April Showers And Rain

     The cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. have been absolutely beautiful. As I have been a fly on the wall and have been observing different conversations in passing - I have noticed mixed reviews of rain. Some people love it, while other complain about it. Many people know of the benefits to the natural world as rain falls gently, watering the plants that are thirsty. There is a cleansing quality, and an essence of purity that follows after a spring shower. It gives a sense of renewal and completion, much like taking a deep breath. Many people tend to distance themselves from nature, always focused on the next thing they need to do. A challenge that I have seen as I see client after client - is the trap that some people fall into where they tend to drift into their mind and let their thoughts run away with them. We challenge this idea in the journey group this month, as we explore our inner relationship with our mental wisdom body - and how healthy is it?
     Excess in any form leads to a state of imbalance. For those that are too stuck in their mental wisdom body, physical symptoms and manifestations can be anxiety, headaches, and migraines (not saying that's where all of it comes from, but it tends to be a theme). One of the ways to remedy this, is to look toward nature and watch the rain droplets falling on our window sill. We take physical showers for our physical bodies - are you giving your mind the break and shower that it needs? To me, April showers make me smile because I am energetically cleansing my mind and releasing thoughts that I know would stir me into a state of anxiety or panic. There are many ways which I have found that I have changed over the years, and one of the ways that I have changed is by letting go more often, and being more in the present moment. 
     What are the ways that you cleanse and replenish yourself? Energy body hygiene is just as important as cleansing yourself physically. What old emotions or old thoughts are you holding onto that are causing you grief and slowing you down? Maybe during this season where there tend to be more showers, look towards nature to help you "clean up your act". 
     Fly high this month, you guys! There are many wonderful events going on. As we wake up to spring time, be gentle and easy with yourself. Now is a good time to start communicating more with friends, loved ones, and family - but also remember to take time for yourself and make yourself happy. I know I needed a reminder of that within the past few weeks. 

Journey Tracks

My inbox has slowly been filling with inquiries about journeying - so I compiled this for journeying at home!
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax on
April 7
from 6-9pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is from April 2nd 1-3 pm at Sticks and Stones! 
Ancestral Healing Circle - Standing in Sovereignty
April 30th
in Mount Airy, MD
from 5-7pm
Shamanic Journey Group
     At the Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey group, we are continuing with the element theme and are now moving into the topic of air. The last two months have been regarding the topic of earth, supplying a good foundation as we explore who we are and what we stand for. Now we are able to approach the rest of the elements in a grounded perspective. The journey groups begin at 6pm every other Thursday evening in Fairfax, VA. The community surrounding Sticks and Stones seems to be one thirsty for discussion and experiences! It would be helpful to learn about Shamanic Journey before getting there so that not as many basic questions are asked - but we still WELCOME beginner journeyers! 
     Also with the journey group, we have a Shamanic Journeying basics course, for people that would like a deeper exploration to the age old practice. Here is the schedule as follows:
     -April 6th - Journey Group: Element of air
     -April 8th - Shamanic Journeying Basics: The Bare Bones
     -April 18th - Medicine of the Courageous Heart
     -April 20th - Journey Group: Shadow of air

If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline
Now Introducing the Journey Outline
     It has been one of the most popular emails that populate my inbox - questions about Shamanic Journeying and how to get started. I decided to compile a beginners list, as well as a more advanced list of an "at home journeying track" so then that way people that are interested in learning more can just go to one spot!
     Along the same vein, I am also very excited to present one of my favorite topics. I have taught this workshop at a few conferences, and I'm over the moon to offer this workshop at Sticks and Stones. The Medicine of the Courageous Heart is something that has been a passion of mine ever since I crossed paths with Christina Pratt. It really resonated with me, and ever since applying this medicine into my life - I began to transform into a different person. 
     It takes a lot of courage to live in today's world with a full and open heart. We have to cultivate discernment, reinforce boundaries, and live to the fullest potential we can. Little do we know, we stand in our own way so often it's not even funny. In this workshop, I present common challenges that come when our heart closes due to fear. It's time to stop living life half-heartedly, and to step into our full power. 
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! and Heart Centered Sound Circles
     Now that we are at Sticks and Stones, located in Fairfax - we now have drum circles!! These are plain old "shake 'em up" drum circles where we feel free to dance, shake, sing, and drum! This is where we let our inner child come out to play :) Speaking of - children are welcome to attend as long as parents keep tabs on their child. There are a lot of things that are breakable within the store. The Heart Centered Sound Circles are a little bit more ceremonial with a specific purpose, and song sheets. The intention of those is to bring us down into our heart center using repetitive and intentional songs/chants. 
     There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that almost all of the drums that I had brought from New York are sold. The good news is that we still have some available, and I will be making a trip up to New York in the middle of the month. They are from the lovely store Imagicka! (from Binghamton, New York).  If there is any interest, then feel free to contact me and we can make an exchange. These instruments will also be available for sale at the HCSC on Sunday. 
     Please leave your baggage and political drama at the door so that you can be fully present and have a good time. Eagle Therapies in conjunction with Sticks and Stones are not responsible for any altered states of consciousness, good vibes, or good juju that may occur. 
Follow up From North Dakota
     For those that have been following me and my journeys, they know that my near death experience involving a Buffalo Spirit also happened to encourage a trip out west that was already in the mix. The Standing Rock situation has been near and dear to my heart since it first began to emerge, and I had been receiving a lot of spiritual messages. I had been wanting to go out there, and it just ended up being a long, strange, and synchronous journey. 
     Here is the follow up to all of that, in this blog post that reflects the journey and travels of our magical journey. I traveled with my teacher, and it ended with a buffalo mother walking up to our truck and licking salt off of our truck.
     I have no idea where this path of mine is taking me, but all I know is that I'm enjoying the ride. 
Other events in the area!
     So many fun things going on! Please check out some of the other wonderful events. Especially during this chaotic time, it is especially important to focus on community and strengthening the bonds between family members (blood and chosen family). 
April 1st - Honoring Our Sacred Waters in Washington, DC
April 2nd - Natural Living Expo in Hyattsville, MD
April 2nd - Soundscapes Meditation with Woven Green in Falls Church, VA
April 5th - Taking Chanting Deeper (start of series) in Sterling, VA
April 7th - Ceremonial Cacao and Sound Healing in Washington D.C.
April 7th - The South Lodge Healing Ceremony in Afton, VA
April 7th - Despacho Ceremony: Coming into Balance in Harpers Ferry, WV
April 7th - Kirtan at Bahkti Yoga in Washington, DC
April 8th - Power of Healing Sound in Washington, DC
April 8th - 1000 Goddesses Play and Veil Making Day in New Park, PA
April 9th - Exotic Dance with Choppy Oppy Live in Washington, DC
April 9th - Full Moon Fire/Drum Circle in Fredericksburg, VA
April 9th - Healing Cooperative in Burke, VA
April 9th - Divine Masculine Workshop in Buckeystown, MD
April 11th - Full Moon Open Ritual in Washington, DC
April 11th - Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
April 12th - Wednesday Night Drum Jams in Washington, DC
April 22nd - Spring Ceremony: Awakening to Balance in Washington, DC
April 22nd - Mother Earth Faire in Washington DC
April 22nd - Takoma Park Earth Day Festival in Takoma Park, MD
April 22nd - Circle of Light: Universal Energy Field in Reston, VA
April 22nd - Sweat Circle in Abrahms, WV
April 27th - 30th - Fertile Ground Gathering in Triangle, VA
April 28th - Mountain Mysteries Beltane in Stanardsville, VA
Fly high, everyone! Enjoy the last bits of hibernation before we fully start waking up!
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