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Stirring the fear of military aggression

For the past three weeks we have been registering stories alleging planned Ukrainian military aggression: stories like “Ukraine / Petro Poroshenko is going to announce a war against Russia / a full-scale offensive in Donbas.” This week the trend continues in a story about an alleged American military offensive in the South-East of Ukraine. This was announced during one of the popular Russian TV shows on a government-controlled TV channel ( So for a month, we have observed pro-Kremlin outlets that specialise in spreading disinformation repeating the message that “Ukraine is going to war” over and over again, no matter the facts.

Pro-Kremlin outlets have also continued their trend of trying to depict Ukrainians in as inhuman a light as possible. Again, this trend can be seen throughout the whole of February, for example last week’s story about the Ukrainian secret services selling drugs to Russian youth ( In this week's table, you will see again well known examples of recycled disinformation: that Ukrainians are nazis governed by the Americans; that what happened in Ukraine was an illegitimate coup (this week, we learn, organised by Catholics:; but also some “new” efforts to denigrate the Ukrainian nation – for example, a fake UNICEF accusation that the Kyiv authorities were guilty of aggression in Donetsk and Luhansk, that was spread as far as South America (
Also worth highlighting is a story about the “Technology of Mass Zombification” of Ukrainians - in the table you will see articles with this message in various European languages, and learn the role that companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle allegedly play in spreading Psychotropic Chemical Weapons (

These stories are accompanied by persistent efforts to make the “Peoples’ Republics” supported by the Kremlin seem legitimate. As an example, in Dmitryi Kiselyov’s show, one of the reports claimed incorrectly that driving licenses issued by the Donbas authorities will be valid worldwide (

"Freedom of opinion means you are obliged to avow our disinformation"

It’s been more than a month since the German police denied the disinformation spread by pro-Kremlin media about an alleged 30-hour-long rape by migrants of a 13-year old girl of Russian origin ( Nevertheless, the disinformation channels stay focused on this story and keep on repeating it as truth.

In the table, you will see the most recent example from Slovakia ( This outlet not only repeats that Lisa was raped in January, but also alleges that she was raped three months before the reported incident - and that the mass media hid this from the public, because current democracy bans all “opinions” apart from the official ones.


"States joining NATO for protection encircle Russia!"

Some of the most popular myths and fakes repeated by pro-Kremlin outlets concerned NATO. As you will see in the table, there were multiple stories, again in some of the biggest official Russian language media, multiplied by English language channels, or by outlets aiming at the Russian speaking minority in the Baltic states. One of the chief and most repeated stories is that NATO wants to enlarge to encircle Russia and deter Russians.
All these pieces of disinformation have been carefully debunked through facts by NATO themselves, for example:


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