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Friday 28 June 2019 

Senior Formal 

While a significant expense for families, the Senior Formal is part of moving on from childhood to adulthood.  It captures our students in their youthful goodness and beauty.  It also points to their approaching graduation from high school.  As we recognise and celebrate ‘joie de vivre’ tonight we share the hopes and prayers of families and loved ones for a rich and fulfilling life for our seniors beyond school.  We also re-commit to our work to help them finish senior well and to finding the right options for next year. 

Reporting and Principal’s Awards 

Year 7-10 are available on the Parent Portal now. Year 11 and 12 reports will be uploaded to the parent portal in the first week of the holidays.  Details of Principal’s Awards will be communicated on Monday 22 July. Note the time for Principal’s Awards Presentation in the  Doyle Centre 

9:30am     26 July  -  Years 10, 11 and 12 
11:40am   26 July  -  Years 7, 8 and 9 


We will follow the progress of our Open Netball team over the coming week as they compete in the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Carnival in Bundaberg.  Preparation has involved early weekly morning fitness and coaching sessions, Tuesday Night Netball (from mid-March), Catholic Cup and ongoing fundraising, including at Bunnings and at school.  With Nicky Browne, Coach, and Ellie Rushworth and Cathy Cooper as Managers and the support of parents, the team won their Tuesday Night Grand Final on 11 June 2019.  We wish them well at QISSN 2019 as they look to build on their excellent form. 

Confraternity Rugby League 

Also travelling to Bundaberg in the holidays, the 1st XIII Rugby League Team will contest the Confraternity Shield from Monday to Friday next week.  A strong performance is likely following an extended preparation including early morning weight and fitness training, trial matches and the Titans Cup Competition, where the team won the Grand Final on 19 June 2019.  Confraternity is also a demanding competition involving the best Independent Secondary Schools in Queensland and we wish the MAKOS the ‘the bit of luck’ it seems to require to make the final of the Confraternity Shield.  

Business Week 

Business Week for just over 100 Year Ten students concluded with Awards today.  It is a busy and demanding three days for staff and students involved.  At the end of the process, which includes establishing a Corporate Team, an entrepreneurial concept, business plan, marketing plan and media and online advertising material, each corporate team is required to present a Trade Display.  Finally, the team is required to present their corporate pitch to potential investors and respond to probing questions across the details of their plan.  For most students, an understanding of the demanding and competitive nature of going into a business venture begins to emerge.  For some, it’s a catalyst for their imagination as they consider the possibility for their future. 


Veronica D’Arcy  

Following 33 years of service and a short period of leave Ms D’Arcy returned to say that as much as she has loved her career, the College and the wonderful students, she found the proposal of retirement thoroughly agreeable.  Her retirement was, at first, a surprise and then a joyous celebration with a High Tea in the College Library with Pat Wall, principal (1984-1993) and his wife Margot, and many other past staff,  able to join us.  Admired for her ‘gifts’ as a teacher, past students and friends — who are now teachers — and colleagues on staff, spoke of Veronica’s teaching, love of her students, sharp wit and her deep faith.  Her attention to the things that matter included her contribution to content and proof reading of Yearbooks and our 50th Anniversary Book ‘My God and My All’.  Ms D’Arcy always added a touch of class. 

Michael Fren  

In a poignant final address to Year 9 last Thursday, Mr Fren spoke of his love of teaching, Marymount and its students and staff.  All those present to hear Michael, spoke of their fuller appreciation of his genuine care and concern, his personal faith witness and their sadness that he was retiring so suddenly.  Students loved him as their Maths teacher and their Head of Year 9 and this continued to be so throughout year nine and beyond.  A gentleman, whose presence among us was care, understanding and reassurance as we worked with him as staff, or learnt from him as students.  For Michael, retirement was a little sooner than he would have liked, yet the need to care for his family requires his presence now.  We will remember Michael for his care and concern for students and for his humility and example. 

Marilyn Kelly 

After 16 years as a loyal parent and some time as the President of the P&F, Marilyn was appointed in 1994 by Principal, Pat Wall as a library aide.  She moved to a secretarial role almost 12 years ago and has been part of the valuable Student Administration Office Team since then.  Marilyn’s loyalty extended to students, staff, the Parish and the wider Marymount Community.  While leaving brings much sadness, she does so with great memories and many wonderful friends.  We thank her for her great service to the College, her care and concern for all and for the baking she would do for us that would just appear and always seemed quite timely.  A generous and caring spirit who will be missed. 

Ebony Horn 

A past student of Marymount, Ebony has been teaching Art, Religion, English and Humanities at the College for just over five years.  It has been a wonderful start to her career.  We congratulate her as she moves to a school in Brisbane.  An energetic, accommodating and respected teacher with a bright future, Ebony has been rewarded for her efforts with the opportunity to teach a full Art schedule at her new school and we wish her well. 

Kerry Fraser 

We thank Kerry for his short time with us this Semester.  Kerry’s contract ends today as he pursues an opportunity to teach in Europe.  He came to Marymount with positive referees and has been appreciated by students and staff for his enthusiasm, both for his teaching and co-curricular. 

Appointments Semester Two

The following appointments have been made for Semester Two:
Mrs NIchole Browne - Acting Head of Year 9
Mr Cameron Francis - Acting Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs Deborah Dowdall - Senior English Teacher

Two further appointments will follow as we begin Semester Two.

Chris Noonan


Calendar Dates

Week 01



First Day Term 3


Parent Teacher Online Bookings Open




AGCC Round #1


Week 02


6:00pm Year 12 QTAC Presentation


3:20pm Parent Teacher Interviews


8:00am Year 10 Drama Excursion (La Boite's Roundhouse Theatre)


AGCC Round #2


9:30am Principal's Awards Year 10-12
11:40am Principal's Awards 7-9

Religious Life of the College

Year 9 Parish Connect Mass

Sunday last was the day for the Year 9 Parish Connect Mass and what a great experience it was.  It was a lively and lovely experience of Mass at Mary Mother of Mercy Church. It was the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi in the old language. The church was full; it was the day for Parish First Communion and there were almost a hundred children for whom this day will be long remembered.  This was such an excellent opportunity for the students and their families to really get a sense of all those “other” people who are also a part of the Burleigh Parish, old and young and in between and such a great variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds were represented in the gathering. And who could forget Padre’s homily about Jean Pierre the world’s greatest tightrope walker ….you had to be there.  Well done to all our students who made it there. Thank you, parents, for making it happen.
Confraternity and QISSN Blessing

Our football and netball players gathered for 7:30am Mass on Tuesday and received a special Sport Blessing from Padre as they prepare for their carnivals at Bundaberg next week. All involved, students and teachers, are impressive for their persistence and dedication and incredibly hard work of past months. May they have a wonderful time, meet worthy opponents, win jubilantly and stay very safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.   

Deepest Sympathies 

Our deepest sympathies go to the Muir family, mother Renee and  Ruby in Year 10 and past student Lane, on the sad loss of their father Leroy whose funeral was celebrated at Sacred Heart, Clear Island Waters earlier today. May they know the love of our God in the care and support of those close to them at this sad time. 
Rosies Collection

Following the excellent response to the appeal for donations of Milo and Socks for Rosies, we are now launching another appeal for urgently needed Cuppa Soups, Pot Noodles and cartons of long life milk. These will be distributed to homeless people in our local area by Rosies (Burleigh). It is hoped to be able to respond to this need in the first two weeks of next Term. 

Twenty four  Year 10 students will attend PoTENtial at Chisholm College in the second week of next term. Thank you to parents who have already responded to the email and given permission. 
May all our students and families have a refreshing, enjoyable and safe break. 
Dolores Maitland
Assistant Principal Religious Education

Year 12 News

Year 12 Formal - tonight

Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort
158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

5.30pm: Arrivals
5.30 - 7.30pm: Arrivals and photos (Parents and family members welcome to attend and have photos)
6.50pm: Students gather in Garden Terrace
7:00pm: Students proceed to Ballroom
11:00pm: Finish
During the holiday's students and parents will receive a link to the photos and video. They will have unlimited downloads.

Nigel Ward & Beth O'Malley
Head & Assistant of Year 12
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Year 11 News

Year 11 Livin'

On Thursday last week, Year 11 students were visited by Livin, a health movement that focuses on mental health.

Alistair Mitchell addressed the students regarding the importance of mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding the topic. The presentation included information about signs and symptoms to be aware of within yourself, as well as in others, and promoted the significance of helping others when they are in need. Using their tag line “It ain’t weak to speak”, Alistair encouraged the students to talk about how they are feeling and to seek help when they need it.

Marymount has a close relationship with Livin as their Co-Founder and Co-CEO Casey Lyons is an ex-student of the College who helped establish the movement after losing his friend Dwayne Lally, also an ex-student of the College, in 2013. We sincerely thank Casey, Alistair and all involved with Livin for taking the time to spread the message that ‘It ain’t weak to speak.’

Year 11 End of Semester One

Semester One has closed a chapter of the calendar year, yet on-going learning continued through to the final day.

Such is the necessity for learning and expectation of students to make the transition to ATAR a successful outcome. We are proud to see our Year 11 cohort take on their commitments with zest and passion, avidly willing their way through new learning experiences. 

We congratulate our many students (mentioned throughout this publication), who showed tremendous skill and tenacity in all fields of endeavour to produce outstanding results so far this year. Good luck to our QISSN girls and Confraternity boys in their respective tournaments away during the first week. We encourage everyone to use the holiday break to enjoy some restful time and stay safe. 
Please enjoy student Insiders’ reflections on the first half of the year!

Matt Carroll and Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11


During Pastoral classes, Year 11 students completed activities that raised awareness for mental health and well-being.

High school can be a very stressful time, and often students feel pressured in both their social and academic lives. It can also be hard for students to talk about their feelings, and many suffer from mental health issues that others aren’t aware of nor educated about.  However, during Pastoral classes, we were taught that having mental health issues didn’t mean that you were different in a bad way, and that we should be encouraged to be open about these topics and how we feel. As well as this, the mental health movement and brand LIVIN visited the school to talk about mental health, or rather, mental ‘fitness’ — which is just as important to keep up as physical fitness. The visit from LIVIN helped raise awareness about mental health and taught us what to do and how to tell when someone may be going through a hard time.    

Semester One of Year 11 has been difficult. It seemed as though the workload just kept piling up without any time for a break. However, this experience has taught me, and I’m sure many others, the importance of time-management and staying on top of our studies. With this in mind, I look forward to improving my work ethic in Semester Two and learning more as I go.

Charo Palenzuela
Year 11 Insider

Our first Unit of Year 11 has been a very exciting and eye-opening experience.

Starting the year, the workload hit us harder than we expected. However, we adapted and overcame the challenge. For me, at least the subject coursework has been very interesting and enjoyable. 

Our Retreat experience was great, as we got a break from the quotidian of school and could socialise with students we don’t often have a chance to interact with. Many new friendships were formed as we learnt more about each other. It was a great way to end this semester and cement the grade as we now head into Unit 2 more prepared and enthusiastic than ever. We are excited to see what the rest of high school has in store for us all.

Cameron Saliba
Year 11 Insider 

The QCAA Academic Integrity Course online activity was conducted during the Pastoral program on a Thursday.

The purpose of doing such an activity was to ensure that we, as students, knew what was expected of us moving forward into our senior years and once in university. It outlined topics such as academic misconduct, effective academic practices and the best ways to use our drafts to enhance our work. I felt that the whole process was extremely rewarding as I learnt a lot from it. 
Whoa, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t expecting the first Unit of Year 11 to be both extremely enjoyable yet challenging at the same time. I have thoroughly loved all of my subjects despite the challenges that may have accompanied it. As the first semester draws to its conclusion, I am looking forward to another semester with all of my subjects and am ready for the epic battle that comes with it. I can’t wait!

Tara MacDonald 
Year 11 Insider

Undoubtedly, a good mental state is vital to a healthy lifestyle. However, we as a society identify this but do very little to address the problems that people—young men in particular—suffer from on a day-to-day basis.

The Gold Coast founded, non-profit organisation, LIVIN, are working to change this. Through the wide variety of merchandise, they promote the conversation that must take pace in order for us to deal with feeling mentally unwell. With suicide rates once again on a steady incline it is of vital importance to promote this dialogue. Our young men must stay strong, healthy, and courageous, to keep society moving forward. LIVIN is accomplishing so much in our community, while endorsing the mindset that it “Ain’t weak to speak!”
This first semester of Year 11 for me and many others has been a difficult but very rewarding experience. With the enormous workload and variety of extracurricular activities such as Junior Council, I have been able to better my skills to be an active participant. I very much look forward to my next year and a half of school and the opportunities that are heading my way. 

Thomas Browne
Year 11 Insider
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Year 10 News

Work Experience

We have been inundated with positive feedback regarding Year 10 students spending last week experiencing for many, what would be their first exposure to a professional environment.  

Many thanks to our very supportive Marymount community for assisting with placements for our students.  Thanks also to our Year 10 parents/caregivers for their involvement and assistance with the program.

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET

Aeronautical Engineering

I had the opportunity to complete work experience with Plane Support in Arundel as an Aeronautical Engineer.

On arrival, I was given my own desk space with laptop and access to multiple programs to enable me to complete several different aeronautical engineering projects from designing a 3D printed screen mount for a helicopter to an instrument panel for a 172R Skyhawk. I was assigned a project to develop a tap for a JetStar oxygen tank that will be used in future safety demonstrations. From these activities, I learnt about different 3D modelling software including SolidWorks, ZW3D and AutoCAD.  As well as design, I had the opportunity to learn and work on the manufacturing of various parts including how to hand fold sheets of aluminium, use a fibre laser cutting machine to cut sheet aluminium and to measure out carpet for a commercial Tiger Air plane. Although long hours compared to school, the time flies when you are having fun.

Overall, this work experience at Plane Support gave me a great understanding of what it is like to work as an Aeronautical Engineer.

Jared Crowley
Year 10

University Research Assistant

My experience at Griffith University (Gold Coast campus) was phenomenal. The level of professionalism and expertise that I have experienced over the five days was astonishing.

Right from the get-go, I was able to observe world-class facilities and world-renowned professors working in their field of choice. This experience has really opened my eyes to the reality of tertiary education and the intricate research that this campus is involved in. Throughout this entire process, I have experienced things such as the analysis of water samples from Northern Queensland all the way to a ‘cloud chamber’ that assists in the visualization of the subatomic particles that shoot off radioactive isotopes. I have also had the privilege of being able to talk to some of the professors in fields such as biochemistry, quantum physics and perfusion. These various opportunities have sparked my fascination for physics — which I was previously unaware of — and, especially, quantum physics.

Overall this event was revolutionary for me!  It has completely changed the educational pathways that I was thinking about taking and it has assisted in the development of my proactiveness, persistence, attention to detail and time management in the work place.

Ty Brennan
Year 10


Work experience has been a great opportunity for me and the other Year 10 students to get a better understanding and inside look at a chosen career.

I had the opportunity of going back to my old primary school and working with the Year 4 children with autism. This put a lot of challenges in my path, but I was guided by my host teacher, and was able to work through well.  I learnt a lot about the position of a Year 4 teacher including the intense planning, repetition and running around on your feet all day for these children. There was definitely a lot to do, but seeing the kids have fun or learn something new just made it all seem worthwhile.

This opportunity definitely swayed my decision to keep on looking into a future career in teaching and I’m excited to proceed down this pathway after what I’ve seen so far.

Ashlin McCabe
Year 10 Insider


This is what Lynn Rohanna, Assistant Principal of St Augustine’s Parish Primary School, had to say about the Year 10 students Kahli Samuels, Sarah Radler, Mya Mitchell, Ellie Fing, Rhodes Da Lozzo and Liam Wildman, who completed their work experience at St Augustine’s:

We have thoroughly enjoyed them being at St Augustine’s. They are all very well mannered, enthusiastic students. Our teachers have appreciated their initiative and our children have enjoyed their company and help.
I would like to particularity acknowledge and thank Liam Wildman. We asked Liam to speak at our Learning Growth and Academic Awards Ceremony about his years at St Augustine’s and how his time here has helped him transition and learn in secondary school. 
Liam spoke superbly, motivating our primary school children to enjoy learning and to do their best.
Several parents commented afterwards, saying that to hear a young man speak so proudly and confidently was a great advertisement for both St Augustine’s and Marymount College.

Lynne Rohanna
Assistant Principal St Augustine's
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Year 9 News

Year 9 Reflection Day 

Year 9 Reflection Day was filled with inspiring and fun activities.

Dancing with people that you had never met before and finding out what other people’s point of views were made for an interesting day. 
I look forward to Year 10 to see more ways that this generation can meet new people and create new ways to enjoy school.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider
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Year 8 News

Year 8.7 Class Parliament

During Term 3 Year 8s will be studying a Civics and Citizenship unit on Laws and Parliament.

Mr Fitzgerald’s 8.7 class have also conducted their own class parliament mirroring the actual parliamentary election process, including a Bill which was debated on the topic Uniforms should be optional in schools and resulting in some impassioned speeches and a great debate. The following steps took place:

1. Call for Nominations for Prime Minister
2. Candidate Speeches – why should you vote for them
4. Announcement of Prime Minister Khoda Young, Opposition Leader Zane Frogley and their deputies Livvy Devonport and Kiara Covino. Congratulations!
5. Preparation for Debate – on whether to ban uniforms or not.
6. Parliamentary Debate following the parliamentary introduction of a Bill process

Garrett Fitzgerald
English Teacher
Photos by Ruby Allen - Year 7 Insider

Night of Living History

On Monday 10 June, Year 8 participated in the Night of Living History.

The Night of Living History is a night where all Year 8 students dress up as a chosen individual from the period 410 – 1770 AD, and role play for the night. Students are to research information on their chosen character, dress up as their character, write and memorise six questions and answers about their life, and create decorations to put on their table and board for the night. I chose to be Queen Elizabeth, as there was a great amount of information on her, and her background interested me.

I enjoyed every aspect of this assignment. It was different to what I have done before and was more interactive and hands-on. I advise the present Year 7s to put in an immense effort in every phase of the task next year because if they do, they will have an amazing time.

Lily Kinloch
Year 8
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Year 7 News

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Visual Arts News

In Visual Arts in Practice this term, the topic was ‘Sculpture: Taking Form.’ This topic was all about making sculptures out of various types of material. We used wire, Modroc and paper clay.

With inspiration from Picasso’s line drawings, we first used only one, continuous piece of wire to make a face. We then used more wire to make an armature in any active pose that we liked.  I made the figure to look as if it is shooting a goal in netball.  Finally, we went to paper clay – white clay with fine particles of paper mulch.  We researched Picasso and found out that he had used tribal masks as an early influence in his work. We then made similar masks and glazed them with colour.  To finish up the term, we looked again at Picasso faces and made Cubist masks that look interesting and like art pieces that Picasso himself did. I am still making mine, but when it is finished it goes into a hot oven to fire and then I glaze and refire it to become earthenware.

Overall, this topic has been fun to do because you can use your own ideas for the design and do it yourself in your own way.  
Gabby Ivens
Year 11 Insider

Digital Technologies News

Cyber Security – Secret Squirrel

Congratulations go to Year 11 student Tara MacDonald, for securing a place at the Australian Signals Directorate these holidays.  Tara will fly to Canberra to work with Cyber Security and Robotics within the Defence Force.
The ASD defends Australia from global threats and advances our national interests through foreign signals intelligence, cyber security and offensive cyber operations. The Directorate began in WWII when the Australian Defence Force joined the USA to intercept and decode Japanese radio signals. It acquired Australia’s first supercomputer in the 1980s, evolving its role as the internet was adopted in the 2000s.
Digital technologies classes enable students to experiment and try different disciplines – from robotics (mechatronics) to databases – which they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.  Competitions, summer schools, conferences and visits by guest speakers are regularly offered to extend their knowledge of the industry. 
We wish Tara well for a very exciting visit to Canberra!

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies

Code Club

Some really exceptional projects have grown over the past semester in Tuesday afternoon’s Code Club.  The club continues until 4:30 pm each week, with a core group of creators now on board.
Code Club emphasises the creation of technology, encouraging them to select from:
Scratch blockly code for the absolute beginner
  • Micro:bit controller for the first-time Python enthusiast
  • HTML and CSS for the web designer
  • Python programming for the comfortable coder
  • Raspberry Pi for the experimenter
  • Blender for the 3d enthusiast
  • Lego EV3 robotics for the mechatronic expert.
Carlos – blender 3d modelled a biplane from scratch using several modelling methods such as joining, morphing 3d objects and working in fine detail by adding textures.  Carlos also took time to coach others on how to model shapes in detail.
Joseph is working with micro: bit controller, creating a scissors, paper rock game.  He has been developing his skills steadily over the term, coming each week to further his knowledge.
Will has been building several prototypes of vehicles, some multi-articulated tank-like vehicles with multiple motors, able to climb uneven terrain.  He has moved into programming and algorithms to enable the dual-sensor robot to follow a path.  This enables the robot to navigate tricky paths compared to a single-sensor design.

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies

STEM Boeing Excursion

I and our students were both thrilled and inspired with the tremendous but unique experience had during our field trip for all of us to be able to see and touch examples of military grade engineering and development within Boeing.

Allowing our STEM-related subject students the opportunity to speak and interact with Boeing employees working on an Australian Defence Force contracted project allowed students form a solid link between learning they are doing in the classroom with meaningful but achievable real-world pathways such as the ones fulfilled by the Boeing employees we met throughout the day. In particular, I witnessed our senior Information Technology students that I am quite familiar with developing their soft skills by engaging in discussions with Boeing engineers identifying core Python and Microcontroller programming methodologies they have recently gained an understanding of. I could feel a sense of motivation and resolve in the voices of students I had conversations with during and after our trip that gave me the impression many now wish to pursue STEM-related disciplines further into senior school and beyond.

I look forward to helping our students meet these aspirations in whatever shape they may take.
Daniel Cousins
Digital Technologies Teacher

Maths News

Math’s Mangahigh Winners! 

What an incredible term of Maths for Marymount College’s Year 7 & 8 students!  

Students were challenged to collectively complete Mangahigh activities over 10 weeks. Activities include adaptive quizzes and games that required students to unlock a bronze, silver or gold medal.   

I’m incredibly impressed by the diligence and effort shown by students at Marymount College.  Here are some competition highlights: 
  • Marymount students completed 1,574 hours actively working on Mangahigh.  
  • Students exhibited resilience as they made up to 15 attempts on an activity to achieve a gold medal. That’s 150 questions!
  • The top Year 7 class was 7AA with 2383 medal points.  Students will receive a gold medal.  
Jada S Rhory E Maximo J Carlos S
Charlie S Skyela B Joseph V Skye C
Jem N Fergus B Kalle W Isabella O
Michal D Macey T Mikayla G Jessie I
Zara M Zachary R Sophie A Veronica S
Olivia H Lex E Kyn N Harris B
Emily D Kaylee B Flynn M  
  • The top Year 8 class was 8MAT2 with 1,136 medal points.  Students will receive a gold medal.
Halle W Hayley S Harry S Mariah B
Sofia M Riley B Kai F Michael B
Sarah S Jed S Jimi P Zachary H
Mikayla H Mia O Declan C Allie P
Indee M Tinka F Lachlan G Keira H
Milla C Liy L Harrison E Nathan M
  • Congratulations to our top year level students who will receive a special edition platinum medal! 
                Year 7 Top student:  Mia A with 606 medal points. 
                Year 8 top student:  Halle W with 597 medal points. 
  • Special Mention to these students across all classes who will receive a gold medal for earning over 150 medal points!   
Mia A - 606 Jada S - 589 Charlie S - 341 Chayla A – 272 Joseph R – 181 Kynan C - 171
Halle W – 597 Brandel L - 491 Patrick L - 242 Alexander F - 271 Nathaniel A – 180 Riley D – 168

I look forward to celebrating your achievement by presenting medals next term.
Jake Main
QLD & NZ Schools Coach
Medals will be presented Week 1 Term 3 at Year Level Assemblies. Pictures to follow!

Science News

Year 7 Science Space Race Competition - 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing


Do you love Science? Do you have an interest in Space? Do prizes excite you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this competition is for you!

To allow Year 7s the chance to explore the world of science and be part of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing by using their research skills to gather information about one of the 5 Firsts2 related to the Space Race

  1. If interested in taking part, please see Mrs Baker in G105 and she will give you information about Space Firsts.
  2. Choose one of the events in the list that interests you and research about it.
  3. Use your research information to write a Newspaper article containing as much of the following information as you can find:
  1. What is the “First” you are going to talk about?
  2. Where & when did it happen?
  3. Who was involved?
  4. Why and how did it happen?
  1. Make sure you research reputable websites to obtain your facts. Use pictures to illustrate your article.
All entries are due in by Thursday 1 August (week 3). Winners will be announced and presented at the College Science night on Thursday 8 August (Week 4).

Kristina Baker
Assistant Head of Science
Download Student Information for Year 7 Space Race Competition

Year 11 Psychology Excursion

Year 11 Psychology students were treated to a special lecture from the Head of Psychology, Dr Bruce Watt, as part of Bond University’s Psychology Experience Day on 25 June.

Dr Watt spoke about Social Psychology and how we relate to others, then led activities related to Isbell & Tyler’s (2003) study, ‘Teaching students about in-group favouritism and the minimal groups paradigm’. The study explored judgments of members which found in-group bias to be more favourable when compared to an out-group. Dr Watt demonstrated this with the students when he placed them in made-up groups, to demonstrate how ingroups can easily be formed, and led discussion regarding the subsequent bias that can lead to prejudice and discrimination.

 Associate Professor Dr Kate Fritzzon spoke to students in regard to Personality and Social Problem Solving and moral decision making. Dr Fritzzon explored personality influences on moral decision making and the bystander effect. The bystander effect theorises that in the face of emergency, the distressed person is less likely to be offered help if there are multiple onlookers present. She also explored the role of the brain, specifically the amygdala and the pre-frontal cortex on rationale decision making. 
Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Jodie Bradnam delivered a lecture regarding The Art of Happiness and relationships. Dr Bradnam discussed the strong correlation between happiness and adversity – making meaning from how our struggles contribute to our overall sense of wellbeing. She explored the Art of Happiness as it pertains to four essential elements: being present, people, purpose and play. Students completed an activity in mindfulness and subsequently discussed the link between mindfulness and increased neural activity in the left frontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with high order thinking, integration and emotion regulation.

 Students explored John Gottman’s three principles of stronger relationships: building friendship maps, nurturing fondness and admiration and BIDS (fundamental units of communication). They then completed an activity in regard to the three ways that we are able to respond to BIDS, turning towards, turning away and turning against the BID for attention and connectedness. Finally, we explored Brene Brown’s notion of gratitude and how we cannot express joy fully without first expressing gratitude.
 The students had a wonderful day, experiencing a day in the life of a university student and enjoying the opportunity to speak with Psychology university lecturers and students, as well as learning topics that link to Units 1-4 of Psychology.

Eight ways to live today by Dr Bradnam:
1.      Spend five minutes doing something for a loved one
2.      Write, email or call someone to say thank you
3.      Make time for a conversation with a friend
4.      Practice a random act of kindness
5.      Savour a memory
6.      Try something new
7.      Practice mindfulness
8.      Start a gratitude practice
Emma Ballester
Psychology Teacher

Feedback from students:

What an unbelievable experience! From looking at social psychology and how we relate to others, to looking at social problem solving, and how each of us reacts differently to moral dilemmas.

The day could not have been better described than AMAZING!!! The Bond Uni professors did an exceptional job delivering their lectures, whilst remaining interactive and interesting. I really felt that the Bond Psychology Experience Day was such an asset and has assisted me when it comes to planning my future. Every one of us left feeling that it ‘was a really good experience which allowed a better insight into a few of the areas of psychology and the life of studying psychology at Bond University’ (Jessica Myles, Year 11 Psychology student). A huge shout out goes to Mrs Ballester and Ms Richardson for accompanying us on this incredible experience.

Tara MacDonald
Year 11 Insider

My experience at Bond University was positive and meaningful. I learnt about different fields of psychology and enjoyed every part of it. My favourite part of the excursion was learning about the psychological disorder, I found it really interesting and dynamic. – Matisse Tansey

I enjoyed being able to learn about the different types of relationships & what it is like to be a good friend to someone. Learning the benefits of mindfulness and how to do it was also interesting. – Emma Rae

My favourite part of the Psychology excursion to Bond University yesterday was being able to talk to university students who picked Psychology as a study option after high school. – Emily Crilly

Business News

Business Week

This week, 100 Year 10 Business students embarked on Business Week.

This is a program with a wonderful tradition in our school, which enables the students to explore their entrepreneurial skills in a self-guided learning activity. Over the 3 day period, students are given an array of tasks. After initially generating a product concept, they then use that product to create a logo, Website, social media pages, a commercial, a venture pitch, a trade display and a business plan. It is chaotic and skills are needed to develop a strong element of team and synergy to achieve good results.

As the Head of Business, I am thankful for the contribution made by our “teacher mentors” Ms Lauren Hutchinson, Mr Tim Rowe, Mr Kerry Frazer, Mr Kevin Cornor, Ms Colleen Organ and Mr Garrett Fitzgerald who passed their knowledge and guidance on to the students in their groups.

This year, we had a clear winner. The Pink team developed a concept of an advertising platform which displays on a cars rear window.  Companies would pay money to “Illuminext” who would, in turn, pay money to drivers who were willing and able to use their car for the purpose of advertising. It was a brilliant effort for this team who achieved well in all criteria.

The members of the pink team are:
CEO: Brayden Field
Business Plan Managers: Jennifer Tu and Sophie Miller
Marketing Manager: Daniel Harrison
Marketing assistant: Max Robertson
Media Manager: Jacob Matchet
E-commerce Manager: Mya Mitchell
E-commerce assistant: Holly Sankey. 
Simon Rezo
Head of Business

Careers & Vocational Education

Marymount College 'Your Future is no Game' Careers Expo
Tuesday 30 July 2019 (6:00pm-8:00pm)

Final preparations are underway for our annual Careers Expo held in the Doyle Centre on Tuesday 30 July (Week 3) from 6.00pm – 8.00pm.  There will be over 100 industry experts from all a huge range of professions making themselves available for a one-on-one conversation with interested students and parents/caregivers.  Representatives currently involved in trades, services, health, business, arts and many more will be there to guide our young people.
In addition, many of the tertiary institutions will be represented on the night and available to provide direction in terms of further studies. 
This event should not be missed.  If you are interested in direction, answers, and possible insight into your future, we will see you there!  Keep an eye out for the event flyers and posters next term.    
QUT School Visit - Friday 2 August 2019

Representatives from QUT will be visiting the school on Friday 2 August (Week 3) from 12.30pm – 1.10pm and will be delivering a presentation to include information on QUT courses and careers, scholarships, student life and to answer any questions that students may have.  Note this one in your diaries and come along!
Southern Cross University - STAR Entry Offer Program 2020

 SCU has recently launched their STAR Early Offer program for 2020 which provides students with placement guarantee in October/November based on Principals recommendation.  For further details, visit
Australian Defence Force Gap Year

ADF Gap Year applications for 2020 are still open.  ADF Gap Year is a unique opportunity for students to try out a career in Navy, Army or Air Force and get a feel for a military life without committing for a longer period.  To learn about the opportunity of a lifetime, head to or visit the Defence Force Recruiting Centre at 14 Edgewater Court, Robina.
Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate - Aurora Training Institute

Aurora are conducting group training delivered by experienced industry professionals as follows:
Date:     Thursday 4 July 2019
Time:    9.00am – 12.00 noon
Venue: Suite 25 “Acacia Centre Commercial” 340 Scottsdale Drive, Robina  4226
Price:    $50.00
Contact or 1300 936 864 today.
STEM Aviation Careers Day for Young Women

Meet real women with S.T.E.M aviation careers…Air Traffic Controllers, Military Fixed Wing and Helicopter Pilots, Aeromedical Pilots, Military Aviation Squadron Leaders, Qantas Pilots, Aeromedical Flight Nurses, Aviation Airport Fire Fighters, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Boeing Development Managers & Airport Civil Engineers.
Ask anything and everything.  These career women are very excited to be involved in this forum.  They will answer all of your questions. 
Date:     Sunday 8 September 2019
Time:    8.00am – 1.00pm
Venue: Qantas Hangar 2  Brisbane Domestic Airport
For further details and to register, see the Marymount College Careers Centre today.
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship Opportunities

Sports Update

Oceanic Track & Field Championships

Last week we had 64 students compete at the Oceanic Track & Field Championships for a chance to qualify through to the South Coast Regional Track & Field Championships.

The students gave their all over two days of competition at the Griffith University Athletics Track and at the end of the competition we had 32 students finish in the top 4 of their events and qualify through. Congratulations to the following students on your top 4 placings:
  • Molly Sewell – 1st 14yr 3000m (record time), 1st 14yr 1500m ( record time), 1st 14yr 800m
  • Pascalle Foster – 1st 12yr 800m, 1st 12yr 1500m, 3rd 12yr High Jump
  • Dylan Bexley – 1st 13yr 100m, 1st 13yr 200m
  • Brayden Field – 1st 16yr 110m Hurdles, 1st 16yr Long Jump
  • Shae Rooney – 1st 16yr 3000m (record time), 1st 16yr 1500m
  • Mia Callander – 1st 14yr High Jump, 3rd 14yr Triple Jump
  • Caitlin Lythgo – 1st 16yr 400m, 3rd 16yr 200m
  • Mason Field – 1st 13yr 90m Hurdles, 4th 13yr Long Jump, 4th 13yr Triple jump
  • Montana Dare – 1st 16yr Shot Put
  • Hayley Gravina – 1st 12yr Shot Put
  • Tristan Robinson-Goullet – 1st 14yr Javelin
  • Charlotte Sly – 1st 14yr Javelin
  • Jarvis Kaltenbach – 2nd 14yr Shot Put, 2nd 14yr Discus
  • Shaun Riley – 2nd 14yr 400m, 3rd 14yr 800m
  • Luke White – 2nd 13yr Javelin, 4th 13yr Discus
  • Declan Craft – 2nd 14yr Long Jump
  • Halle Geyer – 2nd 16yr Shot Put
  • Max Hudson – 2nd 12yr Shot Put
  • Remi McLellan – 2nd 15yr 100m
  • Jimi Pedlow – 2nd 13yr Long Jump
  • Jemma Stokes – 2nd 18-19yr Shot Put
  • Max Wedelstedt – 2nd 16yr 400m
  • Dayna Sullivan – 2nd 18yr Javelin
  • Kiara Covino – 3rd 13yr Triple Jump
  • Livvy Devonport – 3rd 14yr 800m, 3rd 14yr 1500m, 4th 14yr Shot Put
  • Kiara Bikneris – 3rd 14yr 400m
  • Lily-Rose Kolc – 3rd 15yr Triple Jump
  • Bryn Larkin – 3rd 17yr Triple Jump
  • Jaden Wood – 3rd 15yr Javelin
  • Alice Lythgo – 4th 12yr 200m, 4th 12yr Long Jump
  • Jaqel Behan – 4th 17yr Triple Jump
  • Jaykob Brown – 4th 14yr 200m
  • Abby Carroll – 4th 13yr Javelin
  • Fynn Faraone – 4th 15yr Shot Put
  • Alexis Smyth – 4th 13yr 1500m

QLD OZ Tag merit Teams and All-Stars Teams

QLD OZ Tag merit Teams and All-Stars Teams were named earlier this week.
There were a few Marymount 13 Year Boys that were successful.
Kai Allen – Year 8
Phillip Coates – Year 7
Joey Sankey – Year 8
Luke White – Year 7
All 4 Boys played in the Tri-Series Competition over the weekend of 15/16 June and have been selected in the Under 13 Boys Queensland Force & U13 Boys Tri-Series All-Stars Team (this was taken across both NSW & QLD Teams that played over that weekend)

Queensland Team Selection

Congratulations to Halle Geyer on her selection in the Queensland School Sport 16-19 years Netball Team to participate in the Elite Invitational Tour in Melbourne during early August. Good luck Halle!

Outstanding Student Result 

Congratulations to Isabella Davidson on being selected to officiate as a Match Official at the upcoming QLD School Sport 11-12yr Rugby League State Championships to be held at Carina Junior Rugby League Club. It is great to see our students not only perform on the sporting field as competitors but to give back and officiate as well. Good luck Isabella!

Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader
We would like to thank our Gold sponsor; Burns Equipment Group and Bronze Sponsors’ Coffeyco – Security and Automation, Kingfisher Realty and DAYCON Distributors Pty Ltd. The generosity and support from our sponsors is most valuable and appreciated.  

QISSN Grand Final

The QISSN girls have been playing in the Tuesday night elite competition at Carrara Indoor Sports Complex since week 3, Term 1.

At the end of the rounds, Marymount finished second. This meant we made the Semi Final. The game against Vortex was fierce and the girls were beaten by 2 goals. This meant the girls had to play against the winner of the second semi-final.
Last Tuesday the girls played against Titans and won convincingly. The girls were now through to the grand final. 

On Tuesday night many teachers, parents and students travelled to the sports centre to cheer the QISSN girls to victory. The grand final lived up to its name – with a physical contest between the best two teams in the competition. The girls should be extremely proud – winning 52 to 35. With just under three weeks until the team travels to Bundaberg to compete for the QISSN cup, it was great for the girls to come away with an important win. 

We would like to thank Mr Hamilton, Mr Geyer and Mr Turner for bringing the Confraternity football team out to watch the girls play. Thank you to all the staff support and well wishes and for the continuing parent support.

I know the girls will represent Marymount with pride and passion.

Nicky Browne

Rugby League 1st XIII 

Well done to the 1st XIII who successfully defended the Titans Cup Premiership against Keebra Park SHS last Wednesday night. The 34-0 scoreline does not reflect the strong effort shown by the Keebra Park boys in a game that was played in good spirit by both teams. Congratulations to Zane Jeffries, Year 12, who was named a Player of the Competition.
The level of support all three Marymount Makos teams experienced throughout the competition was outstanding and appreciated by all of us; as were the post-match snacks which were kindly organised by Mrs Kara Mallory and various parents through the Rugby League Parents Support Group. Thanks for your work over the last 4 years Kara…let’s hope someone else will continue it for us as your last son graduates this year.
The Marymount Confraternity team has now been finalised and are well prepared to travel to Bundaberg on Sunday for their week of games at the 40th Confraternity Shield Carnival. We expect tough games against St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe, St Patrick’s College, Mackay, and Ignatius Park College, Townsville, in the first two days before seeing where the cards fall for Tuesday afternoon and the remainder of the week. Good luck to Charlie Murray, Max Mallory and their team as they look to create history.
In the lead up to travelling the team attend a number of special events including the Makos Skills Day (which was run by our 1st XIII players), the Pre-Confraternity Player and Parent Brunch – where we share a social occasion at the Burleigh Bears RLFC, and a blessing (along with the QISSN Team) at Mass in Mary Mother of Mercy Church.
For those not travelling to Bundaberg who would like to keep abreast of the team’s progress – keep an eye on the College website and social media platforms as well as the QISSRL and Shalom College, Bundaberg, websites.
The success of our 1st XIII, like any of our rugby league sides, is built on discipline both on and off the field, commitment to training and the goals of the TEAM and especially performance within the classroom. As a program we primarily aim to produce young men of good character with a secure future ahead of them. There are no apologies for setting a high standard for our Rugby League boys who are clear on these expectations.
Up the Makos!!!
Jason Hamilton & Matt Geyer
1st XIII Coaches

Co-Curricular News

Public Speaking Achievements

Once again, Marymount College public speaking students have been dominant in Gold Coast finals of national competitions.

For the Lions Youth of the Year Quest, in which public speaking accounts for slightly less than a third of points allocated, Jennaye McLintock and Jackson Lake are to be congratulated on reaching the Region Final, where Jackson was named the winner of the Public Speaking Award. Prior to the final, both Jennaye and Jackson won not only the club judgings at the Robina and Burleigh Heads Lions clubs respectively, but the Public Speaking Award at each club as well. Yasmin Dickinson, who competed at the Carrara club, is also to be congratulated on her excellent achievement in winning the club’s Public Speaking Award.

In Rostrum Voice of Youth, which is one of the two national competitions where entrants are judged solely on their public speaking skills, Marymount College students achieved the distinction of winning both the Junior and the Senior divisions at the Gold Coast Region finals; with Hayley Goldsworthy winning the Junior title and Jackson Lake winning the Senior title.

In the Plain English Speaking Award, which is the only other national public speaking competition held in Australia for senior students, Yasmin Dickinson and Jackson Lake completely dominated the South East Queensland Zone Final. As the result of their truly outstanding performances, both won through to the State Final, which will be held in Brisbane on July 13. The winner of that final will then represent Queensland in the National Final, which will also be held in Brisbane, in early August. The national winner will represent Australia in the International Final of the competition in London in May next year. Marymount College is the only Queensland school to achieve the distinction of producing two public speakers reaching that level of the competition. Either Yasmin or Jackson may prove to be the third. We wish them well.

We congratulate, not only Yasmin, Jackson, Jennaye and Hayley on their success, but also all of our students who have participated in public speaking competitions this year. We can truthfully say that all have presented excellent speeches and we commend them on their efforts, their dedication, their many hours of preparation and their obvious enthusiasm. 

Bill Bruce
Public Speaking Coach


Thank you to our first GOLD sponsor, Bank of Queensland (Palm Beach) - another Marymount family who passionately support our school.

Visit their Facebook page for details of the products and services on offer.  

Contact Trent Williams to discuss how Bank of QLD - Pam Beach can assist you.
Palm Beach Bank of Queensland, Shop 2&3, 1146 Gold Coast Highway Palm Beach
Ph: (07) 5569 8411 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Marymount Spring Fete is a fun, exciting and eagerly anticipated biennial event on the local community calendar.

The Fete delivers stalls and attractions from all over the Gold Coast and provides entertainment and rides which cater for all age groups. The Fete also encourages the students of Marymount College and Marymount Primary School to participate and showcase their musical and dance talents through stage performances during the day.

The P&F Associations of Marymount College and Marymount Primary are working together to raise funds for both schools. The campuses have a combined student population of around 2200 and are supported by a large parent body and community members of the Burleigh Heads Parish. Given this, the 2019 Marymount Spring Fete will provide an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses seeking to promote their goods and/or services.

Whether you'd like to be a major sponsor, or simply donate a prize, equipment or entertainment to support our Fete fundraising, we are grateful for your assistance and always acknowledge the efforts of those that support us. Click here to sponsor or for more information.​​
More Marymount Spring Fete News
Welcome to the most recent BRONZE sponsor, OM Civil, who are one of our own Marymount families!

Visit their website at or phone 55021 800
Thank you Koala Koaches for sponsoring our schools again! Your continued support of Marymount is always appreciated! 
Visit Koala Koaches online at or email
A Curtains and Blinds, are a family owned and operated company specialising in the custom design and manufacture of a wide variety of quality made-to-measure window furnishings.  
As a proud supplier to Channel Seven’s House Rules, they are a complete ‘all in the one shop’ to purchase your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. 
Have a look at their website for videos, house tours, and images of their quality work!
This professional Marymount Primary family are outdoor home improvement specialists who include patios, pergolas, decks, fencing and carports in their range of services. 

As voted by readers of the Gold Coast Bulletin, this Marymount family owned business have the BEST CHIPS ON THE GOLD COAST but you’ll get to find out for yourselves because Fat Chicken, as way of sponsorship, will be providing a Fat Chicken Hot Chip stall at our Marymount Fete! 



Did you graduate Year 12 in 1979, 1989, 1999, or 2009?

(or Year 10 in 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007)

Gather your crew for an afternoon of catching up and renewing old friendships.

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019
Time: 3:30pm-6:30pm
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