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iOS Cookies Newsletter #111
January 16th, 2018

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Hi there! 

Here's the batch of new libraries.

 📚📚📚 Libraries 📚📚📚



Ambience ( 164 ⭐) - An ambient light accessibility framework for iOS. Brightness aware accessibility theme switching without coding.

SYParallaxScrollView ( 91 ⭐) - Useful for Configure Horizontal Parallax Scroll.

Alerts-Pickers ( 608 ⭐) - Advanced usage of UIAlertController with TextField, DatePicker, PickerView, TableView and CollectionView.


Command Line

Beak ( 140 ⭐) - A command line interface for your Swift scripts.


Artificial Intelligence

ShowAndTell ( 98 ⭐) - A Show And Tell implementation for iOS 11.0 based on CoreML. 


Nevercode - a complete CI/CD for your iOS apps. Enjoy fast setup, many integrations (e.g. Appium, Slack, iTunes, Crashlytics, TestFlight), latest Xcode versions, SSH access to builders for easy debugging, and excellent tech support. In case you have time-critical projects, you can build your apps on Mac Pros and run builds and tests in parallel.


Open source apps

Amethyst ( 4575 ⭐) - Automatic tiling window manager for macOS à la xmonad.



CoreNavigation ( 3 ⭐) - 📱📲 Navigate between view controllers with ease.

ProcessingKit ( 138 ⭐) - Visual designing library for iOS & OSX.


Programming Stuff

Archery ( 25 ⭐) - Allows you to declare all your project's metadata and what you can do with it in one single place.

Eval ( 55 ⭐) - A lightweight interpreter framework, evaluating expressions at runtime.

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