Harvest time is here

This is the time of year when we begin thinking about the things we are grateful for. What brings you gratitude? How do you wish to share this gratitude with others? For me it's making things with pumpkin in it, and then sharing it.

The major theme for October is Balance. I see this trend in clientele, family, and friends - where a lot are going through a very rough time. This time is a turbulent one with racism, politics, and all sorts of imbalance threatening to topple our inner peace. There is this beautiful piece of advice one of my teachers gave me: A lot of people run through life continuously learning lessons, but the don't slow down to soak in the main "lesson" that they learn. And because they really didn't absorb what happened, it repeats. We can remove blockages in our lives, we can restore parts that are missing - but are we doing the work to soak in what has happened to us? As we begin to move deeper into fall and approach the last harvest, we continue going inward and finding this balance between honoring ourselves, and honoring the wishes of others. We flow between restful sleep and working hard. We strive to be the change we want to see in the world. 

For the Journey Group, we will be exploring some deeper themes that go beneath the surface. It's hard to live in todays society, and it takes a lot of courage. What does it mean to live with a courageous heart? And how do we explore the landscape that is our heart? This month specifically, we will be looking at our relationship with our inner warrior. Are you able to stand up for yourself and what you believe in? Are you honoring your own boundaries? 

If things are getting rough and you're feeling isolated, reach out. There are a lot of wonderful events that will help you feel reconnected to something bigger. Enjoy the rest of your month!

The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is on August Moon Farm on November 13th from 1-3 pm
Suggested Journey group topic for October:
Developing our relationship with our inner warrior
Outline for the next four months for Journey Group
5th Annual DC Kirtan Fest!
November 5th
1000 Goddess Gathering
There is a Tibetan myth that when 1000 Goddesses or Taras unite, this will bring the Divine Feminine or Compassion back into our Sacred Earth. This is a Wisdom and Compassion Gathering to bring Divine Feminine healing energies deeply back into our Sacred Earth during these times of great challenges. Washington DC has never seen an event like this.

All women are Goddesses. All are invited. 
Please, please register on the website if you are planning to participate!

Come join us in person for ceremony, healing spaces for Grief, Forgiveness, Joy & Gratitude, Envisioning a Positive Future and Personal Pledges. We will chant, eat chocolate, and more. I will be holding space at the air altar, and I will also be leading a few chants on stage during main ceremony at 11:00 AM. Join us for this monumental (haha, get it?) event!
Heart Centered Sound Circles
The Heart Centered Sound Circles are in full swing. We have been recording after each one, and you can now follow us on SoundCloud. The Sound Circles are generally scheduled the first Sunday of every month down here in Northern Virginia, but for November it's been moved to the second Sunday. 
Feel free to visit the FAQ or the Sing Along page. 
If interested in staying connected, there is a Facebook group that shares the chants/songs sung at these events, as well as a youtube channel of the more popular ones asked to get recorded. Bring your rattles! Bring your drums! But most of all bring your true self! Hope to see you there ;)
Shamanic Journey Group

Eagle Therapies hosts a once weekly Journey Group on Monday evenings in Fairfax at the Cardinal Center from 6PM to 7PM. There is always a "suggested journey topic" for each group meeting, and this month's theme is about deepening the relationship with our inner warrior. We've got two left this month, because there won't be one on All Hallows Eve.
All skills levels welcomed. It's during the discussion where we share our journeys and help rediscover ourselves and how we operate. We do not interpret each others journeys, but instead offer insight from other perspectives.
Interested in Sound Healing?
There are many different healing techniques out there that have multiple benefits. For those that have had a session with me, I often incorporate singing, drumming and rattling into the healing session. On a biological level, it can help resonate with our brainwave frequencies (if we allow it). For those that are a little out of touch with their own body and not aware of it's effects - hey it sounds pretty. 

There is scientific backing that proves music does help relax people. When we are stressed, the prefrontal cortex of our brain shuts down and we have an increased level of adrenaline and cortisol running through our system. Who listens to thunderstorms or piano music to help them fall asleep? Well, there's this wonderful person named Ginger who hosts different events and does things called "Sound Baths". Her singing bowls are amazing, and if you have the opportunity, you should schedule a singing bowl session/sound massage with her. Visit her page for Sound Healing: Relax with Sound.
Other events in the area!
Figured that since it's a trend that this newsletter doesn't get out "exactly" on the first of the month, I should let others know about what's in the area for two months ;)
There are plenty of events happening in Virginia, but they are well advertised on Meetup, so hence why I don't really "advertise" for them. 

October 15th - American Indian Festival in Upper Marlboro, MD
October 15th - Open October Full Moon Ritual in Washington, DC
October 16th - October Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
October 16th - Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
October 30th - Open Samhain Ritual with Monika Coyote in Ellicot City, MD
November 4th - Hallowed Homecoming - A Samhain retreat in Prince William, VA
November 5th - 5th Annual DC Kirtan Fest in Washington, DC
November 4th - 6th - Changing Times Changing Worlds in Cromwell, CT
November 9th - Wednesday Night Drum Jams in Takoma Park, MD
November 14th - Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
November 19th - 42nd Annual Pow Wow in Baltimore, MD
Fly high, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Harvest!
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