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Issue 32 -  28 June 2016

Western conspiracies

Regular readers of our products have seen how pro-Kremlin outlets can exploit any tragedy for spreading disinformation, fear, confusion and conspiracy theories. Thus, we have already seen focus on the allegedly staged terror attacks in Brussels:, stories about the refugee crisis being orchestrated: and, about the Western plot in the conflicts in Ukraine and in Nagorno Karabakh:, conspiracies about the MH17 tragedy:, and many others.
In recent days, pro-Kremlin outlets focused on the tragic murder of British MP Jo Cox. Perviy Kanal compared this killing to the execution of Boris Nemtsov in February 2015, suggesting that “the authorities” could have orchestrated Cox’s death: Similar allegations were made by several Czech websites: Jo Cox's death was "just a play with public opinion":, supporters of European integration "sacrificed Jo Cox for the purpose of manipulating the masses":
As for the big issue in the UK right now - the outcome of the referendum on membership of the European Union - most of the disinformation stories we received for this week's review originated before the results were known. We expect to receive reports about Brexit coverage in the coming days.

Anti-Russian conspiracies

In the distorted perspective of some pro-Kremlin outlets, Western “elites” focus not only on terror attacks against their own people, but also on military attacks against peaceful Russia. A blog-site specialized in military news persuades its readers that the USA and Germany plan to annex the Kaliningrad province: The USA also allegedly wants to destroy the Russian Federation and divide it into a number of independent states: And the ban on Russian athletes’ participation in the Rio Olympic Games is, for pro-Kremlin media, just further proof of the hybrid war that the West is waging against Russia:
Pyotr Tolstoy, anchor of Perviy Kanal, used his popular talk-show this week to compare NATO to Nazi Germany:, and he also said that the defensive Alliance poses the same threat to Russia as Hitler’s Reich posed to the USSR in 1941. Of course NATO, unlike Nazi Germany (or indeed today's Russia), does not occupy any other sovereign country or its parts.

And more conspiracies

There were plenty more sensationalist stories served by the pro-Kremlin outlets in recent days. For example, from state-controlled REN TV we learned that Vladimir Putin has achieved successes in Syria because he consults with aliens: The same TV channel explained a couple of days later that China used to be a part of ancient Russia: And that mankind did not originate in Africa as the science tells us, but in Siberia:

Whereas Russia is the cradle of civilisation, however, Western civilisation is controlled by Masons, the Illuminati and the Satanists. This is proven by Western artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Madonna, whose concerts are in fact mass worship sessions: Obviously, Jamala did not win Eurovision only because “the elites” needed to raise the issue of the occupation of Crimea - she also is “one of them”.
And although the European elites orchestrate terror attacks against their own populations, they also care about their people’s eating habits, in a very authoritative way. Thus, as a Georgian outlet informs, Switzerland closed the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain after European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos received more than 120 applications demanding a legal ban on any fast food: Three minor details: Switzerland is not part of the EU, Mr Ciolos is not a Commissioner any more, and McDonald’s is still operating in Switzerland.
Thank you very much for your reports, we are looking forward to new ones.

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