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Cheers to Year One at Microsoft

"Being part of Microsoft over the last 12 months taught me so much about myself. I have been challenged to grow personally, technically, and professionally. I am beyond grateful to be in an environment that empowers me to the best version of myself..."

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It Actually is Rocket Science

“I’ve always been an engineer. I used to build and take apart everything I could get my hands on — toys, pens, broken electronics — and I still do that to this day. I didn’t know that it was called engineering until I was in high school..."

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@Abadesi@MichaelBerhane_ are back with brand new Techish...

💭 Did Jay Z Sell Out With His NFL Deal?

🤔 When Does "Faking It Till You Make It" Go Too Far?
💰 The Soap Opera Behind WeWork Going Public 

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Today is #BlackWomenEqualPayDay the day that symbolizes the approximate number of days a Black woman must work [into the new year] to make what their White non-Hispanic male counterparts made at the end of the previous year.

Google's hate speech-detecting AI appears to be racially biased.
Sarah Kunst’s Cleo Capital Raises $3.5 Million To Boost Women Decision Makers In VC​ [Crunchbase]
Why We Need More Black Women Workspaces​ [Zora/Medium]
PAX is a leading consumer technology company that designs and manufactures premium vaporizers for safe and responsible consumption of legal cannabis.

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