Friday 26 June 2020 
Thank you to Students, Teachers and Parents

We finished Term 1 with messages to Parents, Students and Teachers regarding Expectations and Guidelines for Alternate Learning Arrangements for Learning. We started Term 2 with lessons using Microsoft TEAMS, MOODLE and emails. We finish Term 2 with assessments through to the last day. Our teachers have been magnificent. Our parents have been patient and thoroughly supportive. Our students have been typical teenagers: wonderfully opportunistic. The understanding between the adults — Parents and Teachers — was essential to the success of Term 2. Thank you to everyone.

What a Time

What a time it has been since January. We have never faced such a pandemic in our lives and the looming recession will bring uncertainty for many years, for many. We are told it will be harder for people and families than the Global Financial Crisis caused from 2007.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reflects on a season for every purpose under heaven, and it is a time to wonder now. Life brings so much joy, and often abundance as well. When life brings uncertainty and anxiety, and this continues as it has for more than six months it raises questions. What is the purpose under heaven of this time? What is the purpose for those who have little?  What is its purpose for those who have much?

We know that love of neighbor and charity for those who have greater needs are central purposes for Christians. We are called to care for our sisters and brothers with whom we share community. As we continue to live through the pandemic and its ongoing effects on the lives of those in our community, it’s a time to be mindful, care for our each other as we hope things will get better. Certainly, the need to look out for others is rising and we will be called assist if we are able. For those who can, it will be a time to be generous.

 It’s About the Students

In the end of Term 1 video to Parents, Staff and Students,  I said our intention was to ensure that students ‘land’ where they had planned to be, when the pandemic was over. There’s still a way to go.

Even though anxiety is reduced, students, staff and families are still feeling the weight of this pandemic. Restrictions ease, yet concern keeps capturing our attention, troubling rest and tempting intemperance. Particularly for our Victorian relatives! (Though they have probably just been unlucky.)

Our Year 10s have missed out on Work Experience. In addition to Pastoral Lessons in Term 2, work experience was planned as part of the processes leading to Year 11, 2021 Subject Selection in Term 3. Teachers have been finalising assessment and marking for the Semester 1. These results will be relied on as students make Year 11 subject selections for next year. We will listen when students and parents raise concerns about the impact of disruptions to learning.

Students will make choices and attend SET Plan Meetings on Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th August to help finalise their choices. Some may need to achieve at a higher level in Term 3 and Term 4 assessment to access all their preferred choices. All Year 10s will go on to Year 11 study in 2021. Their SET Plan for 2021-2022 will be for where they hope to land in 2023. Our intention to help them get there.

For our Year 12 students, the reduction of Internal Assessments by the QCAA will reduce the intensity as students complete Unit 4. As a result, they will complete coursework and begin revision of Unit 3 and 4 work earlier in Term 3. Mock Assessment in Week 8 and 9 will provide timely feedback to inform their exam preparation in October. An intensive focus in Term 3, on writing for short answer and extended response exam questions across disciplines, will complement their content and skill preparations for external exams. Year 12 students will be well prepared as they go to their final exams Monday 26 October to Tuesday 17 November. The Graduation Liturgy will follow in the evening of 17 November and the Senior Formal on Thursday 19 November.

Year 11 Retreat

As restrictions ease further, we are planning new arrangements for this very important part of our Senior School program. As boys and girls become young men and women, their individual and shared perceptions help them to understand this change. It is a change that begins, almost the day they begin high school.

The retreat processes provide support for safe sharing of their perceptions with peers. As perceptions are shared with peers, insight to their adolescent context is gained and personal identity and development are affirmed.

The experience of considered sharing is less formal, yet structured and safe contexts of senior retreats have consistently been appreciated by senior students in Catholic schools over 50 years. We hope plans for 2020 Year 11 Retreats can be made and realised in Term 3.

Chris Noonan

Parent Feedback

Upon reflection of Term 2, with the impact of COVID-19, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the teachers and management at Marymount.

Firstly, thanks for helping parents, during 'home learning' by ensuring that children were logged in each day and for each lesson. I know that not all schools promoted 'accountability' as Marymount did and I certainly appreciate your efforts to assist the student's learning. Also, I am impressed with the quick turnaround of marking assessments. It certainly is motivating. My children always share their results on the day they receive their results and it keeps them motivated. My daughter knows what she needs to achieve to stay in her current maths class and this motivates her to do her best. I really appreciate the teacher's efforts to mark assessments quickly as it definitely helps children achieve to their potential.

Thanks to all the teachers and admin staff who manage the school for your efforts to look after and foster every child's academic development. It is truly appreciated and I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable holiday break. 


Deputy Principal


Each member of the Marymount Community has the right to feel safe and free from any form of intimidation including physical, verbal, emotional or sexual.
A student who feels they are being intimidated is encouraged to approach:
  • Class teacher or Yard Teacher
  • Pastoral Teacher
  • Head of Year
  • Counsellor
  • Member of Administration
When an incident is reported, the teacher will investigate the complaint to the best of their ability at that time, determining whether it is a low level or high-level case. In a low-level case, the teacher speaks to the other students involved, asking them to modify their behaviour.  For more information see Marymount College Anti-Bullying Policy

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

COVID-19 Evacuation Plan

Online Uniform Shop

  1. Access via Parent Portal or BCE Connect App
  2. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  4. Select the date for your order
  5. Choose items and sizes from the menu
  6. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
  7. Your order will be ready for a student to collect from Uniform Shop on the day selected (We request that parents do not enter school grounds due to COVID-19)
Term 3 Hours: 8:00am-1:00pm Monday-Thursday

Assistant Principal - Senior Curriculum

Year 10

The SET Planning and associated Senior school subject selection program is well underway in Year 10.

Friday 24 July: Students will be issued the Senior Subject Selection booklet
Monday 27 July: Parent and Student Information Evening* 
Tuesday 28 July: Online Subject Selection Opens
Monday 3 & Tuesday 4 August: SET-Plan interview appointments 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Friday 7 August: Online Subject Selection Closes

*If Government restrictions on gathering sizes do not permit the Senior Information Night to proceed, we will hold an online Teams session. 

Year 11
Semester 1 work is complete, and students can now change into Applied Subjects. Subject Change forms are available on the self-help desk in SAO. Students have until the end of Term 3 Week 2 to present these completed request forms. Student cannot move into General Subjects at this time.

Year 12

We are awaiting an announcement from QCAA regarding proposed reworking of the weightings between Unit 3 and Unit 4 Internal Assessments, and possibly the External Exams in each subject.

Due to the disruption resulting in the dropping of one IA in every subject, the original balance has been lost. We will pass on this information to students and parents as soon as possible.

Year 12 will move into the period of assessment, revision, exam practice come the middle of Term 3, in preparation for external exams. This includes a rotation of tutorials during the usual Sports periods each Thursday. 

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

Catholic Leader offer

I want to pass on an offer of a free digital subscription to The Catholic Leader newspaper, which has been extended to our families and employees. The Catholic Leader is Australia’s most widely read Catholic newspaper and regularly includes education features, as well as providing a Catholic perspective on important news across South East Queensland.  

The journalists at the Catholic Leader also welcome your recommendations for stories about our school community as well as local interests.  Please share your news with their team at

The close of Term 2

The word 'uncertain' has been bandied about so much it has become a bit trite. In the beginning, there wasn’t a name for COVID, a threatened pandemic was on the horizon somewhere down the middle of new broadcasts in late 2019...and it was far away from us. And then, in early March it was on! Life changed, new ways of doing things emerged and the wisdom of some old ways of doing things shone actually slowing down and taking stock about how we live our lives. This has all been said so many times in the past four months by so many. 
It seems we’ve learned to appreciate people more and realise the interdependence of all people. Amongst those who have been celebrated were front line workers — from the humblest cleaner to the most senior medicos — and up there with that new elite have been teachers. And Marymount teachers and support staff have been burning brightly from the earliest challenge. Acknowledgement and appreciation from parents is patently clear in the messages which appear frequently in our emails. The return of the students was a joyful experience.  
In this time the notion of fear has been prevalent...fear of the unknown leading to great anxiety. Matthew’s gospel of last Sunday and countless other times in the scriptures we are told,”Do not be afraid...I am with you...”. 
This Lyn Unger poem addresses one of those occasions beautifully. 

Fear Not

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not….
Which is maybe a silly thing for a creature made of wings and eyes to say to a couple of schmoes who were just hanging out with their sheep until the heavens cracked open.
Who wouldn’t be afraid?
And who stops being afraid because someone tells you?
And yet, “Fear not” is the thing that angels say. Apparently.
An angel says it to Mary. And to Joseph.
“Fear not.” As if that would undo the panic of the moment, let alone all the hardship to come.
The story never says if Mary or Joseph or the shepherds were comforted by these fear-denying angels.
Likely not. But all of them moved forward, did the next thing that was to be done, which is about all you can ask.
And maybe when the word came from Herod about smiting babies and they had to run—
maybe when all the daily terrors of life descend—
it could be good to have the angelic voices whispering “fear not” all down the long road,
and reminding you about the tidings of great joy.
Lynn Ungar 12/19/18

Year 8 & 9 Reflection Day and Year 11 Retreat
With the earlier disruptions to the year’s plans, I am pleased to advise the following dates:

9 October: Year 9 Reflection Day
16 October: Year 8 Reflection Day
11 -13 August: Year 11 Retreat 
Burleigh Parish Mass
One hundred people are now permitted to attend Mass inside Mary Mother of Mercy Church. Please check parish website for details. A Youth Mass will be held at 6:00pm Sunday 5 July. Any student who wishes to have a role in the liturgy should see Darcy at the Church about 5:00pm on the day. 

May everyone enjoy the break and breathe

Dolores Maitland

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Social Justice

Interact Quarantine Art Competition

Over the last few weeks, Interact had been running an ‘Interact Quarantine Art Competition’ to boost morale and involvement within the school after isolation due to COVID-19.

The competition was open to anyone who enjoyed art. The entries’ theme showed student representation of Marymount College and its correlation to their time during COVID-19. 

As a Club, we were thrilled and astonished by all the varying entries, from drawings to collages to fashion accessories, and with all the wonderful artistic talent from our College students. Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition; we really appreciated the participation and effort made. Winners of the ‘Interact Quarantine Art Competition’ will be announced in the first week of next term.

Halle Wiblen
Interact Social Director


Digital Technologies

Year 9 STEM

As my final term with a class of pupils—who I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this semester—draws to a close, I would like to share some of the great work we have done together.

Term 2 saw our Year 9 STEM class embark on a Tiny House project. This project required students to research and develop a design for a Tiny House. To do this, students produced a range of presentation drawings that culminated in the construction of a 3D model of their design. This project provided scope for innovative and flexible design solutions using a range of alternative materials and sustainable technologies. It also allowed for creative design solutions as well as developing skills in architectural presentation drawing, scientific enquiry and mathematical application. Once their 3D drawing was finished students then used augmented reality technology to view how their tiny houses would appear in the real world! Check out the work of the talented Kurtis Holloway below:

To finish up what started out as a rather difficult term, students then celebrated their successes by taking part in a skyscraper building competition. This allowed them to show off some of their newly developed engineering and design skills. Congratulations to the entire class for building some very impressive models within the limited time they had. Special mention goes to Lachlan Gospel, Jimmy Pedlow, Khoda Young and Luke Williams for taking top place with their well-executed entry! 

Code Club

This term instead of our normal Tuesday afternoon meetings Code Club has been meeting and sharing their projects online.

One of our biggest focuses has been the 2020 BCE Minecraft Competition. Our members have been forming teams and working on their entries. Teachers and students are encouraged to work collaboratively in a Minecraft team. You may have seen my attempts to get one of our teams thinking about the scale of their models with a video I posted to our College Facebook page. The teams are student-led with the teacher acting as a facilitator to support the development of ideas and collaboration. Students are required to complete a build, an activity and a presentation video. With what they have built already and having the entirety of Term 3 to work on their entry, I cant wait to see what they come up with!

Below are a few words from Halle Wiblen one of our “Team Withers” leaders.

My friends and I (William Nguyen, Douglas Cowan, Jappy Tantengco and Lucyana Gabriel), members of the Marymount Code Club, formed a team and decided to take up the challenge. As year 9 students, we had been learning about the history of Australia (from 1750 to 1918) and as such, we came to the conclusion that our Minecraft world would be based around significant events in Australian history. We began our world, starting with the obvious, the arrival of the First Fleet. As a team, we have managed to build the ‘Charlotte,’ a ship from the First Fleet and subsequent settlement of convicts, marines and free men in New Britain otherwise known as Australia. I am incredibly proud of our progress and I cannot wait to share more information about our successes in the future.

Daniel Cousins
Technology Teacher

Humanities & Social Sciences

Year 12 Business & Economics

Over a 10 week period from Late February through until April, all Year 12 Business and Economics students engaged in the ASX Share market Game.  

In a very tumultuous time in global markets, many of our students were able to turn their $50,000 initial investment into some solid returns. The students curiosity and engagement with market movements, the macroeconomic environment and company announcements was inspiring. In third place, Bella Mae Leworthy $62,300.10. The most influential move she made was purchasing Afterpay touch (APT) at about $10.05 and allowed it to soar to $44 a share.  Max Crisp finished second with $70,066.88. His logic was to buy gold mining stocks as well as invest in the health care sector. This was an incredible performance. In first place, Harrie Van Den Broek finished with $73,885.64.  His $23,885.64 profit was based on his heavy investment in Gold.  

Simon Rezo
Business Coordinator

Year 8.2 Class Parliament

“Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouch safe Thy blessing upon this Parliament. Direct and prosper our deliberations to the advancement of Thy glory, and the true welfare of the people of Australia.”

This is the prayer which heralds the opening of the Australian Federal Parliament each year, likewise, it also signalled the opening of the 8.2 2020 Class parliament.

In the course of instruction regarding Civics: Citizenship, Laws and Government, students followed the real process used to turn an idea from a bill into a law, utilising the topic: Zoo’s should be abolished. Nominations, a ballot, candidate speeches and an election, preceded the formal sitting of parliament. 

Congratulations to:
- The Honourable Prime Minister Blake Taylor
- Deputy Prime Minster Aliya Kapetanovic
- The Honourable Opposition Leader Jordan Bruce 
- and the Deputy Opposition Leader William Sweeney. 

As well as all the excellent Members of Parliament to be commended on their parliamentary debate on the day. A special mention to Indy Brennan MP, a fierce interjector. 

Garrett Fitzgerald
Humanities Teacher
aka The Honourable Garrett Fitzgerald, Speaker of the House


Griffith University Academic Bootcamp - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths Methods


Marine Science

Year 11 Marine Science students have been busy this term studying the wondrous world of marine biology and marine management.

Last week, we were lucky to have our friends at Jacobs Well Environmental Education Centre run students through the latest and greatest marine monitoring methods, giving students ‘real-life’ experience as marine scientists. Students will have another opportunity next term to engage with marine scientists in the lab as part of their Student Experiment. Although this is not our normal method of delivery, as Marymount College endeavours to provide students with the opportunity to engage with the world around them and participate in hands-on learning, students certainly appreciated the opportunity to practice their skills

The afternoon was so rewarding. Learning from working professionals in a hands-on way really helps me understand the purpose behind all our research. Taylor Bruce
Jessica Berryman
Marine Science Teacher

Year 9 Science

Students in Year 9 have been investigating The Changing Earth during Science in Term 2, with a focus on the consequences of tectonic plate movement – especially volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

This week, students have worked in teams to construct an earthquake-proof “building” out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Although designs ranged from the classic to the bizarre and abstract, all students put their knowledge to the test in this hands-on activity. Congratulations to the winning teams in each class.

Yvonne Crowley
Science Teacher

Gold Coast Science Competition

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there will be no College Science night this year.

Griffith University is still running the Gold Coast Science competition. Therefore, we are offering students in Year 7-10 the opportunity to enter projects into this competition. Mrs Steele and Mrs Baker will run some lunchtime sessions to support you with your entry, but the majority of your entry would be completed at home. Below is a reminder of the categories and important dates. 

Please let us know by the end of week 1 term 3 (the latest) if you would like for us to register you. If you would like any more information please come and see us in G105 (my office) or email either or Winners of this competition will have the opportunity to go onto the STAQ science competition also.

  • Scientific Investigations
  • Engineering and Technology Projects
  • Classified Collections
  • Communicating Science
  • Environmental Action Project
  • Mission to the Lunar South Pole (Year 7-10 only)
Competition Details

When: 7 - 10 September 2020
Where: Queensland Academies-Health Sciences campus (QAHS) 102 Edmund Rice Drive, Southport, QLD, 4125
Judging: 4:00pm-7:00pm Monday 7 September

Kristina Baker & Trena Steele
Head of Science and Science Coordinator

The Arts

Dance - The Farm Workshop

Year 11/12 Dance students’ workshop with The Farm was eye-opening and motivating. 

Improvisation in non-traditional performance spaces allowed students to explore how built or natural environments can affect the communication of meaning. As the Gold Coast’s only professional dance company, The Farm specialises in site-specific and site-responsive work. 

Some of the insights from students were:

It taught me that you should feel the movements through your body rather than seeing them in the mirror.

I found it difficult to get out of my comfort zone, but Kate and Gavin were very supportive and inspired us through their creative style of art.

I learnt that your location and surrounds affect the way you dance and can add to the overall result of a dance.

I’m going to use the idea of how the space can complement your choreography and how you can create movements from the objects around you.

Our students are so lucky to have a world-renowned company like The Farm just down the road, to impart such valuable learnings which assist in the development of their choreographic projects.

Extension Dance Auditions

Thank you to Jamey Reihana and Shonelle Leis for helping with the first round of the 2021/22 Extension Dance auditions last Sunday. Each year, Senior Dance assistants volunteer their time to help the Year 5 and 6 students in this warm introduction to Marymount College.

Jamey and Shonelle fondly remember their own auditions for the program many years ago and both reflected on how they have enjoyed being part of the dance teams (both Extension and core) over the past six years.

The biannual auditions are designed for students who already have experience in dance and who are studying at least 2 classes per week at a dance studio. Students are taken through a series of corner work exercises before learning a short jazz routine and it is very helpful to have our senior students to guide each group through the choreography.

Congratulations to all of the dancers last weekend and the final audition for prospective students is 13 September 2020.

Shona Press
Dance Coordinator

Year 7 Visual Art

Students in Year 7 Art have enjoyed finishing their clay birds and working on colour wheels.

Jo Nairn
Art Teacher

Vocational Education & Careers

TAFE 2021 Direct Entry Program

TAFE Queensland offers practical diploma courses, commencing Semester 1, 2021.  The Direct Entry program is designed to acknowledge Gold Coast students’ commitment to their high school vocational studies and provide the opportunity to secure an early placement prior to graduation. A diploma-level qualification enables individuals to undertake advanced skilled or paraprofessional work or pathway to further study (in most cases articulating into university degree entry). 
  • TAFE representatives will present to Year 12 Non-ATAR students (and any other students interested) Thursday 23 July during Period 2 in the Theatrette regarding this program and the application process. 
  • Applications are currently open and close on Friday 14 August. Visit the TAFE website for scholarship information. Student support is available from the Careers Centre.  
 Year 11 & 12 Defence Force Recruiting Sessions

In Person Information Session:
  • 12:30pm Wednesday 5 August:  Year 11 & Year 12 students in senior lunch area 
Virtual information sessions:
  • 12:00pm Monday 29 June: Defence Careers Information Session
  • 4:00pm Tuesday 30 June:  Army Officer Information Session    
  • 12:00pm Wednesday 1 July:  Army Reserve Information Session
  • 12:00pm Friday 3 July: Defence Careers Information Session
Visit or visit the Marymount College Careers Centre for further details.
Griffith University Integrity 2020 Schools Program

A series of talks, conversations and interactive Q&A are offered to students considering study in business and economics, humanities and social sciences, information and communications or technologies and sciences, as well as anyone who enjoys thought-provoking conversation on issues that concern us all.  The presentation will be held online on 9:30am-12:45pmThursday 22 October.  Further details or email
Bond University 2021 Guaranteed Offer

Bond University is assessing Year 12 student applications now for guaranteed 2021 entry (conditional on the completion of Year 12).  Applications will be assessed based on first semester Year 12 results and meeting subject pre-requisites. Complete the online application form
Australian Catholic University Guarantee Program

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is allowing 2020 Year 12 students to gain entry into ACU based on their Year 11 results.  Applications open in August for 2021 applications, and the program will see offers as early as September (conditional on the completion of Year 12). Visit: for further details and to apply.

Southern Cross University Updates
  • Applications are now open for Southern Cross University’s STAR Early Offer program.
    STAR Early Offer allows Year 12 students to secure their place in a Southern Cross University degree before Year 12 results are released. It is designed to remove some of the pressure from Year 12 and give students a direct pathway into university study not based solely on your ATAR or Year 12 results (ATAR and non-ATAR Students eligible to apply).  Visit for further details.
  • Applications for Head-Start are now open
    Year 10 or 11 students can apply now to commence in March 2021.  By successfully completing the Head-Start program, students gain direct entry into a variety of courses at SCU. The program is completely free, saving students upwards of $1000 in tuition fees.  For more information and to apply, visit
Aussie Wildlife Course – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Introduction To Wildlife course offers the opportunity to enjoy and learn about Australia’s unique native birds, mammals and reptiles in a hands-on and interactive environment.  The course is designed for people looking to gain more information or find their pathway to work with animals.  Courses are offered in July and October at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Further Information

Responsible Service of Alcohol – Virtual Online Classroom

Gain your RSA simply by enrolling in the Virtual Online Class:
6:00pm-8:00pm Thursday 25 June 2020
Price: $50.00
For further details and to register, visit: or email:

Basair Aviation College – Career in Aviation Webinar

If you are interested in a career in aviation, this webinar might be for you. The informative and interactive night will take you through everything you need to know about becoming a Commercial Pilot.  Register now. 
Australian Cyber Security Centre
  • Over the past eight years, ASD has run a work experience program for high-performing Year 11 and 12 students who are interested in further studies in STEM-related fields. Students will see what it’s like to solve a cybersecurity incident and learn about the tools and techniques required to solve these problems whilst gaining exposure to other areas of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Canberra.  Applications are now open.  
  • The ASP Apprenticeship program provides students who are currently completing their Year 12 certificate and would like to consider alternative options to university. This program offers the flexibility to work in a variety of areas such as application development, programming, systems testing, interactive media, graphic design, cybersecurity plus many more.  Further Information/Applications or see the Marymount College Careers Centre.
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities

Heads of Year

Year 12

A tumultuous term comes to a close and with it the chance to reflect on the past 10 weeks.

For our Year 12s, it began at home attending classes in pyjamas and eating toast, included a day at school in their pyjamas, but not eating toast, and finishes with the promise of two weeks where, should they choose to, they can again live in their pyjamas and eat toast. The absurdity of that sentence is that it is entirely accurate, but it almost encompasses the year that they have had thus far. It’s safe to say that 2020 has challenged the seniors’ resolve to levels we never imagined, but through the excitement, anticipation, uncertainty and confusion, we are pleased to say they have emerged stronger, more resilient young men and women who are able to express gratitude for things previously taken for granted. At the end of last term, we pondered when they would be able to be back together again at school, so to finish this term with them here on campus is something we, as the Heads of Year, are grateful for.

We applaud the Year 12s for leading the way once they returned to school with their attitude and conduct. They have knuckled down and ‘got on with the job’ of being a student, no mean feat with the plethora of distractions and interruptions they have faced. In addition, they have provided ways for the Marymount Community to connect through the Have a Heart Day celebration, the introduction of the Quarantine Cup, and through visits by the student leaders to the various Year levels to just check-in and say hi.

These holidays provide a welcome and much-needed chance to relax, refresh, and recharge the batteries. We wish our senior students and their families a happy and safe holiday period.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Reflections from our student leaders on the Term that was.

Captains – Sophie Roiter and Harrison Dean
While recent times have been filled with uncertainty and challenges, as College Captains, we are extremely grateful to be back at school and finishing the term with a return to the new ‘normal’. As seniors, these circumstances have been our biggest lesson in overcoming adversity that we have had to face so far. They have reinforced for us the notion that when one door closes in life, it brings with it many new opportunities for self-growth and improvement. However, we must remain optimistic for the rest of the year that lies ahead. Although so far, it has not lived up to our expectations, it is important for us not to get bogged down on what the year could have been and instead focus on what it can be! 
We call on our peers to use these holidays as a time to reflect on their goals and keep sight of their ‘truth north’, ready to hit the ground running next term.

Vice Captains – Halle Geyer and Thomas Browne
Term 2 was one filled with many highs and lows for us as well as the rest of the school. As the Vice-Captains of the College, we made it our goal to drive both our Year level and the rest of the school to act with kindness, understanding and compassion over such a testing time. This task would have been impossible if it wasn’t for the wonderful support of the STAC team. Will Ross and Isabella Dean (Year 11), Nicholas Ranson and Charlotte Threlfall (Year 10), Lachlan Lake and Luana Taylor (Year 9), Cooper Ryan and Indiana Locke (Year 8), and our new year 7 STAC’s Poppy Lean and Cooper Sankey. Together as a team, we have achieved some very positive things throughout the College and aim to continue this further for the rest of the year. We are eager to make Term 3 memorable for all, targeting inclusivity at all Year levels to further develop the sense of community. This is Marymount, where the sense of belonging has and always will, remain strong.

Academic Captains – Carly Griffith and Pierce Greffe
This year ‘Mako Mathletes’ commenced in Term 1—with a phenomenal turn out—providing assistance to Year 11 and 12 students for their ATAR Maths exams. The number of students who attended was astonishing, displaying the true spirit for academia within the Marymount community. Given the circumstances of COVID-19, we are extremely privileged and grateful to announce that Mako Mathletes will continue next term, allowing for us to all smash out our exams! On another note Peer Tutoring will be continuing in Term 3 as well, where we will provide assistance for the junior students in any of their studies - English, Maths - to be held in K201 during Monday lunchtimes. As the Academic Captains of the College, we promise to continue introducing and encouraging academic extra-curriculars. Don’t forget to stay passionate for learning and be curious!

Spiritual Captain – Emily Crilly
The term has been a rollercoaster of emotions! With most students beginning with Microsoft Teams and on-line learning, it has been rewarding to conclude Term 2 physically in a classroom with my peers. A difficulty along the way has been how to communicate with fellow students on a cohort and whole school basis; how do we gather to share a message without physically gathering? As they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Even though there are so many limitations, Harrie and I, along with the rest of the leadership team, are aspiring to find new ways to celebrate as a school community during these times. We hope Term 3 brings less of an emotional rollercoaster and more opportunities for the College community to feel connected.

Cultural Captains – Jennaye McLinktock and Seamus Harrison
“Though recent events have meant the cancellations of so many cultural activities at the school Seamus and I are not disheartened. These trying times have meant the Marymount College students have been able to express themselves in many different ways enhancing the cultural atmosphere of the College. We have seen many students showcase their talents in the Quarantine Cup Competition each week and we’re so pleased to see all students continuing the annual tradition of wearing red and pink to support Rosies on “Have a Heart Day!”
Sports Captains – Corbin Zahn and Ellie Beer
The term was full of surprises. All students and staff had to adapt to many changes, in and out of the classroom, so as the Sport Captains, we have worked with the other College leaders to help uphold the strong morale and spirit that Marymount has always been so proud to display. We found a way to maintain House rivalry through the Quarantine Cup, where students would send in video submissions of anything from special talents to homemade trick shots. There was massive success in this on-line competition, and the creativity and talent that Marymount had to offer was fantastic. However, although we are back at school, we still have a while to go until daily life returns to complete normality. We remind everyone to of course stay safe and be sensible whilst at the same time, we urge you to take every opportunity to stay active and healthy. We are very excited to begin a new term with everyone, and we wish the best of luck, to all of the staff, students, and families in Marymount’s wonderful community.
Allambee House Captain - Cameron Saliba and Ariann Kirwan
Even without the annual Athletics Carnival, Allambee has acted strongly to compete with the other Houses in climbing the inter-house leader board. Through the Quarantine Cup which has been running this past term it has been incredible seeing everyone’s special talents, and skills outside of just the field, and we cannot wait to see what more Allambee and all students for that matter have to showcase throughout the rest of the year. We still have plenty of the year ahead of us and look forward to all that’s yet to come!

Bullimah Captains – Gabriel Sobczyk and Jamey Reihana
This term has been a memorable one for us as we adapted to the circumstances Corona has given us; we have tried our best to overcome each and every obstacle in our way. We were determined to maintain the school spirit in this time of need. We did this by leading by example  - participating in the Quarantine Cup and Have a Heart day. Our ultimate goal as captains was to try and spread positivity and keep up the Bulimah spirit. Have a Heart Day was an engaging way to do so. Although the circumstances restricted the overall event, we tried our best to keep the morale of the day alive. We did this by dressing up and having events such as the heart decorating competition, ultimately judged by Mr. Browne. All the Pastoral classes participated in the event and it helped create spirit and healthy competition throughout the school. We believe it is in times like these that we should come together the most to keep everyone’s head up and schoolwork and other interests on track.

Katandra House Captains – Sefo Lo Tam and Lily Sela
It is no secret that recent events have greatly limited the House Captains' vision to strengthen the College's House Spirit; whilst the Swimming Carnival was successful, Term 2’s many cultural and sporting opportunities have challenged the school's theme Find Your True North. To combat this, the leadership team have utilised technology to make videos assisting with inspiring and encouraging College activities. As we reached out into our school community during the lead up to Have a Heart Day in a diverse way—bringing all individuals together during this challenging time—an overwhelming response of unity emerged throughout the College. This truly reflects the compassion and resilience embedded within Marymount, and in saying this, we are grateful for being a part of this experience. Moving forward as the Katandra House Captains, we aspire to drive school spirit and positivity within all aspects of the College while connecting and supporting our assigned Year levels to the best of our ability. 
Patanga House Captains – Lensa Lo Tam and Ashleigh Allred
The importance of 2020's theme Find Your True North has never been more important. As Captains of Patanga, we have been fortunate to connect with the school—particularly the Year 7 cohort—and build relationships this term. Collectively, we have endeavoured to strengthen school spirit through events such as 'Have a Heart Day', as we stand together through and beyond Term 2. We hope to grow our relationships in the coming term so that we may help each other realise our "true north" and get through these challenging times as a team and stronger than ever!

Year 10

As we draw to a close for Semester 1, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all Year 10 students and their teachers for their hard work and dedication during our period of Isolation and upon return to school to finalise assessment. It has been wonderful to see the students spending time together at school, building friendships and having fun with others.
Last week we completed our first STAC cup activity which was a PC teacher Trivia quiz. Classes had to match the hobbies/interesting facts of their PC teachers to win a prize. The two winning classes were: 10PI and 10KG.
Wednesday of our final week for Term 2 we announced the anticipated PC cup to 10PI. They enjoyed a well-deserved pizza party to share in the Year 10 area at lunchtime. This class had the lowest levels for RTC referrals, lates to school, uniform detentions and phone confiscations. They also participated well in Year group activities and received many merit awards for excellent dedication to their subject areas. Well done! We look forward to Term 3 and using this competition to foster good values and habits within the cohort.
Points were:
1st 10PI = 65 5th 10AA = 50
2nd 10PJ = 59 6th 10BE = 45
3rd 10KG = 56 7th 10AB = 42
4th 10KH = 54 8th 10BD = 40

Term 3 2020
Just a reminder that the start of Term 3 we will be very busy organizing SET Plans and Subject Selection. We would suggest that parents and students discuss the information available. The more you discuss different pathways and subjects available, the better students will be to make good choices. This can be a time of high anxiety for some students and your knowledge and guidance is extremely valuable to them.
We hope everyone enjoys and has a restful holiday break.

Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9

With the term coming to a close, we would like to congratulate the Year 9s on how they have settled back into school life after remote learning. The students seem happy to be back at school and many are working really hard across all subject areas.

Pastoral Cup

For the past three weeks, Year 9 have been involved in the Pastoral Cup. With the arrival of the Coronavirus, we had to rethink the way we ran the pastoral cup as we could not meet together with the whole year level. It was decided to run the Cup while the students remained in their pastoral classrooms, while still competing against the other classes.

Round 1 was a quiz where each class answered questions and then 1 runner from each class would drop their answers to Mr Geyer and Mrs Browne and receive the questions for the next round. Not only did you have to get the questions right, but you had to try to be the fastest. The results are:
1st 9BE (Ms Saliba) 5th 9AA
2nd 9PI (Mr Cousins) 6th 9KH
3rd 9PJ (Ms Hazel) 7th 9AB
4th 9BD 8th 9KG

Round 2 was a scavenger hunt where each class started with clue 1 and they had to work out the answer and send 1 runner to the spot where they would find the next clue. There were 9 clues and the final clue sent the students to the year 9 office where first place won a box of individually wrapped brownies. The students had so much fun and it was great hearing the excitement coming from the year 9 block. The results are:
1st 9BE (Ms Saliba) 5th 9KG
2nd 9KH (Ms Young) 6th 9AA
3rd 9PI (Mr Cousins) 7th 9AB
4th 9PJ 8th 9BD

Round 3 is a funny photo/caption competition that will take place this Thursday. We hope the students enjoy this round as much as they have the last two rounds. The final points will be added up and the overall winners of the pastoral cup will be announced early next term.
We wish all Year 9s and their families a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you back next term.

Nicky Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8

Thank you

Peter and I wanted to send out a huge thank you to all the Year 8 students and their families for the shortest longest term we have ever experienced. Whatever challenge was thrown at you from COVID restrictions to online learning, to wearing your sports uniform on different days or spacing out in the tuckshop line you gave it your all. We are stronger, tougher and more resilient from this experience and we will continue to grow in Semester 2. Please rest, rejuvenate and enjoy your holiday break, ready to hit the ground running in Term 3. 

STEM Challenge Champions

The Week 9 Pastoral Care Challenge was based around which class could design and create the strongest and tallest structures from a particular set of materials. Congratulations to Ms Tia King’s class for winning the Tallest Structure and Mr Mike Nesdale/Ms Colleen Organ’s class for winning the Strongest Structure Competition. Both classes will receive their prizes on Thursday at the final week of Pastoral Cup Challenge, which will be Ball Games. Let the games begin!

Congratulations to Cooper Bai

Year 8 students have been receiving merit awards for outstanding effort in class, commitment to online learning and also being a role mole models to other students. Cooper Bai this week received a $6.00 tuckshop award, as he reached five Merit Certificates this Semester, Well done Cooper! Let’s see how many other fantastic Year 8 students can win some tuckshop vouches. 

Peter Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8


Boys Open Rugby League training is back on!


Message from Queensland School Sport 

We are excited to have the opportunity to re-engage students in sport and view it as an important component in their health and wellbeing as we emerge from a period of COVID-19 restrictions.  

A selection of state championships for all age divisions has been rescheduled for 2020, beginning in September of Term 3. The interim schedule of QSS state championships and additional information is available on the QSS website. 

The six months remaining in the year has required Queensland School Sport to carefully evaluate, in line with the Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions – A step-down approach, which state championships could continue and those that we would be unable to progress. A number of factors, in addition to limited time available, were considered including student safety and wellbeing, event logistics and sport-specific requirements. The revised schedule of QSS state championships provides representative school sport opportunities to a large number of students across a diverse range of sports, while operating safely within the COVID-19 restrictions. 

This is an unprecedented situation and the Department of Education is grateful for the understanding of our school communities as we work to support our students.  We understand that it is disappointing for students and families not to be able to engage in the full array of state championships usually available, and we have worked hard to provide as many opportunities for students across the state to still participate.  Your eagerness and excitement in sport is something we share, and we hope you will support our school communities, students and staff during the coming months.


With Queensland School Sport has approving some sports to hold State Championships in 2020, there will be some District and/or Regional trials coming up next term. Please read below carefully to ensure you are prepared for nominations in your sport. 

Students wishing to nominate in any of the sports listed MUST see Mr Balym in his office either before school or during pastoral group to register and collect forms. Those forms need to be taken home, signed and returned by the due date. If the forms aren’t returned by the due date then you won’t be nominated to attend the trial. 
The following sports have forms ready for collection: 
  • 13-19yr Boys & Girls Surfing – Nominations due 15 July
  • 10-12yr Boys Cricket – Nominations due 17 July
  • 13-19yr Boys & Girls Hockey – Nominations due 17th July - if you nominated in term 1 you NEED TO RENOMINATE NOW
  • 10-12yr Girls Cricket - Nominations due 24 July
  • 13-15yr Girls Cricket - Nominations due 24 July
  • 10-12yr Boys & Girls Hockey - Nominations due 24 July
  • 10-12yr Girls Softball - Nominations due 24 July
The following sports will be held, but there are no forms ready yet. Stay tuned for when the forms are available: 
  • 13-15yr Girls Basketball 
  • 13-15yr Boys Basketball 
  • 13-15yr Boys Cricket 
  • Aquathon 
  • Triathlon
No other sports will have District, Regional or State events in 2020 – this includes Cross Country and Track & Field. 

We will endeavour to hold our College Cross Country and Track & Field Carnivals this year.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Netball News

2020 has been a tough year for the netball girls as there training was cancelled in Term 1 and then they received news that the QISSN carnival this year was cancelled.

For the five Year 12 girls this was really sad news as they would not get to compete in another QISSN carnival. However, this week we received the news that the Vicki Wilson Carnival is going ahead on the long weekend of 3-5 October. The girls in the squad have been invited to start training again over the holidays in preparation for the event. At the moment training will be in the afternoon's next term, however, if restrictions are lifted, we should be able to train in the mornings.

As a thank you to the girls for their hard work at the beginning of the year the school provided each girl with a hoodie. We hope that this will be a special reminder that they made the QISSN squad of 2020.

Congratulations to the following girls: Halle Geyer, Montana Dare, Bridie Edgar, Bailey Miles, Holly Vowles, Mackenzie Lenihan, Ellen McCooke, Keely Swaddling, Zoe Riddell, Demi Lockett, Charlie Ricketts, Kophie Woolf, Mia Britton, Olivia Cogo, Jade Murphy, Matilda Busby, and Samantha Jennings. 

We will see you at training over the holidays or – if you are away - early next term.

Nicky Browne
Netball Coach
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