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Issue 34 -  12 July 2016

The elites prepared Brexit to start a war in the EU

In the recent period, pro-Kremlin outlets focused mainly on the EU, and they used the UK referendum on EU membership as a springboard for their stories.

One of the main pro-Kremlin propagandists, Nikolai Starikov, co-leader of the Antimaidan movement (alongside the infamous Night Wolves biker Alexander Zaldostanov), produced a video about Brexit: In the video, he claims that the referendum was staged: instead of starting a war on the territories of Russia and China, the world elite now wants to start a war inside the European Union. Because the owners of the world's wealth cannot maintain a high standard of living on such a huge territory, they will limit this standard of living only to the USA, the UK and Switzerland; the rest of the world will be thrown into chaos and war.

Apart from authoring over a dozen books, Starikov is also the commercial director of the St. Petersburg branch of Pervyi Kanal ( Thus, he holds a leading position in one of the most important TV channels run by the Russian government.
Further conspiracies followed, for example the site LifeNews explained that, as a consequence of Brexit, the whole of Eastern Europe will be thrown out of the EU ( Also, an article by (which was later translated e.g. into Czech) said that Britain will become the victim of a colour revolution, which is the counter move of the globalists and Soros against Brexit. According to the outlet, there is a concerted attack on sterling and massive psychological pressure organised by “civil society” organisations to stop Brexit; and the CIA and liberal elite pay for propaganda that spreads lies to avert Brexit. It is a “hybrid political war against the British majority” (

Even more fantasies were presented by the Georgian pro-Kremlin outlet the Anglo-Saxons decided not to become "Anglo-sex" for the sake of the LGBT values of "old courtesan Europe", and as a result of Brexit, other states will soon leave the EU and one by one they will join the Big Eurasian Union; this was confirmed by a source “close to the Bilderberg Group” ( Five days later the same outlet informed about a meeting at a Swiss alpine resort initiated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the leaders of France, Italy and the Netherlands. These leaders allegedly discussed the future of a "Big Eurasia" project, and in the course of this process recognition of Crimea by the European countries will supposedly start step by step:

Czech outlets repeated disinformation about EU banning the English language and aiming at tightening the Member States’ ties - which, according to the site, confirms the fascist tendencies of the EU (

Business as usual: Chemical Chernobyl and Blitzkrieg

At the same time, a lot of stories were again related to the “eternal enemies” of the pro-Kremlin outlets: Ukraine and NATO. Multiple outlets tried to link the recent ISIS terrorist attack in Istanbul to the Ukrainian authorities, with Dmitry Kiselyov’s show leading this line ( Another chief TV propagandist Pyotr Tolstoy then accused Ukraine of shooting down MH17 (
We saw some of the most well-known lines being repeated, such as “the West does not care about Ukraine anymore, everybody has forgotten about Ukraine”, or “Ukraine is not a state and Ukrainians are not a nation”. We also saw brand new disinformation aimed at frightening the population of Ukraine: that the Kyiv authorities are preparing “a chemical Chernobyl” for the people in the East of the country (

As for NATO, we again heard that all military exercises are simply a provocation aimed at Russia; that there is no such thing as a Russian threat; and that the recent NATO summit in Warsaw was just the preparation for a war against Russia. The website invented a story that the American Vice President Joe Biden announced that the Americans planned a blitzkrieg for Donbas, and now they plan to start a war against Crimea ( (Image: Vremya pokazhet on YouTube)
Thank you very much for your reports, we are looking forward to new ones.

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