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Friday 20 September 2019 
Marymount College Principal's Tours Tuesday 15 October. 
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Fete & Fete Art Union

I encourage all families, students and staff to support the Combined Schools’ Fete. The Committee’s plans are well advanced. Adrienne Cannard and Melissa Hickling have set the foundation. With Leigh Sullivan joining the Fete Committee Leadership, Stall Convenors and the College and Primary School will ensure another successful community fete, with rides, raffles and a rich variety of stalls, food and entertainment.

Before the Fete, do buy Art Union tickets. $20 buys 5 tickets in the draw for cash, travel vouchers and electrical goods. Your purchase of tickets guarantees the Fete will be a successful fundraising event.  You could win $6,000 cash, $2,500 in travel vouchers and $1,500 in electrical goods.  Buy your tickets before the Fete at

Your attendance on the day guarantees a great community day.  All who attend the Marymount Schools appreciate why we teach and care for their children the way we do. The Fete becomes a celebration of this support.  Rain or shine, come and buy morning tea or lunch or afternoon tea. Visit some stalls and spend $20 to thank the Stall Convenors and their volunteers. The wonderful Fete Sponsorship our Fete Convenors have obtained will drive every dollar you spend into a successful bottom line for the Parents and Friends Association. Mark your calendar and come along on Saturday 19 October and support your Parents & Friends efforts to support our two Marymount Schools. Without you and your family’s attendance, our efforts to celebrate our community are diminished. We need you to make our Fete a success.

School Improvement Progress Report
Writing Analysis Task Goals

As term 3 ends we report broad success with our School Improvement Goals for 2019.  Students across Years 7 to 10 are ‘on track’ to meet the percentage goal of students to achieve the benchmark of at least 20/24 for the Writing Analysis Task.
YEAR 7 8 9 10
GOAL 90% 90% 93% 93%
NOW 88.3% 87% 95% 91.3%
Teachers will focus on working with students yet to achieve 20/24 for a Writing Analysis Task as we commence Term 4.

Attendance Goals

Unfortunately, we are a long way off with progress towards the SMART Goal of 90% of students attending school 90% of the time. The current outcome is just 64.0% of students attending school 90% of the time.  The improvement from 61.7% in 2018 to 64% in 2019 is not good enough when compared to the BCE Attendance rate of 75.4% of students attending school 90% of the time. We will communicate each child’s attendance rate to families as Term 4 begins.
School Fees Attendance Rate Value Obtained Value Lost
$6000 100% $6000 Nil
$6000 99% $5940 $60
$6000 89% $5340 $660
$6000 79% $4740 $1260
$6000 75.4% $4540 $1476
$6000 69% $4140 $1860
$6000 64% $3840 $2160
I know that on some school days more is achieved than on other days. Yet learning is about everything. Attendance has to be learned, just as literacy and numeracy has to be learned. Being a person who passes the ‘ten-second test’ that results in being immediately liked by a job interview panel has to be learned. Being ‘comfortable in our own skin’ has to be learned by turning up for regular classes, Marymount Day or the last day of term. It’s ridiculous that students pick and choose what are the important school days; that parents allow students to pick and choose; that at 64% attendance parents pay $6000 for just $3840 of educational value.

Get value for your money by not accepting poor chronic non-attendance for your child. We do not accept our student’s value judgements about school attendance. Neither should parents!

Our view is that:
Chronic Non-Attendance below 90%
Regular Attendance above 90%- below 95%
Aspirational Attendance 95% and above
Master Plan 2019-2024 Progress

With a further meeting of the College Community Master Planning Committee scheduled for Friday 11 October 1:30-3:00pm, we are ‘on track’ to complete Master Planning for the next building phase by December this year.  Master Plans aim to ensure a particular development project, such as a new building, fits in with the long-term needs of a school. The Architect, Peter Dawson of Architectus, is working from our School in Community Report 2019-2024, to plan for projects in 2021 and 2022 to meet immediate needs. At the same time, he is consulting to ensure these plans will fit with College needs in 2025-2030. The Community Committee providing advice to the architect includes Padre Morgan Batt, Chair of the Marymount Schools Advisory Council Mr Matt Kennedy, Deputy Mr Geoff Browne, staff member Mrs Kylie Mathers, P&F President Ms Grace McLintock and others with a great understanding and regard for what the College is about.

Response to Workplace Health & Safety Audit 2018 Progress

This Audit identified many gaps in our Health & Safety Procedures and Practices. It was quite confronting because we had not experienced any significant incidents, yet we recognised the concerns Auditor Penny Behan, from Secure Partners raised in her report. Now, 18 months after the report we are ‘on track’ having addressed the major concerns and have systems in place to ensure processes and practices achieve the high standards necessary in a school workplace. Mrs Margaret Homman was engaged as a consultant to assist in our response to the audit and this semester is gradually moving responsibility to Senior and Middle Leadership. That is, to the Principal, Deputy principal, Assistant Principal, Heads of Department and Heads of Year.

We will work systematically over the next three years to embed the processes and practices necessary to ensure the school continues to be a safe place for students, the staff who work here and for visitors, parents and contractors who are part of our community.

October Recess

I trust that Marymount College children have learnt enough to understand that their break from school is not necessarily a break for their parents/caregivers. You may need to remind them to be considerate of your needs as a busy, working adult who comes home each night to care for them.
I trust you and your family enjoy this October recess.

Chris Noonan
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Ticket Sellers' $50 Voucher Prizes

Enter your child's PC Class and Name in the field provided to enter the incentive prize draw of $50 Robina Town Centre Gift Voucher. One entry for every 5 tickets purchased. Student must be in attendance to collect this prize or we will redraw for the prize winner. Finishes Week 10.


Calendar Dates

Week 01



Queen's Birthday Public Holiday


First Day Term 4
6:00pm P&F Meeting




Whole School Assembly
1:15pm QCS Student Coaching
1:20pm Recreational Sport

FRIDAY 11/10


Week 02

MONDAY 14/10


College Tours


12:00pm AGCC Presentation (Lords)
6:00pm Year 7 2020 Information Evening


1:15pm QCS Student Career Coaching
1:20pm Recreational Sports

FRIDAY 18/10

Year 11 RYDA Day


11:00am-5:00pm Marymount Spring Fete


BCE Connect App is the preferred method to notify the College of student absence.

You can add events straight into the calendar on your device, check reports, student timetables, and keep up to date with College news.

Once you download the App, search Marymount College and make a favourite. 

Download BCE Connect App Now.

Please Note: Absences of 3 days or more should be requested in writing by a parent, and addressed to the Principal two weeks in advance.

Religious Life of the College

In one of his first Apostolic speeches, Pope Francis reminded us that, in virtue of their baptism, all members of the People of God have become missionary disciples, that each person should find ways to communicate Jesus wherever we are.  

During the final Mass of Panama World Youth Day 2019, he described the danger of living in “ a kind of waiting room, sitting around until we are called .”  Young people and adults  risk thinking “ your now has not yet come, that you are too young to be involved in dreaming about working for the future .”  We have to encourage dreaming of and working for tomorrow, starting today....not tomorrow but now. “We may possess everything, but if we lack the passion of love, we will have nothing.”  In response to these exhortations, Peer to Peer Ministry has emerged. 

Peer to Peer Ministry

28 of our students from Years 9 and 10  responded to the invitation to get involved  in  the program “ You are the NOW , Be a 5th Gospel.”  Following some energetic and fun training with Steph Unger (BCE)   at the beginning of this term,  they were joined by similar-minded students from St Michaels and Aquinas last week to minister to some two hundred  Year 6 students from local Catholic primary schools. And what a high energy, actioned packed day it was! With games and songs and their own youthful zest, the students created a sacred space, broke open the chosen scriptures for the day and used Art, Media and Prayer to help the younger students and themselves discover the relevance of Catholic Social Teaching in their lives right now. The day concluded with shared prayer in Mary Mother of Mercy Church. 

All students who participated are to be congratulated on their AWESOME contribution to the day and absolutely making a difference for the now and the future of all involved!

St Francis of Assisi Prints

Students visiting the library over the past week have enjoyed a colourful display of the beautiful banners which Ms Jane Greffe made for Marymount Day and the St Francis of Assisi prints. 

Year 9 Connect Mass

The Year 8 Connect Mass will be held on 20 October at 10 am. All Year 8 students,  their families and teachers are cordially invited to attend this Mass and say “hello” to some of the other members of the Burleigh Parish. Darcy Rogers, Parish Youth Minister, will visit Year 8 Assembly early next term to personally deliver the invitation. 

Dolores Maitland

Marymount Day

On Friday morning, 6th September, all the Marymount Primary and College teachers and students gathered together in a special Mass celebrating Mary’s birthday, as we do every year. We call this day Marymount day. 

After Mass, all of the students and teachers had yummy cake for morning tea. Mr Carroll, as Head of Year 11, announced the 10 girls and 10 boys selected for student leadership next year, before we headed off to our House activities. My House, Bulimah, first played Tug-of-war and then we went to the Library for a Trivia quiz. At lunchtime, we all had a sausage sizzle. In the afternoon everyone went to the Doyle Centre to watch or take part in the Talent Quest. The Talent Quest was filled with lots of wonderful performances including a funny one by the Year 12 students and a dance from the teachers. 

It was amazing to see all the students dressed up and all of the Year 12s in Harry Potter and cowboy costumes. Marymount day was a day filled with happiness, joyful laughter and fun. 

Briana Briski
Year 11 Insider

Social Justice News

Interact Club

The focus of Interact members this term was to support St Vincent de Paul.

This is the charity our College aids during Term 3. A most successful bake sale was held, contributing to the donation of food items from Pastoral classes. These events members with hands-on involvement – actually baking or going out to purchase items and selling them. 
A visit to Ozanam Villa at the end of Seniors’ Week gave Interact members the opportunity to spend quality time with the elderly; chatting and entertaining the group was a highlight of their week. We remind ourselves of the importance of caring for others. Thank you to all our student Interactors and mentors for your generosity of time and effort.

Congratulations to our Board for 2020.

An official acknowledgement will take place early next term at a school assembly.
The successful candidates are: 
President: Seamus Harrison (11)
Vice President: Harrison Dean (11)
Treasurer: Jared Crowley (10)
Secretary: Tom Isaacs (8)
International and National Director: Kael Shepheard (11)
Social Director: Halle Wiblen (8)
Local Director: Ruby Allen (7)
Junior Director: Josie Hamilton (7)

2019 Board members’ contribution this year has been enormous with a constant flow of fundraising and donations. A special Club meeting will be convened next term to show our appreciation. 

Thank you to all our Board and Club members for your tremendous enthusiasm and passion shown during this term. There is no doubt you have made our College and wider community a better place due to your involvement.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday break!

Kanae Aki, Yvonne Crowley, Belinda Faulks, Kara Mallory, Tim Rowe &  Irene Scott
Marymount Interact Club Mentors

Year 11 News

Year 11 Update

Student leadership

Thank you to all our talented students who nominated to be part of the Leadership team of 2020. We were inspired by your humbling yet rousing speeches, seeking our acknowledgement and understanding of your potential leadership qualities. 

Congratulations to those Year 11 nominees who were successful in being elected to our team of school leaders for next year:

Ashleigh Allred, Emily Crilly, Ariann Kirwan, Jennaye McLintock, Jamey Reihana, and Lily Sella. Lensa Lo Tam, Sefo Lo Tam, Cameron Saliba, Gabriel Sobczyk, Harrie Van Den Broek and Corbin Zahn.
Additionally, eight candidates: Ellie Beer, Halle Geyer, Carly Griffith, Sophie Roiter, Tom Browne, Harrison Dean, Pierce Greffe and Seamus Harrison will now prepare to address the school assembly early in Term 4.

Each student will be considered for the positions of School Captain and Vice-Captain. This will be followed by interviews with members of Administration and the Head and Assistant Head of Year 11.
We wish our aspirants every success in this process.

Marymount Day

The vibrancy of Marymount Day was felt throughout the College. Year 11 students keenly participated and assisted with activities throughout the day. A vital contribution from all Pastoral classes was the goods collected and donated to St Vincent de Paul and we thank our students for their generosity. 

Growing maturity

Students have been conscientious in striving to maintain effective time management during the latter half of the term. Over the past two weeks, they have sought support lessons organised during lunchtimes. They have shown a sense of growing maturity in their application and attitude sitting exams and attending classes. We hope their effort is reflected in the results they achieve.


Next term will see the commencement of Unit 3; this will begin the summative work which will count towards ATAR. We encourage all students to take a break during these holidays and enjoy some relaxation time. Relieving the stress and anxiety felt during a busy study schedule means that we can all come back refreshed, ready to tackle Term 4 challenges!

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 News

Week 10 of Term 3 is here. Our students have been working hard finalising assessment and completing their major exams over the last couple of weeks and are ready for a relaxing break.

We have had some excellent achievements in Year 10, with many students presented with Merit Awards at our Assemblies. Special mention for this week goes to Tad Rasmussen for receiving the ‘Spirit of Marymount’ award for providing care and medical assistance to another student in need. 

Our PC and STAC members in Year 10 have been extremely successful this year. I would like to give thanks for their commitment and welcome our newest members, who have been chosen to take on this role of responsibility.

A challenge set to students this week is to show Gratitude – which is linked to our PC goal for Term 3 of improving student involvement in the Marymount community. Being grateful means showing appreciation and returning kindness to those in our lives. 

I wish all students in Year 10 and their families a happy and safe holiday break.

Belinda Faulks & Chris Sikora
Head  & Assistant Head of Year 10 (acting)

Year 7 News

Year 7 Personal Development Day

Students in Year 7 received a Cyber Safety Talk from Snr Constable Joe Dunlop and Snr Constable Steve Baxter, learnt strategies for managing stress and anxiety from School Counsellors, Dr Angela Jeffrey and Mrs Heather Clark, wrote a letter to their future self, and enjoyed a year level BBQ.

Business News

Year 9 Tommerups Dairy Farm

As Economics and Business is an elective, I chose it in Year 8 for a semester and I found it very interesting.  So I decided to do it again in Year 9!  

On Friday in Week 6, the two Business classes combined and went on an excursion to Tommerups Dairy Farm. At that farm we saw the cows and were brought through the process of milking; we smashed pumpkins and fed it to the pigs;  we held chickens, fed goats and Charlie Greedy and I tried our best to get the baby goat to come over to us.  As soon as we did, the bigger goats came along and bombarded the baby one out of the way! 
The funniest part of the day for me was when the pigman, Dave, fed the pigs with water and the pigs went manic.  The final enjoyable thing we did at the farm was that some of us were able to hold the puppies.

Grace Ivens 
Year 9 Insider

Year 8 BuySmart

The year 8 students have entered their BuySmart competition entries to the Department of Fair Trading. There is an array of works, including podcasts, TikToks, websites, Scrapbooks, short stories, videos, posters and board games. The students have worked so hard to achieve this and we wish them all the best for the competition. Here is the link to a podcast, live on Spotify produced by Porsha Cush, Hayley Goldsworthy and Mollie Irish.

Simon Rezo
Business Coordinator (acting)

Digital Technologies News

Bionic Arms

Last week our 9 and 10 Digital Technologies classes visited QUT to construct and experiment with bionic arms. Once we reviewed the historical and current-day applications of prosthetics, the problem of how to improve them was presented to the group.
Similar to what would be known as “Meccano” to those who grew up in the ’70s, the arm could be made from differing lengths of metal rods.  The length of these rods determined the torque which could be generated by the motors to lift weights.
The enormous interactive wall at QUT called the ‘cube’ gave the students to interact with a programming activity for cleaning up the environment.
QUT engineering students certainly gave us an interesting insight into their courses and the STEM applications of their study.

Kylie Mathers
Head of ICT

Rocket Science

8 Digital Technologies students had an interesting visit to QUT in Brisbane last week, working with a rocket launching simulator as a STEM activity.

By changing the thrust, adjusting the fuel load and launching their rockets, data was gathered on altitude reached and they became aware of the importance of physics in aeronautical engineering.

The enormous interactive wall at QUT called the ‘cube’ gave the students to interact with outer space and the underwater reef environment, followed by lunch like a university student.

Our thanks to Mr Carroll for assisting with our excursion, as well as the university engineering students for leading our students through the experiment.

Work Experience News

We wish Tara McDonald (11), Pierce Greffe (11) and Flynn McCooke (12) the best as they undertake some pretty special work experience these holidays. While the rest of us will be reading a book or spending the day in our pyjamas watching movies, these three enthusiasts will be working hard.

National Security

Flynn has secured the rare opportunity to attend the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) cybersecurity work experience program in Canberra.  While CyberAus is the official cybersecurity agency responsible for domestic security, ASD deals primarily with the international threats faced by Australia.   Last holidays Tara managed to lead the way, being one of only nine students selected from around Australia.   We wish Flynn well, and hope he can tell us something about his experiences despite the high-security requirements.  One thing certain is that there’ll be no selfies!  
Outer Space

After last holidays at Canberra’s ASD, Tara managed to secure the coveted opportunity to attend work experience at Gilmore Space these holidays.

Aerospace is a growing field in the commercial sector, which Gilmore Space is expanding into.   Hoping that Tara will be able to share some photos with us this time, unlike the security lock-down on images at ASD.   Wishing her well and congratulations on expanding your horizons, Tara.


Pierce has been granted the opportunity to work with professors and university students at QUT over five days.  Students are granted accommodation in Brisbane while they work on really interesting projects including:

•    I Know What You Streamed Next Summer
•    Esports Video Game Development
•    Helping Hearts Live Healthier
•    Engineering Design:  The Pressure Test
•    Breaking Bones
•    Mars 2020 Rover Mission
•    Waste Free World from Monstrous Hybrids

Looking forward to seeing the presentation of his research, on the last Friday of the holidays.

Kylie Mathers
Head of ICT

Careers & Vocational Education


Following the success of the recent non-QCS Free Career Coaching sessions provided by TAFE QLD and Busy at Work, we are excited to announce that on Thursday of Week 2 Term 4, 17 October, we have secured the services of staff from Southern Cross University, Griffith University, Bond University, QUT, University of Queensland, TAFE QLD, Busy at Work (apprenticeship/traineeship agency) and the Australian Defence Force who will provide FREE 1-on-1 Career Coaching Sessions to our Marymount Senior Students.
Parents are most welcome to attend these 20minute sessions with their son/daughter, which are available between 12.20-3pm.  The purpose of the individualised interviews is for the Coach to check prerequisites, discuss student interests/plans for the future and suggest possible pathways post 2019. An opportunity to ask questions will also be included.
This is an excellent opportunity which should be taken up by ALL university bound students as well as those considering a TAFE or Defence journey. Students/parents who have questions regarding the apprenticeship/traineeship process should make an interview with Busy at Work.
Interview times, which are limited, for Year 12 Career Coaching sessions can be booked through the College Careers Centre staff from today, Friday 6th September. Please phone or email Terri Webster – 5586 1073 or  Students/parents can choose to meet with one or more representatives.  Once a booking has been made it is a clear expectation that the appointment will be kept.  

We rolled out our Year 10 Portfolio program earlier in the year and are pleased to report that many of our students are already utilising having their records within easy reach at school, and kept in a professional format.   Over the last few months, portfolios have been used for casual job and school traineeship applications with success.  
Students are encouraged to update their records particularly with the end of year in sight.
Our current Year 9 students can look forward establishing their Senior Schooling Portfolio early in 2020.  If you have any questions, see the Marymount College Careers Centre.

As a Year 10 student Headstart Day gives you the opportunity to speak one-on-one with experts on your final years of high school, university study options and careers of the future:
Date: Monday 21 October 2019
Time: 9.00am – 1.30pm
To register, visit

Bond are inviting Year 10, 11 and 12 to a morning to experience being an Architect at a special workshop designed by the Australian Institute of Architects:
Date/Time:  Saturday 19 October 2019 (8.30am)
Venue: Abedian School of Architecture (3b), Bond University, 14 University Drive, Robina 
To register, Click here 


School Leavers who achieve an OP 1-2/ATAR 97.5 will automatically receive a scholarship package valued up to $29,000.00 including an optional study abroad package and leadership development.  Students with an OP 6/ATAR 90 or about will be awarded a scholarship package valued up to $6,000.00.  There are no caps to the scholarships available, as long as students put USQ as their first preference on QTAC, they will receive the award. 
For further details, CLICK HERE

This short course is designed and offered to current Year 12 students and includes: Resume Writing, Interview Preparation and Career Opportunities and LinkedIn  Profiles.
Cost: $80.00
Dates: Saturday 21 September (9.00am – 12.00pm) – Coomera Saturday 26 September (6.00pm – 9.00pm) – Southport. For further details, visit


Considering a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths career?  Did you know the Navy, Army & Air Force have plenty of roles that need your STEM skills.  At the STEM pathways activities day, you will learn more about Defence opportunities.  A STEM role in the ADF will see you working with some of the world’s most advanced equipment, give you the chance to travel as well as provide nationally recognised skills:
Date: Monday 30 September 2019
Time:  9.30am – 2.00pm
Venue: Defence Force Recruiting Centre, 14 Edgewater Court, Robina  4226
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information

Sports Update

Term 3 saw the AGCC competition played on a Thursday afternoon over 7 rounds followed by semi-finals and then grand finals. Last week we had 38 teams play-off in grand finals, of those 38 teams we came away with 18 premierships.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Year 7 Boys Futsal B Division – Marymount Teal
Year 7 Mixed Netball B Division – Marymount Teal
Year 7 Boys Oztag A Division – Marymount Blue
Year 7 Girls Touch Football A Division – Marymount Sky
Year 7 Girls Touch Football B Division – Marymount White
Year 8 Girls Touch Football B Division – Marymount White
Year 8 Girls Volleyball – Marymount Sky
Year 9 Boys Oztag A Division – Marymount Blue
Year 9 Boys Oztag B Division – Marymount Navy
Year 9 Girls Volleyball – Marymount White
Year 10 Girls Volleyball A Division – Marymount Blue
Year 10 Girls Volleyball B Division – Marymount Teal
13/14yr Boys Rugby League A Division – Marymount Blue
13/14yr Boys Rugby League B Division – Marymount Navy
15/16yr Boys Rugby League – Marymount Blue
Year 11 Mixed Netball – Marymount Blue
Year 11 Boys Oztag – Marymount Navy
Senior Girls Soccer – Marymount Blue
Next term we have our term 4 recreational activities on a Thursday afternoon. Our bell times change to regular Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday times and the recreational activities will run in period 5 & 6.

All students should know what activity they are in as the lists have been emailed out to students so they can check what they are in.

Students in Surfing Lessons, SUP & Kayaking and Indoor Rock Climbing have indemnity forms to complete and return to Mr Balym before you will be allowed to participate. The forms have been emailed to students or can be collected from SAO – please ensure your child returns the forms if they are in those activities.

South Coast Team Members

Congratulations to the following students on their selection in the South Coast Track & Field team that will be competing in Cairns in October:
Ellie BEER, Catilin LYTHGO, Remi McLELLAN, Shae ROONEY, Molly SEWELL, Alexis SMYTH
Good luck girls!

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:

Trent Balym
Program Leader


Gold Sponsors

Donations Required

Preloved Clothing Stall

Clean, good condition, wearable items for the Spring Fte Preloved clothing Stall, can be dropped off on Fridays 8:00am-9:00am outside the Doyle Centre or in the tub in SAO anytime.

Can you assist our fundraising by providing items for the Cent Auction?

We are seeking gift packs, vouchers for dinners, accommodation, health & beauty products, homewares, toys, novelty items. Items can be dropped into the College or Primary office. 
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors
Friend Sponsors
 Burleigh Heads Hotel | Imperial Pacific Coaches | Travel Associates
Student Withdrawal: If a family makes a decision to withdraw a student from the College, one full term’s notice is requested in writing to the Principal of the College. If the requested notice is not given, up to one full term fees and levies may be charged in lieu of notice. Your financial commitment is an important part of the life of the College and we thank you for your support and involvement.


A series of traffic changes will occur on the M1 northbound near Exit 85 next week.
This notification provides all the details about those changes including a map. 

If you require any further information about these changes, please contact the project by phoning 1800 571 817 or email
Project Community Relations Team 
Pacific Motorway (M1) – Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes upgrade
P 1800 571 817 | E
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