Saturday 08 August 2020 

Appreciation to All 

My appreciation to Administration Officers, Rachel Campbell, Jacinta Cottrill, and Karen Harrison, and Assistant Principals, Katrina Nicholson and Peter Shaw. From the demands of reporting, organising SET Planning, producing 2020 subject selection booklets, retreat workbooks, setting up online Parent/Teacher Interviews to ensuring the presentation of Semester 1 Principal’s Awards this week, they have been across every problem to get all these things done. They are good people who don’t stop when the work is on. 

On Tuesday, teachers and parents honoured these admin staff efforts. Many teachers— English, Maths and Science teachers in particular—were booked solidly from 1:15pm to 6:00pm, for consecutive interviews. Some will have catch-up interviews/calls in the coming week. This follows teachers finalising Semester 1 marking and completing reports in Week 1 and 2 as they began Semester 2 work —which was new for all. Teachers left at 6:00pm feeling tired, yet well satisfied. That was possible because they were prepared to go online for P/T Interviews and because parents and students made sure the online interviews worked well. It was simply, people in community working together. 

It wasn’t easy for parents, with short notice of the time and arrangements for 4 August, the delayed reports and instructions, and the ‘need for speed’ to make successful bookings. We were relying on parents and you came through. 

As a result of the understanding and goodwill of so many, Semester 1 has been completed and Semester 2 is well underway. The presentation of Principal’s Awards on Thursday and Friday wasn’t the same without the parents, yet it celebrated the completion of Semester 1. It recognised all the good people—students, parents, staff—in the Marymount Community who made it possible. Finally, it was a reminder that challenges remain as we look ahead to the work to be done in Semester Two, and that, together, we will meet these challenges. 

COVID Safe Protocols

Personal care, social distancing and regard for others provide for our protection and those we encounter throughout each day. Attention to these habits had stopped COVID infections in Queensland and will continue to very significantly reduce the probability of our infection. We must consider our safety and the safety of others every day.  Whether case numbers grow or remain at this week’s very low numbers in Queensland, these protocols must be followed. We must also be prepared for Queensland Health advice for the re-introduction of restrictions, in the event that cases in Queensland increase. 

P&F Meeting Tuesday 

The Parents & Friends Association will hold just the second meeting for the year this Tuesday 6:00pm in the College Library. This will be a chance to discuss the year to date and stage 1 of the College master plan, that will proceed in 2021. President, Grace McLintock, enjoys constructive meetings that allow parents to be heard and that finish in good time. We hope you might read this and decide you would like to join us. 

Chris Noonan




Flying High

Jordie Cook—Senior 2013—passed her WINGS flight last week and is now ‘officially’ a pilot with the Royal Australian Air Force. (Yes, her mum, Jacque Cook and the family are very proud.) It’s been a long road of 3 1/2 years for a Uni Degree, then to Victoria for Officer Training with the RAAF, flying 5-6 days a week, and study all day every Sunday for the past 2 1/2 years. Stress levels for these trainees runs at a consistently high level, with the aim of accelerating their flying skills.

Six months ago, Joride had received a Unit Leadership Award as she developed her skills and capacities in the air and on the ground. The past 3 months were very taxing as Jordie approached the final challenges. She has been in WA since January, for the last part of her training, where she spent more time in the air than on the ground. Clearly she has gone from strength to strength.

We congratulate Jordie on her outstanding achievement.

Deputy Principal

COVID Safe Protocols

The safety and wellbeing of staff and students remain our highest priority and Marymount College will maintain the following protocols to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus:
  • regular handwashing and hand sanitizing (gel-in and gel-out of classrooms/activities)
  • increased cleaning of school classrooms, particularly high frequency touch points including water fountains or bubblers
  • regular cleaning of shared equipment and materials
  • children who are unwell will be isolated and parents/carers asked to collect from school
  • adults are required to maintain 1.5m physical distancing measures
  • Students are required to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing measures from adults
  • Students are required to allow teachers distance to pass and to enter classrooms
  • Students are to take their seat in class, and not move about the class without permission of the teacher
  • Parent and visitor access to school grounds will be restricted.
Australian Health Protection Principles Committee guidelines do not include a requirement for physical distancing for students. Nevertheless, we will continue to remind them to maintain high personal hygiene standards and respect for personal space with their peers.
If your child develops cold or flu like symptoms, please:
  • keep your child at home
  • avoid contact with others such as touching, kissing or hugging
  • see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
  • seek medical advice if your child has other underlying medical conditions
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms.
Further advice and information about the coronavirus is available on the Queensland Government Health and Federal Government Health websites.
Students must wear the correct uniform
Sports shirts, sports shorts, jackets, runners and trackpants may only be worn on Thursdays.  Students wearing the sports uniform (or items of sports uniform) on other days are required to present a note from a parent/caregiver to their Head of Year, explaining why they are not in the correct uniform. Students who continually wear the wrong uniform will be sent home to change.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Assistant Principal Pastoral

This month on SchoolTV - School Refusal 

School refusal, sometimes called school avoidance or school phobia, is not uncommon. It is different to ‘wagging’ or truancy and is often related to worry or anxiety-related issues about going to school. School refusal may start gradually or happen suddenly. Although it is normal for a child to occasionally miss a day of school, parents should only be concerned if a child regularly complains about feeling sick or often asks to stay home due to minor physical complaints.

School refusal is a complex issue as there is rarely a single cause. It affects children of all ages across primary and secondary levels. It can often occur during times of transition at school. More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the educational experience of all students, affecting some more than others. Dealing with a school refusal child can affect the whole family, adding pressure to an already challenging time. School refusal is not considered a formal psychiatric diagnosis. It’s a name given to an emotional and/or behavioural problem.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will learn how best to approach this issue and work towards a solution. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.
Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Dental Health Week – How much sugar is hiding in your trolley? 
Being healthy is something that most of us aim for. 

Sugar is everywhere in supermarket staples, even some that might appear to be healthy on the surface, and so this Dental Health Week (3 - 9 August, we want you to become more “sugar savvy”. Figures show that the average Australian is consuming 14 teaspoons of sugar a day, a whole lot more than the maximum six teaspoons a day recommended by the World Health Organisation. Beyond that, we want to show how easy it is to keep your teeth and gums healthy by following a few simple tips: Brushing, Flossing, eat and drink well and say ‘Hello!’ to your dentist. 

Assistant Principal - Senior Curriculum

It has been a very busy time in the Senior school over these last number of weeks.

In particular, we have run a very successful SET Plan process for the Year 10 students and families. My sincere thanks to all the students and parents who accommodated us with the required COVID-19 restricted arrangements. Thanks also to the very many members of staff, from faculty heads to the dedicated team of SET Plan experts, to groundsmen who made equal adjustments.
Adaptions to the online platform have proved successful and we have already commenced a review of the subject selection data.

Year 11 

The Year 11 Retreat program is underway next week. I am one of those advocates of this highly engaging and rewarding program and am looking forward to interacting with the Year 11s I will be working directly with.

Year 12 

Year 12s have been receiving the latest information on QTAC applications for university placements. Early August is a time for university Open Days (of course, online platforms this year). This is an important time for them, as we continue to plan for mock external exams this term (Week 8 & 9) and the external exam block proper (Term 4 Week 4 – 6).

Principal's Awards

Of course, for all senior students, we were able to meet in smaller assembly groups for the Semester 1 Principal's Awards. It was delightful to see just how many students have coped with the pandemic interruptions and continued to produce their best efforts and best academic results. They are to be congratulated even more so than in any other year.

Key Dates

Please make note of coming event dates:
Year 12 Mock Exams: 31/08 - 10/09
Year 11 Exam Block: 14/09 - 18/09
Year 10 Exams: 14/09 - 15/09

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

Ever generous God,
You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop
To live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and constant in bringing hope and encouragement
to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.
With confidence in your generous providence
and through the intercession of Saint Mary MacKillop
We ask that you grant our request...
We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit
so that we too, like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.
Ever generous God hear our prayer.
We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

This Week

This week has seen the Feast of the Transfiguration, and the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima happen on the same day - 6th August. 

An explosion in Beirut, more or less on the same day this week, killed more than a hundred people and injured 40 000 others and destroyed thousands of homes and infrastructure in a place which was already in dire straits politically, economically and with COVID. News images from Beirut are eerily similar to those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

In the Transfiguration gospel, Jesus "lifted the veil on his divine dignity just a little" to allow Peter, Andrew and John, a tiny glimpse of the glory of God. And why? Because they would need this sustenance of His goodness for the road ahead. They would need it as they endured the many crosses and sufferings ahead and the experience would remind them that whatever they had to endure, life is worth it. This message of "light" gives hope in the challenges so many are enduring in this present time. 

An American priest, Fr George Zabelka (1915-1992) was chaplain to the 509th Airborne Division based on Tinian Island in the Pacific Ocean - the island from which the planes flew to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Before they flew, he blessed the planes and their crews. Later, Fr George Zabelka had what he called an 'about-face', painfully concluding that he had been wrong to give that blessing. In 1985, he made a pilgrimage walk from Hiroshima to Nagasaki to mark the 40th anniversary of the bombings. He walked as a way of asking those harmed by the bombings for forgiveness for himself and for his Church - "for bringing you death instead of the fullness of life, misery instead of mercy." He dedicated the rest of his life to teaching the way of non-violence as shown and taught by Jesus. 

 Feast of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop

Saturday 8 August, is the Feast of our great Australian St Mary of the Cross Mackillop. Mary was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1842 and died in Sydney on 8 August 1909. 

St Mary MacKillop's legacy of light shines from her work and that of the Sisters of St Joseph as they've provided education to isolated colonial families, shared the life of the poor, the itinerants and destitute women and children. We pray to St Mary MacKillop to intercede for all those who are suffering throughout Victoria and across Australia due to COVID, that they may have courage and hope in the face of these challenges. In her own words: 

Whatever troubles may be before you, accept them cheerfully, remembering whom you are trying to follow. Do not be afraid. Love one another, bear with one another and let charity guide you in all your life. 

Principal's Awards

As the College candle was lit to begin the Principal's Awards Assembly prayer on Thursday morning, it was noted that this was the first time there has been a gathering of students like this in the Doyle Centre since the Opening Liturgy in February. And on Friday morning it could be said it was the first time the Year 7 students had experienced an assembly in this way since they arrived at the College! 

It was wonderful to see the impressive number of students who have received awards, especially given the disruptions that everyone has endured since March. 

Year 11 Retreat

We pray for the success of the Year 11 Retreat next week. The excitement amongst the students is palpable. We will proceed through the Marymount capsule of the Queensland bubble to the three venues on Tuesday morning. Sincere thanks to teachers who will accompany students, and to support staff for their generous assistance with preparations. Sincere thanks also to Padre Morgan Batt who will celebrate two Masses; at Tamborine on Tuesday, and Kindilan on Wednesday. Fr Jacob will celebrate Mass at Brookfield.   

Dolores Maitland

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Social Justice

Rosies Friends on the Street

Rosies has provided Marymount College with the opportunity to participate in their outreach program. Throughout the year, a number of students and teachers have had the chance to get involved. Students always have a great time and cannot speak highly enough of their experiences. Labelling the experience as ‘enriching, humbling, rewarding and even life-changing’.

Collated below are perspectives from five students and one teacher. 

Rosies outreach was an experience like no other. Both enriching and rewarding, this opportunity helped me gain perspective on the world that we live in. My school—Marymount College—raises money for Rosies annually but I never truly understood how close to home this issue was until I went on the Rosies outreach. One of my fondest memories of the experience was hearing stories of the various faces, young and old. The personal growth that I experienced in just one night was massive, gaining insight into what homelessness really means. I began the night tentative and afraid and left the night with a new lease on life. The decision to be a part of the Rosies outreach was a truly pivotal moment in my teenage life, helping me mature into a young man. 
Séamus Harrison

Being able to spend time with the homeless was a very eye-opening experience for me. I found it extremely rewarding being able to spend time talking to these people and hearing their stories. Will Ross 

Arriving for the first time, I was shocked at how efficient the whole process was and how many local businesses were willing to contribute, even if it’s only a little. The volunteers were friendly and welcoming and a strong sense of community was evident. I also found out about Rosies’ strong focus on creating lasting relationships and meaningful conversations with those they assist. Initially, I naively assumed it was primarily to provide food. My few times attending Rosies through my school has been so rewarding. I am grateful for the organisation and individual volunteers who welcomed us and for the opportunity to hear the experiences of those people who I don’t believe I would usually encounter in my day to day life. Cameron Saliba

I volunteered for Rosies with an optimistic mindset as I truly believed that it would be a life experience that I would cherish and that would  push me out of my comfort zone. Not only did it do this but it gave me great perspective on life. These individuals are everyday citizens who have found themselves in a situation which has forced them to live on the streets. These people just wish to have a conversation to share their stories to help them cope with their current issues.  Bailey Sewell

Rosies was truly a life-changing experience that changed my perspective and understanding of those less fortunate than myself. It has made me realise how lucky I am and to be grateful every day for all I have because so quickly one’s life can change. Jennaye McLintock

I keep going back to Rosies because I gain from the experience as much as the students do.  It gives me different perspectives of life and is such a humbling experience. I also love watching our students interact with the people who are less fortunate than themselves; I can see the change in the students straight away. Kanae Aki

Interact Quarantine Art Competition Winners

The Interact Quarantine Art Competition was held over the past month.

We have been so astounded and amazed by each and every entry. It was abundantly clear that everyone who entered had put time and effort into their unique and fabulous art pieces. We thank the Art Department for supporting us and providing the great prizes. The event will serve as a reminder of what 2020 meant to us.

The following description accompanying the artwork says it all. Thank you and congratulations Flo Rounsefell.
Covid-19 brought many things to us. Sadness. Fear. Darkness. Hate. And even death.
But through this, the sadness brought joy. The darkness brought light.
And the death has taught us to respect life and all its great gifts.
Although this briefcase may look empty, it can be filled even more than before
with happiness. The colours of it can replace the darkness with the light.
And like everything in the world, COIVD-19 will end.
Thank you to the following artists who participated:
Zaya Dawson Stephie Josey
Mischa Ford Windsor Hill
Hollie Taylor Indee McDonald
Flo Rounsefell Siena Ruegg
Jade West Lucyana Gabriel
Chloe Delaney Chiara Martini
Lily Jackson Sofia Martini
Chloe O'Connor Briana Briski
Rhanita Edgar  

Congratulations to the following Award Winners:
1st Place - Flo Rounsefell
2nd Place - Indee McDonald
3rd Place - Briana Briski
Highly Commended - Jade West

I feel really happy that I got a place. It was a fun and interesting competition to do during the Covid-19 lockdown. A massive thank you to Seamus, Halle and the rest of the Interact Board members for organising the competition and for the wonderful prizes. Briana Briski

Halle Wiblen
Social Director

Interact News

Backpack appeal

The appeal is still running as the Club actively promotes its drive for BACKPACKS to give to Rosies Friends on the Street. Whilst some have been donated, more are needed.  Pastoral classes are even collecting donations for us to purchase a backpack! Thank you for this initiative! 

Tie Day – August 18

An initiative from members of the Interact Board has successfully been approved and will run on August 18. We encourage all students of the College to search through their Dad’s tie rack and wear one on the designated Tuesday. A gold coin donation will support St Vincent De Paul, the charity associated with our Term 3 fundraising.

Preparation for Ozanam Villa and a celebration of Senior Citizens

Members of the Club are working on an entertainment program for residents of Ozanam Villa. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, students worked hard to produce an entertainment package that celebrated the Mothers and Grandmothers who play such a vital role.  This time we will honour the senior citizens in our community coinciding with Senior Citizen’s Week. Students wishing to contribute their ideas and talent are asked to contact Board Member Isabella Dean.

Irene Scott
Facilitator Marymount Interact Club


Teaching and Learning

Write that Essay
Throughout this year our Year 9 students have been working hard on improving their writing using the Write that Essay program. In terms one and two, English and Humanities teachers assisted students in practising 12 different sentence styles to add variety, interest and flair to their writing. While the English department have been using these sentence styles with students in all year levels for some time, Year 9 teachers from other subject areas have also been including the sentence styles in their teaching.
So far this term, Year 9 teachers have participated in professional development to extend their knowledge of paragraph writing for impact and are now working on reinforcing these skills with their students. The goal is for students to be clear, precise and powerful in their writing.
Go for Gold
Recently, 60 of our top writers from Year 9 participated in their second Go for Gold session with Stewart Duff from Write that Essay. The three sessions are designed to extend these students by giving them the tools to be able to effectively plan and write with clarity and precision.
Stewart began by giving students a NAPLAN style exam question and asking them to plan what they would write. Many students struggled to think of ideas and develop a plan. Once Stewart introduced planning strategies and a formula for writing an effective introduction, students found it much easier to formulate responses to the exam question. These skills will be invaluable as students head into senior schooling.
‘The program was an incomparable experience that allowed me to gain an extent of knowledge. Mr Duff made the program enjoyable, fascinating and highly interactive. In all my core subjects, essay writing is of great importance. Therefore, the session was beyond useful! Even over the past week, I have utilized my newfound skills in all of my subjects when writing was required! With the help of my newfound skills of essay structures, I have noticed vast improvement in my writing. Undoubtedly, I am beyond excited for my third and final session!’ Porsha Cush, Year 9
‘The Go for Gold session was an excellent opportunity to improve our writing skills. Together, we discussed our weaknesses and then set out to improve them. Many of us struggled at writing, especially under pressure. The session introduced new planning structures and strategies to help generate ideas. We were taught how to apply unique paragraph structures to encourage more effective expressive language. Additionally, with an advanced online tuition software as well as experienced instructors, the Go for Gold program inspires and prepares student to achieve better writing skills. The Go for Gold session is a must for every aspiring writer!’ – William Nguyen, Year 9
Tabitha Norton
Head of Teaching and Learning


Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary Presentation

Last week, the Year 9 students attended a presentation by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at school. Usually, Year 9 students would be visiting the Sanctuary as an excursion but unfortunately, due to restrictions, this was unavailable. Instead, the animals came to us! 

During the presentation, Diana and Cath (Wildlife Sanctuary staff) showed us five different animals—a Green tree frog,  a Phasmid (stick insect), a Central bearded dragon, a Shingleback lizard and a Stimson python. 

We investigated these animals’ different adaptations and learned how they kept the animals alive. Did you know that the Shingleback Lizard carries all its fat in its tail? This means that a predator thinks the lizard’s tail is its head and bites it, with a false sense of security, but the lizard has a chance to turn around and strike at its predator! 

Alongside listening to the presentation, students were tasked with filling out a worksheet on the animals’ adaptations for an assessment, although the worksheet was the least of our worries when Carlos the Central Bearded Dragon made a run for it! 

In summary, I believe that the presentation was brilliant and a great way to make up for the missed excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. My peers and I loved the experience and envy the following generations of Year 9 students who will experience it.

Tom Isaacs
Year 9 Insider


Food Technologies

Year 10s are finally back in the kitchen following new COVID-19 hygiene regulations.

Today they were developing their sensory skills and comparing three different Apple Pies - two store-bought and one made in class - lots of smiles all around and the huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream went down a treat!
Jane Greffe
Food Technology Teacher


Fashion students in all grades are super excited to be sewing again! Year 8 and 9's are learning and revising their basic sewing skills and have already produced a lined pencil case and scrunchie. Year 10's have almost completed their hoodies. Senior students are modifying their commercial patterns, getting ready to create fashion pieces from their own themed collection. 'Any day spent sewing is a good day'
Jane Greffe
Senior Fashion Teacher

The Arts

Queensland Ballet 

On Friday 24 July, teachers from the Queensland Ballet in Brisbane came to teach students from Marymount. 

I am in a Dance elective class and had the opportunity to spend a lesson with one of the instructors. As a beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this style of dance. It was interesting to hear what it was like to be a ballet student at Queensland Ballet. The instructor taught our class a shortened version of the Bluebird dance from Sleeping Beauty and we went through leaps and practised footwork on the barre.  During lunch time, an extra lesson for more experienced dancers was offered and students from Marymount Primary School were allowed to join in. I had a great time and am very thankful that we had the opportunity to spend a lesson with Queensland Ballet. 

Lucy Tyson
Year 8 Insider 

As an injured student who observed the Queensland Ballet workshop in July during our Year 8 Dance class, I found it very interesting to watch and see my classmates do something out of their comfort zones. It was amazing to see how well the class learnt this style, and how flexible and graceful the movements were.

Holly, who was the Queensland Ballet guest teacher, did an incredible job with the girls, starting on the barre, then moving into the centre to teach different short routines. Holly also showed us a couple of video clips and told us a bit about her life as a Queensland Ballet Academy student which I thought was quite interesting. Overall, I learnt a lot, even by only being able to watch Holly and my classmates at the workshop.
Matilda Harris
Year 8

Vocational Education & Careers


Further to the information already provided regarding the QTAC Application process (which opened on Tuesday 4 August 2020), we would like to recommend that all Year 12 students and parents attend the QTAC Zoom Presentation on:
Date: Thursday 13 August 2020
Time: 6.30pm
The link to this presentation will be emailed to students prior.  We understand that now more than ever, support in terms of this process may be required.  Please feel free to contact the Marymount College Careers Centre for further assistance.  

TAFE Queensland offers practical diploma courses, commencing Semester 1, 2021.  The Direct Entry program is designed to acknowledge Gold Coast students’ commitment to their high school vocational studies and provide the opportunity to secure an early placement prior to graduation. 

Applications are currently open via (closing on Friday 14 August 2020). NOTE: Scholarships are offered and we encourage students to visit  Contact the Marymount College Careers Centre for further details and to apply.

The University of Queensland and Dream Big Australia invite Year 10 – 12 students to the “Virtual Career Chats” event designed to ignite students’ engagement about Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) fields.  Participating students will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals:
DATE:                    Thursday 20 August 2020 (1.00pm - 2.30pm)
PLATFORM:        Zoom Link provided following event registration

The Transition to Uni program enables current Year 12 students to study a FREE six-week full time or 12-week part time course online to secure their place in a Southern Cross University degree.  The January intake will now be offered online providing flexibility for students and if completed full time, they can still transition into a Bachelor degree program for Session 1, 2021.  For more information and to apply, visit

Audition for Queensland Conservatorium – The process for applying to study at Qld Conservatorium in 2021 has changed and will now involve a video audition component.  Applications close for the Bachelor of Acting and Bachelor of Musical Theatre on Monday 31 August 2020 and for the Bachelor of Music on Friday 4 September 2020. Further details. 

Want to study Engineering but lack the Prerequisites? Griffith Uni offers a pathway into Engineering through the Aptitude of Engineering Assessment (AEA) exam.  This pathway is open to Year 12 students who may not meet the prerequisites for admission. Find out more. Registrations close Wednesday 16 September 2020

GUESTS applications for Trimester 3 are now open – The Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) program provides motivated high school students a chance to stand out from the crowd.  Students can study a course at University while completing their high school studies and for the first time, have the opportunity to study a choice of three first year Education courses as part of the GUESTS program.  Applications are now open to Year 11 students to study online courses available in Trimester 3 commencing in November 2020.  For further details, visit

Open House – This year, Griffith University is holding weekly live OPEN HOUSE events for students and their parents/carers to find out information on tertiary programs/pathways without having to travel.  Our past student, Samantha Wilson has sent us a personalised video with why she chose Griffith University and more information on Griffith’s OPEN HOUSE. You can watch the video via YouTube: More information on Griffith's Open House, head to 

The USA Pathways Program delivered at The Southport School welcomes students from all neighbouring schools to take advantage of the College USA testing opportunities for Year 10 and Year 11 students. In addition, the SAT and ACT Entrance test for Year 12 students before heading to college is the USA via a sporting scholarship and/or academic pathway.  With the Covid-19 disruptions earlier in the year, students are encouraged to register ASAP.  For further details, contact Ms Helen McLeary via email or call 5531 9865.    
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities

Heads of Year

Year 12

Our seniors continue to put their heads down and maximise their learning in class time as Unit 4 draws closer to an end and the mock exams are within sight. As the academic focus intensifies, it has been great to see the Year 12s take the opportunity to get involved in some extracurricular bonding through our pastoral program over the past few weeks.
Principal’s Awards
Unit 3 Principal’s Awards were given out this week to very deserving Year 12 students. Awards for Excellence in Attitude and Conduct, Academic Merit, and the much-coveted combination of the two, were distributed. In any given year, the ability to satisfy the criteria required to achieve these awards is admirable but given the interrupted nature of the year so far, this year’s recipients have definitely earned them. Overall 49 Year 12 students were recognised, of which 16 received awards for both Academic Merit and Excellence in Attitude and Conduct. A huge congratulations to these students.
Inter-Pastoral Cup
Our College Vice-Captains, Halle Geyer and Tom Browne, have been responsible for instigating a series of challenges between pastoral groups. At their core is connectedness within the Pastoral groups with some friendly competitions being held. Week 2 saw a trivia quiz held, while Week 4 saw a series of clues lead the groups across the campus in a scavenger hunt. It has been fantastic to see the student embrace the concept and enjoy the challenges. Currently, the points table is as follows:
Class Quiz Scavenger
AA 4 4 8
AB 8 5 13
BD 7 3 10
BE 2 6 8
KG 4 2 6
KH 1 1 2
PI 6 7 13
PJ 6 8 14
With two challenges remaining, and a pizza lunch on offer for the overall winning group, we look forward to the next instalment.
What lies ahead?
As mentioned, the Mock Exams are only three weeks away and all students should be preparing for these with gusto. Results of these will provide valuable insights into strengths and weaknesses of individual content knowledge and shape subsequent revision of concepts. For those students undertaking Certificate courses, the continuation of their coursework is of vital importance to ensure they achieve the certificates in question. We acknowledge and appreciate all of the support provided by parents and caregivers through this busy time for their students.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 11

Year 11 STAC Cup

On Thursday lunchtime the Year 11s battled it out with the teachers in a game of Dodgeball, as part of the annual STAC Cup. Both sides gave their all and played the game in excellent spirit.

However, in the best of three games, the students were victorious, winning the first two games, and just narrowly being beaten by the teachers in the third. Being able to play in the match was amazing. The crowd was so supportive and engaged in the match, making the game even more thrilling. It was evident that both the teachers and students had a great time and shared a few laughs.
Will Ross
Year 11 Insider

Year 11 Update

Term 3 has seen the introduction of leadership skills and development to the Year 11 Pastoral Program.

Students Leadership 2021

We are delighted that over 40 students are nominating for Leadership at Marymount College for 2021. Any student of the cohort is capable of leadership. A student does not know what they do not know. Every student is unique and brings their own set of skills to the grade. Every student is able to serve others, this is called Servant Leadership. A servant leader DESIRES to SERVE others, CHOOSES to follow through with ACTION, and then TESTS to see if the people served have grown. Desiring to serve others means you see a need for your service and want to fulfil it. ‘Leadership is action, not position’
(Donald H. McGannon). We encourage all students of Year 11 to consider applying, your opportunity is now. Leadership packages are due Monday August 24, Week 7.

Year 11 Retreat
Next week Year 11 will experience their first Retreat: Planted and Built Up in Jesus Christ. This takes place over 4 venues from August 11 - 13. We thank the dedicated Marymount College Staff who will spend three days and nights with the students. It is a huge ask for teachers to leave their families, the commitment is greatly appreciated. We ask that students stick to the What to Bring List. In particular, they require their own writing materials, bedding and a Sacred Item. Students are not to attend if they are ill, this is particularly important in the current climate of Covid19.  Each Retreat has its own theme and students are asked to organise an outfit to wear on the second evening of Retreat that is representative of their theme.    

Group 1: Tamborine 2 Sport
Group 2: Kindilan Dynamic Duo’s
Group 3: Tamborine 1 Iconic Groups
Group 4: Brookfield Aussie Aussie Aussie
We would like to thank parents and students for participating in the Parent Teacher Evening, using Teams. It was very successful and important. Student feedback and clear communication between home and school are vital for improving learning outcomes. At any time, parents can request an interview with Head of Year 11 or Head of Subject Department. This can be achieved via calling the College or email.

Round 2 STAC Cup: Year 11 verse Staff in Dodge Ball took place over lunch on Thursday. A large crowd gathered on the perimeter of the outdoor basketball courts to support the spirited players. The first two games were a great warmup to the main event: 12 on 12. It was a hotly contested game, however, the teachers triumphed. Thanks must go to Will and Isabella, (STAC Rep’s of Year 11) for their organisation and participation. In addition, well done to the 18 students who proudly represented their PC class. A mammoth effort. The sledging from the sidelines also must be acknowledged – both witty and entertaining. The spirit in which the game was played and the enthusiasm from the crowd made the event most enjoyable. 
Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to keep encouraging Year 11 to work hard and remain committed to their senior studies. We acknowledge it has been a particularly difficult year and ask the students to seek help if required. We look forward to Retreat next week, and hearing from those embracing the leadership process.

Cathy Cooper and Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 7

Parent Teacher Interviews

The Year 7s have started Term 3 with enthusiasm and with reports now available, students and parents have been able to see the progression of their learning for Semester 1. Our Parent Teacher Interviews on Tuesday ran remarkably well with the use of Teams rather than our usually face-to-face model. These interviews gave many parents their first opportunity to chat openly with the teachers about the way their child was settling into the demands of high school.
We would like to thank all of the Year 7 pastoral and class teachers for their efforts during Semester 1, and also thank the parents for your understanding and support during our Alternate Learning arrangements. There was an overwhelming volume of positive feedback reported to our teachers on Tuesday with the way in which our College coped with these demands. The fostering of such early positive relationships between home and school will no doubt provide an excellent base to build on for the future as your child continues their education at the College. We encourage parents and teachers to keep lines of communication open to keep these relationships supportive, open and enduring for the benefit of our young students.

STAC Representatives
Our STAC representatives Cooper Sankey and Poppy Lea have been doing an outstanding job of organising fortnightly meetings and agendas for our Pastoral class leaders. Topics of conversation have included activities for Pastoral Cup, the division of students for house sport on Thursday afternoons and how we can foster greater community, house and Pastoral Group spirit within the year level. Students are also in the process of choosing a slogan to keep them inspired for the remainder of the year. Some suggestions put forward at this stage include:
“Challenges can’t be achieved if they aren’t accepted”
“It takes one to raise an issue, and many to make a difference”
Students will be making final decisions for the Pastoral Cup and year level slogan in the upcoming days and weeks.
Pastoral Program

The current Pastoral Program is investigating the ways in which students make and keep their friendships at school and also looks at the formation of “cliques” and stereotypes. Many of the activities allow students to look at what actions they take in their daily lives to make and foster solid friendships which can be a challenge for students during Year 7.
Our Year 7 students have come from a variety of feeder schools and due to a number of factors this year such as COVID-19, social distancing, alternative learning arrangements at home and camp cancellation, the usual ways our students establish friendships at the start of high school has been negatively affected. Many are still finding their way with friendship group changes and challenges. We are hoping that the current unit gives them the thought processes and strategies to help navigate this more positively. If you find that your child is struggling in this area, please contact the Heads of Year to discuss the matter so we can offer assistance where possible.
We commend the students for the way they have returned to schooling this term after a disruptive Term 2. We wish them all the best academically for the remainder of the term and encourage them work daily on developing valuable and lasting friendships which have the possibility of enduring throughout their school years and beyond.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7

Library and Resource Centre

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Only three weeks to go!!   How many books are on those lists!
Parents – please sign off your child’s reading at the bottom of each sheet, and make sure they are returned on Friday August 28 or asap after that. I collate and enter all ‘scores’ online and then will receive certificates for all participants later in Term 4.  We will be able to celebrate then!  It’s great to have our readers reading!
PRC students – add your recommendations to the Padlet - so that everyone has a list of good books to read.  And don’t forget to read some non-fiction for Science Week starting 15 August or perhaps a Sci-fi novel!
Book Week

Book Week 2020 has been postponed until 19 - 23 October, with the theme 'Curious Creatures, Wild Minds'. How can young people not be curious about the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of this world?  We have a great selection of non-fiction to answer their questions, and fiction that can take you out of your comfort zone and into other worlds very easily!  We’ll have the usual quizzes, prizes and photo-opportunities while we celebrate reading and books!  The shortlist for this year is available here -

While we are not offering the usual ‘hands-on’ experiences in the Library, we do have some Mystery Takeaway bags of things to do, to keep those curious and inventive, wild minds busy at home!  The Library Makerspace padlet has lots of fun ideas for activities that can usually be done at home.

Thank you to all those who have returned their overdues recently.  Circulation is what we try to maintain, so if students are holding on to an item for too long, then it is out of circulation for all others to enjoy.    

Having said that, we are always buying new books in and taking old ones off the shelves – physically books don’t last very long in this climate – and there IS something for everyone.  As well as ‘normal’ novels we have Senior Fiction for Year 10, 11 and 12 (vocabulary or themes are more mature) Skinnies for those reluctant readers, or students looking for a quick read, (they are, as the name suggests, skinny books!) non-fiction books on all sorts of subjects from bike-riding to cooking with chocolate, photography to looking after your cat!  ‑ as well as supporting the school curriculum.  We’ll have lots of different books displayed for Science Week and I’d them to be borrowed!

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

Marymount Mob

QATSIF Creative Arts Competition

In Term 2, QATSIF (Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation) ran the annual QATSIF Creative Arts Competition for Year 7 – 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across all of Queensland’s schools. The competition was judged over the school holidays by a panel of judges including past QATSIF students, staff and Board Members.
We are delighted to report that Mischa Ford (Year 7) won the Junior Poetry section with a poem she wrote during the online learning period titled ‘Australia’s Dream, my dream.’ In this poem Mischa has not only shown us what a wonderful writer she is but also how important her Torres Strait Islander heritage is to her. The first stanza is included below, click here to view the whole poem.
Australia’s Dream, my dream
Australia can be an immature face
Of ruthless words and judging race
But we all know that’s not right
And yet we don’t stand up to the fight
People try and they get hurt
Of personal comments and racial words
And yet we’ve grown into a better place
Racism still mocks us in our face
My dream is to battle against the wrong
My dream is to stay proud and strong

Lauren Mitchell
Teaching & Learning – Inclusive Education Coordinator
Mentor Teacher for Indigenous Students



With Queensland School Sport has approving some sports to hold State Championships in 2020, there will be some District and/or Regional trials coming up next term. Please read below carefully to ensure you are prepared for nominations in your sport. 
Students wishing to nominate in any of the sports listed MUST see Mr Balym in his office either before school or during pastoral group to register and collect forms. Those forms need to be taken home, signed and returned by the due date. If the forms aren’t returned by the due date then you won’t be nominated to attend the trial.
The following sports have forms ready for collection:
13-15yr Girls Basketball – Nominations due 14 August
13-15yr Boys Basketball – Nominations due 14 August
13-15yr Boys Cricket – Nominations due 13 August
The following sports will be held, but there are no forms ready yet. Stay tuned for when the forms are available:
Aquathon – no date yet – No forms ready yet
Triathlon – no date yet – No forms ready yet
No other sports will have District, Regional or State events in 2020 – this includes Cross Country and Track & Field.
Term 3 Sport

This term our students in years 7 – 9 are involved in intraschool sports on a Thursday afternoon. They are competing in their Pastoral Groups in a variety of different sports to find the Champion Pastoral Group for their year level and the Overall Champion House. Students will rotate sports each week. Results from week 3 games were:
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9
  Volleyball Ultimate Disc Touch Football Vortex Dodgeball Volleyball
Results for the week 4 games were:
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9
  Vortex Volleyball Volleyball Touch Football Ultimate Disc Dodgeball

Term 4 Recreational Activities

The Term 4 sport selections will open on Sunday 9 August at 7:00pm. Please check your emails for the options available and how to make a selection. The options fill on a first in basis, so get in quick.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader

Student Protection Contacts

If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral
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