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Saturday 15 June 2019 

Australian National Titration Competition 

Congratulations to Cameron Saliba, Vinh Nguyen and Jared Groeneveld and his team for their first place and to Will Galvin, Jackson Lake, and Conall Crowley for their second place in the Queensland Finals of the National Titration Competition.  Both teams go on to the Australian Finals at the University of Queensland on 31 August 2019.  Our students have an enviable record in the National Finals over many years and we wish these students and their teachers, Mrs Boake, Ms Webster and Mr Waite well. 

Year 10 

Leading by example is what we see with employers in our Community who have accepted over 220 students for work placements 17-21 June.  The employers, our Careers Office staff, Terri Webster, Leesa Lutze and Jason Hamilton and teaching staff have worked non-stop to provide this opportunity.  New processes to ensure Health and Safety expectations have added to their workload.  The employer response has been fantastic.  They understand safety.  

Our Year 10 students have been working hard to meet the pre-requisites for Year 11 subjects.  They must meet these to be able to choose particular subjects for next year.  It’s pressure and it’s a challenge.  Work experience is timed to lift their sights to what they really want to do beyond school.  The real challenge lies beyond the subject prerequisites.  The real challenge is to know what they want to be beyond school.  Hopefully, many will be motivated by their placement to successfully completing Year 10 and more confidently take on the workload and demands of Year 11 and 12 because they know what they want for their future.  

Pentecost Sunday and Have a Heart Day 

Many parishioners wore red last Sunday.  We celebrated Pentecost – the coming of the Spirit - to conclude the Season of Easter.  On Friday just prior, some of our students wore red.  Many wore pink in its various hues.  They were celebrating empathy, understanding and generosity – having a heart – as they raised funds for Rosies. 

Already, this year, our students have sent over $4000 to Caritas Australia for projects to help communities in Australia and overseas to help themselves. They have sent $2000 to the Townsville Diocese St Vincent de Paul Society to support them with relief efforts for victims of the devastating floods.  When Jesus ascended to Heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples. The Holy Spirit is with us and inspires us to have a heart, to carry the flame and to be passionate people of hope, optimism and generosity.  It is our responsibility as teachers, staff, parents and adults in community to lead with example.  Our students are showing us the way.  

Night of Living History 

Congratulations to Cheryl Fraser, Head of Humanities, the teachers and the Year 8 students.  Monday evening’s displays and the performances by the students in their roles were outstanding.  Clearly, many parents provided wonderful support.  The enthusiasm and joy of the students was their expression of appreciation for the support they received. We thank all the families for their support and the grounds staff who set up the Doyle Centre; the teachers and Mrs Fraser who planned the event and assisted the students; and all who attended, showed warm regard and respect for the students as they shared their ‘moment in time past’ to create the Night of Living History with the students. 

School Improvement & Review 

For much of the week I was at Mary McKillop College, Nundah as part of the External Review Panel.  The panel’s role was to review that College’s efforts for School Improvement over the past five years.  Marymount’s last External Review was in 2015 and it will be our turn again in 2020.  Involvement in such reviews is both a humbling and enlightening experience and I was most appreciative of the opportunity to work with the team and Christine Clarke, principal of Mary McKillop College. 

In each of our Brisbane Catholic Education schools, principals, leadership teams and staff spend very significant time on School Improvement.  The major focus is to ensure every student shows ongoing improvement in their learning and growth.  My appreciation to staff who covered for my absence and who are working on school improvement at Marymount College every day. 

Chris Noonan

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Calendar Dates

Week 9



Year 10 Work Experience Week




10:30am QISSN Fundraising BBQ


Year 12 Exam Block begins
Sports Trials
Oceanic Track & Field


Oceanic Track & Field

Week 10




10:30am QISSRL BBQ


No sport


Year 12 Formal
Last day term 2

Senior Curriculum

Year 12

The Year 12 exam block has been published. Exams start next Wednesday and continue through to the end of the term.

Year 11

We had a successful launch of the Year 11 General Unit 1 subject results last week. These were uploaded to the parent portal.

The Semester reports, which will be published at the end of the term, will replace this report on the same location. The Semester report, like all other year levels, will contain complete data and results, including unit topic outlines and Pastoral Care comments.
The new QCE system, well under way in Year 11, has caused us to reconsider academic timelines, such as exam blocks and reporting deadlines. We are currently considering our options here, and investigating the possibility of a shorter Year 11 exam block at the very end of Term III (end of Unit 2) with reporting to follow, but after the September holidays. We anticipate this will not be a shut-down period, meaning classes will continue all the way through to the end of the term; while these exams run concurrently. 

Year 10

We remain confident that those Year 10 students who are working towards an ATAR pathway have been diligently in their efforts to gain satisfactory Semester results, in order to achieve the prerequisite minimum standards for subject selection next term. Their careers development program they are engaged in will assist with their SET Planning at this time.

Peter Shaw
Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum
Photo by Briana Briski - Year 11 Insider

Assistant Principal Pastoral 


How Can We Support our Young People?

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to a parent present their journey. This is what I learnt. Ask yourself: what do I concentrate on more with my young person(s)?

Deficits    OR    Strengths
Helping    OR    Coaching
Protecting    OR    Stretching

Balance needs to be found and constantly reviewed as a young person develops.  Parents are challenged to help their young person build on what they CAN DO and what they WANT TO DO.  There are so many changes in the physical, emotional, sensory and social state of our young people. These changes come out in their behaviours. Thus, it is very important to spend time with our young people modelling appropriate behaviours and communicating a clear sense of what is right and wrong. Developing a young person’s ability to sense right and wrong is important in helping them decide their own actions, to not judge others and to safeguard against exploitation and abuse. It is important our youth know not everyone shares their views, this helps them cope with complexity and adversity. We need to teach our young people that ‘fitting together in community’ involves reciprocity, mutual obligation, respect and responsibility. Involving our young people in discussions around difference, likes and dislikes, preferences and choices help them to cope with the inconsistencies and unpredictability we all encounter in our lives. 

One area that can be consistent for our youth is the College uniform. Uniforms illustrate unity, they show each participant is part of an organisation, a community. Wearing it says we are all in this together. When a student wears the uniform correctly and with pride it means they are buying into the school.  A school uniform takes away the concern of ‘what to wear’. When everyone looks the same, worrying about what you look like is less important. No one feels left out. A school uniform creates an environment of inclusivity and equality where students are not judged by price tag or clothing choice.  Uniforms give our young people a sense of belonging and pride. With this in mind, we ask that all students wear their uniform correctly. Marymount College Uniform Policy  In particular, we ask our boys have their shirts tucked in and socks pulled up. We ask the length of the girl’s skirts is no shorter than 10cm above the knee and hair is always tied back. We ask tracksuit jackets are only worn on a Thursday. Marymount expects each student to have a College Bag.

Parental support is an essential ingredient for ensuring the College uniform is worn well. Our uniform gives our young people a sense of belonging and creates a positive identity for our school in the community.   

Cathy Cooper
Assistant Principal Pastoral

Religious Life of the College

RCIT Program

Of the nine RCIT teenagers who received First Communion and Confirmation at the 5.30 Mass on Pentecost Sunday, two are College students. For one of those students, the journey began during Year 11 Retreat last year. Congratulations to each and all of the young people on their full initiation into the Catholic Church. 

Year 11 Retreat

College Retreats are a significant time in the students’ journey through the teen years and are affectionately remembered in the years afterwards. The students’ reports about the recent  Year 11 Retreat and Year 9 Reflection Day in this Newsletter are a testimony to the high levels of enjoyment and engagement they experienced. Sincere thanks to everyone involved in making them happen: from Support Staff for publishing Retreat Booklets and emailing parents, individual’s medical information and First Aid kits prepared for venues, to the staff who attended Retreats  and took great care of the students for the three days, to staff who covered for us  in our absence and, of course, special thanks to Padre Morgan Batt and Fr Ladu and Fr Nicholas (Boonah PP) for attending venues and celebrating Mass with the groups. Congratulations to all students on the success of their Retreat and Reflection Day. May many blessings flow on in your life from these experiences.

Year 9 Sunday Connect Mass

Year 9 parents will have received an email invitation to the Year 9 Connect Mass which is on 23rd June at 10:00 am. Families are included in the invitation which is from our Parish Priest Padre Morgan Batt and the Parishioners. Students may volunteer to do a reading or be involved in any other role in the Mass if they choose.

Rosies Donations

It has been a joy to watch the ever-growing stack of Milo tins and socks in the SAO area. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this mini appeal for Rosies. A  new appeal for blankets, new or second hand has now been launched. 

Students had a lot of fun last week through MFest, enjoying perfect weather and the music provided by talented music students. The icing on the cake is getting a free dress day for Have a Heart Day and raising $2396.40 for Rosies as well….a fabulous result. Thank you to parents who baked and donated for this day.
Visit website for more Have a Heart Day photos
Sr Stan from Ghana
And on Friday afternoon, some students got to meet Sister Stan from Ghana who is visiting with Catholic Mission.  Sister Stan is a remarkable woman who has founded a religious order, the Marion Sisters of Eucharistic Love, in Ghana to address issues affecting children and young people. Our own Catholic Mission appeal is held in Term 4.  

Dolores Maitland
Assistant Principal Religious Education

Year 9 Reflection Day

For the past two years, Reflection Day has been something I look forward to in the term and this year was no exception.

Year 9 Reflection Day 2019 was a blast! At the start of the day, we all gathered in the P&F to learn what we were going to be doing today and how we were going to get there. We then got on our buses and headed towards Bond University. Once we arrived at Bond Uni, we walked to the function room where we would spend the rest of the day.

We were greeted by Michael Fitzpatrick and then we started our first activity which was finding a partner we did not know very well. We then had to tell them a little bit about ourselves and we had to get to know them. The activities that followed were very beneficial as we had to reflect on how we could be better people and better students. There was a lot of laughter – especially when we had to dance. I really enjoyed the day and it was definitely a success.
Charli Ackerman
Year 9

Year 11 Study of Religion Excursion 

As part of an upcoming assignment for all Study of Religion (SOR) students progressing into the second unit of the new ATAR system, we recently visited a Buddhist temple and a Jewish synagogue.

Travelling to both of these places of worship allowed us all to have a greater insight into the lifecycle rituals of these respective religions—the topic being studied in class right now. 

The visit to the Chung Tian Buddhist Temple – located near Springwood, at Priestdale – involved a tour of the grounds and an insight into the meditation and worship rituals in Buddhism. Similarly, at the Jewish Temple Shalom in Surfers Paradise lots of engaging and useful information was shared with us. 

Both of these experiences were very insightful and will be useful in our efforts to achieve highly in SOR this Semester.

Harrison Dean
Year 11 Insider

The first thing I noticed at the Chiang Tian Temple was the large, intricately-patterned architecture standing in the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

There was lots of space, and many plants, statues and chirping birds. We entered the main building, accompanied by a Buddhist nun, where we learnt more about Buddhism, made offerings to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Guanyin, and practiced some Tai Chi. We left the Buddhist Temple relaxed and excited — it was a very positive experience. 

The Jewish synagogue was much smaller than the Buddhist temple, with a white and blue exterior. Inside, we sat in the pews and listened to community member, Jan Marriott, explain the rituals and traditions of Judaism. Although we did not do as many activities, we learnt many interesting things, such as that hundreds of Torah scrolls were taken from Jewish people during the Holocaust as ‘artefacts of an extinct race’. The Temple Shalom showed us some of those recovered scrolls which were over 200 years old. It was amazing to see them.  

I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to see these two temples and learn more about Buddhism and Judaism. We thank all the teachers who made this visit possible, and those from the temples who allowed us to come learn about their religions. 

Charo Palenzuela
Year 11 Insider

Year 11 Retreat

Excerpts from Student Reports

Retreat was a great opportunity to not only ‘retreat’ from daily life but also talk with other students I usually don’t have a chance to. The whole experience was filled with lots of group activities and exercises which were all successfully designed to make us closer. Harrison Dean Year 11 Insider

Our great teachers helped to guide me and my peers through a journey of self-discovery and bonding with each other that has truly brought our cohort closer together.  Jennaye McLintock Year 11 Insider

During Retreat I made closer connections to everyone in the group and especially the girls that I stayed with, in the cabins. I also enjoyed hearing a lot of the interesting stories from the students and teachers when they spoke about their sacred items and what they meant to them. Briana Briski Year 11 Insider

If there’s one thing that I’m grateful for that this camp has given me, it is the opportunity to talk to those in my grade, to know even one more thing about them now than I did yesterday. Shalayne Smith Year 11 Insider

To be honest, although I loved all the activities, I absolutely loved Date Night on our final night there. It was just a really fun night where girls and boys mixed more and got to know each other batter. Plus, it was also our themed night, where we all dressed up with the theme of ‘sport’ in mind. Tara MacDonald Year 11 Insider
Read full reports and view more photos

Indigenous News

National Reconciliation Week – “Grounded in Truth, Walk Together with Courage”

Recently we celebrated National Reconciliation Week (NRW), which is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. 

The dates for NRW remain the same each year; 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.
The theme of this year’s Reconciliation Week was “Grounded in Truth, Walk Together with Courage”, a message that reinforces the importance of truth if we are to bring about positive race relations and true reconciliation.  Speaking the truth, however painful, however confronting, about our nation’s colonial history will go a long way to healing historical wounds.  This year’s theme used the symbol of The Tree of Truth whose roots embody our history and our links to the past.  The Tree itself signifies positive growth and the community we will grow into once we acknowledge our history, learn from our past and move forward together into our future.  The Thought Points and Growth Points represent education and understanding, learning and growing, while the Heart represents empathy, solidarity, goodwill and love. 
Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  This year’s Reconciliation Week encouraged us all to always be bold, be brave, and have honest conversations as we walk together with courage into a brighter future.
Lauren Mitchell and Monica Weatherall
Mentors for Indigenous Students
In Week 6, for National Reconciliation Week, five of the College Mob members went to the Primary School to watch Mr Short’s Year 4 class lead us in assembly with the help of the Marymount Primary Mob.  

The assembly talked about the importance of Reconciliation Week and the importance of telling the truth about our shared history so we can have a unified future where we respect and value one another.

Windsor Hill, Olivia Breeze, Taylor Drummond-Wills
Marymount MOB

World MS Day

Recently it was World MS day, celebrated on the 30th of May. Every year, a theme is chosen by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. This year, the theme was Visibility. The aim of this theme is to encourage people to pay more attention to the ‘invisible’ symptoms of MS in addition to how it affects an individual’s quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a neurological condition that can produce various patterns in different people, mainly affecting a person’s spinal cord and their brain in addition to the optic nerves in their eyes. The severity of the condition varies from person to person. Some people have mild symptoms, therefore not requiring treatment. However, some people are disabled and therefore some forms will require treatment. Around the world 2.3 million people have MS and, in comparison, women are diagnosed twice as frequently than men. It is the most common neurological disorder, besides a common cause of disability, in adults. 

Sadly, there is no known cure for Multiple Sclerosis. For now, all we can do is keep an eye out for symptoms and enjoy our lives to the full. Furthermore, we need to be supporting people, young or old, with this debilitating condition. 

Ben Crilly
Year 12 Insider

Year 11 News

It may be Week 8 of the term, but there is no slowing down for our Year 11s as they return from retreat and begin work in Unit 2 of their General subjects. The past fortnight has seen a plethora of activities with Year 11 students at the forefront, showcasing their generosity and talents.
The back end of Week 6 saw our 11s split into four groups and head off on Retreat. All four groups were given opportunities for self-reflection, to think about who they want to be and what they need to do to become that version of themselves. Their relationship with God and how their faith can be of great assistance and comfort through their lives was also explored. Emphasis was also placed on getting to know each other and the new and strengthened bonds have been evident on our return to school. We sincerely thank all of the staff who facilitated these valuable experiences and hope the themes explored by the students continue to resonate with them as they work their way through the remainder of the year.
Year 11s were integral to the success of the week. A number of our students shared their musical gifts with the College community and their performances were nothing short of spectacular. We congratulate them on their skill, as well as their courage to get up in front of the crowd and perform. Thanks also to those who helped with the set-up and pack-up of equipment to ensure the week ran well.
Have a Heart Day
Friday of Week 7 was one of the most anticipated days on the College calendar, Rosie’s Have a Heart Day. The students, dressed in a sea of red and pink, engaged with the music from M-Fest, as well as the multiple games and activities on offer, all designed to raise money for Rosie’s. Year 11s were paired with the Year 7s to help run the bake sale and we thank the many volunteers who ensured the selling of baked goods ran smoothly. The bake sale was an overwhelming success and we congratulate the Year 7s on their enthusiasm in supporting the cause.
2 weeks to go
There is no slowing down for our Year 11s as they approach the end of Term 2. General subjects have begun Unit 2 and students have been reminded that they need to stay focused and engaged in their studies through to the end of term. Work covered in the next few weeks will be integral to the assessment pieces in the respective units they are studying. Applied subjects are currently in the assessment phase for their term 2 work and will also make a start on their term 3 topics before the end of term. All students are required to maintain their attendance and effort in their studies to ensure they don’t fall behind.
Matt Carroll and Irene Scott
Head & Assistant Head of Year 11
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Year 9 News

Year 9 has been extremely busy the last two weeks, with students involved in excursions, Have A Heart Day and many other extra-curricular activities.

It has also been the period where final assessments are due. The Year 9s must be commended for their generosity and behaviour over the past two weeks. The call was put out for Year 9s to bring in blocks of chocolate as a donation for the Chocolate Toss on Have a Heart Day. As all money raised went to Rosies (a charity that helps people living on the street), it was wonderful to see the students bring in so many chocolates. These students certainly highlighted the fact that we are called to care for those less fortunate. Thanks again to those students who donated or helped on the day.

On Monday of week 8 the Year 9 cohort travelled to the annual Year 9 Reflection Day – presented by Michael Fitzpatrick. It was a wonderful day and a chance for students to move beyond their friendship group and get to know other people. The students also had a chance to self-reflect and acknowledge where their strengths lie and where they could make improvements.

We wish the Year 9 students well in the last two weeks of term. Keep studying hard and enjoying every moment of the day with your peers and teachers.
Michael Fren & Nicky Browne
Head & Assistant Head of Year 9
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Photos by Grace Jackson and Jorja Sondergeld - Year 7 Insiders

Year 7 News


Through multiple technical glitches, the annual NAPLAN tests were completed, for the first time ever, electronically. Teachers supported us through the technical errors, making sure that no one fell behind whilst students, in grade 7 and 9, completed the numerous tests. There were strengths and flaws, but overall, I discovered that I prefer paper copies. Keep it classic, and go back to hard-copy prints…

Ruby Allen
Year 7 Insider
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English News

Mystery & Suspense: Year 11 Literature 

As we begin Unit 2, the Year 11 Literature class is a hive of imagination. Our new focus is creative writing, specifically the creation of the opening chapter of an Australian gothic novel. Last week, students studied the style of Australian crime writer, Jane Harper. They were then given 15 minutes during class time to write the prologue for a new Australian crime novel, adapting elements of Harper’s style into their own writing. Their purpose was to intrigue the reader by creating a mysterious and suspenseful tone.  

Featured below is a sample of their compelling story openings. They are indeed so compelling that I think I may have to extend the activity to include the complete novel.

Mallory Lowe
Head of English 

They say if you listen closely, to the clearing in the Bush, exactly ten metres away from the Hermit’s hut…you can hear rain. Drip. Drip. Dripping against curled leaves and bark, staining the crimson ground an even deeper red. They say at the witching hour, when the sweltering heat of day has faded, you can hear laughter. Laughter that strikes through your heart, sends chills rippling down your hunched spine. They say all those years ago, an innocence was taken—in the land of the Bush—blade struck against warm flesh, and an icy shell fell hard, cracking like a twig against the pulsing floor. The Hermit heard nothing, he promised. No screams, no movement, nothing to indicate any sinister act had taken place outside his dwelling. And indeed, there was no body found. But he does remember the sound of rain that night. Thick, velvety liquid pattering against leaves and dripping down the trunks of the gums. Though he has been assured there was no rain the night little Ella disappeared, he cannot deny what he heard. Drip. Drip.

Charo Palenzuela

As normal a day as any other, the fish had no reason to expect guests. Yet, as their home fell ill to the addition of oil, the striking of a single match broke the night’s well-earned silence. No more screaming. No more yelling. Just the crackle of fire on water, awaiting the lifeless figure swaying above; looming back and forth, ignored by passing kookaburras. The fish were not expecting guests. But the will of fish could not supersede outside activity. A sudden snap, cut, and splash, and the fish would find themselves in the presence of another.

And the night could be silent once more.

Sefo Lo Tam

The silence had the tendency of seeping into the minds of lonely farmers, driving them to a state of insanity. So when the patronizing chirps of birds punctured through the stiffness of the blistering air, it was like a needle to the brain. The crunch of lifeless grass beneath feet a ticking clock counting down to the unknown inevitable.

What were once paddocks, plentiful and prosperous, were now the harsh reminder of what was, what will never be again. Bones visible and protruding from the abdomen of miserable livestock an image of neglect. Defeat. Cannot be reversed.

When the rain finally came, there was no celebration. The rain was too much. An atomic bomb set off within the lonely farmer’s skull. The rumble crackling through his bones like a whip. Too much silence, but too much sound.

No one would be able to hear the first blast of the gun through the deafening veil of rain. But when the rain came to a halt, the blasts did not. No one would escape the sound. 

Madeline Hore

This was not the first time the elders had been summoned. Then again, never had they been called together in the middle of the night before.

Something was wrong, something terrible had happened, and the still, silent bushland remained cold; almost as if it had sensed the swaying corpse.

Nothing was said, however minds were racing, as the men stared up at the horror dangling before them.

This was new, they thought.
This was different, they said.

But this was only the first.

Lensa Lo Tam

Drama News

Romeo and Juliet Theatre Performance

“It was an amazing piece, well produced and beautifully directed.”

Last Tuesday, the Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students saw Romeo and Juliet at La Boite Theatre in Brisbane.  The captivating performance was spoken in the classic Shakespearean language whilst having a modern twist and interruption. This kept the piece entertaining and fresh and enjoyable for all ages. My favourite scene was the party where Romeo and Juliet first meet. This scene was beautifully crafted through the stage layout but also with the characters’ movements. It was an awesome performance.

Angela Williams
Year 12 Insider

This version of Romeo & Juliet was produced in a way we have never seen before. 

The actors still spoke in Shakespeare’s traditional tones but with a new style of music, set and costume - clothing we would wear today instead of the corsets of Shakespearean times. 
The classic love story was revamped by the talented actors of Montague and Capulet; the stars of the show were extremely talented with in their interpretation of such difficult and well-known characters. Romeo truly brought a new breath to the standard lover. If you are interested in a new version of this play, I would sincerely recommend La Boite’s Romeo & Juliet.
Trinity Flynn
Year 11 Insider

Music News

M Fest

M Fest was amazingly entertaining, just like last year! This year, I had the privilege of playing with the Junior Rock band as a keyboardist. We had a great time performing four songs we had been rehearsing since last year. It was awesome seeing so many students enjoying the various solo and group performances. A big Thank you to all the performers and the music teachers’ efforts!
William Nguyen
Year 8 Insider
Over the course of three days last week, Marymount College’s break times were transformed into some highly accomplished talent. As a spectator, the experience of my final ever M Fest was incredible. If you are a great singer or you play an instrument, I would encourage anybody to join in M Fest 2020!
Ben Crilly
Year 12 Insider
Hearing talented people sing, play or perform all week was really enjoyable to listen to. The bands had a good taste in music and sounded great. The singers, whether it was with a friend or solo, were all spectacular and I am overjoyed that we have this educational music category in Marymount College.
Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider
Visit website for more MFest & Have a Heart Day photos

ABC Studios Excursion

Year 9 Music and Funk band recently went on an excursion to the ABC Studios. 

We listened to the orchestra play music that most of us knew, like the themes to the movies Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Shining and Up. The excursion was mainly trying to teach us that you can use music to create different atmospheres and different feelings in an audience by making it sound happy, sad, courageous, romantic, warlike or magical, for instance.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider

Business News

Business Management

The Year 12 Business Management class went on an excursion on the 21 May to two ‘Stone and Wood Brewery’ locations.

The purpose of this excursion was to observe and obtain primary information for our ‘Operations Management’ assignment.
First, we went to the smaller brewery, located in Byron Bay. There we were given some valuable information about a small brewery’s operations.

For comparison, we then went to the big manufacturing location in Murwillumbah. Here we walked through the brewery and saw how they make their beer, bottle and store it.

Both locations gave the Business Management class very useful information on how a brewery operates its business including its methods for inventory management, maintenance, quality control, workplace health and safety etc. It was a fun, interesting day for all students and teachers. 

Jessica Shefford 
Year 12

Griffith University Business School Ambassador Program

On Tuesday 11 June, myself and nine other Year 11 Business students were invited to Griffith University accompanied by Ms Hutchinson.

We were partaking in the second of three Griffith Business School Ambassador workshops held throughout the year for Year 10 and 11 students from many different schools hoping to undertake a career in business. Having attended one before, some of us had an expectation of what we were going to learn whilst there, but we were still introduced to new ideas and were made to put them to work in completely new ways.
The day began with an introduction to certain concepts such as creative thinking and mindsets, as well as other topics that aren’t usually touched on in the classroom. After a brief recess, we were allocated into different groups with students from other schools, where we were asked to create thoughts and solutions for certain case studies. We then were given an hour of lunch where we could purchase food with vouchers given to us at the start of the day. With the use of Lego bricks, posters, coloured markers, and plenty of synergy, the groups all developed a three-minute presentation in the final session, demonstrating our viewpoints of the subjects at hand.
The trip was a great and new experience, as it gave us a first-hand glimpse at university education, allowed us to interact with like-minded people, and let us discuss thoughtful topics in a different and interesting format. Attendance to one of these workshops in the future is highly recommended to any students interested in the business environment.
Corbin Zahn
Year 11

Humanities News

Photos: Ashlin McCabe - Year 10 Insider

Night of Living History

On Monday night, excited Year 8 students, their parents, siblings, relatives, friends and teachers all gathered at Marymount for the Night of Living History; and what a spectacular night it was.

Year 8: you were magnificent! The students spoke fluently and knowledgeably, as their chosen historical figure, and were impressive in their poise and confidence.

A big thank you to the Year 8 students who became so engaged in the project and to the family members who helped to bring each child’s vision of the night to reality.

Thanks is due to the many people behind the scenes: to the Year 8 teachers - Joy Baird, Garrett Fitzgerald, Tia King, Therese Mullins, Jenna Lidbetter, Simon Rezo, Tracey Sewell and Natalie Stephenson -who helped prepare the students during the research process and for the evening; to Lauren Mitchell and all the staff in the Learning Support Centre; to the library staff Janet Cartlidge, Jessica Lewis and Catherine McCosker for guiding student use of library resources; to Katrina Nicholson and Geoff Brown for their on-going support of this project; to Karen Harrison for the beautiful programme; to Tracey-Leigh Dean and the grounds staff for organising the venue set-up; to Ryan Callaghan for the IT; to Matt Carroll and Cathy Cooper for their support through the Pastoral program, and to Insiders Ashlin McCabe and Ruby Allen for the photography.

Everyone at Marymount was very proud of your sons and daughters, as I know you were, and I trust you all had a wonderful night. Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm.

Cheryl Fraser
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences

Visit website for more Year 8 Night of Living History photos

Science News

Year 9 Currumbin Sanctuary Excursion

Seeing animals and the habitats they live in at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was a very fun and exciting day.

In Year 9 Science, we have been studying animal adaptations. This field trip showed us different animals and how they fit, by adaptation, into their location or habitat. The most interesting thing I learnt was that when koala joeys are first born, they are only the size of a jelly bean and crawl into the mother’s pouch on their own to develop fully in safety.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider
The Year 9 Currumbin Wildlife Excursion was a fantastic learning experience.

From the smallest bugs and insects to the largest saltwater crocodiles, the park displayed many native and exotic animals found from all across the globe. We made many stops throughout the park, but two most memorable places were the “Lost Valley” and the “Reptile Section”. The Lost Valley was a section in the park that exhibited the many animals found in the rainforest, and jungles throughout the world. There was a section in Lost Valley that allowed all the birds and the ring-tailed lemurs to roam free among the visitors and even interact with them. The Lost Valley also displayed many sculptures of prehistoric creatures, including dinosaurs, and explained the origins and the story behind these creatures.
Max Tanaka
Year 9
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RACI Titration Competition 

Since the beginning of term 2, 18 Year 11 and 12 students have spent two afternoons a week in our science laboratories at Marymount College, learning the skill of titration.

Titration is a type of volumetric analysis which can be used to find an unknown molarity of a solution. This technique requires a lot of practice and patience to perfect. After sufficient practice and advice from guru Mrs Jenny Webster who gave up some quality time to be with us, we were finally ready to head to Griffith University on Saturday 1 June to compete against 50 other teams from the Gold Coast. 

Once we had set up the equipment, the teachers were asked to leave the room and a 90 minute perspiring time lapsed. Once all the molarities were titrated and calculated, the examiners went through the students work and tallied the results.

Marymount College placed 1st, 2nd and 5th in the Griffith leg of the competition, with four students being so precise and accurate that they received an error of 0! These students were Eliza Jones, Abi Stringer, Lachlan Young and Conall Crowley. What an amazing achievement. The following is a list of students who competed:
Cameron Saliba Lancelot Kilby
Jared Groeneveld Vinh Nguyen
Carly Griffith Jordan Walsh
Claire Peacock Pierse Greffe
Lachlan Young Lachlan Nesdale
Eliza Jones Lachlan Biddle
Yasmin Dickinson Conall Crowley
Jackson Lake Bryn Larkin
William Galvin Abi Stringer

The winning team with a score of just 9 consisted of Year 11 students:
Cameron Saliba, Vinh Nguyen and Lachlan Nesdale

The team who came a close second consisted of year 12 students:
Conall Crowley, William Galvin and Jackson Lake.

The 5th team to place were also Year 12 students:
Yasmin Dickinson, Bryn Larkin and Abi Stringer.

Last week the state results were released. Not only had we done superbly in the Griffith University leg, but we placed 1st and 2nd overall in Queensland! 
Erica Boakes
Chemistry Teacher
On June 1st a bus full of Marymount’s future scientists travelled to Griffith University to compete in the yearly Titration competition. 

Six teams consisting of three students each entered the competition versing of 50 other teams. Tensions were high as acids and bases were measured as the 90-minute timer ticked down. Everyone completed their titration and the results were in. Marymount teams came 1st, 2nd and 5th, with two teams qualifying for state championships.

I’m proud to say my team consisting of Lachlan Nesdale, Vigh Nguyen and I not only placed 1st but got the best score of any team in Queensland. Our two teams that qualified will be heading up to UQ in August to compete in the National championships.

Cameron Saliba
Year 11 Insider

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

This term of Childcare was hard but fun. 

The hardest part was the theory because I had to make sure the wording was correct and that it came from the right source. But I also ended up understanding more about childcare this term than last, which was when I started the course.

This term has been stressful with all of the theory and some bits of the practical at the childcare centre, but I have learned a lot this term about children and what to do when a problem arises.

At the moment I am in the Preschool room at the childcare centre and the kids are lovely.  I have learnt how to deal with different kids. One little girl is always attached to me and never wants me to leave; I think that is cute.

I have learnt how to deal with the tantrums and the upsets with the kids. There was one experience that I will never forget - one little girl had wet pants and I helped her get changed. That was a first for me and I think I went pretty well!
Overall, I love the kids and I love the Certificate because I am learning so much. This course is one of my favourites this year.  
Gabby Ivens
Year 11 Insider

Careers & Vocational Education

McDonald's Mermaid Waters

Casual positions are currently available with McDonald's at Mermaid Waters for eager young people (14+) who are available for casual weeknight and weekend employment.  Anyone wishing to apply can do so at
2019 UQ Young Scholars Holiday Program

The University of Queensland is delighted to offer Year 11 students the unique opportunity to participate in the Young Scholars Program.  This program is designed to nurture and develop future leaders and presents students with an exciting opportunity for academic extension and enrichment and is designed to ignite young change-makers passions for leadership, academic achievement and community development in the global society.  YSP involves a five-day residential campus at the St Lucia Campus in December 2019.  Applications can be made at and applications close on Friday 9 August 2019.  Program brochures are now available from the Marymount College Careers Centre.

JMC Academy Creative Industries July School Holiday Workshops

Introductory Workshops are being offered during the July school holidays at the JMC Brisbane campus.  These workshops are specifically tailored for students in Year 9 to 12 who want to get a real taste of what a careers in the Creative Industries would be like.  Workshops include:
•    Think Visual Workshop
•    Discover + Manage the next “Big Thing”
•    Character and Life Drawing Workshop
•    Digital TV Studio Workshop
•    Recording a Bank Workshop
•    Perform, Record + Create Music Workshop
Workshops cost $50.00 (including lunch) and run from 10.00am – 3.00pm @ JMC Academy, 75 Grey Street, South Brisbane.  For further details and to register contact or see the Marymount College Careers Centre.

ACU Experience Day

The Australian Catholic University is conducting an Experience Day at their Brisbane campus on Thursday 4 July from 9.30am – 1.45pm.  The day involves workshops to allow students to sample degrees, meet ACU staff and students, and enjoy the variety of entertainment provided.  For further details and to apply visit  

TAFE Mid Year Intake - Schools Program

Places are still available for the following qualifications.  These close shortly and limited vacancies are left:
•    Certificate II in Plumbing
•    Certificate II in Engineering
•    Certificate II in Electrotechnology
For further details and to enrol, email or visit the Marymount College Careers Centre.
Visit Parent Portal Blog for more Careers and VET Information
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship Opportunities


South Coast Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to the following students on their performances at the South Coast Cross Country Championships:

Molly SEWELL – 1st 14yr Girls
Shae ROONEY – 2nd 16yr Girls
Alexis SMYTH – 8th 13yr Girls

These girls will now go on to represent South Coast at the State Titles at Toowoomba at the end of July. Good luck girls!
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College Cross Country Carnival

At the beginning of the term, we ran our long-distance cross country course to determine our age champions and qualifiers for the district carnival. The students who ran back in week 2 also earned points for their houses and after that day the points stood at: Bulimah 168, Katandra 154, Patanga 116 and Allambee 95.

Yesterday we ran our Whole College Cross Country carnival where the students all had the chance to run a 900m course. Each lap the students completed within the 12 minutes time limit earned 1 more point to their house total from earlier in the term. This year we also allowed staff to compete and earn 3 points per lap – it was great to see many staff run or walk to help their houses. 

At the end of the day, there were just 4 points separating first from second. Congratulations to all Katandra students on your win!
1st Katandra 436
2nd Bulimah 432
3rd Patanga 396
4th Allambee 317

Outstanding Sporting Result 

Last weekend Max Hudson competed for South Coast in the Queensland Schools State AFL Championships in Brisbane. His team won all their games, including the Grand Final, and are state champs in the 10-12year age group. Max also won the Player of the Carnival award and was selected in the Queensland State team to play at the National Carnival in August in Western Australia. Congratulations Max and good luck for the Nationals Championships in August!

Student Sporting Results

Any student who achieves outstanding results in any sporting field and wants to be acknowledged in the newsletter needs to make sure they let Mr Balym know about the results. This information can be emailed directly to Mr Balym: 

Trent Balym 
Sports Program Leader
Photos: Action in Focus Photography

Catholic Cup Netball Carnival 2019

On Tuesday the 21 May, 30 girls from Year 8 through to Year 12 travelled to Brisbane to play in the Catholic Cup Netball Carnival.

The girls had to play between 7 to 9 games against Catholic schools from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. All teams had wins throughout the day, with the Intermediate team winning all their games and taking home the Catholic Cup Intermediate Pool B trophy. Coach Mrs Kym Heritage spoke highly of their skills and commitment. Well done to these girls.

The Open B team, coached by Ms Emma Ballester was very competitive, and although, they didn’t manage to win a game in their pool – there were only narrow losses. Throughout the day, the girls from Year 8 to Year 11 showed great improvement and teamwork.

The Senior Open team coached by Mrs Nicky Browne and Mrs Ellie Rushworth started with a strong win. This was followed by 3 draws, 3 wins and 1 loss. The draws hurt us as they kept us in third place. In the final playoff for 5th and 6th, the girls beat Downlands College. It was great preparation for the QISSN Carnival in Bundaberg in just under 3 weeks.

The girls showed great commitment and character on the day and many are looking forward to continuing their netball journey next year. We wish the QISSN team all the success in Bundaberg in the first week of the holidays.
Mikayla Hopkins          8
Brianna Ingmire 8
Abby Carroll 8
Imogen Henderson       8
Keely Whatman 9
Ava Littlewood 9
Lola Buckley 9
Kophie Woolf 9
Erin Clarke 9
Chelsea Berezwick 11
Aylisha Threlfall 11
Demi Lockett 10
Skyla King 10
Matilda Busby 10
Jade Murphy 10
Bailey Miles 10
Olivia Cogo 10
Tayah Jones 10
Brianna Marion 8
Charlie Ricketts 9
Zoe Riddell 10
Keely Swaddling 10
Ellen McCooke 10
Mackenzie Lenihan 11
Halle Geyer      11
Montana Dare 11
Bridie Edgar     11
Emma Riddell 12
Teleah Martin 12

Nicky Browne
Senior Netball Coach

Open Development Netball Team

The Open Development Team have been playing every Monday afternoon in terms 1 and 2, in the Intermediate competition at the Southport Carrara Netball Association.

After their rounds for the season, they managed to finish in 3rd position.
On Monday afternoon they played Surfers Paradise Demons in the knock out final and unfortunately did not get the chance to go through to the preliminary final going down to the Demons by 10 goals.
Well done to the following Development Squad team members for their efforts throughout the year:
Chelsea Berezwick Matilda Busby
Abby Carroll  Olivia Cogo
Skyla King Ava Littlewood
Demi Lockett Brianna Marion
Bailey Miles Jade Murphy
Aylisha Threlfall  

Kym Heritage
Intermediate Netball Coach

Cricket T2 Knockout Competition

The Marymount Junior boys (7-9) cricket team played their first game of the Queensland Schools T2- Knockout Competition in Week 6 against Hillcrest Christian College.

Captain Taz Kerr won the toss and had no hesitation in choosing to bat first in great batting conditions. Taz led the way with a dashing 61 which included six 4’s and two 6’s. Jasper Williams (16) and Corey Nolan (18) also chipped in with some aggressive batting which helped our total get to a competitive 119.
In reply, Hillcrest got off to a fast start with their captain making 64. The boundaries were coming fast for the opposition and the pressure was on our bowlers. However, just as Hillcrest were closing in on the total, Cooper Clark deceived their captain with a great piece of spin bowling to get him out caught and bowled. Chants of “Nice Garrrryyyy (Clarkey)” echoed around the ground as this dismissal started the Marymount fightback which was further led by the bowling of Ty  Sawyer, Corey Nolan and Jasper Williams. Alex “Gilly” Troy was great behind the stumps with nothing getting past him. The game continued to ebb and flow until the last over. Corey Nolan stood tall and kept the opposition under our total with Marymount winning by 7 runs.
The opposition coach commended our boys on playing the game with great skill and spirit. Well done boys on the win and more importantly representing Marymount College with great pride and sportsmanship.
**No sandpaper was used in our bowling innings.

Simon Rezo & Cameron Francis
Cricket Coaches

Advanced Sports Program - AFL

Our Year 9/10 ASP AFL class were fortunate to have been visited in class this week by triple premiership Hawthorn player and current Assistant Coach of the Fremantle Dockers, David Hale.

David is an ex-student of the College (Class of 2001) who was drafted by the North Melbourne Kangaroos and then traded to the Hawthorn Hawks during his 237-game career. He spoke to the students about life as an elite athlete, the importance of continually striving for improvement, and the role sports psychology plays in achieving excellence. We sincerely thank David for being so generous with his time during his one week of holidays during the season.

Matt Carroll
Head of Year 12

Karyn Murphy Cup – Girls Rugby League

Next week is the final round of games for our Rugby League U15 years girls who will play off for 3rd/4th in the A division against Merrimac SHS in the Karyn Murphy Cup.

Formerly known as the Titans Girls Competition, the Karyn Murphy Cup links in with the newly formed statewide competition allowing the girls the perfect environment to safely try their hand at the sport or advance their skills further.

Beenleigh and Keebra SHS lead the U15 competition and have been dominant in most age groups of the cup. Opportunities like the Karyn Murphy Cup have given the girls the chance to try league for the first time. Its been a period of growth and development since the 1st games commencing in week 1 of this term and a pleasure to watch the building levels of confidence and skill in our girls.

We recently sent three of our girls to trial for South Coast Rugby League teams which were held at Beenleigh. Lily Rose Kolc (U15) and Zoe Riddell (Open) were successful in their selection for South Coast Region while Elle Sommerville (U15) came very close making the final possible/probable’s team. Elle has also been selected in the U14 SEQ team. We wish these girls the very best as they prepare for their representative carnivals next month.

Kim Smith
Girls Rugby League Coach

Titan's Cup Rugby League

Wednesday night saw Year 7/8 Rugby League team get bundled out of the finals by a very strong Stretton State College team. With many injuries and Stretton having a fast fullback as big as me scoring 8 tries, it was always a tough ask. 

Year 9/10 team defeated Beenleigh State High school 74-0 in a dominant performance.

Senior boys defeated Aquinas College 10-6 in a tough game which was great to watch.

This places the Year 9/10 team and the seniors in the Grand Final next Wednesday night at Firth Park in Mudgeeraba. The boys would appreciate lots of supporters cheering them on. More details will follow during the week.

Aaron Turner
Team Manager


Thank you to our first GOLD sponsor, Bank of Queensland (Palm Beach) - another Marymount family who passionately support our school.

Visit their Facebook page for details of the products and services on offer.  

Contact Trent Williams to discuss how Bank of QLD - Pam Beach can assist you.
Palm Beach Bank of Queensland, Shop 2&3, 1146 Gold Coast Highway Palm Beach
Ph: (07) 5569 8411 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Marymount Spring Fete is a fun, exciting and eagerly anticipated biennial event on the local community calendar.

The Fete delivers stalls and attractions from all over the Gold Coast and provides entertainment and rides which cater for all age groups. The Fete also encourages the students of Marymount College and Marymount Primary School to participate and showcase their musical and dance talents through stage performances during the day.

The P&F Associations of Marymount College and Marymount Primary are working together to raise funds for both schools. The campuses have a combined student population of around 2200 and are supported by a large parent body and community members of the Burleigh Heads Parish. Given this, the 2019 Marymount Spring Fete will provide an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses seeking to promote their goods and/or services.

Whether you'd like to be a major sponsor, or simply donate a prize, equipment or entertainment to support our Fete fundraising, we are grateful for your assistance and always acknowledge the efforts of those that support us. Click here to sponsor or for more information.​​
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Welcome to the most recent BRONZE sponsor, OM Civil, who are one of our own Marymount families!

Visit their website at or phone 55021 800
Thank you Koala Koaches for sponsoring our schools again! Your continued support of Marymount is always appreciated! 
Visit Koala Koaches online at or email
A Curtains and Blinds, are a family owned and operated company specialising in the custom design and manufacture of a wide variety of quality made-to-measure window furnishings.  
As a proud supplier to Channel Seven’s House Rules, they are a complete ‘all in the one shop’ to purchase your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. 
Have a look at their website for videos, house tours, and images of their quality work!
This professional Marymount Primary family are outdoor home improvement specialists who include patios, pergolas, decks, fencing and carports in their range of services. 



Please read this information flyer regarding symptoms and prevention strategies regarding infection. Particularly please note the exclusion time before returning to school/work after infection. If you have any queries or believe you may be exhibiting symptoms please see your doctor.

Tonia Garner
Workplace Health & Safety Officer

High School Indoor Soccer Comp

Full Court Indoor Soccer
$48 upfront for the term or $8 each week
8 week season starting August 1st
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