Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to our wonderful military personnel both current and former! Wanted to give an extra dose of gratitude to them and to also extend our gratitude out to the rest of the month as we begin to head into the Holiday Season. Please remember to be kind to your neighbor, and do a random act of kindness that puts a smile on someone else's face. You don't know the path that someone else is walking, and who knows - that smile could be something that pulls them out of a slump.

For the Journey Group, we will be exploring some deeper themes that go beneath the surface. It's hard to live in today's society, and it takes a lot of courage. What does it mean to live with a courageous heart? And how do we explore the landscape that is our heart? This month specifically, we will be looking at our relationship with our inner teacher/leader. Sometimes when life gets us swept up in the chaos, we have to pause and take a look around. Are we currently in the moment? Or are we thinking about the future and the things that could go wrong? Are we looking to the past and thinking of all the mistakes that we made, being hard on ourselves?

When we call upon the teacher archetype, it helps us ask the hard questions of, "What is the lesson in the moment." If something has really bugged us or has gotten under our skin, how do we stop and ask the right questions? If we find that we are struggling because of a lack of leadership in certain areas in our life, then I invite you to take a look at the leadership you step up for in your own. Are you letting other people run your life and dictating what you do? I encourage people to begin thinking about their actions, thoughts, and what those two things have an affect on in this world. Pick up your power and do things in this world that those of the next generation will be happy to inherit. Be aware of your actions, and lead in your own life. You too, can make a difference. 

If things are getting rough and you're feeling isolated, reach out. There are a lot of wonderful events that will help you feel reconnected to something bigger. Enjoy the rest of your month!

The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is on August Moon Farm on November 13th from 1-3 pm
Suggested Journey group topic for November:
Developing our relationship with our inner teacher
New Moon Circle in Lithicum, MD
New Moons near Sunday 6-8pm
New Moon Circle
     For those asking about what is going on in Maryland, there is now a new group starting a little south of Baltimore. There are some Pagan influences, but this group is mostly Shamanic in flavor. Shamanic Journeying is a handy skill to have before coming to this group, but it's not mandatory. The only thing that is mandatory is a good intuition, a humble attitude, and love of community work. 
     This group got started out of the need for connection, community, and a space to express our power through singing, drumming and ceremony. There are no song sheets with this event, but there will be enthusiastic singing and dancing of our power songs. Interested in exploring Shamanism and what it's about? Ask the people that come to the event. It's turning out to be more seasoned Shamanic Practitioners, but a few people interested have vocalized their interest in coming.  
Heart Centered Sound Circles
The Heart Centered Sound Circles are in full swing. We have been recording after each one, and you can now follow us on SoundCloud. The Sound Circle for November is the second Sunday of the month, but in January, it will move back to the first Sunday of the month (as is tradition). This month, we will bring the power of Gratitude, and shake a rattle around the circle as we say what we are grateful for.  
Feel free to visit the FAQ or the Sing Along page. 
If interested in staying connected, there is a Facebook group that shares the chants/songs sung at these events, as well as a youtube channel of the more popular ones asked to get recorded. Bring your rattles! Bring your drums! But most of all bring your true self! Hope to see you there ;)
Shamanic Journey Group
     Eagle Therapies hosts a once weekly Journey Group on Monday evenings in Fairfax at the Cardinal Center from 6PM to 7PM. There is always a "suggested journey topic" for each group meeting, and this month's theme is about deepening the relationship with our inner teacher. Here we examine our archetypal relationship with our ability to ask questions and learn in the moment. 
     All skills levels welcomed. It's during the discussion where we share our journeys and help rediscover ourselves and how we operate. We do not interpret each others journeys, but instead offer insight from other perspectives.
     This month on the Full Moon (11/14/16), we will be hosting a small satellite site for the Year of Ceremony directly after journey group. Please message if interested. 
Other events in the area!
Figured that since it's a trend that this newsletter doesn't get out "exactly" on the first of the month, I should let others know about what's in the area for two months ;)
Please keep in mind that as the holidays come up, there will be plenty of events that are people doing clothing swaps, or are gently used items they no longer need. Consider these Green Options when purchasing gifts for the holidays.
There are plenty of events happening in Virginia, but they are well advertised on Meetup, so hence why I don't really "advertise" for them. 

November 14th - Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
November 19th - 42nd Annual Pow Wow in Baltimore, MD
November 19th - Rekindling Your Root Fire in Sheperdstown, WV
November 20th - Healing Cooperative in Burke, VA
November 20th - Sound Bath and Attunement in Annapolis, MD
December 3rd - Alternative Gift Fair in Takoma Park, MD
December 4th - Heart Centered Sound Circle in Fairfax, VA
December 13th - Indoor Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
January 1st - New Years Purification Ritual in Frederick, MD
Fly high, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Harvest!
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