Falling forward into a New Time

     Autumn is here, with its obsession with candy in the near past as well as an addiction to overindulgence full steam ahead of us. This presents an interesting opportunity for some of us as we begin to examine what’s beneath the surface as memories of our past float back up to the top. Family members coming into town (or lack there-of) can often drudge up some unresolved patterns we have yet to uncover. This is a time to more closely evaluate that which we have ignored the rest of the year, as themes of interacting with relatives arise. 
    Sometimes when we have changed ourselves, our loved ones that we rarely see, will see us in the same light when they last saw us. Some definitely understand what I’m talking about as we learn to shed these old layers of ourselves, but we will always be the “little sister” or “Mommas boy” to those whose perspective has not changed. It may be difficult, but staying strong with who you are transforming into is key for others to see you in a different light. When we build confidence with who we are, we start from our foundation. And this is the perfect time of year to do so.
     In the PowerPath forecast by Lena Stevens this month, she brings up a good point about making sure we till our metaphorical Earth. The Earth is the metaphor for our foundation, structure, and what we choose to grow things in. If you think of your ideas being seeds, and your actions watering these seeds, they will eventually turn into plants that will (under the right circumstances) bear fruit. If you have not harvested the fruits of your labor that you intended to this year, fruits didn’t grow... or even sometimes the plant did not grow, then we must examine both our actions of tending our metaphorical garden, as well as the soil of which we choose to plant things. If we stick to the surface of our problems, we don’t have as much depth, so therefore our plants cannot grow deep roots, becoming easy to uproot. If during the off season (autumn) we consciously choose to dig down beneath the surface, we can increase the fertility of our soil so that when we plant our ideas in the spring time, they will have a greater chance for success. 
     May this food for thought be able to stir you into a great churning. Blessings for a fruitful emotional/mental composting this season ;)
Black Friday Drum and Song Circle at the Intuitive Wellness Center on
November 24th
from 6-8pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle for Virginia is Today! at the Intuitive Wellness Center from 6-8 pm, and in Maryland on Nov 17th from 6-8 pm
Ancestral Healing Circle
November 19th
in Damascus, MD
from 6-8pm
Catharsis on the Mall: A Vigil for Healing
Nov 10th - 12th 
in Washington DC on the National Monument
Deepening Our Connection to Spiritual Guidance
    Whenever we talk about Shamanism, we have to talk about our connection to helping spirits. Many people either don't know where to begin, or they feel overwhelmed by their choices. If you are already on your path and communicating with a beloved power animal, at times a practice can become rote, routine, and stale. Here's how to freshen things up, especially since we talk about "tilling the earth" this month to help us process the things that have happened this year. 
     One of my favorite shamanic practitioners, Mary Shutan, released a great article about our relationship with helping spirits back in January of 2016, and it very much applies to the topics at hand. 
Catharsis on the Mall: Vigil for Healing
     There's a lot of good stuff happening this weekend in DC on the National Mall! The theme behind this years "Catharsis on the Mall" is Nurturing the Heart. There will be great yoga, trance dancing, rituals, ceremonies, presenters, and sound healings all weekend on 9 different stages. Join in and explore like minded community with the rest of the holistic DC crew. 
     Mare Cromewell will be doing a Sacred Gaia Ceremony at 5pm on Friday, Ecstatic Dance DC will be taking place from 6-9pm, and Woven Green will be doing a sound healing from 8-9:30pm. There will be so many other practitioners and holistic healing modalities/speakers all weekend on those stages. Come help us transform the way we release and process what is happening in todays world!
Shamanic Journey Group and Eagle Therapies Calendar
     We are now proud to offer distance options to those who live far away, for those that can't make certain event's due to traffic or have other engagements at the same time as the events. The more interactive version is joining along on the Journey Group Outlines
     The Shamanic Journey Group will be exploring using videos to help people connect into the circle. So far we have people participating on the Facebook group, and we hope that the videos will help increase participation. The topic for this month will be Deepening our connection to our helping spirits
     Another awesome move forward is our partnership with Kama'aina Meadows up in Damascus, MD! We will be doing Heart Centered Sound Circles as well as moving our Ancestral Healing Circles up to MD. Don't worry, we will still be doing the drum and song circles at the Intuitive Wellness Centers. 
     Here is the schedule for November:
  • Nov 8th – Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey Group: Facebook and Meetup
    • Suggested Journey topic: Connecting or deepening our connection to our Helping Spirits. See this post for more details. For more seasoned practitioners, it will be exploring the foundation of the relationship and potentially uncovering any blockages we might have to fully receiving the insight in a non-biased way from these helping spirits.
  • Nov 17th – Heart Centered Sound Circle for Damascus, MD: Facebook and Meetup
    • A 2 hour long ceremony that helps one explore their heart space through embodiment, song, dance, and drumming. This one taking place at a farm in Damascus, MD. Outdoors under a shelter 
  • Nov 19th – Ancestral Healing Circle in Damascus, MD: Facebook and Meetup
    • A celebration of the Ancestors, and discovering the relationship that we carry either consciously or unconsciously. The topic this month will be about the energy of exploitation. There is a balancing act that happens between gratitude and entitlement, and how do we recognize when we are unconsciously exerting our will on those around us?
  • Nov 22nd – Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey Group: Facebook and Meetup
    • Suggested Journey Topic: This is where we actively engage with our helping spirits and begin crafting the real questions that matter about connection. What does embodying mean and how can we create a closer connection to Source/God/The Great Mystery/All that is?
  • Nov 24th – Black Friday Drum Circle: Facebook and Meetup
    • Join us for an alternative to all of the crazy materialism and mass consumption out there! An evening of fun, laughter, and community as we stick out as different and come together in joy instead of stress over making someone else happy with gifts.
  • Nov 25th – Shamanic Journeying Basics Class: Facebook and Meetup
    • A workshop that takes place before the Monthly Journey Group. Class is $15 and is a brief crash course on Shamanic Journeying.
  • Nov 25th – Monthly Shamanic Journey Group: Facebook and Meetup
    • Free group that meets once monthly! Instead of the one journey for the bi-weekly journey group, explore two journeys and practice your journeying skills with other like minded individuals. No suggested journey topic, but extended singing/dancing time as compared to the shorter journey groups in the middle of the week.
If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline and calendar. 
Other events in the area!
Stay connected! Find other like minded people through similar events in the area <3

Nov 8th: Wednesday Morning Development Circle in Manassas, VA
Nov 8th: Who is your Spirit Animal in Manassas, VA
Nov 9th: Reiki Psychic Attunements with Ranessa Porter in Manassas, VA
Nov 10th - 12th: Catharsis on the Mall in Washington, DC
Nov 10th: Veterans Day Blot in Frederick, MD
Nov 10th: What is Access Bars in Warrenton, VA
Nov 10th: Friday Night Meditation and Potluck in Warrenton, VA
Nov 11th: Drumming along the Potomac in Great Falls, VA
Nov 11th: Reiki Psychic Attunements in Alexandria, VA
Nov 11th: Reiki Share in Warrenton, VA
Nov 11th: Sound Bath Meditation in Fairfax, VA
Nov 12th: Reiki Level 1 Attunements in Manassas, VA
Nov 12th: November Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
Nov 12th: Sunday Drum Classes with the Drum Lady in Washington, DC
Nov 12th: The Healing Cooperative in Burke, VA
Nov 12th: Reiki Share for Lightworkers in Manassas, VA
Nov 15th: Wednesday Morning Development Circle in Manassas, VA
Nov 16th: Drum and Chant Workshop with Jim Donovan in Fairfax, VA
Nov 17th: Drum and Chant Workshop with Jim Donovan in Winchester, VA
Nov 17th: Sound Bath Meditation in Clifton, VA
Nov 18th: Drum Circle in Fairfax, VA
Nov 18th: Sound Bath Meditation in Warrenton, VA
Nov 19th: Usui Reiki Level 2 in Alexandria, VA
Nov 21st: Reiki Share in Burke, VA
Nov 25th-26th: Munay Ki Rites ~ A Shamanic Initiation in Harpers Ferry, WV
Nov 28th: Reiki Share in Burke, VA
Dec 3rd: Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
Fly high, everyone! Bright blessings as we begin to head into the chaos of the holiday season.
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