April Showers Bring May Flowers

     May is a celebration of the beginning of Summer. We are at the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This time of year is generally pretty busy, with people running around doing different things with our family or friends. Summer is a time of outward expression, while Winter is about "going within" (if we look to the seasons as teachers). On occasion we can feel like there is too much outward expression and things can be a bit off kilter because we get overwhelmed. According to the Power Path Forecast, we can predict that the month of May can be an astrologically bumpy ride. 
     The theme for this month is instability, and a lot of us have been purging, cutting ties, and looking more deeply within. As a direct quote, Lena remarks, "Instability is highly creative because nothing is set or solidified and you can mold and inform what it is that you want to manifest in ways that you can’t when things are stable and well defined. Of course, there is the element of chaos as structures become unstable. This can lead to too many options and much mental obsession and confusion". As one of my teachers Christina Pratt has said, the character for chaos in the Chinese written language is the same for "opportunity". So the question is, what type of opportunities will make come to you and grow from this month? Will you be able to find your ground even though things feel unsteady and uncertain? 
     I have seen it time and time again, as time continues to press forward, we begin to move into more challenging times. Our old coping mechanisms of hiding under the sand and pretending that nothing is happening is becoming less and less effective. More people are beginning to "wake up" to an awareness that they didn't have up until this point. A lot of people realize that there's more to life then the day to day job. Those who still feel comfortable in this time are not feeling pressure that our western culture is placing on us. Be mindful of who you spend your time with, and surround yourself with love and support.
     The major message I keep getting affirmed as we move forward, is to connect and network with other like minded people. Those who are living off of fear based paradigms are having more anxiety attacks, emotional crisis's, and feeling less and less stable/secure. Those who are shifting to paradigm to that of love are finding their life's purpose and unraveling who they are meant to be in this world. There will be many distractions upon the way, but it's our responsibility to carry out what we are supposed to do in this world - not get caught up in fear. Again, I remind people about the fact that we do have the option to be courageous, strong hearted, and step forward into this turbulent time with Power.
     If we are not, then we must ask ourselves - are we the poison, or the medicine?      

Journey Tracks

A follow at your own pace outline for journeying at home!
Second Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax on
May 12
from 6-9pm
The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is today! May 9th 
6-8 pm at Sticks and Stones! 
Animal Medicine
May 16th
At Sticks and Stones
in Fairfax, VA
from 6-7pm
Shamanic Journey Group and other Eagle Therapies events
     At the Bi-Weekly Shamanic Journey group, we are continuing with the element theme and are now moving into the topic of fire. February and March were covering the topic of earth, supplying a good foundation as we explore who we are and what we stand for. April was the month of Air as we continued to develop our mental clarity. Now we are able to approach the rest of the elements in a grounded perspective. The journey groups begin at 6pm every other Thursday evening in Fairfax, VA. The community surrounding Sticks and Stones seems to be one thirsty for discussion and experiences! It would be helpful to learn about Shamanic Journeying before getting there so that not as many basic questions are asked - but we still WELCOME beginner journeyers! 
     Also with the journey group, we have a Shamanic Journeying basics course, for people that would like a deeper exploration to the age old practice. For more experience journeyers, feel free to pop in around 6pm on the 13th to have an extra chance that week to explore journeying.
Here is the schedule as follows:
     -May 9th – Heart Centered Sound Circle
     -May 11th – Shamanic Journey Group: Topic of Fire
     -May 12th – Drum Circle in Fairfax
     -May 13th – Monthly Shamanic Journeying Basics: The Bare Bones
     -May 16th – Animal Medicine
     -May 25th – Shamanic Journey Group: Shadow of Fire

For the month of June, I will be out for the first week and a half due to my four year training program with Christina Pratt. Immediately upon my return, I will be doing a presentation with the Healing Cooperative of Fairfax, with a brief introduction to Shamanism and what it's all about. Hopefully I'll get the newsletter out with enough advanced notice with a link to the event :) It is on June 11th at 7pm in case anyone wants to put it on their calendar. 

If you would like a little bit more of an expanded version, click here for the full journey group outline
Animal Medicine: Learning From Nature
     There's a particular understanding that animals can help bring to the table, because they don't have the complex drama/sophistication that humans have associated with them. By being able to observe what is in nature, it can reflect to us a deeper meaning within ourselves. This class is a communication class. A class that helps you develop clarity when interpreting messages from Spirit. Sometimes if we notice the subtleties in life, we don't have to wait for that huge "clue-by-four" to hit us on the side of the head. 
     There are many phrases that have been coined that compares the lessons of animals into our everyday life. "Strength of a bear", "courage of a lion", "quiet as a mouse" are just a few examples of the different lessons that animals can teach us. 
     Find out what the animal world has to say to YOU in this hour long workshop. It will end with a 10 minute shamanic journey to finding out what your power animal is. We will be doing this at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax from 6-7pm. 
     Class is $15. Additional donations welcome.
First Friday in Fairfax - DRUM CIRCLE! and Heart Centered Sound Circles
     Now that we are at Sticks and Stones, located in Fairfax - we now have drum circles!! These are plain old "shake 'em up" drum circles where we feel free to dance, shake, sing, and drum! This is where we let our inner child come out to play :) Speaking of - children are welcome to attend as long as parents keep tabs on their child. There are a lot of things that are breakable within the store. The Heart Centered Sound Circles are a little bit more ceremonial with a specific purpose, and song sheets. The intention of those is to bring us down into our heart center using repetitive and intentional songs/chants. 
     There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that almost all of the drums that I had brought from New York are sold. The good news is that we still have some available, and I will be making a trip up to New York in the middle of the month. They are from the lovely store Imagicka! (from Binghamton, New York).  If there is any interest, then feel free to contact me and we can make an exchange. These instruments will also be available for sale at the HCSC on Sunday. 
     Please leave your baggage and political drama at the door so that you can be fully present and have a good time. Eagle Therapies in conjunction with Sticks and Stones are not responsible for any altered states of consciousness, good vibes, or good juju that may occur. 
Singing Bowls and Human Activation
     This is pretty cool, and I'm very excited to have just networked with some locals who are also operating out of Sticks and Stones! I did not know there was a Crystal Ashram that was in Annapolis. They do lovely community events just like Holistic Dynamic out in Upper Marlboro, MD. So now you will see them happily in our "Other Events in the Area" listing down at the bottom of our newsletter. I went to their singing bowl meditation last month, and it was well run, clean, and provided a good base of information - so the beginner was not lost and the experienced meditation seeker still got a deep experience. 
Here are some of their events in this area for Human Activation
Feel free to check them out!
     -May 11th - Monthly Mindful guided meditation in Annapolis, MD
     -May 12th - Sound Bath Meditation in Washington, DC
     -May 19th - Sound Bath Meditation in Fairfax, VA
     -May 21st - The Deepening: A Special Event in Annapolis, MD
     -May 26th - Sound Bath Meditation in Burke, VA
Other events in the area!
     So many fun things going on! Please check out some of the other wonderful events. Especially during this chaotic time, it is especially important to focus on community and strengthening the bonds between family members (blood and chosen family). 
May 9th - Crystal Sound Bath Meditation in Falls Church, VA
May 10th - Full Moon Labyrinth Walk in Frederick, MD
May 10th - Connect DC: Full Moon Open Ritual in Washington DC
May 12th - Melting into Movement in Washington, DC
May 13th - Green Man Festival in Washington, DC
May 13-14 - Karmafest: UNITY in Cockeysville, MD
May 14th - Healing Cooperative of Fairfax in Fairfax, VA
May 16th - Reiki Share in Burke, VA
May 19th - Gong Medicine Journey in Vienna, VA
May 20th - Power of Healing Sound: A Daylong Workshop in Columbia, MD
May 20th - Kombucha Fun! Workshop and free scoby in Burke, VA
May 20th - Circle of Light: Connecting with inner angels in Reston, VA
May 21st - Wellness Rhythm Circles in Rockville, MD
May 23rd - Reiki Share in Burke, VA
May 23rd - Collective Wisdom - A Community Circle in Harpers Ferry, VA
May 23rd - Transmissions: Healing Service with Woven Green in Arlington, VA
May 26th - Despacho Ceremony: Coming into Balance in Falls Church, VA
May 26th - Sound Bath Meditation in Burke, VA
May 28th - Reiki Share in Mclean, VA
May 31st - June 4th - Fires Rising: Alchemical Fire Circle in Artemis, PA
June 2-4th - Restoring the Heroines Journey in Harpers Ferry, WV
Fly high, everyone! Enjoy the last bits of hibernation before we fully start waking up!
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