Monday 01 November 2021 

COVID is coming. Get vaccinated NOW.

We continue to support the priorities of the Queensland Government based on the advice of Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young. We recognise that as NSW and Victoria have ‘opened up’ COVID cases have escalated. This will probably be the case in Queensland too. Hence this strong recommendation – Get Vaccinated NOW.

P&F Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 9 November

Hello Parents,

Next Tuesday, 9 November at 6:00pm we will be holding our final P&F Meeting for 2021 and the AGM in the College Library.
It would be absolutely wonderful if a few new faces joined us to form an invigorated team going into 2022. There will be a few key positions open and I promise you will find us to be a warm and welcoming group who will be deeply appreciative of your time, ideas and wisdom in guiding the Marymount College P&F to always do the absolute best for all our children, and support them in providing the best environment to achieve their goals.
There are only eight, 1-hour meetings each year, and in my 11 years on the P&F I have found it such a wonderful way to stay connected to your child and their school in such vital formative years, now that their Primary days are behind them. I can assure you your concerns and suggestions will always be treated seriously and respectfully, and I feel great pride and joy in what the P&F and College have achieved working together for our children.
Looking forward to seeing you there! 
Kindest Regards,
Grace McLintock
P&F President

World Teachers’ Day

At morning tea on Friday, we took a moment out from our busy schedule to show appreciation for Teachers.

A warm message of appreciation from Padre and Father Jack, on behalf of the Parish, was circulated to College staff. We also presented Brisbane Catholic Education Service Awards to Teachers and other school staff for their Years of Service to Brisbane Catholic Education. 
When we each pause to consider our teachers when we were at school, we recall good people who taught us, who gave us opportunities beyond the classroom, and who cared for us pastorally. The Association of Gold Coast College interschool sports Annual General Meeting began with a reflection and a call for Principals to reflect on and pray for those wonderful teachers who taught us.

Today, Marymount Teachers are continually challenged by the College Leadership Team, Heads of Department and Heads of Year, to teach their students well, to establish classroom practices, effective lesson plans and success criteria to ensure student progress and achievement. We ask a lot of our teachers and they give so much. Students also have a wide variety of co-curricular activities available to them. There are early morning training sessions, afternoon clubs, late-night excursions to drama, dance and music theatre productions, all-day excursions—such as the Year 9 Science Currumbin Sanctuary excursion happening today—reflection days, personal development days, and relationship days, Year 11 & 12 retreats, camps for Year 7—and this year, for Year 8—science camps, Kokoda Challenge and the many sporting events and carnivals. Much of this involves time away from their own families to give our students these experiences.

We acknowledge our staff for their generosity, professionalism and care that helps make Marymount a great school for students. 

Years of Service Awards 2021

We acknowledge the following Marymount College staff who celebrate milestones in their length of service with Brisbane Catholic Education this year.
25        Catherine McCosker
25        Kenneth Waite
20        Brett Smith
15        Thomas Carroll
15        Janet Cartlidge
15        Martin Fairweather
15        Hannah Richardson
10        Geoffrey Browne
10        Tracey-Leigh Dean
10        Tonia Garner
10        Carolyn Marshall
10        Sheridan Saliba
10        Monica Weatherall
5          Rachel Carey
5          Louise Coppin
5          Monique Lethbridge
5          Kara Mallory
5          Philippa Marr
5          Ellie Rushworth
5          Leigh Sullivan
5          Bianca Zorn

Year 12 External Exams Continue

QCAA Senior External Exams continue in the coming weeks through to Tuesday 16 November. We keep them in our thoughts and prayers at this time as they continue to study for each exam, that they will remain composed and do well in each exam.
While, for some, the exam seems to drag on, the final year of schools culminates in the Senior Graduation and Liturgy from 6:00pm Tuesday 15 November in the Doyle Centre, followed by the Senior Formal on Thursday 17 November at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Each of these occasions are moving experiences for the students, their families and their teachers and we look forward to reflecting on their achievements and celebrating with them.

2020 Senior and Junior Awards Ceremonies

The Senior (Year 10, 11 & 12) Awards Night will be held from 7:00am Friday 12 November.

Bookings will be necessary to manage attendance, and an email will be sent to parents of awardees by Friday this week. The 2021 Junior Awards will be presented at Year Level Ceremonies through the morning of Thursday 2 November, when Principals’ Awards for Semester Two will also be presented, as happened in 2021. We dare to hope that 2022 will enable access for families to these Award ceremonies that we all prefer.

Catholic Mission Appeal 2021

Our appreciation to the Marymount College and Primary School student ambassadors who assisted with the promotion of the 2021 Catholic Mission Appeal.

Catholic Mission’s assistance gives voice and capacity to lay and religious missionaries in Australia and around the world. These school ambassadors spoke to Sunday Masses across five churches in the Burleigh Parish last Sunday. Padre was appreciative of their presence and their presentations were warmly received by the congregations at Burleigh Waters - Mary, Mother of Mercy, Burleigh Heads - Infant Saviour, Palm Beach - Our Lady of the Way, Miami – Calvary and Mudgeeraba – St Benedict’s. Any time we take to assist such agencies as Catholic Mission, we are making a difference—from our relative comfort—to others who don’t need our charity but will find our generosity helpful beyond measure. Take the time to support our ambassadors’ efforts.

Chris Noonan
Monday 1 November
Year 12 External Exams (All Week)
Year 11 Biology Excursion (University of QLD)

Tuesday 2 November

Wednesday 3 November

Thursday 4 November
Recreational Sport

Friday 5 November
Year 9 Media Excursion (Movie World)
Monday 8 November
Year 7 Immunisations Round #2
Year 11 Certificate II Sport/Cert III Fitness First Aid

Tuesday 9 November
6:00pm P&F AGM Meeting

Wednesday 10 November

Thursday 11 November
Recreational Sport

Friday 12 November
Year 11 Aquatic Practices Excursion (Moreton Island)
Year 10-12 Awards Night
“To be on mission is to be willing to think as Christ does, to believe with him that those around us are also brothers and sisters . May his compassionate love touch our hearts and make us all true missionary disciples.”
Pope Francis 


Catholic Mission Appeal

Last weekend, Marymount College students spoke about this year’s Catholic Mission Appeal at every Parish Mass.

Thank you to are Lucas Berezwick, Ben Edwards, Robert Heaton, Olivia Heritage, Jack Isaacs, Maegan Kinlock, Samantha Marchmont, Nick Ranson and Corey Nolan.

As Ambassadors for Catholic Mission, and understanding that this agency is Pope Francis’s international agency, they were extra proud to be involved. Padre Morgan Batt and Fr Jack Ho, with the parishioners at each Mass, made the students feel very welcome and appreciative of their efforts.

At Marymount College, there has been a few different fundraising initiatives for the Catholic Mission Appeal from Odd Sock Day to Guessing the Number of Lollies in the jar, selling iceblocks on Thursday after Sport and staff enjoying some of the harvests of beautiful fresh vegetables grown by the  Agriculture students! 

And always and, most importantly, knowing that the impetus for such action lies in that message from Pope Francis.

St Paul of the Cross

On the Feast of St Paul of the Cross, 19 October, some  Year 11 and 12 students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about relics.

Father Jack presented a talk to the group about his own St Paul of the Cross relic as well as one of St Maria Goretti and St Therese of Lisieux. The students were fascinated hearing about the saints themselves and the tradition of relics in the Catholic Church.  We remember that we were privileged to have the relics of St Therese and her parents, Louis and Zelie Martin, visit the Parish in 2020 and that the relics in the altar at Mary, Mother of Mercy Church include St Therese also. 

And it is notable in this Mission Month that  St Therese of Lisieux is Patron Saint of the Missions. Thank you, Fr Jack, for this most informative talk. 

Year 12 Graduation Liturgy

The Year 12 Graduation Liturgy will be held in the Doyle Centre on Tuesday 16 November, at 6.00pm.

There will be a rehearsal for this earlier in the day from 11:00am-12:30pm and all Year 12 students need to attend.  Parents have been sent an email with details and requesting numbers attending at 4:00pm on Friday 29/10. 

The Graduation Liturgy is a significant moment in the lives of our students and their families and we look forward to all Year 12 students being present.
Please remember our Year 12 students in your prayers at their External Exams continue.

Dolores Maitland

Care and Concern

Care and Concern Burleigh is in dire need of volunteers to drive our elderly citizens to medical appointments, who have no transport available.

This service has proven to be invaluable to our aged care residents and independent living citizens. Unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers we are no longer able to provide this community service.

If you are interested in giving a few hours of your time as a driver, or half a day each month as an organiser, we would be very grateful. Also we provide hospitality service at funerals and after Anointing Masses and help is needed with catering and serving at these functions.

Please contact Di Taylor on 0438 877 059, Brigid San on 0413 372 257, Care and Concern office on 5576 6318 or via email at

Stay home if you are unwell

It is essential that staff and students do not come to school if they are unwell

The Chief Health Officer directions are: 

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild, must get tested.
Symptoms include:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Other symptoms people may experience include muscle or joint pain, and loss of appetite.
To find your nearest testing clinic, please visit our website linked below, or contact your local hospital, or call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84). 

Year 12 External Exams

We have had a very successful start to the Senior external exams.

Students are arriving prepared and feeling, while a little nervous, still confident as well. These General subject exams are run over two hours, with at least 10 minutes of perusal or planning time. That is significant. Subject teachers are suggesting that the exam questions are generally difficult, but fair. If students completed their studies, revision and the like, they should do well on the papers.

Best wishes to all students completing these exams over the remaining weeks.
  • A reminder that we will revoke exam block privileges for any student with other outstanding assessments, or serious behaviour issues.
  • Students have been reminded of the importance of a ‘business-as-usual approach to the exam sitting.
  • All school rules, including uniform regulations, apply. Misdemeanours will be dealt with in the usual manner. 

Year 11

Unit 3 work underway

Students cannot change into a subject from now on and must remain in their chosen subject for the remainder of their Year 12 studies.

Unit 3 & 4 are considered as a yearlong, paired course. Many of these General subjects will, in fact, complete the first of their three internal Assessment (IA1) by the end of this Term. We will publish the Week 8 Exam block for Year 11 in the coming weeks. This will mostly be a shut-down period, meaning students will have the privilege of only attending school for their exams.

Year 10

Year 10 subject selection slowly drawing to a close.

Year 10s have been clearly advised that the exact Core subject class group listed on their subject offer may not be the ones they remain in by the start of 2022.

As students are granted these subject alterations the class groups and class sizes of the core subjects tend to change. We will balance up these as we conclude the request processes. Students will, of course, still keep the core subjects they chose; it just means that they are in a different class group.

We do not ever entertain student requests to swap between core subject class groups. Students are not to consider who is the teacher of any particular class, or which students may or may not be in that class group.  

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum


With only five weeks of school left students may be starting to feel the pressure of upcoming assessments. 

To assist with time management students can view their upcoming assessment in their student portal and parents can view their child’s assessment in the BCE app or Parent Portal.  If students are falling behind on classwork or not submitting drafts teachers will communicate this via email.

Year 7 Information Evening

Luckily, the COVID restrictions eased, and we were able to hold the year 7 2022 information Evening.  

Parents appreciated the information from our Head of Year 7 Jacqui Sheehan and students are starting to get excited about starting Year 7.  We look forward to seeing all the new Year 7 students at our Orientation Day in Week 9.

Subject offers

Year 9 & 10 Elective choices have been sent out and Year 8 will be sent next Monday.  If a student wishes to make a change, they need to complete the form—attached to the email— and submit it to SAO by the end of Week 6. 

We will try to accommodate all requests but if subjects are full students will be placed on a waitlist.

Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

Year 12 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Tuesday 16 November - Graduation Liturgy
  • Thursday 18 November - Year 12 Formal 
Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12

Year 11 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11, 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 11 Exams commence
  • Monday 29 November - Year 12 2022 Leaders Camp
  • Friday 26 November - Last official day Year 10 & 11
Matt Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10 Key Dates

  • Friday 12 November - Year 12, 11 10 Awards Night
  • Monday 22 November - Year 10 Exams commence
  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Thursday 25 November - Year 10 Twilight Cruise CANCELLED
  • Friday 26 November - Year 11 2022 Peer Support Training
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9 Key Dates

  • Friday 29 October - Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary excursion
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards 
  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8 7
Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Uniform Shop


Preorder Senior white shirts for Year 10 in 2022 now and avoid back to school queues in the new year. 

Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready for your child to come and collect. Pickup available Monday - Thursday.

Year 8 Key Dates

  • Wednesday 24 November - Locker Exchange
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 & 8 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7
Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 7 Key Dates

  • Monday 8 November - Year 7 Immunisations #2
  • Thursday 11 November - Year 9, 8 7 Awards
  • Sunday 28 November - Year 7 & 8 Parish Connect Mass
  • Friday 3 December - Last official day Year 9, 8, 7

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7



The Year 11-2022 Enrolment evening was held in the Doyle Centre last Wednesday.

TAFE Qld, PST, Training Evolution and ACCCO provided essential information to students and parents about the requirements and enrolment procedure for students undertaking a Certificate course at school.  Thank you to those parents and students who attended. For those students who did not attend, it is most important that you see Mr Hamilton ASAP to complete your enrolment.


Last week we had the ADF and ACU visit our students during the lunch break.  

All students had the opportunity to seek one-on-one advice from ADF serving members on the wide variety of opportunities available, with Year 12 students utilising the opportunity to speak with representatives from ACU about future study options and pathways.


High-achieving Year 11 students have an opportunity to extend their studies in their final year of high school.

Access all of QUT's facilities and enjoy campus life in the same way as current university students.  You can select two units from across the university, and study one unit each semester.  This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your chosen undergraduate course, or to try out study areas you're interested in.  Once completed, you can receive advanced standing (credit) for your studies, putting you ahead of your peers and setting you up for future success. Further information


A wide variety of School Based Traineeship opportunities currently exist.  

For students pursuing the non-ATAR pathway, securing a School Based Traineeship provides an opportunity to acquire an income stream whilst maintaining their senior studies and achieve a nationally recognised certificate qualification.  Some traineeships available to Year 9 students can be completed without any impact on their senior studies.  Please contact the Marymount College Careers Centre for further details.  A couple of SbT’s that are a little different are:
  • Sea World Resort:  Cert III in Business (hotel industry)
  • M1 Realty, Nerang:  Cert III in Business
  • Pooches Pastries, Emerald Lakes: Cert III in Business or Cert III in Hospitality (dog-friendly café)
  • WOWAPPS, Burleigh:  Cert III in Business 
  • Marketing Together, Burleigh: Cert III in Business 
  • Tony Lindley Finance, Southport:  Cert III in Business 


Bakers Delight in Mermaid Waters have a position available for an apprentice baker.  

They are happy to put a student on full time (if you are finishing Year 12) or as a school based apprentice (Yr 9, 10 or 11). If you are interested, please email Simone at and attach your resume. 


CWS have the following courses coming up:

Advanced Aussie Wildlife

Following on from the Aussie Wildlife Course comes the new Advanced Course, presented by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s veterinarians and hospital staff. Using the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital facilities, the advanced course will explore the unique anatomy and physiology of Australia’s wildlife. This course is conducted as a 4 week evening course from 6pm to 8:30pm.
Date:  4 November (4 Week Course)
Requirements: 16 years and over with parent consent. Must have completed the Aussie Wildlife course or have prior experience. Book Now

Understanding Our Local Mammals In Care

This is a weekend course which will dive into the many aspects of our local mammal species. Expert keepers and specialists will go into depth on identification, husbandry, rescue, first aid and rehabilitation as well as management of illness and disease. This course aims to expand your knowledge on our most well-known and loved locals.
Dates:  6 & 7 November (Weekend Course)
Age Requirement: 14 years and over with parent consent. Book Now

Jason Hamilton
Head of Careers/VET

Year 10 & 11 Drama

“Plays like Away are what make us fall in love with theatre for the first time or all over again. This one bristles with life and death, joy and pain, love and loneliness, awakenings and awkwardness, the things we hold onto and the things we can’t let go of – for better or for worse.” – Director Daniel Evans

On Monday this week, Marymount’s Year 10 and 11 Drama and Drama in Practice students were fortunate to attend Brisbane’s La Boite’s RoundHouse Theatre’s production of Michael Gow’s Away. Set in 1967, this beautiful production tells the stories of three families who pack up and go three separate ways. The three different stories were beautifully intertwined which resulted in a poignant, but often hilarious performance supported with a rollicking 60’s soundtrack. Our students were lucky to meet the director who was extremely complimentary about Marymount’s theatre etiquette. 

Melanie Howe
Drama Coordinator


Future Anything

‘Future Anything’ is a part of our Year 10 Business program which is an innovative curriculum that puts our Marymount students in the driver’s seat of entrepreneurship.

Their brief is to come up with their own innovative enterprise solutions to tackle some of the world’s greatest problems. Our students have been tasked with responding to “pitch your innovative, scalable, and sustainable business idea that makes the world a better place”. 

They have submitted a business pitch and have concluded the program with their trade displays in the Doyle Centre. 
The ideas which our teams have generated are incredible, targeting a wide array of social issues such as Mental Health, Environment, Connection, Homelessness, and financial literacy (to name a few).

The Business Department has not seen such an incredibly high standard in terms of professionalism, polish, and overall quality, for many years. As Academic Coordinator of the Business Department, I congratulate our Year 10s on their commitment to their enterprises and the ideas which were generated.

A massive congratulations to the winners of each category:

Best Pitch: Loveimals–Porsha Cush, Caitie Allred, Eva Sobczyk
Best Trade Display: Eco iLash–Angelina Loeber and Mariah Broad
Simon Rezo
Academic Coordinator - Business

RoboCup 2021

On Saturday 9 October, two teams went to the University of Queensland to compete in the RoboCup Junior Queensland State Championships. 

On the day, there were around a dozen different schools competing in three different robotics competitions. Soccer, Onstage, and rescue. We had two groups competing in the Onstage competition. The objective of this was to design and program a robot to perform a dance routine to a song of choice. Although neither team was able to reach the finals, we all tried our best. 

Besides the competitions, there were appearances from Australian technology organisations. One of these was CSRIO and they had a robotic dog that they used for cavern exploration. They showed the dog’s movement capabilities and much more. Overall the day was a great learning experience.

Joseph Hall
Year 9

My team is Jumper Boys and team members are Fergus Brazel, Sebastian Augello and Ky Nguyen. We started preparing the code and turning on the robots. When the other team Team Investigation had completed their performance, they gave us caution. After the heads up, we went straight into action and set up, but encountered a  problem with ev3dev brick being unable to work. Luckily we got a replacement. After that one our robot Robot Furret 2, wasn't working, so we went with only two robots. We failed our performance and had to intervene halfway through. We immediately went back to the table on the brink of giving up, until we took initiative and completely rewrote the code in an hour. After that mishap, it was time for the interview. The interview went smoothly and there were no troubles regarding the program or the robots. After the interview, it was time for the second performance with the two robots and the new Robot Furret 1 code. The performance was a success with no troubles. Unfortunately, neither of our Marymount teams passed, but we did enjoy the experience and would like to thank Mr Cousins for giving up his Saturday for us.

Fergus Brazel, Sebastian Augello and Ky Nguyen
Team Jumper Boys


On Thursday of Week 1, the STEM MAD competition was held, where a variety of students from different schools showcased their ideas to help resolve an issue.

The first Marymount College team included Cooper List and Ben Thomas, both Year 8 students who focused on the issue of earthquakes. They created design ideas that would help prevent the damage of housing that came with earthquakes. A PowerPoint was created by the pair to illustrate how the concept of the house would be successful if it was created in full scale. The other team, with Banjo Tomlinson and myself, also dealt with the prevention of damage in housing from a natural disaster, this time being cyclones. We also presented a PowerPoint on the day to show information and provide videos of our concepts in action. For both of the teams, models made from cardboard were created to test a specific structural feature, for team 1, structural integrity, and for team 2, prevention of flooding. In the end, results were announced and unfortunately, neither of our teams made it further into the competition, but I am extremely glad for the learning experience and the opportunity to hear the ideas of our future generation.

Thomas Moloney
Year 8

From Farm to Table

Year 10 Food Technology students have been busy planting and growing their own vegetables and some flowers to cook for their final assessments.

It has been great fun watching them grow from tiny seeds to blossom into fully grown vegetables, with the help of Mr Larkin. We are looking forward to tasting them all very soon. 

Philippa Marr
Food Technology Teacher

Best of Luck to Year 12

There are a few more empty library rooms now that the Year 12s’ classes have finished.  Obviously, we staff of six years or more have seen the students come through the library and know quite a few. Now we see them coming in for exams and wish them all the best. 
Over the past few weeks, Mrs Cathy McCosker has been taking some well-earned long service leave, and I’d like to thank Mrs Kim Lee and Ms Trea Burger for filling in and handling the role with precision and patience!   We know that getting to know students is part of the role and thank them for their bravery!


We’ve been able to get back on track with Makerspace this term with very keen interest in the Yarn monsters and Felt zombies that the students have really enjoyed making.  

There’s nothing like a bit of hands-on!  Some of them learnt some new skills in threading a needle, making the knot and some simple sewing.  Most of all, they all had fun creating.  We’d previously given out some small, purchased STEAM kits (a vacuum cleaner, water level alarm, kaleidoscope, cross stitch necklaces, felt bag charm) that we hadn’t been able to work with at school, but then restrictions were eased and the students were happy to get into it! 

With only a few more weeks until the end of term, I’m afraid to say we will be joining the supermarkets and celebrating Christmas rather early – we have lots of fun decorations planned over the next few weeks, made from paper, clay & fabric.  Watch this space!


A student asked me if he could take a book from the display to read! Yes, of course!  

I’m only glad that students are attracted to covers and titles.  We change the books on display in Fiction, Picture Books, Graphic novels and Non-fiction regularly, often to fit in with a topic being studied – World War I in picture books for instance, or, as has been happening over the last two weeks, horror, ghosts and the unexplained!    We have a main Halloween display of spooks, zombies and weird things, looked after by some nifty ghosties and spiders (previously made in Makerspace) until Monday.  We also have a trolley with the ‘Pick-a-path,’ ‘You choose’- type books and are highlighting the Dracula, zombie and aliens titles!


Thank you, parents, for keeping our students on their toes and following up with overdue Library books.

Unfortunately, the Juniors haven’t been able to visit the Library as often this year, and any books they borrow tend to be left in lockers and, unbelievably to me at least, in bags – to be touted to and from school unread for weeks!   However, dare I say that last week we had the lowest number of overdues ever. Please reiterate how important it is to keep library books safe and dry, for others to borrow after them.

Janet Cartlidge
Teacher Librarian

College Sport Awards

Last Tuesday we celebrated the sporting achievements of our students over the past 12 months.

With over 100 students and 20 staff enjoying a Subway lunch while we presented our sports award winners for 2021. Students received awards for breaking College Records, South Coast team representation and State team selections along with our sporting teams presenting awards for performances at All Schools Touch, Basketball, Futsal, Oztag, QISSN and Q Cup AFL. Congratulations to all the award recipients and we look forward to celebrating again next year.

AFL – Qld v Tas

After the U17 National AFL Championship was cancelled in June due to COVID, the Queensland U17 Team was able to play a game against Tasmania on 24 September at Yeronga. 
Year 11 student Taine Dawson made his debut for Queensland playing at Centre Half Forward. Unfortunately, the Tassie Devils were too strong for Queensland on the day. Taine will now join the U19 Gold Coast Suns Academy squad for 2022. Congratulations Taine & good luck for 2022!

Queensland Open Water Championships

Year 12 student Olivia Breeze competed in the Queensland Open Water Championships at Coolum on Saturday 16 October.

In the tough 5km event, Olivia claimed the bronze medal and her time has qualified her for nationals. She now goes on to compete at the Australian Open Water Championships in Adelaide in January 2022. Congratulations Olivia and good luck for the nationals in the new year!
Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym:
Trent Balym
Sports Program Leader
View and download Sports Photos

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.

Media Consent

Marymount College collects media consent from parents as their child commences at the College.

This level of consent remains in place whilst the child is enrolled at Marymount College. Parents or guardians can check what level of consent they have provided for their child via the Parent Portal > My Students section.

To change the level of media consent you have provided for your child, email the Student Administration Office via and ask for the form to be resent to you.
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