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     It's something that I try to practice what I preach. Because otherwise, if I teach but don't follow through with the practices myself, then I am not living authentically in the world. That's my major goal and why I'm in the trainings that I am, to be able to live in a good way with the world around me and to share the blessings of these teachings with those that are open to learning. Much of December has been about me unplugging, which is what we are supposed to be doing in the Winter! I admittedly have been taking it easy with clients, events, and have been recharging more.
     It is with much gratitude that I give thanks for the richness of the communities in the surrounding DC areas. I have seen and witnessed a lot of transformation in this turbulent time, and it has left me with inspiration for what is going on around me. Most of us are beginning to come out of the holiday season intact, while others might be crawling out with a sense of something missing. Where ever you are in your process, I honor that in you. There are many events going on for the rest of this week in December, including dusting off the old version of yourself and starting off the New Year with the New Years Purification Ritual (also see below). I have also discovered 5Rhythms in the DC area! Embodying is a great way to flow through the different layers of music and come home to yourself. Especially great for those that want to dance off some of those holiday pounds we put on the past few weeks ;)
     A lot of people have been going through a bumpy ride, but I suspect that it's because of the Super Moon and Mercury Retrograde that were happening astrologically at the beginning of the month. That's when a lot of things went sideways. With those themes, there is a deep undercurrent of change that is happening as we all begin to drift inward to our own inner landscapes. Winter is supposed to be a time of personal self-reflection. According to the Power Path forecast, some of those themes help support our unplugging so that we can receive updates. It's like our body is a computer, and very similar to receiving upgrades, the computer slows down its processing speed as it receives the updates. The computer becomes slower until you finally reboot it. Have you done your rebooting this month?

Drum and Song Circle at the Intuitive Wellness Center on
Dec 29th and Jan 19th
from 6-9pm
The next Shamanic Journeying: Bare Bones Classes are
Dec 30th and Jan 20th at the Intuitive Wellness Center from 5-7 pm
Ancestral Healing Circle
January 13th
in Damascus, MD
from 6-8pm
New Years Purification Ritual
Jan 1st 
7-9 pm
Shamanic Journey Group and Eagle Therapies Calendar
     I've gotten a little behind schedule with the Journey Group Outlines, but that's okay. I've got the sessions recorded, and I will post updates to the Eagle Therapies Facebook page as well as the Shamanic Journey Group Facebook Group This is to help accommodate for the distance journeyers joining us from afar.
     For the month of December, the suggested journey topics are surrounding Crafting a good Journey Question. For the month of January, we will be focusing on our perspectives, and how we can clear away the blockages so the way we view the world aligns with dreaming a better dream that serves all living things and not just ourselves. Intrigued about journeying but are unsure about what exactly it is? Join us for the once monthly class followed by monthly journey group! Class listings are below!
     For the month of January, we have a big Ceremony coming up in regards to clearing the challenging parts of our perspective that prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. Some may feel like they have an inkling of their lifes purpose, while others might not even know what they're supposed to be doing with their life (but it's certainly not what they're doing now). To live your lifes purpose is to be full of passion, vitality, and be excited to start another day. If this isn't you, then maybe another way to phrase it is - what's blocking your passion? Stay tuned to either our Facebook or Meetup for announcements for this Ceremony.
     For the Ancestral Healing Ceremony coming up, we will be focusing on our relationship with co-dependence. This is a sticky subject this month as we begin to see the threads of it in our life. If we are honest with ourselves, we can really ask "Where in my life am I depending on another to feel fulfilled". Sometimes our codependence could be not respecting someones boundaries without realizing it. This can be passed down to us from our family, the feeling that we have to please others before we find our own fulfillment. Let's get down to the bottom of this together as a group and how it relates personally to ourselves! 
     Here is the current schedule for December and January (more to be added as schedules solidify):
New Years Purification Ritual
     I will be helping hold space again for the New Years Purification Ritual. I will be representing water during the Ritual, so feel free to come on by for this lovely evening of replenishment and renewal. Here is the description to see if this event is right for you to bring in the new year with purity and clarity:
    Enter 2018 from a centered place of peace. Release the energies of the last year, and set a harmonious tone for the year to come. Sacred Space will be held from 7 to 9 pm in the Sanctuary of the UUCF.
     Attendees are invited to move through the Elements, releasing the shadows of 2017 as they go. Elemental Guides will be available at each Quarter to offer a way to move into the energy of a new year. End your Purification journey with a walk to the center of the Labyrinth to receive any messages for the new year.
     This ritual is an opportunity to move through Sacred Space. As such, there is no set start and finish time--it does not have a formal ritual structure. Your journey will be self-guided. We will hold the space open from 7 to 9 pm, and you should expect to spend somewhere between a half hour to an hour on your journey.
     Please remember that this is a very popular ritual. There is a single path to follow, so at 'peak' times (generally around 8 pm), there can be a line. Please plan to arrive early or after the 'peak' and please be patient with the process of the people around you.
      All are welcome to attend. Silence is held for the duration of the ritual, so please use your judgement about appropriateness for children. A Children's Ritual is available at the same time that is not dependent on silence :)
5Rhythms in DC
     Dancing is something that is a passion to explore. It helps us awaken to the knowledge of why we are here. Our physical body holds the wisdom of our life purpose, and it has a wisdom in and of itself. Becoming in touch with our body through dance is something that is a sacred past time for many different indigenous cultures. 
     The 5Rythyms company was founded in the 1970's by Gabrielle Roth. It's not a "Dance Therapy" per-se, but many dance therapists have encorporated the 5Rhythms into their therapeutic practice. There are three 5Rythyms teachers in the area based out of Silver Spring, MD, Northern VA, Washington, DC, and Frederick, MD. Here is a list of their upcoming classes. Here is their main page so you can check out more information about them. It's a beautiful practice and I hope to see you there!
Other events in the area!
     Just a taste test of what is available out there in the area ;) 
Dec 28th - Weekly 5Rythyms Sweat in Frederick, MD
Dec 31st - New Years Eve Sound Blessing Ceremony in Falls Church, VA
Jan 1st - New Years Day Purification Ritual in Frederick, MD
Jan 2nd - Reiki Share in Alexandria, VA
Jan 3rd - Vision Board Party in Manassas, VA
Jan 5th - What is Access Bars? in Warrenton, VA
Jan 6th - How to Heal Yourself with Crystals in Dulles, VA
Jan 6th - Singing Bowl Workshop in Upper Marlboro, MD
Jan 6th - Zumba GoGo and Family Community Event in Falls Church, VA
Jan 6th - IET Basic Level Class in Alexandria, VA
Jan 6th - MidWinters Night Dream Masquerade Ball in Frederick, MD
Jan 7th - Sunday Drum Classes in Washington DC
Jan 7th - Concert: Mystical Evening with Woven Green in Washington Four, MD
Jan 13th - Shifting into the New Year with Circle of Light in Reston, VA
Jan 13th - New Year Chanting and Blessings in Carlisle, PA
Jan 13th - Sound Bath Meditation in Washington, DC
Jan 14th - Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
Jan 14th - Sound Bath Meditation for Solar Plexus in Burke, VA
Jan 14th - 5Rythyms Dance and Potluck in Bethesda, MD
Jan 15th - Reiki II Training in Frederick, MD
Jan 18th - Homeschool Astronomy Day in Catonsville, MD
Jan 20th - Illuminate Columbia in Columbia, MD
Jan 21st - Connecting with Trees in Annandale, VA
Jan 21st - Step Afrika! Step Xplosion in Bethesda, MD
Jan 27th - Winter Night Hike and Campfire in Catonsville, MD
Jan 28th - 5Rhythyms Dance and Potluck in Bethesda, MD
Jan 28th - Beer, Yoga, and Kittens in Washington DC
Jan 31st - Indoor Labyrinth Walk and Divination Practice in Frederick, MD
Feb 2nd - Beginner Beekeepers Course in Baltimore, MD
Fly high, everyone! Enjoy the last bits of hibernation before we fully start waking up!
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