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iOS Cookies Newsletter #119
July 3rd, 2018

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Hi there! 

Here's the batch of new libraries.

 📚📚📚 Libraries 📚📚📚



Bartinter ( 260 ⭐) - Dynamically changes status bar style depending on content behind it.

CardParts ( 865 ⭐) - A reactive, card-based UI framework built on UIKit for iOS developers.

Preferences ( 101 ⭐) - Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes.



DotzuX ( 817 ⭐) - Next Generation of Dotzu (iOS Debugging Tool).


Open source apps

MTMR ( 506 ⭐) - The TouchBar Customization App for your MacBook Pro.



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Money ( 367 ⭐) - A precise, type-safe representation of a monetary amount in a given currency.

CurrencyConverter ( 42 ⭐) - Utilities for doing currency conversion with the Money library.

Programming Stuff

🎁 NonEmpty ( 295 ⭐) - A compile-time guarantee that a collection contains a value.

FunctionKit ( 280 ⭐) - A framework for functional types and operations designed to fit naturally into Swift.

Deli ( 78 ⭐) - An easy-to-use Dependency Injection Container that creates DI containers with all required registrations and corresponding factories.


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