Happy New Year!

     Many of us have felt a breath of fresh air as the great wheel turns once more and we begin another Gregorian New Year. Hoping everyone got the reprieve they needed from the holidays and got to spend at least a little time with family and friends.
     However, that goes to say that we are still in Winter. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are smack dab in the middle of it. As we speak of the wisdom of plants - they store their energy in their roots in the winter, shriveling up their nutrient absorbing faculties from their leaves/flowers. If we take this wisdom, that gives us the opportunity to reflect deep within us and examine what we find at our roots. Is it empty with broken promises? Are the dreams we planned the year before hollow?
     As we move forward into 2017, think of the past experiences we have gained in 2016. How have we learned, grown, and tended the growth of what has happened to us? There is a difference in keeping repeating lessons, and having the opportunity to integrate the lessons we have learned. If we look at the theme of this month, we examine the notion of "flexible perseverance". There is a balance to be had between aggression, stubbornness, and perseverance. If we fixate on a goal, aggression can be a wonderful tool - and we can achieve the goal with more force then if we were to amble about and take things a step at a time. Taken in a positive outlet, that aggression can turn into perseverance. Take it too far, and it warps into stubbornness - where our ego gets involved and we tend to lose sight of the bigger picture because of our unwillingness to let go. 
     Winter is the perfect time to examine our motivations and what is at our core. This is why there is a special event called the Winter Dreaming Ceremony. Explore all of these and more. Natalie Orozoco will be the ceremony lead and I will be the sacred fire tender, working as the bridge to our ancestors. Two other gifted practitioners will be joining us with yoga and a cacao offering. It is an overnight retreat that allows us to turn the tables on what we hold to be true. Join us in sacred ceremony January 28th - 29th in Potomac, Md to explore these and more. 
     Wishing you and your family many blessings as we enter this fast and exciting New Year!

Winter Dreaming Ceremony
Jan 28-29th
Potomac, MD
Heart Centered Sound Circle Sunday December 8th at August Moon Farm
1p - 3p
Maiden Voyage of Fairfax Shamanic Journey Group at Sticks and Stones
January 12th
6p - 7p
Ancestral Healing Circle for January
Topic this month: Fracking
Linthicum, MD
from 6-8pm
Announcing our New Partnership!
     It's the first time that we're able to hold all of the same events under one roof! We solidified a relationship with Sticks and Stones, a beloved store in Fairfax, VA that hosts wonderful meetups, workshops, and drum circles. They have wonderful readers, crystals, jewelry, herbs, and many magical items available to enhance any spiritual practice. 
     With this partnership, we are proud to announce a once monthly drum circle called First Friday of Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! The first one will be on February 3rd
     Bring your drums, rattles, didgeridoos, shakers, bells, and anything else you can think of! Walk-ins welcome. Come and stay, try different drums, laugh until your sides split, play until your hands are sore, but most of all, enjoy the good company of those around you. You might meet some new friends!
Shamanic Journey Group
     Since we are just settling into our new venue and partnership - there will be no suggested journey group topics this month! But future topics will be posted in the Facebook Group. They will be open forums to meet and greet those that are in the community, and to discuss how people achieve altered states of consciousness. After gauging peoples' experience levels, we will proceed with the Journey Group in the hour time span we have available. Instead of meeting weekly, the journey group will be meeting bi-weekly. You do not have to attend all of them, drop ins welcome.
January 12th
Greeting the spirit of the store for the virgin meet-up
January 26th
Open discussion topic - what is your spirituality and how do altered states of consciousness fit into it? 
Hope to see you there!
Ancestral Healing Circle
     The last two Ancestral Healing Circles have been a roaring success! The right amount of people came to do the work, and it was exactly what was needed. This group is beginning to transform into a Ceremony based group, where both beginning ceremonialists and more advanced ceremonialists can share common ground. If you don't know anything about ceremony, don't worry - the more advanced practitioners can help hold the space. You don't have to participate because even the role of "sacred witness" is a role that's an honor. 
     Each month we will be doing rotating topics. So far we have enough topics to get us through until the summer, but topic discussion is always welcome on our Facebook Group dedicated to the Ancestral Healing Circle. This group is founded in being able to listen to the wisdom of the ones who came before us. By entering into an altered state of consciousness, we can get advice, as well as insight, into what is going on. After we gather insight, we do a shamanic healing session on whatever topics came of light. This month we shall be taking a deeper look into Fracking and the effects that it has on the spirits of the land. With the recent earthquakes, we do believe the spirit of the Earth is fighting back. What can we do shamanically to help ease things and bring things back to a state of balance? 
     Join us in ceremony and feel that we are a part of something bigger. Be the change you want to see in the world. 
Heart Centered Sound Circles
The Heart Centered Sound Circles are our most popular event. Our next Sound Circle will take place January 8th on August Moon Farm. Since we have been amidst a venue change, we have decided to consolidate all of the Virginia events to Sticks and Stones in Fairfax, VA. More information and event announcements will be coming by next month :)
Feel free to visit the FAQ or the Sing Along page. 

Bring your drum! Bring your rattles! Our favorites are the didgeridoo's, and we've even had a guest appearance of a violin and a flute. Dance out your worries and enter into that delicious heart space.
If interested in staying connected with us, there is a Facebook group that shares the chants/songs sung at these events.  You can also now follow us on SoundCloud, as well as a Youtube channel of the more popular ones that are asked to be recorded. Bring your rattles! Bring your drums! But most of all bring your true self! Hope to see you there ;)
Other events in the area!
     Things keep expanding and growing! The more I connect with people, the more amazing events I keep hearing about. Unfortunately I can't advertise for them all, but here are relevant events people might be interested in.  
January 6th - Everybody Drum Circle in Fredericksburg, VA
January 11th - Wednesday Night Drum Jams - in Washington DC
January12th - Full Moon Indoor Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
January 12th - Full Moon Open Ritual in Washington DC
January 21st - Womens March in Washington DC
January 22nd - The Healing Cooperative in Burke, VA
January 28th - Midwinter Night Dream - Masquerade Ball in Frederick, MD
Fly high, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Harvest!
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