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Issue 35 -  19 July 2016

“They are crawling towards us!”

In the first weeks of summer, pro-Kremlin outlets again repeated the line that NATO (or the USA) is about to unleash a war against Russia at any moment; and that Russia poses no threat to anyone.
The false allegations about NATO preparing for a war were presented in Dmitry Kiselyov’s show on TV channel Rossiya ( - scaring the audience in front of a huge headline “NATO is crawling towards us.” For greater impact, the same accusations were repeated the same day during the news magazine on Pervyi kanal (
This thesis about NATO preparing a war against Russia was also repeated by several Czech outlets (, or And the claims about peaceful Russia were repeated in several English outlets ( or
Two weeks ago, we already noted some of the reasons why Russia is perceived as a threat ( Let us also set out here what NATO actually said about Russia during the recent Warsaw summit: “The Alliance does not seek confrontation and poses no threat to Russia.  But we cannot and will not compromise on the principles on which our Alliance and security in Europe and North America rest.” (
According to a Russian pro-Kremlin outlet, NATO soldiers are training Ukrainian soldiers to kill civilians in the Donbass region (, which is allegedly testified by a Ukrainian soldier. The testimony was, of course, fake. Very similar accusations were repeated in Vladimir Solovyov’s TV debate (, claiming that President Poroshenko wants to wipe Donbass off the surface of the planet - with the help of the EU and the USA.

We said it before - Brexit is the end of the EU

Multiple outlets repeated once again that Brexit means the end of the EU - even managed to connect this subject to the accusation of the USA trying to incite a war against Russia ( The Spanish version of RT (previously known as Russia Today) faked poll results to claim that Sweden wants to leave the EU ( Similarly, the English version of Sputnik invented a story that Ireland is considering an EU exit (
In Vladimir Solovyov’s show, Nikolai Starikov (whom we introduced already in the last issue: repeated his line about Brexit - that it is actually the elites excluding the rest of the EU from the financial world run by the USA and the UK ( In the same show, it was also claimed that economic sanctions are aimed at destroying the economies of other countries - ignoring the fact that the EU imposed sanctions against Russia solely because of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.
Sanctions were mentioned in the Georgian, too ( - this time as “proof” that the EU is in fact a dictatorship, because it is forcing its Member States into anti-Russian sanctions against their own will.

Europeans even steal Russia’s history!

A nasty attack was launched by the Polish site Just before the NATO summit, they invented a story that Ukraine will be represented during this gathering by a former actress from adult films ( This disinformation was eagerly repeated by numerous Russian sites (see their list here
And as we unfortunately experience after every terror attack, the pro-Kremlin outlets already started spreading conspiracy theories about who carried them out. This time, the Nice tragedy was described as a punishment against France for not accepting the conditions of TTIP (

One less distasteful conspiracy - although still spreading the narrative of "Russians against the evil West” – was aired on a show on the popular REN TV. It attempted to persuade viewers that the Germans stole 5000 years of Russian history, when they exchanged Russian Tzar Peter the Great for a different person, who then changed the calendar (
Thank you very much for your reports, we are looking forward to new ones.

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