Friday 05 February 2021 
Welcome to All

We welcome 257 Year 7 students and a further 25 new students across Year 8 to 12 to the College as we welcome all of the 1,378 students for 2021. Teaching staff has increased to 101 FTE. With job share and part-time arrangements included, we have a total of 108 teachers on staff. Major building works will commence in Term 2, as we prepare for continuing enrolment growth. This will also include some refurbishment work, infrastructure and the development of new covered tennis and basketball courts to replace the existing open courts.
2021 College Enrolment 5/02/21
Year 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total
Enrolment 257 258 232 229 210 192 1378

P&F Meeting 6:00pm Tuesday 9 February - Library

Grace McLintock, the President, will welcome new Year 7 Parents at the Parent Night on Monday. With Sarah Price – Secretary, Nicole Modini – Treasurer and the new 2021 Committee, Grace would be very happy to see new faces—and old—to start P&F meetings for 2021 on Tuesday evening. These meetings are kept to time by Grace and provide a forum for discussion, opportunity to raise concerns and direct access to the Principal and Senior Leadership. The P&F assists the College and provides support and guidance as leadership makes decisions affecting College students throughout the year.

We welcome new teaching staff to the College
  • Martin Fairweather – Science, Aquatic Prac         
  • Lucy Harris – English, Humanities
  • Kristy Guthrie – PE, Humanities                                 
  • Lauren Woodrow - Mathematics
  • Jack Mitchell - English                                                    
  • Samantha Pearce - Science, Chemistry
  • Jemma Peterswald - Legal Studies, Humanities
We welcome new School Officers
  • Naomi Carter – Admin Secretarial part-time        
  • Denise Jones – Uniform Shop                     
  • Melanie Kime – Finance Officer – Debtors            
  • Katie Fiebig – Secretarial – Relief
  • Kim Lee – Secretarial Relief
Our Appreciation to Parents and Staff for a Great Start

Thank you to new parents for enrolling your sons and daughters; to all parents, new and old, who ensured their sons and daughters were ready and well presented as they started the year. Thanks also to parents and students who responded so positively when challenged for their presentation. (A reminder to attend especially well-presented in the coming week as there are Photos for Year 12 on Monday 8 February and for Years 7 to 11 on Wednesday 10 February. These photos are purchased by families and the class and individual photos are used
for the College Magazine.)

Thanks to our grounds and facilities staff for: repairs and maintenance, gardening and mowing, painting and paving, replacing furniture and fixtures; restoring the ‘Franciscan Lawns’ for Year 7 and 8 and the slowly emerging new covered seating; moving furniture, setting up rooms, the library and the Doyle Centre and being so positive in your work for students and staff.

Thanks to the Uniform Shop Team, in November last year and before school resumed this year; to the Book Shop Team for receiving, cleaning, repairing books returned; and for ensuring distribution of textbooks to students in the week prior to school commencing.

Thanks to the IT Support Team for cleaning up and packaging the old laptops for resale to keep the IT Levy down and for ensuring laptops have been ready for students for ‘Out of the Box’ days for Year 10 this past week and Year 7 in the coming week.

Thanks in particular to Deputy, Geoff Browne, assisted by Assistant Principals, Katrina Nicholson and Peter Shaw, for ensuring class allocations, staff and student timetables; to the Business Manager for leading with planning for the proposed building works and, with the finance staff, for end of year closing Financials for 2020 and budgeting to support all operations for 2021. Thanks also to the College Leadership Team for leading the staffing, organisation and administration necessary to enable staff and students to bring the College back to life for 2021.   

Opening Liturgy This Tuesday

We regret that COVID-safe planning has precluded parent attendance at the Opening Liturgy for 2021. Usually, parents of Senior Leaders attend as their sons and daughters are invested as College Leaders. Year 7 parents also attend as the Year 7s are welcomed and presented with the Franciscan Tau to wear as a reminder of St Francis of Assisi’s message of humility, simplicity and love, conveyed so thoroughly in The Peace Prayer that they are now learning. Padre Morgan Batt will preside. We are most appreciative of the support that Padre and Assistant Pastor, Father Jacob, give to the College. Their presence across the Year 12 College Retreats this past week required careful planning as they manage the Burleigh Parish, the Parish with the largest population in Australia.
Senior Outcomes 2020

With the ATAR data, it is not as easy to convey the outcomes for our 2020 Seniors. Fortunately, most students gave permission so that the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority could share their results with us. As a result, we have preliminary comparative data to share. We will look to establish how we can build on this as we present to parents of Year 10, 11 and 12 students this year and in coming years. For now, our estimates of the percentage of students achieving ATARs equivalent to an OP 1 to 5 and 1 to 15, compared to the last two years, indicates that our students have done well overall.

We are also able to announce the College Dux for 2020 was Vinh Nuygen. Vinh will return to be presented with the P&F Award for College Dux at a College Assembly in the coming weeks.
ATAR 2020 OP 2019 2020
99.95 to 91.15 18% 1 - 5 16.4% 19.2%
99.95 to 62.55 90% 1 - 15 89.0% 89.7%
Policies for Parents, Guardians and Students

Here are a number of important BCE policies to help protect the safety and well-being of students that parents need to know about. Should the need arise the links to these policies are also easily accessible on the College website at the BCE Policies tab. The following College Policies are located on the website under the Our College tab, then Policies. Student Protection Contacts

Student safety is everybody's business. If you have a student protection concern, please contact one of the Student Protection Contact Officers listed below who can assist you. You may reach them by calling the school office or through the email listed in the Staff Directory on the Parent Portal.
  • Dr Angela Jeffery - Guidance Counsellor
  • Heather Clark - Guidance Counsellor
  • Madeline Stainsby - Guidance Counsellor
  • Chris Noonan - Principal
  • Geoff Browne - Deputy Principal
  • Vivian Savage - Assistant Principal Pastoral
Chris Noonan
Printed calendars have been distributed to all students

School Photos

School Photos are being taken next week on the following dates:
  • Monday 8 February: Staff, Year 12, and Primary ONLY siblings
  • Tuesday 9 February: Primary School 
  • Wednesday 10 February: Year 7-11
  • Friday 12 February: Catch-Up and College Siblings
•    Formal uniform must be worn for all photos. 
•    Boys in Year 10-12 are required to wear the school tie for photos. 
•    Please refer to the College Uniform Policy for expectations regarding hair, jewellery, and make-up.

  • All orders are online via the website:
  • Students school ID number is required to order.  (this has been emailed to all parents)
  • Orders placed after midnight Friday 26 February will automatically incur an admin fee of $18.
Sibling Orders
  • Sibling orders MUST be placed by midnight Wednesday 10 February
  • Please check that the correct sibling photo pack has been selected.
  • Payment methods available: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • All photos are delivered to the school and distributed to students approximately 8 weeks from photo day.
  • If you would prefer to collect your photos from the College Reception, please enter your details here
Please contact if you have any queries regarding school photos.

Week 3



School Photos (Staff & Year 12)
6:30pm Year 7 Laptop Information Evening (Doyle Centre)


6:00pm P&F Meeting (Library)


School Photos (Year 7-11)
6:00pm Year 11 Information Evening (Doyle Centre)


Year 7 'Out of the Box' Day
AGCC Sport Trials

FRIDAY 12/02

School Photos (Catch-up and Sibling Photos)
St Valentine's Day Celebration
Marymount Bob Yarning Circle


Principal's Tours (Bookings Essential)

Week 4


MONDAY 15/02

Oceanic Swimming Carnival (Somerset)


Opening Liturgy
Shrove Tuesday


Ash Wednesday
Year 12 Marine Science Camp (North Keppel Island)


Year 12 Marine Science Camp (North Keppel Island)
AGCC Sport Trials
Year 11 VET Induction (P4)

FRIDAY 19/02

School Photos (Catch-up and Sibling Photos)
Peer Support Badge Ceremony


2021 Sacramental Program

Families with children, who are baptised Catholic and in the Year 4 age group and older, are invited to attend a Parent Information and Enrolment Session to register for the three Sacraments of Penance, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.  

Please attend one Parent Information and Enrolment Session on Wednesday 17 February 2021 at either 3:30pm or 5:30pm in Mary Mother of Mercy Church, Sunlight Drive, Burleigh Waters.  Enrolments will be accepted on this day. Please register your attendance for the Parent Information and Enrolment Session 

Enrolled families will commence preparation for Penance during Mass on the weekend of 27th and 28th February with the presentation of the Penitential Rite and Sacramental sashes, and preparation will commence online in the week following.

Can you assist?  We are looking for anyone who would like to help with the administration on Enrolment Day.  

Angela Williams
Burleigh Heads Parish Sacramental Coordinator  

Ash Wednesday Masses

  • 7:30am Mary, MOther of Merch Church, Burleigh Waters (School Leaders)
  • 5:30pm OL Way, Palm Beach
  • 7:00pm Infant Saviour, Burleigh Heads

Children's Mass

Mass will be a specifically dedicated Children's Mass and Liturgy every fourth Sunday of the Month at 10:00am in the Mary, Mother of Mercy Church, Burleigh Waters. Readings and Homily will be for the children.

If any children would like to be part of this new adventure as readers and ministers please contact the Parish Office. We are also looking for an adult to be the Coordinator of this Mass once a month – please contact the Parish to register your interest.

Padre Morgan Batt
Parish Priest


A reminder that there are markings placed on the streets leading into the school carpark which clearly indicate the designated lanes for bus entry as well as set down and pick up. We ask parents to adhere to these markings to ensure the safety of our students and for less traffic congestion.

Parents should not use the bus lane to pick up or drop off their child.

Please note - Treetops Shopping Centre and the industrial complex across the road from the College are NOT a designated school carpark. Cars that use that area to drop off or pick up students can be fined for doing so.  

Students who ride a bike to school are required to have a chain and lock for security. No bike should be left outside the bike cage and should be secured at all times.

The College rules regarding travel and conduct when travelling to and from school are as follows:
  • No skateboards are allowed
  • Students riding bikes will obey all traffic laws which include wearing a helmet
  • Students should not ride their bikes in the school premises and bikes to be locked in school bike racks upon arrival
  • There is no eating on buses, no littering on buses and no throwing of rubbish from buses
  • Students must follow the Department of Transport guidelines for bus travel including the payment of fares
  • Students are to crossroads at designated crossings or at traffic lights. Students are to obey the signals and not to cross the road against the lights.
Students and parents are reminded that students are to travel directly to and from school. Please take note of these points as the safety of your child is of great importance.

Geoff Browne
Deputy Principal

SPECIAL REPORT: Starting Year 7

Starting Year 7 poses many new challenges, but also offers exciting opportunities. It comes with a number of mixed feelings. Unfortunately for many Year 6 students, 2020 was marred with school closures and remote learning due to the pandemic and the overall impact of this is still unknown.

For many students regular orientation activities at the end of 2020 were less than ideal. Therefore, many students may be feeling a little bit more anxious than usual about their expectations of starting Year 7. Grasping new skills and establishing new study practices can quickly become daunting and overwhelming.

During this time of transition, parents and carers need to be supportive, but also realistic in their expectations. This is an important milestone in your child’s life. There will be feelings of exhilaration, but also the fear of the unknown. Therefore, it will be important for parents and carers to be vigilant in monitoring their child’s mood and mental health during this time. They could easily become overly anxious or even depressed.

In this Special Report, there are a number of strategies offered that can make this transition period smoother and start things off on the right foot! We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. 

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Vivian Savage
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Medical Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your child whilst at Marymount College, if you identify that your child has a medical or health condition, could you please download and complete the relevant medical forms from the Medical Forms page on the College website.

It is a Brisbane Catholic Education requirement that all student medical information is updated each year. 

Please return the signed forms with their labelled medication if required as soon as possible.

Uniform Shop

Save time and purchase uniforms online.

Parents are able to access this feature via the Parent Portal.
  1. Select the icon 'Uniform Shop' with the shopping trolley icon. This will direct you to our online uniform shop. View Parent Sign Up for the Marymount College Online Shop for instructions. 
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account including linking your child/ren
  3. Select the date you want uniforms prepared by 
  4. Choose items and sizes from the menus
  5. Review your cart and make payment with debit/credit card
Your order will be prepared and you will receive an email when it is ready to collect (pickup available Monday - Thursday) 

Senior Curriculum

It has been delightful to see the students return to school, ready to learn and in something of a normal environment. 

Year 12

We presented to Year 12 parents and carers an information session this week, and let them know about our 2020 results and some comparative data. Year 12 are halfway through their Unit 3 work in General subjects and underway for Applied and VET subjects in Unit 3 as well. Their Interim report will be delayed until the end of the Unit in early Term 2 so that we can give an accurate record of Unit 3 provisional results. Units 3 & 4 are considered combined units, as the ATAR assessment regime of three internal assessment tasks and one external exam covers off on the whole of the Year 12 work. 

Year 11

We will meet with parents of Year 11 students next week at 6:00pm Wednesday 11 February. The information presented will include reminders of the QCE system, as well as a pastoral approach to dealing with students commencing their Senior years. It is exciting to see them commence their Senior studies and with luck, have them run through a complete and uninterrupted two years of schooling.

Year 10

I spoke to the Year 10 cohort on their first day and set the standard with them on our expectations for their studies in their Transition year into the Senior school.

Of most importance is the need to meet our minimum standard prerequisite requirements by the end of Semester 1 in order to commence the SET Planning and subject selection process for their Year 11 and 12 course of study. An early review of our 2020 Year 12 data indicates very few poor results. One comparison has us suggesting that 90% of the ATAR eligible students received an ATAR equivalent to an OP of 1–15; meaning nearly every student was at the average or above. We put this down, in some capacity, to students making the right choices and working hard in Year 10 to achieve the right to access their ATAR linked General subjects. Further information will be provided at the Year 10 Information Night 6:00pm Monday 22 February.  An email with details will be sent next week.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum

Junior Curriculum

Welcome back to school routine!  

I hope you all had a happy and safe break with your family. As always it has been wonderful seeing all the students return to school with a smile on their face. By now students should be settled in their classes and starting to get homework at night. To help them with organisation the electronic calendar for assessment will be finalised by the end of Week 3 and visible on the student and parent portal. This is a live system and students will only see the assessment for their subjects.
Year 7 Information Night

I look forward to your attendance next Monday at our Information Evening. Important information regarding our MacBook program will be presented along with our Academic and Pastoral Program. Although there won’t be an opportunity to talk at length to your child’s pastoral teacher you will be able to meet them briefly when you arrive and put a face to the name. Please note students are required to wear the formal school uniform.

Year 8 & 9
Information regarding the Year 8 & 9 Information Evening will be distributed via email in the coming weeks.
Enjoy the weekend.
Katrina Nicholson
Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum

The Reading Writing Connection

As we begin the new year, I would like to highlight the importance of supporting your child with reading at home. Often, by the time students reach high school, reading slips further down the list of priorities, yet the complexity of the texts that students are expected to comprehend increases.
Over the past five years, our school has focussed on the improvement of writing and teachers have worked hard to ensure that students are able to communicate their knowledge clearly. We now find that we have a large number of students who can write satisfactorily and are ready to progress to become effective, powerful writers. This is where we need the help of parents because ‘great writing is the product of great reading’ (Pearsall, 2014).
Curriculum demands that students have an understanding of the world beyond what they experience on a daily basis. Regular reading allows them to experience worlds and perspectives they would not normally have the chance to. I love to use the example of Harry Potter. I will never know the feeling of finding out I am a wizard, of riding on a broom or fighting the darkest wizard in history. But by reading the novels, I can experience this through the words of JK Rowling.  
Regular reading is exercise for the mind, as ‘critical reading is a complex, high-order skill’ (Pearsall, 2014). It is crucial in helping students increase their vocabulary as they ‘can expect to encounter approximately 150,000 different words over their school careers’ (Hiebert, 2020).
In our busyness, it is easy to overlook the importance of reading, but I encourage parents to support their children (and young adults) to read for 10 minutes each weeknight before bed. The benefits are innumerable, and your child’s teachers will be eternally grateful!     
Tabitha Norton
Head of Teaching and Learning- Literacy and Pedagogy
Year 12 students have been on Retreat this week at Tamborine Mountain, Evans Head NSW, Boonah, and Natural Bridge. We look forward to their return this afternoon. The above photos were taken by Mr Steve O'Keefe early this morning at Evans Head. 

Thank you to parents who attended the Year 12 Information Evening on Monday Night. The presentation is now available on the Parent Portal and BCE Connect App.

Cathy Cooper & Nigel Ward
Head and Assistant Head of Year 12
A big welcome back to our Year 11s for 2021!

The year promises to be filled with excitement and opportunity, and we hope our students are ready to embrace all it has to offer. They have been encouraged to ‘click’ into the learning and focus mode, as quickly as they can, to enhance their capacity to achieve the best results possible. We welcomed seven new students in Year 11 this year. We wish them well in a smooth transition to our College.

Peer Mentors

Already Year 11s have led the way; on our first day back, 111 of our students acted as Peer Mentors for the incoming Year 7s. This is the largest peer mentor contingent we’ve ever had, comprising more than half of the entire Year 11 cohort! They played an integral role in settling the younger students - assisting with understanding new timetables, locating lockers and operating their locks. We extend our thanks to all our Peer Mentors who did a tremendous job to ensure our juniors felt the warmth of the Marymount community. 

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival, held at Palm Beach Aquatic Centre, provided the opportunity for Year 11s great participation in the pool, as well as a demonstration of their tremendous enthusiasm and spirit. A key focus for them this year is to become involved, active members in a range of extra-curricular activities within the Marymount Community. The swimming carnival was a pleasing first step in bringing this focus to life.

School Photos

Next week, School photos will be taken on Wednesday 10 February. We ask that our Year 11 students pay particular attention to the College’s uniform policy. A reminder for girls to please have correct hair ties and appropriate jewellery. All boys need to ensure they are clean-shaven and wear their ties for the photos.

We are very much looking forward to getting to know the cohort and embarking on an extremely rewarding year ahead.

Matt Carroll & Hannah Richardson
Head and Assistant Head of Year 11
Welcome to all our new and continuing students in the Year 10 cohort. It has been an excellent start to 2021. 

Year 10 Students participated well at the recent Marymount Swimming carnival. We appreciate your attendance and team spirit on the Day. 

Students are involved during the next few weeks in the nomination, speeches and voting process for Class reps and STAC reps. We look forward to working with our new representatives at our fortnight meetings, STAC meetings and school ventures once this process has been completed. 

Upcoming Events:
  • Year 10 Parent Information Evening – Monday 22 February 6:00pm Doyle Centre
  • Year 10 Reflection Day Week 6 – Wednesday 3 March Bond University
  • Out of the Box Day
  • All Year 10 students have been issued with a new computer on Tuesday 2 February 2021. This process can take some time, however, all students managed this extremely well.
  • All students must have a bucket hat to be worn at Recess and Lunch breaks
  • Students are to ensure that they are adhering to the uniform policy, especially for hair, jewellery and makeup 
  • Ensure positive interactions with staff and students to build rapport
  • Every student must use the Marymount school bag
Kevin Cornor & Belinda Faulks
Head and Assistant Head of Year 10
Year 9 Information Evening Monday 1 March
Information regarding this Information Evening will be emailed to parents next week.

Nicole Browne & Matt Geyer
Head and Assistant Head of Year 9
We are very happy to welcome the students back for an exciting and successful year.
Already the Year 8 students have been busy meeting their teachers, new classmates, reconnecting with friends and figuring out their new timetable. On top of this, they participated in the Swimming Carnival last week. It was excellent to see so many students get involved on the day. 

Over the next week, we will focus on finding our leadership team when we elect our Student and Teacher Advisory Council (STAC) and Pastoral representatives. Our young leaders will go through the process of being nominated, delivering a speech to the cohort and then voting will commence. We wish our nominees the best of luck. 

Throughout this year we aim to support students in finding their way. It will not always be easy, but our goal in Year 8 is to help our students to develop their sense of direction. Direction plays an important role in the decision-making process of teenagers, “to make the right choice, not the popular choice.” These words are something your sons and daughters will hear at various occasions throughout the year. 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the better we understand our students the more we can assist them. 

Peter Carroll & Lauren Hutchinson 
Head and Assistant Head of Year 8

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Year 7 students and parents for 2021.

On Monday 8 February we are holding an Information Evening. Key dates, an outline of the Academic and Pastoral program, and the 2021 MacBook Policy and Guidelines will be presented.

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Venue: Doyle Centre

Who Should Attend: Due to COVID-19 restrictions on capacity, each family is limited to two attendees (one parent and the Year 7 student). Parents will be required to sign in with a QR code and use hand sanitiser. Please do not attend if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. Pastoral teachers will greet you in the Doyle Centre and distribute information booklets.

On Thursday 11 February, Year 7 students will be issued a new MacBook Air 13” as part of the College Laptop 1:1 Program. It is a requirement that both student and parents/carers read the Marymount College MacBook Policy and Guidelines 2021 Booklet which will be distributed at this information session.

We look forward to working in close partnership with you and your child as your journey begins at Marymount College.

Jacqui Sheehan & Matt Hurley
Head and Assistant Head of Year 7

Marymount Mob

Marymount College has a comprehensive Indigenous Program dedicated to the advocacy and support of those students who identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.  

The Program provides educational and pastoral support, cultural enrichment and career pathway advice, under the guidance of Mentor Teacher Mrs Maureen Lill and Program Assistant Mrs Monica Weatherall.

The students are a close-knit group who call themselves the Marymount Mob and offer one another genuine support through their Peer Mentor program.  The MMC Mob also interact regularly with the Indigenous students of Marymount Primary School, forging strong bonds that have proven to be invaluable in helping these students have a smooth transition to high school.

If any students or parents would like more information about Marymount’s Indigenous Program, please email or phone the College.

Monica Weatherall & Maureen Lil
Indigenous Program Mentor Teacher and Program Assistant


Our 2021 Year 10 students can all look forward to receiving their Student Portfolio this term, in week 4 (Thursday 18 February 2021) during Pastoral Care.  Detailed information will be provided to parents/caregivers prior to the rollout.  Portfolios will be released to students overnight, to allow family discussions and are to be returned the next day including initial documentation.  Keep in mind that included in each portfolio will be two useful tools including an outline of potential portfolio content, as well as a handy student resume draft. 

Student Portfolios will be kept safe within the Marymount Careers Centre throughout the students’ senior journey and will be presented to individuals upon graduation.   Students will be provided access to the document throughout this time to update the content, and use when applying for a job, scholarship, or work experience.  This process is tracked and administered by the Careers Centre Team.  Further details on the program will be forwarded next week.  Stay tuned.


Year 12 students will participate in the 2021 University Showcase on Thursday 4 March 2021 from 10.30am - 11.30am (Doyle Centre). This event provides general details to do with the transition from High School to University life (housing/finances/academic, sporting and social life), as well as access to individual university information provided by Student Admissions experts from each of the major institutions (including Griffith Uni, Bond Uni, Southern Cross University, JCU,  QUT, and UQ).  Mark this one on your calendar.   


Another date which students and parents/caregivers may wish to note is the Griffith University Gold Coast Campus Parent and Student Advice Night which is scheduled for Thursday 29 April 2021.  Further advice will be provided closer to the event.


The following dates have been set aside by Defence for Information Sessions as follows:

Date Time Session
Wednesday 10 February 6.00pm Leadership and management Info Session
Tuesday 16 February      6.00pm Army Reserves Info Session
Wednesday 17 February 6.00pm Virtual Australian Defence force Academy
Thursday 18 February 6.00pm ADF Gap Year Info Session
Tuesday 23 February 6.00pm Australian Defence Force Academy Info

For further details and to register visit


School-Based Traineeship opportunities are administered through the Careers Centre, and a number of excellent opportunities currently exist.  Now is the perfect time for interested students to consider securing a position which provides paid employment, hands-on workplace experience and a certificate qualification upon completion.  Commonly, offered to Year 10-11 students due to the hour requirement component, please feel free to visit the Marymount Careers Centre for further information. 


2021 Extension Dance Program Auditions 

Annual auditions for the Extension Dance Program (Senior and Junior) are being held in Week 3.  

The Extension Dance Program is for experienced dancers who wish to strengthen their skills by participating in intensive workshops and challenging routines, predominantly in contemporary and jazz styles.  The one audition covers both teams.
  • Students in Year 7 who auditioned in 2019 or 2020 are NOT required to re-audition as you have already been accepted into the program.
The Senior Extension Team
  • For highly experienced dancers who have been dancing at a very challenging level, over many years. 
  • Only a very limited number of students from a variety of year levels will be selected for the Senior Extension Dance Team.
  • The Senior Extension Program will be run during the sport time on a Thursday, however, students must select a ‘school sport’ until notified they are accepted.
The Junior Extension Program
  • For students from Years 7-9 who are experienced in dance and are currently enrolled in at least 2 classes/week (approx. 2 hours) at a studio or have demonstrated a strong level of ability following previous dance studies and have selected it as a Year 8-12 subject.
  • The Junior Dance Team rehearses from 3.05- 4.00pm on a Thursday afternoon. 
  • Both the Junior and Senior Extension Dance Teams will be competing, along with the Dance subject classes, in eisteddfods throughout the year.
To Apply
  • Interested students have been asked to write their name on the relevant list outside E17 
  • I will send a form with different audition times for students to select
  • Students selected for the Extension Dance Teams will be notified on 16 February via a list posted outside E17.
  • Thursday classes for the Senior Extension Team (during sport time) and Junior Extension Team (3.05-4.00pm) will commence on Thursday 18 February.
If there are any queries, please email me.
Shona Press
Dance Coordinator 

Makos Mathletes Tutoring Sessions

Be a ‘Mako Mathlete’ every Tuesday morning, starting in Week 4, Term 1 from 7:30 am to pastoral, Marymount will be offering an ATAR math club study session.
Mako Mathletes sessions will allow for assistance in your respective maths or just provide extra study for your upcoming exam.                                  
  • Year 11/12 General  Mathematics               
    Room M110
    Teachers: Tanya Mullaly, Ashleigh Jacks & Brett Smith
  • Year 11/12 Mathematical Methods 
    Room M116 
    Teachers: Maya Walsh & Stephen Spilsted     
  • Year 11/12 Specialist Mathematics
    Room: M115
    Teachers: Greg Gazal & Michelle Smith 
  • Year 11/12 Essential Mathematics
    Room: A2
    Teachers: Mr McVeigh, Mrs Rushworth, Mrs Woodrow
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of the teachers listed above.
Go ‘Mako Mathletes’!

Education Perfect in Mathematics

In 2021, All student Year 7 through to 10 will use ‘Education Perfect’, which is online platform designed to make learning fun, engaging and effective. Education Perfect blends engaging content, is aligned with our Marymount pedagogy and enable students to track and reflect upon their personal growth.

Cambridge Go

All students in Year 11 and 12 Mathematics will continue to use the ‘Cambridge Go’, which is a content delivery online platform for teachers and students. This platform provides an interactive textbook for students that includes extra material not found unless students use the online interactive textbook. There are revision sheets on each topic, videos for all examples, short quizzes and practise exams. This is a powerful resource for all students in mathematics!
Tanya Mullaly
Head of Mathematics
Click here for Swimming Carnival Photos

Swimming Carnival

Last Friday we held our College Swimming carnival at Palm Beach Aquatic Centre. The day was a massive success with lots of students participating and earning points for their houses. The final point score was extremely close and the winning house only managed to get in front after the final relay! There were 8 records broken on the day–special congratulations goes to Zahri Jarrett–she broke all 4 of her age group’s records and to Lewis Treggiden–he now holds all the boys backstroke and freestyle records!

Full results from the day are below:
12yr Zahri Jarrett Archie Harrison
13yr Anabelle Aulert & Chelsea Smyth Rafey Tasker-Lawrence
14yr Mikayla Bird Dane Fraser
15yr Millar Brosnan-Ball Cooper Lynch
16yr Caitie Allred Taj Nolan
OPEN Charli Greedy Lewis Treggiden
12yr Girls 50m Butterfly 36.85 A. Aulert 2020 36.43 Zahri Jarrett
12yr Girls 50m Backstroke 39.21 J. McCabe 2017 37.69 Zahri Jarrett
12yr Girls 50m Breaststroke 44.00 P. Stockell 2017 42.18 Zahri Jarrett
12yr Girls 50m Freestyle 31.17 J. McCabe 2017 31.00 Zahri Jarrett
14yr Girls 50m Butterfly 30.60 K. Bird 1994 29.33 Mikayla Bird
15yr Boys 50m Breaststroke 35.10 K. Wallace 1998 35.06 Cooper Lynch
Open Boys 50m Freestyle 24.88 C. Zahn 2020 23.65 Lewis Treggiden
Open Boys 50m Backstroke 29.03 J. Vincent 2016 28.37 Lewis Treggiden
1st Bulimah 1526
2nd Patanga 1524
3rd Katandra 1368
4th Allambee 1073

Oceanic District Swimming Carnival

The Oceanic District Swimming Carnival is going to be held at Somerset College on Monday the 15 February.

Somerset has advised that there are to be NO parent/guardian spectators on the day to align with their Covid Safe plan. Swimmers that placed first or second in the A division races at our school carnival will be invited to represent the College in those events at the District Carnival. Along with those swimmers, other students are welcome to nominate for distance events. To do so you will need to supply confirmed Swimming Australia results from Results Central as these will be the only form of results accepted with nominations. Full details will be emailed to all students when they arrive from Oceanic.
 Oceanic District or South Coast Regional Sport Trials
Our school is a part of the Oceanic District when it comes to representative school sports. Students need to trial for and make the Oceanic District Team before they can go and trial for the South Coast Regional Teams and then on to the Queensland State School Teams.
If you wish to trial for any of the sports on offer you need to come and see Mr Balym in the Sport Office (D71) to register and collect the relevant information. All students that trial for district or regional teams must complete the South Coast permission and details booklet that can be found here. This booklet needs to be filled out electronically, printed out and then brought into Mr Balym, who signs on page 3 for the principal. Without that booklet being brought in and signed by Mr Balym, you will not be allowed to attend a trial.
In most cases the age for the trials are the age you turn this year. If a team is for 13-15yr olds, one team is selected that covers the whole range of ages.
Most 12yr age group trials are held after school and the other age groups are usually during school hours. You do need to organise your own transport to and from the trial venues. If the trial requires you to leave school early, you do need to follow school protocol and sign out. If a trial requires you to be absent for a whole day, you do need to contact the school as per any other absence.
Make sure students listen to the daily notices and check their student email account for information about the upcoming trials.
Currently, the following trials are being advertised:
  • 16-18 yr Girls Rugby League – nominations due Wednesday 10 Feb
  • 14-15 yr Girls Rugby League – nominations due Wednesday 10 Feb
  • 10-18 yr Boys & Girls Golf – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 15-16 yr Girls Rugby 7's – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 10-12 yr Boys AFL – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 16-18 yr Boys Rugby League – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 14-15 yr Boys Rugby League – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 13-15 yr Girls Soccer – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 13-16 yr Boys Soccer – nominations due Friday 12 Feb
  • 13-19 yr Boys & Girls Water Polo – nominations due Wednesday 17 Feb

AGCC Interschool Sport – Semester 1

This semester we will be competing in the AGCC Interschool sport competition. All students need to be involved in this program unless they have a traineeship organised through the College Careers Office. The sports available are:

Boys: Basketball; Indoor Cricket; Soccer; Volleyball
Girls: Futsal; Netball; Oztag; Tennis
Mixed: Touch Football
Students are not able to select their own sport – parents/guardians need to make the original selections through the parent portal/email that was originally sent in November 2020 and resent to those who had not yet selected in late January.
The list of choices that have been made has been emailed to all students and placed on the sport noticeboard outside SAO. If your child wishes to change from what you originally selected, you can email me with the student’s name, year level, original sport and the one they wish to change into.
Changes can be made up until 8:00am Wednesday 10 February for next week’s trials and then the final chance to change can be made by 8:00am Wednesday 17 February. After Wednesday the 17  February, sports will be locked in as our team numbers will be finalised for the semester.

Government Funding for Student Sport

There are three programs offered by the State and Federal Government that are available for students involved in or wanting to be involved in sport. They are:
  • Get Started Vouchers Program: A voucher of up to $150 is available for children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or recreation club. Further Information
  • Young Athletes Travel Subsidy: The travel subsidy provides financial assistance through three event tiers and supports attendance at specific state, national and international events. Officials (such as coaches, referees and scorers) officiating at eligible events can also apply for assistance if they meet the eligibility criteria. Further Information 
  •  Local Sporting Champions: The Local Sporting Champions (LSC) program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for young sportsmen and women aged 12-18. Further Information 

Gold Coast Academy of Sport

The Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS) is a non-profit sporting organisation that exists to provide locally-based sports development opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and administrators within the QLD Gold Coast region. The GCAS currently offers a total of 10 high-performance sporting programs including basketball, AWD basketball, cricket, football (soccer), golf, rugby league, rugby union, rugby sevens, future stars within the school program and future stars, which is an individual scholarship program providing development and support to athletes in a range of different sports that sit outside the other programs on offer through the GCAS.

These programs provide not only ‘on-field’ development opportunities for athletes, but also focus on the personal development of young athletes to ‘influence generations’ and create better citizens within the local community. To find out more information about the GCAS or how you can apply to be a part of the programs they offer head to:
Trent Balym
Sport Program Leader

YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament 2021– Nominations are Open 

Nominations are now open for the 2021 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. It is open to young Queenslanders aged 15 - 25 who would like to represent their community, have their voice heard and make a difference.  
The prestigious YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is the only official youth parliament in Queensland which has run for over 25 years. It provides an amazing opportunity and a platform for young people’s voices to be heard, as well as to network with inspirational young people from all over Queensland and politicians.
The highlight of the program is sitting in the Parliamentary Chamber in Brisbane, sitting in the same seats as the real parliament. Although, the tea and scones on the parliamentary balcony are also memorable!  
Marymount College has had a long involvement with the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament – many College Alumni have represented their community through the program in the past, including: Kate Coombes, Jack McLintock, Monnie Esmond (2013), Nikara Rangesh (2014), as well as former student and staff member Miss Janie-Marie Burgess (class of 2012). In addition to myself, who participated as the Youth Member for the Greenslopes Electorate in 2009 and 2010. And was previously involved with running the program as Community Engagement Officer in 2011.  
However, Marymount College is not currently involved with the program, it is merely being promoted it to Marymount Students. Marymount College is supportive of the YMCA Youth Parliament, but please note that it is not a school activity and no staff will be present.

Nominations are open now until 16 February 2021. They can be made through the website. For more information check out: the website, Facebook page or ask me for more details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Garrett Fitzgerald
Humanities and Religion Teacher

Tallebudgeera Netball Club

We are looking for NETSEGO Junior and Intermediate players to in out club for the 2021 season starting February 2021. Players turning 7 years in 2021 up to players 18 years (and still at school).

Competition played on Saturdays at Firth Park Mudgeeraba. Team training after school weekdays at Firth Park. We also need coaches - it's very rewarding!
Teams fill up fast - to secure your place and for further information email
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