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What's new for November?

There are a whole bunch of events and fun things going on for the month of November!
Talking Stick Therapies in Pittsburgh are scheduled for November 28th and December 12th. Eagle Therapies is partnered with Rebekah Gamble to bring these events alive. The major premise behind these drum circles is the belief that everyone can heal themselves, sometimes they just need a safe space to do it. At these circles, different topics will be provided to discuss - and after the sharing the drums help bring up the positive energy of what has been shared. For more information, click here for a link to Rebekah's books.

Heart Centered Sound Circles are becoming a thing :) There are two that are happening every month. The first one in Binghamton, New York will be happening November 29th. The next one for more local folks is December 6th at 1 pm. If you're unsure of what a Heart Centered Sound Circle is, follow this link.
Essential Oil goings on:
We are excited to be apart of a few events this month and next! There will be an Essential oils Happy Hour in New Market, MD done by Essential Wellness! The date is November 18th at 6 pm. Then there is a Customer Appreciation day done by Totally Essential. The date for that is December 16th at 5 pm in Herndon, VA. Interested in some of the new products or scents? Want to learn some new recipes or find out what all the hub bub is about essential oils? Come out and have some fun! Mingle with no pressure. 

For those that are interested, I am teaching an Essential Oils and Energy Work class in Binghamton, New York on November 29th at 6 PM. There are two others that I will be teaching this month, but the dates are solidifying still. If you're interested in having me come teach about Natural Wellness with pets or energy work, then feel free to reach out. There are freebies and gifts for people that host classes (some of which is a free session).

Vendor Events:

Met me at a Vendor Event? Well there are two more this month that Eagle Therapies will be at! These are fun events!
Fun and interesting things:

Are you interested in the things I do on a personal level? Feel overwhelmed with all of the events that Eagle Therapies puts out? Schedule an individual session and check out the list of services. Concerned about payment? Find out more about sliding scale and what I accept in terms of payment.
November Greetings from Eagle Therapies
Interested in where we get our drums from? Find out more about Imagicka!

Next time I will have drums in is over Thanksgiving. Message if you're interested in the drum selection this month, can hand pick different ones based off of what you're looking for.
Blog Post:
Labyrinth Walking and Gratitude

Since we are going into the holiday season, I shared a way for me to center myself during the holiday season.
Blog Post:
The beginning saga of Little Bear

The topic of raising your child in a more spiritual way has been a highlight, and I wanted to share my own experiences.

This excerpt is from my friend and business partner Cynthia Weatherbie over at Essential Wellness.
      Reflecting on the deepening of quest for spiritual growth during the last eight years, I note a shift in my perspective – gradual yet magnificent when compared start to present.
     A peaceful calmness envelopes me now, replacing the restless searching I once felt almost constantly. Self-assurance overshadows self-doubt. Excitement for the future has left behind the almost constant worry that previously occupied my mind.
      In measurable blessings, the number of friends that enrich my life daily has multiplied vastly. Peaceful night’s sleep and reduced stress bring physical wellbeing and increased energy. Doors to opportunity have opened enabling me to be of service in ways before unimagined, including the wellness I can help offer to the world through essential oils.
      What began with small steps of opening my eyes, ears and mind to the beauty around me daily has resulted in a deep lifestyle change, rippling out to shine beauty on all areas of my life. Reminding myself to look for goodness over time has become automatic now and with it abundance and joy.  I am forever grateful for gratitude.

Journey Group of Fairfax, VA
Held in the Cardinal Center for Healing 5 pm
3919 Old Lee Highway
Suite 83A
Fairfax, VA 22030
Journeying is different then meditation, because meditation is about going inward and finding the wisdom of the body, meanwhile journeying is about traveling to a place in non-ordinary reality in order to connect with a deeper wisdom or source. It's best to do this by facilitating communication with our Spirit Guides, our connection to source/god/goddess/divinity. This is a shamanic skill that can be learned, and within this safe space you can feel free to explore it. Support can be given before or after journey group if you are unfamiliar - or if you're just interested in the Heart Centered Sound Circle, then you can leave right before the journey (as long as it's done so quietly and respectfully).

There will always be a "suggested" journey topic for the day, but if there are some other things that are on your mind, then feel free to journey to your own journey question. The next four months we will be focusing on the four chambers of the Courageous Heart. This month we will be focusing on the Healer archetype, what that means to us, and the shadow aspects associated with it. All of these are based off of the book The Four Fold Way by the late Angeles Arrien.

If interested, please send an email to or call/text 571.306.3197. On occasion we will be located in the smaller room (first Monday's of the month) and space can be limited.
Much Love and Many Blessings
Fly High and enjoy the beginning of the Holiday season
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