Friday 24 July 2020 

BCE Listens 2020: Students, parents and staff surveys 

What our staff, parents and students think about our school matters. From Monday 17 August to Monday 31 August, we will engage with our community of staff, parents and students through the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) Listens Survey. Survey findings will be used to inform our school’s future work and improvement journey, as well as the direction of Brisbane Catholic Education. 

What you need to know 

  • To ensure privacy and confidentiality are maintained, an independent survey provider — Australian Survey Research — will conduct the surveys on behalf of our school and Brisbane Catholic Education. 
  • Parents who complete the survey will not be identified when the results are later provided to the school. The school will only receive information based on the collective answers of all parents who participated in the survey. 
  • It is important to note that school leaders and teachers will be able to access individual student survey results. Student’s survey data will be linked to their learning data to improve the understanding of their educational needs. Only students in Year 4 through to 12 will be surveyed, and they will complete the survey at school. 
  • Please be assured that all survey responses are treated confidentially, and all data will be stored securely in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld). No identifying information will be published or released. If you do not wish your child to complete the survey please fill in this short form before Friday 7 August 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Harrison ph 55861 006 or 

As partners in your child’s education, what you think of our school matters. Thank you for supporting our school community with the BCE Listens Survey. 

Class of 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010 Reunion  

If you attended Marymount College as a student or taught here during the last 40, 30, 20 or 10 years you are invited to attend the Class of 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010 Reunion from 3:30pm-6:30pm on Saturday 12 September. 

We are planning to have the event outside on the Franciscan Lawn so there is plenty of space for social distancing. Drinks (Beer, wine, cider and soft drinks) and canapes will be served. 

The last few reunions have had over 120 students attend – teachers who attended will verify that it’s a good afternoon catching up with former students and staff. 

It’s important for our COVID-19 event plan that everyone books and completes their name and details, so we ask you to please use the link below to book for the reunion. Tickets are $30 each. 

BOOK FOR 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010 REUNION

Vale Peter Briggs
Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Peter Briggs who was a teacher at Marymount College from 1977-1987. Peter taught Manual Arts and had been a fitter & turner before he came to teaching mid-career. Mrs Hansen, Mr Reward, Mrs D’Arcy, Mr O’Keefe were some of his colleagues at the time. Peter was a very good teacher, who understood his students, at a time when increasing numbers of students were continuing beyond year Ten. He introduced a fishing club and was instrumental in the bigger task of developing a vocational education and training program. In those early years, students studied for the College Career Training Certificate. Peter was the Coordinator of the CTC Program. These early, school-based, Industrial Trade Skills Programs and Hospitality Courses became the formal Australian Qualifications Framework Courses we offer today. The care, guidance and extra commitment Peter offered to his students is now provided for many more students by our current Manual Arts, Hospitality, Business, Technology, Science and Sport and Recreation Teachers, with the assistance of the VET and Careers Office. Peter was a member of Burleigh Parish and his grandchildren are past students of the College. May he rest in peace.
Year 10 SET Plans for 2021-2022

In Year 10 each student makes a Senior Educational Training (SET) Plan.  The Plan is the student’s pathway and subject choices will help them get to what they want to be doing in 2023.  The best people to share their thinking with is their parents.  They know and understand them.  They know when to ask questions and when to suggest their son or daughter might seek the advice of others—teachers, Academic Coordinators and/or the Careers Office staff.  We are all here to help. Key dates and deadlines are included in the Senior Curriculum and Year 10 sections of this newsletter.

Parent/Teacher Interviews on Teams

Parent/Teacher Interviews will be 1:00pm-6:00pm, Tuesday 4 August. Students will finish school at 12:15pm on this day so that they can get home for their interviews using Teams > Students will join the scheduled teachers Teams meeting at the time their parent has booked the interview.  Good discipline by Parents/Teachers to start and finish on time will be essential.  We will publish protocols to help. This may also test our patience, yet we know it can work quite well and want parents to be able to speak with their child’s teachers.

Improving Writing at Marymount

Today we had GO for Gold with Write That Essay for 60 Year 9 students. This program is part of Write That Essay Professional Development for staff, Sentence Strategies for students and Paragraph Strategies for students.

The starting point for Write That Essay was the Sensational Sentence Strategies for students beginning in 2019.  This complemented the Writing Analysis Tasks (WAT) we have marked each term since 2017. As a result, we aim to have 95% of Year 7-9 students writing short pieces at the benchmark standard by Term 4 this year. In 2019 we had 90% of students achieving at that standard.

GO for Gold aims to lift writing at the top end of the Year 9 group this year as it also increases teachers’ capacity to lift writing standards from the benchmark for all. This focus on writing will cover more year levels and more students because English teachers in Year 9 teach across other year levels. Further, next year’s Write That Essay will involve more teachers.

Chris Noonan



Brisbane Catholic Education will soon release an update in our school accounts system so that fee statements, invoices and receipts will be emailed to each Account Holder where there is joint and several fee responsibility.

The fee statement will be emailed to the email address that the school holds for each account holder. Please ensure the schools has your most current email address. Please contact the school finance office via if you have any queries.

Deputy Principal


A reminder that there are markings placed on the streets leading into the school carpark which clearly indicate the designated lanes for bus entry as well as set down and pick up. We ask parents to adhere to these markings to ensure the safety of our students and for less traffic congestion.

Parents should not use the bus lane to pick up or drop off their child.

Please note - Treetops Shopping Centre and the industrial complex across the road from the College are designated school carpark. Cars that use that area to drop off or pick up students can be fined for doing so.  

Students who ride a bike to school are required to have a chain and lock for security. No bike should be left outside the bike cage and should be secured at all times.

The College rules regarding travel and conduct when travelling to and from school are as follows:
  • No skateboards are allowed
  •  Students riding bikes will obey all traffic laws which include wearing a helmet
  • Students should not ride their bikes in the school premises and bikes to be locked in school bike racks upon arrival
  • There is no eating on buses, no littering on buses and no throwing of rubbish from buses
  • Students must follow the Department of Transport guidelines for bus travel including the payment of fares
  • Students are to crossroads at designated crossings or at traffic lights. Students are to obey the signals and not to cross the road against the lights.
Students and parents are reminded that students are to travel directly to and from school. Please take note of these points as the safety of your child is of great importance.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

Assistant Principal Pastoral

School Policies

I would like to draw your attention to the following school policies.  Students who do not adhere to these policies will be issued with a Uniform detention and if there is a continued breach students will be sent home and asked to return appropriately dressed. Please discuss these policies with your child.
School Uniform

The formal school uniform is to be worn whilst travelling to and from school except on designated sports days.  The sports Jacket is only allowed to be worn on Thursday with the sports uniform.
Skate shoes are not permitted at any time. Skirts must be no shorter than 10cm above the knee

Students are not permitted to have Chewing Gum at school at any time
Jewellery and make-up

Students are not permitted to wear make-up, false eyelashes or false nails of any kind.  The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch, plain cross with an appropriate chain and girls may wear one plain sleeper or stud in each lower ear lobe. Large Jewelled studs or earrings are not permitted.  Clear studs are not permitted.

Hair should be neat, clean and tidy and not be cut in an extreme fashion. Boys hair should be no longer than their collar and girl’s hair should be tied back. Boys are not permitted to have their hair tied back and if clippers are used they should not be below a number three.

Students are expected to be at school at the start of the school day.  If students are late it is expected that they will have a note from their parents/guardians and must sign in at SAO.
Please see the Student Record Book for further information

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Assistant Principal - Senior Curriculum


Parents will be emailed when Semester 1 Reports become available on the Parent Portal during Week 3. You will also receive details for booking a Parent Teacher phone interview.

Please note that reports are available for download from the Parent Portal for two years and are then removed.

Year 10

SET Plan and Subject Selection Process

Senior school news is nearly all about Year 10 and their SET Planning and Subject selection processes, which have begun in earnest.

We ask parents to take particular care that they have all the necessary information and are making all the necessary requirements in order to make these events run smoothly under the current COVID climate restrictions. We have sent out broadcasts, addressed the Year 10 students at assembly and commenced in-depth preliminary processes in their PC lessons this week.

Of particular note:

  • Subject selection general information will be ONLINE ONLY – sent to all families and viewed via the student laptops Microsoft Teams
  • The individual faculty stalls operate in the evening, over an extended period, with compulsory attendance. This is for STUDENTS ONLY.
  • SET Plan interviews will run over the course of the day. Year 10 students do not attend school, except for their interview, with ONE PARENT present only.
  • We need to set the due date for selection input to a day earlier, as our systems are already tight and under pressure.
  • Please check information under Year 10 section of this newsletter for full details on times, dates and booking processes. 

Year 12

In response to the dropping of one of the four assessment items in every General subject, QCAA has announced that, for the final calculation of an ATAR, through QTAC, there will be no adjustment to the worth of the external exams in any subject.

This means, for example, that for a Science subject, where students have completed 2 out of the original 3 Internal Assessments (IAs) the External Exam (EA) still is worth 50% of their overall result. Where the 2 IAs current result is, say 25 out of a possible 30 marks in total, this result will be adjusted to also represent 50% of the overall grade. In English, the EA is still worth 25%. The combination of the two completed IAs will be adjusted to reflect 75%, as a result. There is an understanding that the weighting of the 2 internal IAs in the individual subject may be adjusted, based on the criteria covered, and the criteria not now assessed by the missing third IA in each of those individual subjects.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

“The best laid plans o’ Mice an’ Men  
Gang aft agley 
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’pain  
For promis’d joy.” 
( From Robert Burns To A Mouse) 

In 1875, the  Scottish poet Robbie Burns was ploughing when he disturbed a mouse’s nest...his response to this moment was his poem  To A Mouse. He addresses the little, timid creature reassuring it that he won’t hurt it...the poem tells how vulnerable all of us are, the mouse thought it had everything sorted for the winter and along he comes with his plough whilst the carefully made plans of humans often go wrong...and pain and distress are often the results. Burns told the mouse that he is lucky as he won’t remember past events but humans do and they also worry about the future!  

Of our many disrupted plans for 2020, the wonderful plans for celebrating 175 Years of Catholic Education in Queensland were set aside at the beginning of COVID...but, in this case, and contrary to Burn’s view, we will remember and honour this milestone this coming week, 25-31 July, with great joy and wonder at what has been achieved. The mouse teaches us to be in the moment. Those who’ve gone before us and given Australia this wonderful legacy kept going through challenges we can’t imagine in our 21st-century lives but we can take leaves from the book of their stories that all things are possible when we place our faith in God and work as hard as we can to make things happen.  
The prayer below is a Collect from one of the Masses to be celebrated during the 175 Anniversary celebrations. It is utterly relevant to our lives at present.  
O God, protector of those who hope in you, Without whom nothing has a firm foundation, nothing is holy, bestow in abundance your mercy upon us and grant that, with you as our ruler and guide, we may use the good things that pass in such a way as to hold fast even now to those that ever endure. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. 
 Year 11 Retreat
The plans for Year 11 Retreat are well in hand. Most parents have responded to the permission request letter sent out last week.  If you haven’t already done so, could you please respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the Retreat, please call or email me.  

Rosies Appeal

The Interact Group are presently leading an appeal for used backpacks for Rosies. If you have any old spare ones they will be very gratefully received by Rosies homeless clients.  

Dolores Maitland

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We are beginning an exciting project in Year 10 Business.

At Marymount College, we use the teaching method of Project-Based Learning (PBL) to help students learn more effectively. A project motivates students to gain knowledge, and they remember it longer. Projects give students the chance to apply the skills they learn in school to personally relevant and real-world situations. Your child also learns skills in PBL such as how to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, and make presentations. These skills will help students succeed in the future, both in school and in today’s work world.

Future Anything - The creation of a social enterprise

Our project is called Future Anything - The creation of a social enterprise and will last the duration of Term 3. Students will learn about different business structures and fundamentals for creating a product to take to the market. The ‘brief’ is that their business must operate as a social enterprise, with a product or service which helps raise awareness of a social issue.
At the end of the project, students will share their work publicly with members of the school community. Details of the showcase event will be provided towards the end of the term.


Students will be assessed individually in the project, based on the knowledge they gain and the skills they demonstrate. In terms of the business and product/service they create, the task is to create a trade display and present a pitch to potential investors, much like the TV show, Shark Tank.  The link to the Future Anything program is


We are seeking sponsors who can donate prizes that can be awarded to the top-performing business creations. If you can assist, please contact me via email or phone the College. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this project.
Simon Rezo
Business Coordinator



Year 9 

This term Year 9 science students are learning about the natural world-focussing on ecosystems, species interactions and adaptations.  

At Marymount College, we are lucky to have a well-established forest ecosystem in our backyard. Students have been observing the species found in the forest, their adaptations to this environment, as well as any challenges organisms face for survival. Students were also able to compare the established forest with a rehabilitated area. This unit allows students to have a greater understanding of the natural world around them.  We are also looking forward to a visit from the staff and animals from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in the coming weeks.

Tegan Crawford
Science Teacher

Vocational Education & Careers

Term 3 Week 4 is shaping up as very exciting for Year 11 and 12 students.  Pop-up lunchtime presentations will be held in the Year 12 lunch area featuring representatives from the following institutions:
  • Monday 3 August  Southern Cross University
  • Tuesday 4 August  Bond University
  • Wednesday 5 August  Australian Defence Force
  • Thursday 6 August Griffith University
Students will be provided with face-to-face guidance and provided with up-to-date details on topics including admissions, scholarships, early entry programs, support services etc. This program has been tailored specifically towards Marymount College students, and we strongly encourage them to take part.

  • TAFE Queensland offers practical diploma courses, commencing Semester 1, 2021. 
  • The Direct Entry program is designed to acknowledge Gold Coast students’ commitment to their high school vocational studies and provide the opportunity to secure an early placement prior to graduation. 
  • A diploma-level qualification enables individuals to undertake advanced skilled or paraprofessional work or pathway to further study (in most cases articulating into university degree entry). 
  • TAFE representatives presented to our Year 12 Non-ATAR students (and any other students interested) this week regarding this program and the application process. 
  • Applications are currently open via (closing on Friday 14 August 2020). NOTE: Scholarships are offered and we encourage students to visit
  • Individual student support with the application process is available through the Marymount College Careers Centre.  If students or parents are unsure regarding the articulation from TAFE to Uni or into the workforce,  please contact the Marymount College Careers Centre for support.
  • Last term, all Year 12 students were provided the 2021 QTAC Guide and viewed a 45 minute presentation on how to navigate the guide. 
  • Students and parents have been forwarded a link to a pre-recorded Applying to QTAC 2020 presentation. 
  • We recommend students and parents attend the QTAC Zoom Presentation on Thursday 13 August 2020 at 6:30pm. The link to this presentation will be advised closer to the date.
  • We understand that now more than ever, support in terms of this process may be required.  Please contact the Marymount College Careers Centre if you require further assistance.  
  • Registrations are now open for the Bond University virtual day on Saturday 25 July 2020 from 12.00pm – 4.00pm. Bond’s campus, facilities and courses will be on display.  From Criminology to the Bond Elite Sport Program, and Actuarial Science to Medicine, you can choose what you watch. 
  • Register 
  • Bond University offers one of Australia’s most generous scholarship programs including full-fee and part-fee scholarships.  Applications are now open - check your eligibility

This year, Griffith University are doing Open Day differently. To give future students a flexible way to make important decisions about study, Griffith has created a Virtual Open House. 
  • This is an online event that will run from Tuesday 14 July 2020 to Thursday 1 October 2020 so that students can explore 24/7 from their own home. 
  • Over 12 weeks, students can discover the 200+ degrees and support services and get all the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. 
Students will have access to:
  • Dynamic virtual study booths
  • On-demand presentations and videos
  • Spotlight weeks, highlighting a specific study area
  • GriffithLIVE sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 4.00pm – 6.00pm, featuring one-on-one chats with study area experts, live webinars, virtual classes, and more.
  • Register for Virtual Open House and to receive the full event schedule at:
  • Griffith University has more than 600 scholarships that help make university a reality for a variety of students.  A student may be eligible based on their background, chosen study area, hardships experienced, or achievements so far.  Applying for a Griffith Uni Scholarship is free and simple.  Students can apply for multiple scholarships with just the one application form. 
  • Scholarship applications are now open.  For full details on how to apply and the scholarships available, visit

What you’ll experience at UQ Open Day:
  • Chat one-on-one with our passionate, engaging lecturers.
  • Get Exclusive Information about your preferred programs.
  • Find out from our students what it’s really like to study at UQ.
  • Explore our outstanding learning facilities through virtual tours.
  • Attend live sessions such as How to choose the right career.
  • Visit:
  • Over a series of weekends, students can virtually visit the campus, hear from academics, chat to ACU current students and participate in live Q&A webinars to have their questions answered. 
Virtual Open Dates:
  • Saturday 29 August 9.00am – 3.00pm
  • Saturday 5 September 9.00am – 3.00pm
  • Saturday 12 September 9.00am – 3.00pm
  • Further information and Registration 
  • Capped guided visits of the ACU campus are recommencing.  This is a great opportunity to view the campus and check out the facilities whilst remaining Covid-19 safe.  Book guided tour
  • A new Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) degree is being offered at the North Sydney Campus. An exceptionally generous scholarship opportunity is in place for this program which includes 30 scholarships valued at $30,000.00 per year ($90,000.00 total) across the duration of the degree.  
  • Advance Queensland – TAFE Queensland Indigenous Pathways Scholarships are access and equity scholarships.  They are available to support Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students undertaking science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) programs. 
  • They are awarded across a wide range of industry areas to students who can demonstrate a genuine interest in and commitment to their chosen careers. 
  •  List of eligible courses 
  • DFR will be visiting our Year 12 area during the lunch break on Wednesday 5 August.  Year 12 and Year 11 students interested in Defence opportunities will be welcome to gain face-to-face guidance from Defence members during that break. 
  • For students interested in pursuing a career in the creative industries, visit the Open Day Facebook group, which showcases campus tours, discipline information, alumni talks and student Q&A’s
  • Access at Virtual Open Day Facebook group and hitting the request to join button
  • SAE has created a 360 Virtual Tour of the SAE experience
Visit website for School Based Traineeship Opportunities

Heads of Year

Year 12

A big welcome back to our Year 12 students for the beginning of their final semester at Marymount College. It has been great to reconnect with the students on their return and to see them get back down to their core business - being a learner. 

The message has been consistent and clear from all of their teachers, they need to stay focused and organised as they continue with Unit 4, but they also need to be constantly revising their Unit 3 work, as well as the content already covered in Unit 4. It will take commitment, persistence and dedication, as well as the constant support provided from their teachers and their parents and caregivers.

Mock Exams

For our General students, the mock exams in Week 8 are the point at which they should have revised all of the topics for their subjects, to give those exams their best effort. The results from these exams will provide invaluable insights into how they are progressing with their learning. Strengths that are identified can then be consolidated, whilst weaknesses in their knowledge can be worked on in the lead up to the External Exams which commence in Week 4 of Term 4.

Information Sessions

This term will also see information sessions regarding options for next year. QTAC and TAFE presentations are booked in and email communication is constant regarding University Open Days and other opportunities for life after school. We encourage students to read and consider all of these options, and for parents and caregivers to ask questions of their sons and daughters to help plan for what comes next.

College Events

Whilst there is a clear focus on academic outcomes, the easing of restrictions means that the seniors get to look forward to celebrating some important days in the College calendar. Marymount Day and the Athletics Carnival in Week 9 will be a great chance for the students to come together and lead the way as part of our community. We look forward to these events later in the term.

It promises to be a jam-packed term and we look forward to the Year 12s setting the standard for the College community with their involvement, attitude and conduct.

Matt Carroll & Irene Scott
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11

Year 10

Subject Selection Process

Due to COVID-19 Government requirements, the format for this year has been adjusted and parent/visitor access to school grounds is restricted. Please note the details for Year 10 SET Planning and Year 11 2021 Subject selection process. We have sent out broadcasts, addressed the Year 10 students and commenced in-depth preliminary processes in PC lessons this week in readiness.

Thursday 23 July

  • Year 11 Subject Selection Booklet distributed to students during the pastoral lesson

Friday 24 July

  • Subject Selection/SET Plan PowerPoint presentation ONLINE via Microsoft Teams
  • Students to access the presentation on their school MacBook and view with parents at home
  • Overview of Senior schooling; QTAC; QCAA processes; VET programs; ATAR calculations etc.

Monday 27 July

  • 6:00am Subject Selection ONLINE (SSO) SET Planning opens
  • SSO Log in details will be emailed Thursday 23 July
  • 5:30pm – 7:00pm Subject Stall Presentations DOYLE CENTRE
  • Prepare specific Subject questions with parents in advance
  • Compulsory attendance for STUDENTS (in formal school uniform)
  • NO ACCESS for adults (COVID-19 Restrictions). Please remain in your car and do not enter school grounds.

Monday 3 August

  • SET Plan Interviews 9:00am-3:30pm DOYLE CENTRE
  • Year 10 students are not required at school (except for interviews)
  • Students attend in formal school uniform
  • Limit of ONE ADULT permitted to attend the interview. Please arrive five minutes early to check-in and use hand sanitizer.
  • Please bring a printed copy of SET Plan to interview

Friday 7 August 3:00pm

  • Subject Selection ONLINE (SSO) SET Planning closes

This process is to provide students and parents with the information required to make senior subject decisions.  We understand parents will have questions and we encourage you to view the information provided in the booklet and presentation and to complete the SET Plan process together. Preparing a list of questions for your child to bring to the Stall Presentations would be helpful. Please contact Administration Secretary Rachel Campbell if you have any queries regarding this process.

Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10

Year 9

Year 9 students have settled back well into Term 3 as they continue to grow and mature.

With many sports and school activities restarting - it is great to hear a buzz around the school. Thursday sport was a great success last week and we congratulate all Year 9 students who had a go at either Vortex or Touch Football. With Marymount Day, Cross Country and the Sports Carnival all happening this term, there is a lot to be excited about.
Record Books

We ask that all parents continue to check their son or daughters record book each week. It is a great tool for checking homework or if there are any teacher concerns. There have been a number of students coming to school without their record book or leaving it in their locker and not taking it to class. We ask that students purchase a new record book from the Bookshop if they no longer have one.

Year 9 Pastoral teachers and the IT Department have been checking Year 9 student laptops. If your son/daughter has anything broken or damaged on their laptop or laptop bag, they must come and see the IT Department. Sometimes it is a quick fix.
Year 9 Basketball

As the outdoor basketball courts are no longer in use (due to damaged surface), it was decided at our Pastoral Class Meeting that each year level would be able to use the Doyle Centre Courts to play Basketball at lunch one day a week. Year 9 has been given Tuesday lunch to play in the Doyle Centre. Students can only be in the Doyle Centre with the right shoes (sport shoes), no food and if they are playing (not just watching). Heads of Year will supervise.
We encourage all Year 9 students to continue working hard and caring for each other this term. Although this year has offered challenges, we have seen some wonderful leadership amongst the year level.

Thank you

We would finally like to say a big thank you to Mr Geyer’s ASP Rugby League class for taking care of the Year 9 locker area and cleaning up every day without being asked. You are great young men – well done!

Nicky Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9

Year 8

Year Level Assemblies

Year 8 Assemblies have moved to Wednesday mornings outside M Block, students are reminded to collect their books from their locker and move down swiftly for pastoral care.

Marymount College is a Safe Place

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke and women, of course. We remind our Year 8 students that we are to care for each other and look after one another. We have spoken recently about the importance of the bystander and to speak up to adults if you see behaviour that is not becoming of a Marymount student. 

STAC Cup - Talent Show

This Friday lunchtime will be a great showcase of the talents of our Year 8 students. From dance routines to magic shows, we are all excited to see who the winner will be. This will be announced at our next assembly.   

Shout out time

Calling on all parents and caregivers, please email through any achievements your sons or daughters have received outside of the College. We would love to share some great stories each week of our fantastic Year 8 students. Please email, we look forward to hearing your stories and pictures too. 

Peter Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 7

The Year 7s have started Term 3 with a renewed energy and drive.

Teachers have been impressed with how well they have settled back into the classroom, and ready to start a fresh term, hopefully without any disruptions.

Late last term Year 7s, within their pastoral classes, voted for who they wanted to represent their class in year group meetings.
Below are the list of successful students:

Year 7 Pastoral Representatives
  • 07AA: Kate Eddy & Xavier Joseph
  • 07AB: Meka Norton & Bryon Robinson-Goulett
  • 07BD: Alia Lys Mauleon & Cooper Girgis
  • 07BE: Ruby Stenhouse & Wynesian Patelesio-Faamausili
  • 07KG: Rhianna Smith & Joshua Goldfinch
  • 07KH: Addison Cosgrove & Harry Campbell
  • 07PI: Summer Crematy & William Scott
  • 07PJ: Lena Joy Puze & Alex Bray
  • 07MM: Olivia Walker-Munro & Thomas Touzell
These students will meet once a fortnight with the Year 7 STAC representatives, Cooper Sankey and Poppy Lea, to discuss Year 7 matters and work together to improve the grade. Any issues that students within each class have, their first point of contact is their pastoral representative to then take that concern to their meetings.

We look forward to another great term with the year group.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7

Student Protection Contacts

If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral



With Queensland School Sport has approving some sports to hold State Championships in 2020, there will be some District and/or Regional trials coming up next term. Please read below carefully to ensure you are prepared for nominations in your sport. 

Students wishing to nominate in any of the sports listed MUST see Mr Balym in his office either before school or during pastoral group to register and collect forms. Those forms need to be taken home, signed and returned by the due date. If the forms aren’t returned by the due date then you won’t be nominated to attend the trial. 
The following sports have forms ready for collection:
  • 10-12yr Girls Cricket – Nominations due 24 July 
  • 13-15yr Girls Cricket – Nominations due 24 July
  • 10-12yr Girls Softball – Nominations due 24 July  
The following sports will be held, but there are no forms ready yet. Stay tuned for when the forms are available:
  • 13-15yr Girls Basketball – Nominations due 13 August – No forms ready yet
  • 13-15yr Boys Basketball – Nominations due 13 August – No forms ready yet
  • 13-15yr Boys Cricket – Nominations due 28 August – No forms ready yet
  • Aquathon – no date yet – No forms ready yet 
  • Triathlon – no date yet – No forms ready yet 
No other sports will have District, Regional or State events in 2020 – this includes Cross Country and Track & Field.

College Cross Country

We are holding our Cross Country event on Thursday Week 6 for our competitive runners. This will be held in the morning and allow us to crown our age champions for 2020. Students interested in running will need to nominate via the email that will be sent out to them in Week 3. Due to current restrictions we will not be allowing spectators at the event. 

College Track & Field Carnival

Our College Track & Field carnival is being held in Week 9 – Friday 11 September. Students have already had the chance to nominate for events via an email sent out to them all this week. For events where we have more nominations than spots to compete on the day, we will be holding trials to find those who will advance to the carnival day. For many events, parental permission is required, and an email will be sent out to the parents of those students wishing to compete in those events. Please ensure you action the electronic permission form or your child will not be allowed to compete. Due to current restrictions, we will not be allowing spectators at the event.

Term 3 Sport

This term our students in Years 7 – 9 are involved in intraschool sports on a Thursday afternoon. They are competing in their Pastoral Groups in a variety of different sports to find the Champion Pastoral Group for their year level and the Overall Champion House. Students will rotate sports each week.

Week 1 Results:
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9
Vortex End Zone

Week 2 Results
  Yr 7
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 9
Vortex End Zone Volley

Griffith Sports College

This year, we're doing Open Day differently. To give future students a flexible way to make important decisions about study, we’ve created Virtual Open House. It’s an online event that will run from 14 July to 1 October that students can explore 24/7 from their own home.

Over 12 weeks, students can discover our 200+ degrees and support services and get all the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. Students can explore:
  • Dynamic virtual study booths
  • On-demand presentations and videos
  • Spotlight weeks, highlighting a specific study area
  • GriffithLIVE sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm, featuring one-on-one chats with study area experts, live webinars, virtual classes, and more
» Register for Virtual Open House to stay up-to-date with the full event schedule:
This is great starting point for any elite athletes looking to study at university in 2021 or 2022.

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader

Online Uniform Shop

  1. Access via Parent Portal or BCE Connect App
  2. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  4. Select the date for your order
  5. Choose items and sizes from the menu
  6. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
  7. Your order will be ready for a student to collect from Uniform Shop on the day selected (We request that parents do not enter school grounds due to COVID-19)
Term 3 Hours: 8:00am-1:00pm Monday-Thursday
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