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Practical Service Design Community Newsletter, Issue #5

Hopefully you are all aware that tomorrow (Feb. 1) is our first Community Summit event! I am so excited to engage with all of you in ideating around how our community can better serve our needs and help us all grow as Service Designers. 

One thing that has been very important to me since the beginning of this grand Slack experiment has been sharing practice, and creating a true community of practice. As our membership passes 1,800 and continues to climb, I am inspired by the kinds of questions, conversations, and discussions that are happening in Slack. It's true—our community is like no other, and this is only the beginning. 

Though the world may be full of trying and difficult times, I find hope and inspiration in all of you. See you tomorrow!

(and in the meantime, check out all the great content from the last couple weeks below!)

– Megan (@megan)

Speed up your team with a service blueprint

Our first guest contributor to the Practical Service Design blog, Paul Moran, shares some practical tips for how blueprinting can help align teams and work with other service design tools.
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Best conversations from our community

@naema asks: I'm a UX designer and I have been put on the customer "retention" team. Wonder how I can use this opportunity to spin it into a Service design role.
@jesspoole responds: customer retention is such a great opportunity to really show the value of service design because the reasons for churn can be anywhere along a customer life cycle. Blueprints are a great place to start. I've found looking at customer data and going and doing research with customers who have left the service, really digging into their experience and why they left, then show casing those findings to wider audiences an excellent platform to convince senior stakeholders of the value of service design and looking at problems more holistically. (see conversation)

@wjanthony asks how to prioritize HMW statements: I wondered if anyone has thoughts on effectively *prioritizing How Might We...? questions* swiftly in a group setting, other than by voting/supervoting? I have used the Kano model to do this quite successfully but I wondered if others had any great suggestions. (see conversation)

@cmyk on uncovering shortfalls as service opportunities: One of the ways services create value is by providing things to eliminate or reduce shortfalls customers face. Something they need but are short of. Therefore, when you’re doing your research, you should look for some clues. Shortfalls could be in terms of physical space, such as a locker for a bike. Or it could be that Netflix video stream for movie night at home. Or it could be a voting booth, to place your vote. (see conversation)

@richekelman on where to start your first service design project: Throwing darts is a good way to land off the board. Start with the service most core to their business and then naturally the group will see the enablers they need from each other, unless they are silo’d into tribes. (see conversation)

@cmyk kicks of a vibrant discussion around whether we are designing products or services: Services are intangible products made of packaged sets of outcomes and experiences. Outcomes are the goods. Experience is the packaging. That’s the 'whole product’ we design for. We can make progress through the design of outcomes, so the service can do a better job of getting a job done. (see conversation)

@daaaniel kicks off a great discussion around quantifying behavioral markers: how can we digitize qualitative research by quantitative research? Here is what I mean. I've got 4 personas that represent 4 quarters of the target audience separated by 2 behavioral discriminators. So it looks like a 2x2 matrix with descriptions for each quarter... (see conversation)

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What we're reading (and listening to)

Understanding the role of product-service system designers within service design agencies in London — "Long but interesting service design report" (via @erik)
Service Design Trends Report (video) — The latest trends report from the Service Design Show. (via @marcfon)
Design-led is a fallacy. Integrated design isn't. — "Great article about expanding impact as a designer." (via @megan)
EPISODE 4: Service Design Award 2016 for Best Commercial Project (Service Design Podcast) — The first in a series of interviews with the winners of the SDN awards: Kaarel Mikkin from Brand Manua. (via @david-knightmoves)
Exploring Economics — "In case you want to look at the bigger picture exploring economics this site is brilliant. In my opinion, the behavioural economics are particularly significant for our activities." (via @danieltsantos)
Circular Design Guide — "The scale of what we’re designing has shifted from products, to companies, to economic systems. Who we’re designing for has expanded from a solitary user to an intimately connected web of people, spanning the globe." –IDEO (via @antonio.starnino)
Problem Solving Desperately needs Systems Thinking — "Great article on systems thinking" (via @megan)
Interview with Marc Stickdorn — discussing key principles of service design and how business leaders can implement them today. (via @terosd)
Guide to Stakeholder Mapping (PDF) — "one of the best comprehensive guides to conducting truly useful stakeholder mapping, and really helped me understand the method." (via @megan)
Why every company is already doing service design without knowing it (Service Design Show) — The latest episode of the #ServiceDesignShow features Mauricio Manhaes (@manhaes). (via @marcfon)

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