Fall is Almost Here

There is a movement back to looking at nature. Nature is a very wise guide if we are able to pay attention. The seasons themselves are a "whole" process. In Chinese medicine there is the simple concept of yin and yang. Summer is full expression of yang energy, outward expression, connecting with others, and exploding with potential. Winter is yin time, where there is a time of quiet, silence, and stillness that is supposed to be restoring. Spring and Fall are the transition times between these two opposing expressions, and if we are having trouble with these transitions, we can feel like we are never "catching up".

How do we honor this transition with grace? A lot of us see the marked sign of season change by kids going back to school or preparing for the busy holiday season. How do we take care of ourselves in this process? We do live in a very materialistic society that focuses on the stress of the holidays instead of appreciating what they are originally celebrated for. A lot of this stems from the inability to look within, to be superficial, and to spread ourselves so thin we can't appreciate what it means to slow down. When this tends to happen a lot, people might run into seasonal disorders or anticipate a "crash" of some type.  We get rewarded by society when we are able to multi-task to the extreme. We are a very high burn out society that sometimes can't say no to extra projects. Where do you fall in this transition? What are you doing for self care?

For the Journey Group, we will be exploring some deeper themes that go beneath the surface. It's hard to live in todays society, and it takes a lot of courage. What does it mean to live with a courageous heart? And how do we explore the landscape that is our heart? This is what we will be exploring this month as well as for the months to come. If you are at a distance, you can follow along at your own pace at home and send in feedback or what type of changes it has created in you.

The next Heart Centered Sound Circle is on August Moon Farm on Sept 4 from 1-3 pm
Suggested Journey group topic for August:
Creating the container for Transformation
Outline for the next four months for Journey Group
Last Takoma Park Drum Circle is happening Sept. 14th 7-9pm
Heart Centered Sound Circles
The Heart Centered Sound Circles are in full swing. We have been recording after each one, and you can now follow us on SoundCloud. We will no longer be doing Sound Circles in New York, but we still have the Sound Circles scheduled the first Sunday of every month down here in Northern Virginia. 
Feel free to visit the FAQ or the Sing Along page. 
If interested in staying connected, there is a Facebook group that shares the chants/songs sung at these events, as well as a youtube channel of the more popular ones asked to get recorded. Bring your rattles! Bring your drums! But most of all bring your true self! Hope to see you there ;) Hopefully there is a sneak preview of what we have to offer below, but it depends on if this email system wants to be cranky and accept it or not (as well as your browser that you're viewing this in)
Shamanic Journey Group

Eagle Therapies hosts a once weekly Journey Group on Monday evenings in Fairfax at the Cardinal Center from 6PM to 7PM. There is always a "suggested journey topic" for each group meeting, and this month's theme is Creating a container for transformation or permanent change. All skills levels welcomed. It's during the discussion where we share our journeys and help rediscover ourselves and how we operate. We do not interpret each others journeys, but instead offer insight from other perspectives.
Takoma Park Drum Circles
The drum circles in Takoma Park have been AWESOME this summer. The next one will be taking place September 14th
The time is from 7-9 pm
Stay tuned to the Wednesday Drum Circle facebook group for more fun information
Ceremony and Mabon Feast
The Year of Ceremony is something that we have been doing as an event since this first started. If you're not familiar with the Year of Ceremony, it's a series of events hosted by Sounds True. On the full moon, they have rotating shamanic practitioners who will lead a full moon ceremony for 13 months. They are a group of live, interactive ceremonies that connect a greater, global Shamanic community. We are one of the satellite spots for their broadcast, but this month we won't be able to do the live ceremony. We will be hosting the Year of Ceremony on Mabon proper, so bring a dish to share! We do have people with allergy and dietary restrictions, so please bring a label of what you made (This includes gluten, dairy, and garlic).

The ceremony and gathering will be focused on gratitude and community.
Will see you on September 22nd in Herndon :)
Join in on the fun!
Pagan Pride Day Shenanigans!
It's that time of year again where everyone lets their crazy out. At Pagan Pride days you can explore group ritual if you're not familiar, or you can try out one of those new fangled "drum circles" you keep hearing about. There are four main ones in this area:

Sept 10th - Fredericksburg, VA
Sept 17th - Frederick, MD
Sept 18th - Washington DC
Sept 24th - Northern VA (Fairfax)

So many awesome events! Some other things you might not want to miss this month:

August 28th - The Healing Cooperative in Fairfax, VA
September 3rd - Singing Bowls in Frederick, MD
Sept 2-5th - Karmafest Labor Day Weekend in Pottstown, PA
Sept 16th - Full Moon Labyrinth in Frederick, MD
Sept 17th - Muddy Run Powwow in Holtwood, PA
Fly high, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Autumn!
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