working With Your Ancestors in Fairfax, VA
March 26th - Ecstatic Dance with Tasha Blank in Washington, DC
April 2nd - Spring Labyrinth Clean up in Frederick, MD
Fly high, everyone! Enjoy the last bits of hibernation before we fully start waking up!
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