In The Heat of Summer, What Will You Create?

     Here we are at the peak of Summer. The month of June has the Summer Solstice on the 21st. This is the longest day of the year, and a perfect representation of "Yang" energy. When we take a look at the flow of yin and yang, yang would be the outward expression. So the perfect thing to ask ourselves - is what are we bringing out into this world? When we are able to live in a state of balance, be grounded and centered in who we are, and keep stripping away layers of our false selves - we learn to live for us rather then for the people around us. 
     This month, we question our identity, as well as what are we here to do? Since Summer time generally has people going and doing ten million different things, we have to prioritize what we spend our time doing. Are we happy and fulfilled at our job? Are we choosing to surround ourselves with relationships that are nourishing? As we step more into our power as well as who we are in this world, many people will begin to question us/test us as we "awaken" to who we really are. Many people are slumbering, still doing meaningless tasks and filling their day with "half-hearted" things that just get them to pass the time faster. But we must ask ourselves why we are doing things half-heartedly, when we can be using our full heart? 
     This month we get a bit of a break astrologically, according to the Power Path Forecast. The past couple of months have been a bumpy ride with many planets in retrograde. This tends to stir up the chaos as well as have an interesting influence on how we act/react in the world. This month we are able to sail with a little bit more ease. Don't be suspicious if things turn out to be "too easy", and instead turn to gratitude. If you notice things happening with more synchronicity - that's because you're on the right path! When we learn to live with a full heart and continuously do the self work in order to allow our authentic self to shine, our path becomes more clear. Being able to do good amounts of clearing work will bring about emotional clarity, and this is a good month to do it.
     Join in community. Find what drives your passion. Once you do those things, then live your passion. Don't use life as an excuse not to do self work, or self healing because you're too "busy". We always have time to look inward so we can look forward to months like this where synchronicity after synchronicity will just flow. 
     Did you sing, dance, or laugh today? If not then what's your excuse not to do it? No excuse? Then do it :) Find your path to your authenticity as well as a path to who you really are - then express it out in the world. 

Journey Tracks
Most common topic - For those interested in journeying at home.
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax on
July 7th
from 6-9pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is June 13th 
6-8 pm at Sticks and Stones! 
Shamanic Journeying: The Bare Bones
June 17th
At Sticks and Stones
in Fairfax, VA
from 5-7pm
Healing Cooperative in Fairfax
June 11th
For a presentation on Shamanism and Sound Healing
in Fairfax, VA
at 7pm
Shamanic Journey Group and other Eagle Therapies events
     At the Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey group, we are continuing with the element theme and are now moving into the topic of water. February and March were covering the topic of earth, supplying a good foundation as we explore who we are and what we stand for. April was the month of Air as we continued to develop our mental clarity. May was the month of Fire as we discovered our passion and what drives us. Now we are able to approach the rest of the elements in a grounded perspective. For the month of July we will be doing a recap for those who want to catch up, or to dive deeper into the archetypes.
     The journey groups begin at 6pm every other Thursday evening in Fairfax, VA. The community surrounding Sticks and Stones seems to be one thirsty for discussion and experiences! It would be helpful to learn about Shamanic Journeying before getting there so that not as many basic questions are asked - but we still WELCOME beginner journeyers! 
     Also with the journey group, we have a Shamanic Journeying basics course, for people that would like a deeper exploration to the age old practice. For more experience journeyers, feel free to pop in around 6pm on the 13th to have an extra chance that week to explore journeying. There will be a second journey where people can journey for other people.
Eagle Therapies Related Events:
  • June 11th - Healing Cooperative in Fairfax
  • June 13th - Heart Centered Sound Circle
  • June 17th - Shamanic Journeying: Class and hour long journey
  • June 22nd - Shamanic Journey Group - Shadow of Water
Healing Cooperative in Fairfax
     The Healing Cooperative was founded by Susan Taylor-Gol, in an effort to allow people to discover different practitioners and healing modalities. They have rotating practitioners of the month, and the events help healers with networking. For more information you can visit their website or their Facebook page
     For the month of June, I happen to be their speaker of the month. The topic I will be presenting is a basic run through about Shamanism and Sound Healing. I will be leading a drum led- guided meditation. The price is $10 per person, so if you're interested please RSVP on Facebook for June 11th at 7pm. 
Young Womens Drumming Empowerment Project
     There is a place called Hands On DC in Washington DC that sells authentic African Drums, with credible teachers and drum masters to lead different events/classes. They have this wonderful project called the Young Womens Drumming Empowerment Project(YWDEP), and it is a 501c3 non-profit. YWDEP gives rise to young women's self-esteem, positive development and creative self-expression through DRUMMING, POETRY. MOVEMENT, SONG and PERFORMANCE. 
Drum It Up, Call it Out!
A summer experience for young women ages 12-18. Led by “Drumlady” Kristen Arant, percussionist, performer and teaching artist, and featuring local teaching artists in West African drum and dance, poetry, spoken word, song and theater. For more information please visit their website or look at their Facebook event. 
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! and Heart Centered Sound Circles
    Sticks and Stones, located in Fairfax is the perfect location for both our Drum Circles as well as our Heart Centered Sound Circles. The Sound Circles are more structured with "rounds" of specific songs and song sheets. It's a 2 hour long ceremony with specific intention. The Drum Circles are more free form, giving space for jumping in and playing, allowing our inner children to come out and play. Speaking of - children are welcome to attend as long as parents keep tabs on their child. There are a lot of things that are breakable within the store.
     In case you're interested in looking at any pictures or video, there's plenty on our Eagle Therapies Facebook page. Here is a fresh video from JUST LAST NIGHT at the drum circle! 
     Please leave your baggage and political drama at the door so that you can be fully present and have a good time. Eagle Therapies in conjunction with Sticks and Stones are not responsible for any altered states of consciousness, good vibes, or good juju that may occur ;)
Other events in the area!
     So many fun things going on! Please check out some of the other wonderful events. Especially during this chaotic time, it is especially important to focus on community and strengthening the bonds between family members (blood and chosen family). 
June 4th - Sunday Soundscape in Falls Church, VA
June 6th - Reiki Share with Ranessa and Gina in Burke, VA
June 7th - Eco Conscious Dream Pop & Poetry in Arlington, VA
June 9th - Melting into Movement in Washington DC
June 9th - Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
June 10-11th - Maryland Fairy Festival in Darlington, MD
June 10th - Shamanic Drumming and Mandala Creation in Washington DC
June 11th - Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington DC
June 16th - Sound Medicine Journey in Vienna, VA
June 17th - Maryland Lavender Festival in Thurmont, MD
June 17th - Summer Solstice Ceremony in Silver Spring, MD
June 18th - Summer Solstice Ceremony in Harpers Ferry, WV
June 21st - Transmissions - Solstice Labyrinth Walk in Falls Church, VA
June 22nd - Young Womens Empowerment Project in Washington DC
June 25th - Midsummer Picnic and Ritual in Patapsco State Park, MD
July 28-30th - Healing Mother Earth: Intertribal PowWow in Ohio
July 28-30th - Womens Warrior Retreat in Wendell, MA
Dance, Drum, Sing, and most of all FIND YOUR HAPPINESS and express it!
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