Beginning Our Inward Reflection

     If we turn and look toward nature as a teacher, we will notice that after the equinox, the time of year begins to be one of releasing, letting things go, and coming back to center. All summer we spend our time exerting ourselves, connecting in community with others, and staying busy. In the fall, as the plants begin pulling away their nutrition/focus from their budding flowers, they instead begin to redirect their energy toward their roots. Autumn is the time when humans would more then likely benefit from doing the same things as nature around them, and begin reflecting on their actions as well as their impacts in the world. Trees are able to suck in that nutrition from their leaves, and slowly over time they "let go" of that old energy and shed their leaves. Even though this is the beginning of the season, the mid-season harvest of the fall equinox marks when we would benefit from doing the same as nature around us. 
     As we examine these things in our life, we come back to the things that we can truly rely on. Many people in today's society rely on external sources of gratification instead of the things inside of us. As the power path forecast written by Lena Stevens says about this subject this month, "What can you trust? You can trust your own truth. You can trust your own wisdom, talents, ability to choose, to love, to create, to eliminate, to dream and to set intentions. Anything you are attached to that is external can be taken away. This can cause tremendous insecurity and you will continue to experience instability and worry that will keep you from being grounded and focused."
     When we focus on ourselves and see ourselves as "fixing" or "healing" what is wrong, we're not taking a look at the bigger version of ourselves, as well as marking our accomplishments in the world. Perhaps if you've been a little too hard on yourself lately - taking a break or really taking care of yourself this month might be the right prescription. There are many things that we can get wrapped up in, but then we begin to blur the boundaries between what is ours to carry, and what is someone elses baggage that we are carrying for them. As Sandra Ingerman always says, our microcosm reflects our macrocosm. And if we are constantly looking to things within us that need to be "fixed" or on the opposite end of the scale, completely ignore that by just hyper-focusing on things that are outside/external - it leads to a state of imbalance that diminishes ourselves in the process. We begin to feel like we're not doing enough in the world, and in that we can begin to take it out on others. 
     Instead, turn to nature. Drink pumpkin spice flavored things if it makes you happy, and soak in all that is around you. But most of all, this month is about beginning to pull away from our extremities and finding our center. Take gratitude in all the things life has blessed you with, and be kind to yourself this month. You deserve it.

Drum and Song Circle at the Intuitive Wellness Center on
October 28th
from 6-8pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is Oct 18th at the Intuitive Wellness Center from 6-8 pm
Ancestral Healing Circle
October 11th
in Burke, VA
from 6-8pm
Changing Times Changing Worlds
Nov 3 - 5
A metaphysical conference in
Hudson Valley, NY
Changing Times Changing Worlds
     I know it's a bit of a distance from some of the events happening here in Northern VA, DC, and MD - but just in case you can take some time off work for a weekend conference or know people in the area that might be in the area - there is a metaphysical conference coming up in November in Hudson Valley, NY. 
      Set in the Catskill mountains of New York, this is a wonderful way to expand your spiritual or more esoteric side. There are workshops involving hands on experience making herbal tinctures/cough drops, western herbalism, ecstatic dance, blacksmithing, dowsing, labyrinth walking meditations, crystal workshops, and drum circles. There is a healing room with a labyrinth, and so many different topics of panels with experts from many different walks of life. This is an immersion of an experience with a generous amount of vendors of herbs and hand crafted items, and live performances. If you are interested in having your ticket comped, there are still some volunteer opportunities that allow your ticket to be free if you work a certain amount for the event. Feel free to check out the advertisement for the event as well as the video explaining how compensation works
     Yours truly will be leading the drum circles and a chant circle. I will have drums to sell, and will even be on the radio show The New Normal on October 18th at 8pm EST, being interviewed by Tchippakan about the Shamanism Without Borders program and what we do at the Ancestral Healing Circles. Spread the word if you can! Events like these need to get out to the access of the general public. 
Shamanic Journey Group and Eagle Therapies Calendar
     We are now proud to offer distance options to those who live far away, for those that can't make certain event's due to traffic or have other engagements at the same time as the events. The more interactive version is joining along on the Journey Group Outlines
     The exciting part about the Shamanic Journey Group is that you don't have to skype in, in order to join us. Just ask to join our Facebook Group and you can follow along right with the rest of us. 
     The suggested journey topic for both September and October is currently tending our energy container. This is a metaphor of how we are reacting to the world around us, and how we can tend ourselves so we are healthier in the situations presented to us. Intrigued about journeying but are unsure about what exactly it is? Join us for the once monthly class followed by monthly journey group!
     Here is the schedule for October:
If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline
Shamanic Healing Ceremony for Veterans
     With Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, Heart Centered Sound Circles, Water Ceremonies and the Prayer Circles we have hosted, it's interesting to see how Eagle Therapies is expanding the types of ceremonies that we do. These ceremonies don't just get planned because of the whim or fancy of one individual, these are ceremonies that are called for due to evaluating current trends/themes in today's society. 
     One of the things that we have been neglecting as a culture is the emotional, mental, and spiritual support of our cultures modern day warrior. Trauma can occur because of actively serving in today's military, and PTSD is a very real thing. Unfortunately the meaning of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is being diluted and watered down by those who are using the terms colloquially. When we use certain terms flippantly, we begin to lose compassion for those that have the true clinical diagnosis of PTSD. It can be very hard for those that are struggling with the hardships of integrating back into normal life (even if it's been years or decades since active duty), and at times it's hard to even accept help. Well, this is a fun ceremony that is meant to just be a door opener which engages everyone to come and have a good time through drums, songs, and allowing a gentle power to flow through and reconnect those with pieces of themselves that have either been missing or they have not engaged in for quite some time. 
     Join us at the Intuitive Wellness Center in Burke, VA (Fairfax County) on October 22nd from 5-7 pm. 
     As always, this event is free to all who attend. But there will be a donations basket out, and 50% of the donations earned will go directly to Vets Journey Home. If you wish to donate directly to that organization, there is a donate now button on their website. 
Drum and Song Circles and Heart Centered Sound Circles
    The Intuitive Wellness Center located in Burke, VA is the perfect location for both our Drum Circles as well as our Heart Centered Sound Circles. The Sound Circles are more structured with "rounds" of specific songs and song sheets. It's a 2 hour long ceremony with specific intention. The Drum Circles are more free form, giving space for jumping in and playing, allowing our inner children to come out and play. The Heart Centered Sound Circles are a welcoming event for those that would like to see what being is "sacred space" is all about. It celebrates us getting out of that "monkey brain" and into the intuitive part of ourselves. Besides, who doesn't want to bang on a drum and sing as if we're if we're in a car by ourselves?
     In case you're interested in looking at any pictures or video, there's plenty on our Eagle Therapies Facebook page or the youtube channel. All events are free, but done by donation. The donations go directly to helping keep the circles running, and is an act of sacred reciprocity.
Other events in the area!
     Have fun this fall and enjoy yourselves! Link up with like minded community so it's easier for you to make the transition to the person you want to become. Be the change you wish to see in the world.  
Oct 3rd - Out and About Meetup in Ellicott City, MD
Oct 3rd - Reiki Share in Burke, VA
Oct 3rd - Heart Chakra Sound Bath Meditation in Easton, MD
Oct 4th - Blueberry Gardens Heart Chakra Sound Bath in Ashton, MD
Oct 4th - Beginning Drum Classes in Fredericksburg, VA
Oct 5th - Heart Chakra Sound Bath Meditation in Annapolis, MD
Oct 5th - Full Moon Labyrinth in Frederick, MD
Oct 5th - Full Moon Meditation in Washington DC
Oct 6th - Drum Circle in Fairfax, VA
Oct 6th - Reiki Share in Laurel, MD
Oct 7th - Drum Circle and Healing Share in Reston, VA
Oct 7th - Fall Festival at Hands on Drums in Washington DC
Oct 7th - Kirtan House Concert in Bethesda, MD
Oct 8th - Healing Cooperative of Fairfax in Burke, VA
Oct 8th - Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
Oct 10th - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Greenbelt, MD
Oct 10th - Reiki Circle in Burke, VA
Oct 11th - Beginner Drum Circle Class in Fredericksburg, VA
Oct 12th - Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Middleburg, VA
Oct 13th - Aura Photography and Chakra Energy Mapping in Burke, VA
Oct 16th - Dowsing to Change your Life in Burke, VA
Oct 17th - Reiki Share in Burke, VA
Oct 20th - Sound Bath Meditation in Burke, VA
Oct 22nd - Drum Circle for Peace and CommUNITY in Washington, DC
Oct 24th - Reiki Share in Burke, VA
Oct 27th - SpiritMind in Oakton, VA
Oct 28th - Open Samhain Ritual in Ellicott City, MD
Nov 3rd-5th - Changing Times Changing Worlds in Hudson Valley, NY
Nov 4th - Frederick CUUPS Samhain Ritual in Frederick, MD
Nov 10th - Veteran's Day Blot in Frederick, MD
Nov 11th - Earth Centered Spirituality Service in Frederick, MD
Bountiful blessings as we enter this autumn, full of openness, awareness, and a gentle turning within
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