It's almost May!

I've taken a break from Eagle Therapies for about 2 months, keeping bare bones with things and minimizing clientele. The things that have seemed to stick have been the Shamanic Journey group in Fairfax as well as the Heart Centered Sound Circles. I'm grateful for the amount of support that has come for the Eagle Therapies events! Everyone that has been participating has been beautiful in their own way. Since Eagle Therapies is also about networking, I wanted to share some other local events that are going on in the area.

The past few months have been a bumpy ride for a lot of people. Astrologically speaking, it makes sense because of all of the things that have happened. I know it's not quite May yet, but the April Power Path Forecast hit very close to home and has echoed true for a lot of people. It's one of the reasons why I chose to step back and take care of myself. We sometimes have to do this to preserve our own fire. Fire is one of the elements that needs the right balance of other elements in order to flourish. It can't be too damp or it won't light easily. You need a grounded place to build fire, otherwise if you build a fire on unsteady or improper ground it won't be a good container, and it either won't light or it will burn the surrounding container. If there is too much air, the fire blows out (especially in the early stages). It has to be the gentle blow to help breathe life into the fire. If there's not enough air, then the fire will suffocate and never start. Fire represents our spirit, our livelihood and our energy level. Fire element in excess is arrogance, ambition, and aggression. An out of control fire destroys everything in its path. Fire element in deficiency represents a lack of motivation, feeling stuck, and feeling drained. 

Personally for me, the past few months felt like a great fire came through and burned everything I once knew. Fire comes in the great "forest fire" aspect when there are too many things in the way preventing us feeling our true passions and moving forward with a positive balance of ambition and drive. This is sometimes necessary to help "clear the way" to our path again. The great conifer tree cannot germinate and grow baby trees unless its pinecones are exposed to heat. Now that the fire has died down, and the rubble has been cleared, I finally see the clarity and true essence of my own being.

May this coming Summer bring the fire and illumination you need in your life to continue in the way that best serves you and your purpose <3

Heart Centered Sound Circle
May - Cancelled
Next one - June 5th
1-3 pm
Burke Lake Park
Suggested Journey Group outline for May: Element of Fire
Support the local drumming community in Takoma Park!
Summer is coming!
Best known local "secret" are the drum circles that happen in Meridian Hill Park. They generally happen every Sunday when it's nice and warm.
The Heart Centered Sound Circle has been cancelled for May, however it will resume June 5th. Some other events that are sound healing related are the drum circles in Takoma Park. They're led by the wonderful Katy Gaughan. If you would like to stay connected to the drum circles, join this Facebook Group. They have family drum circles on Saturdays, and they're an absolute blast. They also have a crowd funding to go to keeping the drum circles in Takoma Park over the summer.
Another awesome event she's leading:
May 23rd at National Cathedral - Circle of Meditation and Healing: Turning shame and Guilt into Love
This is an awesome event if you're interested in learning how to play the Djembe. There will be two African Drumming Workshops with Master of the Djembe and Long Time Apprentice to Famoudou Konate.
They're taking place at Hands on Drums on Rhode Island NE in Washington DC
May 18th and 20th 7:30 - 9:00PM

Click here to a link to their events
Photo taken by Andre Malerba, Photographer/Visual Journalist
If you're interested in more of the chanting aspect of sound healing, there's always Kirtan! Kirtan is a auditory form of Yoga where we can clear ourselves with the power of chanting. Gita's dream has her events listed here. There is consistently a Community chant circle/Satsanga every Tuesday evening as well as a Full moon ceremony on the eve of every full moon. Follow the facebook feed for more details. 
Interested in some of the more Shamanic aspects? There are the monthly Journey Groups run by Peggy Brennan and Mary Tyrtle Rooker. 

Peggy has hers on the first Sunday of every month, and here is a link to her Beltane Journey group

Mary Tyrtle has her Journey Group on the third Saturday of every month, followed by a Shamanic Movie Night
Other events of Interest in May:

May 14th - Baltimore Faerie Fare. Great event, good vending, and fun to be had all around!
May 14th and 15th - Karmafest "Unity" in Oregon Ridge: Fun event with live music, artwork, and community building with those of like minds. Focused on spiritual and personal development. 

May 21st - Takoma Park Porch fest. Community based music festival on the porches of Takoma Park residents! Lots of fun!

May 21st - Full Moon Labyrinth Walk. At the Frederick UU church. Beautiful reflection time to go within with a walking meditation. 
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